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Monday, April 07, 2008

Cabinet Anxiety: Fencesitters Not Decided

Despite a joint statement issued by PPS yesterday to the effect that discussions between Raila Odinga as leader of ODM and Mwai Kibaki of PNU and possibly conclude successfully and name a grand coalition, it is now past 16h00 heading towards the end of the day and the two have not met.

During the day, a PNU parliamentary group meeting was called off without notice. Initially Kibaki was to chair this meeting at KICC, then PNU MPs received text messages saying the Vice President would chair the meeting then another text came in announcing the meeting had been called off indefinitely. The party is reportedly experiencing vicious power struggle that has resulted in deep divisions to the point that the mediations talks have had to be called off for lack of quorum.

Meanwhile at Pentagon House, ODM top brass met early today and sent unequivocal letter in which ODM said it would make no further concessions and that Kibaki should accept what was already agreed between him and Raila on Thursday last week. At the time of posting this, ODM leaders are still holed up at their Pentagon House, in anticipation of that important phone call that will announce PNU’s decision on cabinet portfolio .

As the president and his part cabinet continue to wait for Raila Odinga, the anxiety building countrywide. The current cabinet is also running the risk of being challenged in court because it is unconstitutional. In reality, any official business conducted by this government now and in the recent past is legally null and void. Meanwhile state house continues to embarrass itself when issuing public promises on the issue of cabinet when it knows the cabinet will only be formed upon the approval of Raila Odinga. It is no longer business as usual, Sir!

The same table and VIP seats that were used by Raila and Kibaki while signing the Annan Peace Accord on 28th February 2008 were yesterday carried towards the entrance steps at Harambee House in the hope that ODM would accept whatever portfolios Kibaki would throw at them. The same furniture has been seen being brought forward today and it remains to be seen whether Raila and Kibaki will use them.

It could only mean one thing: Raila will only come to Harambee House when Kibaki is ready to accept ODM preconditions for the cabinet portfolio balance. And my early prediction is that cabinet will be announced later today and that will be the beginning of a big fall-out in that party calling itself PNU.


Anonymous said...

Way to go ODM....Kaa ngumu as your employer i am saying so.....Kibaki ajipange


Anonymous said...

Why post false hoods Raila is presently being held hostage by ODM hardliners who are demanding the positions they wanted, and can not believe Raila agreed to Kibaki's list, they have told him if he meets Kibaki again he is on his own. Raila is trying to reach out to the moderates explaining that they should accept and move forward, Kibaki has made it clear that Raila should just submit the names of those ODM wants included in the Government and the issue of positions is non-negotiable it was agreed on Thursday and is final. Tommorow Cabinet will be announced with or without ODM. The PG meeting was called off because it had previously been scheduled for today after the Cabinet had been announced yesterday, since it did not happen it was decided not to go ahead. Meanwhile the Foreign Minister has arrived in India representing the President so business as usual I guess

Anonymous said...

Heh Salim Lone has just been declared redundant....ODM has a new spokesman. Anon 7:28 Congratulations in your new position we wish you all the best in your undertakings.


Anonymous said...

Well what has Salim Lone told you that has come to pass don't believe your own Hype Ivy you will only end up being dissappointed pole mama

vipi said...

panua's need to rethink strategy coz kenyans wame waweka macho co nxt election loads this guys will be shown the door.

mk is a gone case and the likes of uhuru will never lead kenya

Kheng.Fu said...

Uhuru has said no he will not relinquish Local Government so ODM mujipange..muta do?

Anonymous said...

if anon 7:28 was privy to ODM plans he would be shaking in his boots, what he is saying is what every other PANUA is saying.......and he is wrong the same way they thought they could rig and get away with it...keep wishing....we are all here to see what will happen Kifucky did not set the terms of the agreement so he is no position to tell RAO what to do however, ever ass loves to hear himself bray so he can say what he wants and pretend to weild powers he dose not have. What is interesting is what will happen when the reahg a stalemet. Then we will know who the bull is.....just be patient don't get excited yet.

Sir Alex

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