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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lean, Clean Cabinet or Mirage?

So it had to take both US and UK to impress upon Kibaki and Raila to retreat one-to-one to agree on forming a cabinet? Well, these are the same powers bloggers here and politicians selective accuse of neo-colonialism too. We have the initiative of one Michael Rannenberger (late 'saviour' Smith Hempstone reincarnated?) to thank if Kibaki allows the present deal to hold.

The icing on the rumour cake is the clincher that the agreed cabinet will be as lean as 20. Well, the time-tested adage and truism WHEN THE DEAL IS TOO GOOD already comes ringing a loud. Whatever the shape of that cabinet one thing remains irrefutable. Given the amount of mistrust displayed so far would, one would be incurably optimistic and overtly generous to bet a tissue paper on a cordial and mutual working relationship between the two parties.

Well, the day is almost over and tomorrow is soon here knocking. The battered benefit of doubt is often squeezed in desperate time and Kenyans need it in abundance for the next few hours. No matter the outcome, Kenyans are in for a very ROUGH political ride. The premise is so weak to serve as a foundation of any meaningful and substantial progress. But then half a loaf is always better than none provided it is not poisonous.

The hitherto political pong Kenyan has thoroughly neutered our sense of pride jubilation. News that Kibaki and Raila have at long last agreed to constitute the overdue cabinet has left Kenyan in their traditional wait-and-see posture. The last 40 days has seen any trace of hope of Kenyans butchered at infancy. Only Kibaki’s rare commitment will determine whether today’s so-called deal will stand the test of the day (no need of more time).

Lustful game of the rich in Spring Valley that ended in tragedy


Anonymous said...

As one Kumekuchan respondent said recently, let us do all we can while the Republicans are in power.

They have a history of pushing undemocratic govts. I'm still thanking Bush Snr. for SMITH HEMPSTONE and grateful to Bush Jnr. for RANNENBERGER.

If foreigners are helping us better our country in this regard then SO BE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Taabu, Kenyans ar ein for a long and difficult ride lakini TUKO TAYARI.

It is a relief that ODM is saving us from the usual development mumbo-jumbo and stating clearly that they see the next 5 years as years of fundamental reforms.

We need to cleanse our political system for true progress.


Anonymous said...

This is our fate but we must not despair.

Kibaki and PNU will have to be pushed and pulled through each and every democratic reform (constitution included).

Anonymous said...

Our leader are drunk with power and our Kenyan home, mama kenyan is helpless ,home is out of order neighbours are forced to intervened for the good of Kenyan children.
When we are mature and strong we will ask our politician what was all this about. May they old their head down in shame

Anonymous said...

I agree anon @ 3.53, we must not despair. Kenyans must fight for the future of their country.

Just this week, Cameroon's Paul Biya successfully altered the country's constitution to remove term limits and provide presidential immunity from persecution even after leaving office.

Following severe gvt. reprisals in February against protests, Cameroonians are not expected to fight any more.

My fellow Kenyans, we are in the midst of a silver lining. Let us seize this opportunity to advance democracy in our country.

Anonymous said...

You will talk for the rest of you lives. But there is one thing you must admit that the president of Kenya is Mwai Kibaki from the GREAT House of Mumbi.

The Constitution of Kenya, which is supreme says that KIbaki is in charge. No man without six teeth will rule Kenya. No man who has not faced the knife will rule Kenya and no man who thorows stoine and tells idlers to destroy the railway will ever rule Kenya.

Rt. Hon. Njoroge Stanley, MP-Elect Kikuyu Constituency 2012; The Earl of Kabeteshire and the Rector of the Hosue of Mumbi in Nevada, New York, USA: Minister of Finance in 2013.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to reply to the IDIOT who posted at 4:28 PM but I resisted the temptation. To do so is an abuse to my intelligence and the readers on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Earl Stanley is hiliarious. he could easily be on Saturday Night Live in the US.

I was in fits...rofl!!

Anonymous said...

Taabu, recall during the trying days in January, people were calling you a pessimist. Yet here we are today still at an impasse of sorts. PNU agreeing to a lean cabinet would be too good to be true. WE SHOULD NOT GET OUR HOPES HIGH.

It's two steps forward and one step back.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.26; People were calling Taabu a pessimist because she (he?) seemed to have a very short memory.

We need to PUT KENYA'S PROBLEMS IN CONTEXT i.e. view them as part of the struggles that started in the late eighties (or even late sixties)for multipartism and democracy.

We have come from far. It has been tears and sweat and we need to see this process as a journey that will continue until we have a new constitution in place.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.28; Kenya is changing and those who do not change with it will be left behind.

Ethnic groups are not about to go anywhere but the process of democratization when completed will make it difficult for Mumbites to suffocate Kenyans with their shennigans.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.26; the bottomline is that Kenya is making democratic progress albeit slowly (we are fighters).

In the end we will have a constitution and a system of govt. that will be the envy of many in Africa.

Anonymous said...

@7.01 - good point. Indeed Kenya and Kenyans have covered a great distance and will continue to move forward. What Kibaki (and Raila) could do is propell kenya foward if they handle this impasse with foresight and wisdom.

Mkenya Damu said...

Kibaki is playing the same tricks he played during the accord , it is called wait for the crisis to build up then step in to save another day and be the hero , this is not the last of his stunts.The more he does this the more we forget the negatives(rigging, corruption,tribalism) and soon history books will have some choice words for the master of deciet, i see "statesman who sew back a country torn apart" as some of the worst words that we will use to describe kibaki long after he is gone.We will all wear a kibaki shirt with pride just like the blacks wear Martin luther and Malcom x.

Anonymous said...

Rt. Hon. Njoroge Stanley, MP-Elect Kikuyu Constituency 2012; The Earl of Kabeteshire and the Rector of the Hosue of Mumbi in Nevada, New York, USA: Minister of Finance in 2013.

4:28 PM

hey pnu kikuyu fools will always be ready to sign on to continue looting the country but kenya has changed- it will never again be the kenya of kazi iendelea!! because then tribes will not be able to live together ever again if they fell they are being marginalized - this individual most be somewhere abroad:) where in the world - name any country where a president can not travel in his own country to give audience to the people of his country! kibaki will be the president of central province even if there is a coalition government!! other provinces rejected him just like central rejected Raila- so it will still be central vs all other provinces until the next elections- prime minister for the six provinces president for 2 provinces those are the facts and if kikuyu`s want to argue that then let them try going to upon their domo`s in nyanza, western, rift valley, coast and north Eastern!! kikuyu`s can shout kibaki all they want on kumekucha but the reality on the ground in kenya speaks for itself!! poleni sana- so if it makes you happy behind your keyboards to shout kibaki- ha!!ha!! go ahead it will not change reality of what is on ground in kenya!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:12, like I said (5:21), Earl Kabate is so out of touch (perhaps even delusional) that it's laughable. It's best to see him as a struggling comedian with very bad taste.

mkenya damu, let's wait and see (yet again). If Kibaki and Raila truly have foresight, a lean cabinet may be in the offing. Can you IMAGINE how positive and empowering that would be for the cooman man. However, if it's more positioning on the part of Kibaki, I fear you may be right. 24-48 hrs will tell.

It is a measure of the political maturity that things have generally remained calm.

Anonymous said...

in 2007 kenya and kenyans changed forever! now anyone who thinks it will be same is in dream land event the politicians who think they will go back to loot kenyans (mt. Kenya mafia) are very mistaken- kenyans have realized their voices can bring about change and they are going to use those voices efficiently even if it means being killed for lightening for democracy so be it!!

if Kenyans did not have a voice then kibaki would be ruling Kenya today illegally- but guess what kenya is at a stand still!! the people went to vote!! they were denied their rights and so they decided that they were not happy !!what ever kibaki and his cronies are implementing as for now like extending the civil servants contracts e.t.c that will be revoked in parliament -wait and see- kibaki can not turn the clock back even if he uses force and might!! of government machinary it is too late- Kenya has changed - it might go through big hurdles here and there but Kenyan people are not going backwards- it is a forward march!!

the era of kenyatta, moi and kibaki of jailing, killing, torturing kenyans using the rule of the jungle will soon be history!! and those dark ages kenyans should never allow them back to kenya!! people like kibaki!!saitoti!! uhuru, martha karua still have charges to answer on that mungiki meeting at the presidents residence before and after the elections- kenyans are waiting to hear who paid for the naivasha and nakuru genocide!! and does it have anything to do with the mungiki leaders wife being executed in cold blood!! like the 50 muniki`s last yearÉÉ

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kibaki is a Bush Copycat Mwizi in politics. Mwezi........damu.....

Anonymous said...

You are all like a little baby which stops crying as soon as it sees his mother smiling at him. That's what happens everytime either Kibaki or Raila are saying some sweet words. You stop shouting and screeming and everything is fine. Kenya is becoming a safe haven, a dreamland, a country which will be envied by others? You must be joking. Defintely you are all cheating yourself. Kenya will never change. It is corrupt and it is corrupted and will continue being so. And it has the leaders it deserves. Don't fool yourself. Even the socalled new ones are already planning how to continue the looting. Why do you think they have spent all the money to become elected? Because they know they can not only recover it, but even make some millions more during their time in Parliament. And even those who are now promising you paradise, will soon realize that either they join the crowd of others being already busy collecting their dues, or they will be pushed aside tomorrow. Making money and if possible a lot of it, is the slogan of the day. That's Kenya and we all know it. So stop this talking about we will have a better Kenya, we will change the constitution so Kenya will set an example, we will make our leaders accountable. This is all rubbish and you know it. Nothing will change and there will be still IDP's during the next months and even years. Who cares? And the people on this blog will continue writing and dreaming. That's how it will come out just like now. Kibaki and Raila will smile at you and the sun is shining.

Anonymous said...

Kenya Air Force One.

USA copy cat While millions starve to death. No Water, No Electricity, No Roads.
And People copying Bush to Air Force One. Shame.

Anonymous said...

uuuuuwi taabu!! i will believe this when i see it as well.

ati 20 ministers? where will kibaki take all his people? hehehehe!!

this one i gotta wait to see with my own eyes!! i think i also better start planning to throw a bash for that rannenberger guy!!

Anonymous said...

ai.... nawewe anonymous 9.31!!

what are you implying with your 'kenya will never change' statement? that we should all pack our bags and go to america and britain? where there's good governance? since you have given up on kenya you expect us all to do the same? let kenya rot because you dont care? well, am sorry you feel that way but some of us have hope for our motherland!! do you think the so called america and britain and i dont know where got where they are by default!! they have worked very hard for what they have and kenya can do the same thing too. nothing ever comes easy my friend!!

if you think what you are saying is true then why dont you go to mathare and kibera and tell those people to sit in their houses never go for their casual jobs since no matter what they do, they will never live in muthaiga and runda!! tell them to give up hope and die of hunger in their houses because nothing will ever change for them!! tell them they will always be poor!!

anonymous, the only thing we have in this world is faith and hope...a hope for a better tomorrow!! otherwise whats the point of living?

in 1980, if you told anyone that kenya would be a multi-democratic state they would have thought you were loco!! now not only do we have that, we also have a number of things we didnt have the privilege of having in 1980!!

yes we have bad leaders now but that is no reason to throw in the towel, things are gonna get better with time courtesy of the 'writings and the dreams of the people on this blog'.

i refuse to despair-i love kenya too much anon!!

please enjoy your life in america.

Anonymous said...

Wait and see how it will be.

Fellow Kenyans, KIBAKI can not be trusted.

What he has agreed on with RAO will not be implimented. He or Muthuara or Karua or Lucy will make changes on the document.

What Kibaki will read on Monday will not be what he signed with Raila at Sagana. Believe me or not.

Anonymous said...

mrembo, well said!! I could not agree more.

on a separate note. we have IDPs, generalized tension and insecurity, and economy almost in tatters, 22% inflation, and more.

these two mzees had better find a way forward, and quickly. this deal had better be good.

Anonymous said...

If the cabinet, civil service, diplomatic missions, police force, state corp are not ethnic balanced then we shall not recognise this fence sitter as a national leader.

At the moment all the provincial police bosses are from one region. Ministry of education, central bank, Roads dept, Monistry of finance, Revenue Dept, 6 powerful ministers are from one region.

To live in peace, Kenyans must learn to share.

Daniel Waweru said...


You're not a regular reader of this blog, are you?

Anonymous said...

If I may ask two questions:
i) What happens if one party (PNU/ODM) decides that one or more ministries they have is too large and they want to split it/them up (e.g. Education into two ministries: Lower and Higher, Roads & Public Works into Minsitry of Roads and Ministry of Public Works). Will the general public be sympathetic? and more importantly will the other partner also find the same number of minstries to split up to maintain 50/50 balance. Will the converse be true (i.e. if one party decides to reorganise their ministries thereby reducing their number of ministries in the process be followed by a corresponding gesture from the other partner?)

ii) As time goes, will it become apparent to PNU politicians that the future is more relevant than the now and here? Will more people from PNU square up to Kibaki the same way it happened to Moi in his last term? How will this affect the coalition?

my two cents worth of queries

Anonymous said...

There are two persons who irk me on this blog every time they press keys on their keyboards in the name of contributing-Taabu and Raikonnen. They are so negative in their outlook, they are sadists and they pride only in releasing ill feelings and despair thro' their vitriol.
At least of late, Raikonnen has reduced his contribution frequency and that is good for this blog.
Taabu, it is not always that when things are not positive then they are bad. In science, even a zero result is a "positive" result in the sense that it has added knowledge to science. If Michael Faraday was a pessimist like you, he would not have tried 100 times to invent an electric bulb. When asked why he was not giving up after so many failures he said, "At least I now know 100 ways of how not to get a bulb alight." Most of us in Kenya have this mind and attitude (but I think Zimbabweans are better in this than us) and that is why we are patient with Kibaki and Raila. At least now we know that if there is a stalemate, then committees cannot work and Raila must sit with Kibaki one-on-one (by the way, have you heard that Kibaki will be announcing the Cabinet today Sunday 13th at 1pm GMT (4pm Kenyan time) as a result of the one-on-one meeting he had with Raila at Sagana State Lodge most of yesterday?). At least now we know that Kibaki must be pushed and cajoled to think in the right direction (Rannebager seems to know how to press the right buttons). At least we now know that Kenyans are slowly but surely looking at issues more and more objectively and not just thro' tribal prisms. The problems we have gone thro' have taught us that we need one another and that politics will no longer have the stranglehold it has had on ordinary Kenyans' lives.
The anxieties, hardships and uncertainties we are currently going thro' are painful and unpleasant, but they are slowly making us better and more patriotic Kenyans. When I see Mamas screaming for their rights, I feel happy because this shows everybody is learning that his/her say in national life cannot be taken for granted.
Taabu, please join the rest of Kenyans in seeing things working out alright in the end. At least this once, the end justifies the means.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying to put the record straight on this issue. You claim that this article is nonsensical! I beg to differ. This article is factual. It has given names of Kenyans sacked by Narc but under Kibaki's watch. Kibaki may not have sacked them himself but the buck stops with him as CEO of Kenya.
Any one who has been to an introduction class of HR management will tell you that Power is delegated downwards only and anything done by a junior officer is done on the dstrength of this delegated authority from the top. So if the junior succeeds the boss succeeds too. Likewise if the junior fails the boss fails too. And it is the boss who takes the blame. End of lesson 101 on HR.
Secondly, Yea it was wrong for Moi to fill Civil service with Kalenjins. But does that give Kibaki the right to fill Ministries with Kikuyus? No. Two wrongs does not make a right. Just look at KRA to see what others are saying!
Does it mean that only Central province has the qualified people to man KRA? NO.

Optimistic kenyan said...

I have this feel good feeling. We are actually staring at the end of an ERA..for a political elite that has held kenya at ransom for the last 40 years...whether Kibaki and team like it or not they are running out of time. They will exit the system either through political changes or natural attrition(Life is not infinite). Many foot solders of this gang of criminals have fallen and this will not stop until they are all finished. Kenya will remain alive and there is nothing this fellows will do.This still have some time to make ammend to their legacy of corruption, poverty and tribalism...shame on them all. I have a bottle of win for each and will certainly be celebrating whenever on falls of the system... I am counting...

ODM-apologetic said...

Hey, i am glued on my TV just in case they name the cabinet a few minutes before 4pm.
Anyways, i got this hunch that the 'below par negotiation skills' of RAO will manifest in giving the ODM the creamier part of the cake and not the fleshy part. And just in case he upped his negotiation this time in Sagana, then Kibaki may just make some few amendments to the deal reached by the two.
So, what should odm do to prevent any hiccups...they must give us the list before kibaki reads his.Or they should alternately read out the cabinet list

Anonymous said...

Where are the ODMers who know all about the cabinet-those who promised us a full canbinet over Easter. Where are thye. They missed this. Things are thick bwana. Powers remain with KIBS and CO. Mt Kenya Mafia

Anonymous said...

Somebdoy in Nai...PLease update us on the cabinet!!!

Anonymous said...

Goverment side read PNU and ODM SIDE are now lining up ready for cabinet to be named.

Njoroge from Nevada

Anonymous said...

where's the cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Here it is. Already named.

Anonymous said...

News Jameni!!! Who got what?

Anonymous said...

Kenya's coalition Government has finally been unveiled following weeks of tense negotiations between President Kibaki and Prime Minister-designate Raila Odinga.

President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga after they agreed to share power.
President Kibaki, accompanied by Mr Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, has announced the new Cabinet in a live address from State House, Nairobi, to the nation.

Here are the members of the new Cabinet:

President: Mwai Kibaki

Vice President and Minster for Home Affairs: Kalonzo Musyoka

Prime Minister: Raila Odinga

Deputy PM and Minster for Trade Uhuru Kenyatta

Deputy PM and Minister for Local Governmet: Musalia Mudavadi

Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Adminstration: Prof George Saitoti

Asst. Ministers: Orwa Ojode

Simeon Lesrima

Minister for Roads: Kiplaya Kones

Asst. Ministers: Machage, Lee Kinyanjui

Minister for Public Works: Chris Obure
Asst. Minister: Dick Wathika

Minister for Transport: Chirau Mwakere

Asst. Minister: John Mwau

Anonymous said...

Foreign Affairs Wetangula
Finance Amos Kimunya
Justice Karua
Nairobi Met – Mutala Kilonzo
Roads Kones
Publics Works Chris Obure
Transport – Makwere
Water and Irrigation Ngilu
Regional Development- Freds Gumo
Energy – Kiraitu
Lands - Aggrey Orengo
Environment & Mineral Michuki
Forestry - Wekesa
Tourism - Balala
Agriculture – William Ruto
Livestock – Abdi Kuti
Fisheries – Dr. Paul Nyongesa Otuoma
Development Kenya – Ibrahim Mohamned
Cooperative Development – Nyaga
Housing – Soita Shitanda
Special Programmes - Naomi Shaban
Medical Services- Anyang Nyongo
Youth & Sports – Helen Sambili
Higher Education & Tech - Dr. Sally Kosgei

Anonymous said...

DPM & Local Government - Musalia Mudavadi
DPM & Trade and Industry - Uhuru Kenyatta

Anonymous said...

Now imagine John Mwau from ODM is in the government. Raila ndugu yangu - there so many able and corrupt free kenyans. Mbona huyu?

Anonymous said...

Industrialization and something - Henry Kosgei

Anonymous said...

I hope you can read this mumbo jumbo....but the best I could do at the moment.

Ministry Minister Assist. Minister Assist. Minister
1 internal security saitoti simon lesirma, ojode
2 defence Yusuff haji david musila joseph Nkaisery
3 VP Musyoka Lorna Labosso
4 State & immigration Gerald Kajwang Francis Baya
5 National Heritage William Ole Ntimama Joel Onyancha
6 PM Raila A Odinga Alfred Kangwati
7 Planning & Dev. Wycliff Oparanya Peter Kenneth
8 Dalmas Otieno Aden Ahmed
9 Dep. Prime / trade Uhuru Kenyatta James Magara Omingo
10 Dep. Prime / local gov Musalia Mudavadi Robson Githae
11 E. A Community Amason Kingi Keffa Peter Munya
12 Foreign Affairs Moses Wetangula Richard Onyonka
13 Finance Amos Kimunya Dr. Oburu Oginga
14 Justice & Constitutional Affairs Martha Karua William Cheptumu Kipkorir
15 Nairobi Metro. Dev. Mutula Kilonzo Elizabeth Ongoro
16 Roads Kipkalya Kones Wilfred Machage Kinyanujui
17 Public Works Chris Obure Dickson Wathika Wamwangi
18 Transport Chirau Ali Mwakwere John Harun Mwau
19 Water & Irrigation Charity Ngilu Mwangi Kianjui
20 Regional Dev. Authority Fred Gumo Ole Metito
21 Information & Comm. Samuel Phoghisio George Munyasa Khaniri Dalhor Godana
22 Energy Kirait Murungi Charles Keter Maalim Mohammed
23 Lands Aggrey James Orengo Sylvester Wakoli Samuel Gozi Ghai
24 Environment & Mineral Resource John Michuki Ramadhan Kajembe Jackson Kiplagat Kiptanui
25 Forestry Noah Wekessa Josphat Koli
26 Toursim Najib Balaa Mbarire
27 Agriculture William Ruto Jasphet Kaleke Mbuiki Gideon Musyoka Ndambuki
28 Livestock Development Mohamed Abdi Kuti Bare Aden
29 Fisheries & Dev. Paul Nyongesa Otuoma Mohamed Abdi…
30 Development of Northen Kenya and other Ibrahim Mohamed Hussein Sasura
31 Corporative Dev. Joseph Nyaga Lina Jebii Kilimo
32 Industrialization Henry Kiprono Kosgey Nderitu Mureithi
33 Housing Peter Soita Shitanda Bishop Wanjiru
34 Special Programs Naomi Namsi Shabani Mouhamed Ali
35 Gender and children Ester Murugi Mathenge Atenus Manyala Keya
36 Public Health & Sanitation Beth Mugo James Ondich Josami
37 Medical Services Peter Anyang' Mungatana
38 Labor John Kionga Munyes Sospeter Ojaamong
39 Youth and sports Dr. Helen Sambili Wavinya Betty Kabando wa Kabando
40 Sam Ongeri Patrick Ayiecho Olweny Andrew Mwatella
41 Education Dr. Sally Jepmetich Koskey Kilemi Mweria Osman Kamama
42 Artoney General Amos Wako

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened PNU's much touted "lean" cabinet of 20? Some of these ministries are a riot, what is the Ministry of Nairobi about???!

Anonymous said...

What is this?
As Moi once wondered...." will this now add more ugali on our tables".
Raila always conceded when he approaches the negotiating table.
I gurantee his team will be frustrated and ineffective in conducting thier duties.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.06; You have to look at the broad picture.

John Mwau is in the cabinet because Raila is thinking strategy.

Come elections 2012, he and Charity Ngilu will lead the assault in Eastern Prov; i.e. Operation Pull the Carpet Under Kalonzo.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.12 - let PNU continue to frustrate the ODM team.

It will continue to remind us why we must do away with them in 2012.

Anonymous said...

All times Kenyan time:

4:38pm- Kibaki arrives at statehouse podium accompanied by Raila Mudavadi, Kalonzo. No Ministers present. Tony Gachoka, Isahakia, Lone seated. Tony Gachoka talks animatedly with Jimmy Kibaki.
4:40pm-Kibaki begins speech by thanking akina Koffi Annan and foreign countries for assisting
4:45pm-kibaki says he has had to create Ministries of ASAL, Nairobi Metropolitan to achieve his promise to kenyans
4:47pm-Every Kenyan must be allowed to stay anywhere in Kenya without intimidation
4:48pm-challenges new cabinet to put politics aside and do work. build a new kenya with National anthem as the motto
4:50pm-OP-M of Internal Saitoti: Assists Lesirma & Ojode
Defense-Yusuf Haji:Assists David Musila, Nkaiserry
O VP-& Home Affairs Kalonzo MNusyoka:Assists Lorna Laboso
Regn of persons-Otieno Kajwang: Assists Mbaya
National Heritage & Culture Ntimama, Assists Onyancha Omagwa
PM-Raila Assists Kangwati
State & Vision 2030-Oparanya, Assists Peter kenneth
Public service-Dalmas: Assist Aden Sugow
Dep PM & Min of Trade-Uhuru: Assist Omingo Magara
Dep PM & Local Govt-Mudavadi: Assist Robinson Githae
EA Community-Kingi Kepha: Assist Peter Munya
Foreign Affairs-Wetangula: Assist Richard Onyonka
Finance-Kimunya: Assist Oburu Odinga
Justice, cohesion & constitutional Matters Karua: Assist Cheptumo Kipkorir
Metrpolitan Nairobi - Mutula Kilonzo: Assist Elizabeth Ongoro
Roads-Kones: Assist Machage, Kinyanjui
Public works- Chris Obure: Assist Dickson Wathika
Transport-Mwakwere: Assist Mwau
Water & irrigation-Ngilu: Assist Kiunjuri
Regional dev Auth-Fred Gumo, Assist Ole Metito
Info & Communication -PoghisioL: Assist George Khaniri, Godana
Energy-Kiraitu: Assist Charles Keter, Maalim Moahmmaed
Lands-Orengo: Assist Silvester WAKHOLI, Gonzi Rai
aGRICUlture-William rUTO: Assist Mbiuki, Ndambuki
Livestock Dev-Mohamed Kuti: Assist Bare Guale
Fisheries & dev-Dr. Paul Otuoma: Assist Mohamed Chiaba
Northern kenya and ASAL-Ibrahim maohamed: Assist Sasura
Coop dev-Josef Nyaga: Assist lina Jebii kilimo
Industrialization-Henry Kosgei: Assist Nderitu Mureithi
Housing-Shitanda: Assist Bishop Wanjiru
Special Prog-Naomi Shaban: Assist Mohamed Ali
Gender & children affairs-Esther Mathenge: Assist Athanas Keya
Public health-Beth Mugo: Assist James Gesami
Medical services-Anyang Nyong: Assist Mungatana
Labour-Munyes: Assist Ojaamopng,
Youth & Sports-Hellen Sambili: Assist Wavinya Ndeti, Kabando wa Kabando
Education-Ongeri: Assist Prof, Olweny, Mwatela
Higher Edu Scie & tech-Sally Kosgei: Assist Mwiria, Osman kamama
Attorney general-Wako

End of speech 5:03pm. No fielding of questions from press.
Sorry for grammatical, case and spelling errors. Was in a hurry to keep you close to live broadcast.


Anonymous said...

Tee hee! Tee hee! PNU couldn't keep Ruto away from the cabinet.

ODM-apologetic said...

Guys, i told u...Raila cannot negotiate. PNU certainly got the better half. Poor Charity Ngilu...she should have gotten Health. At least Ruto and muda got some thick portfolio. So, what with the 50-50 sharing? Anyways, all is done, lets now wait for grumling and mumbling in Parliament

Anonymous said...

My best, chaotic, idealistic, ivory tower like, elitist ministry is - Medical Services Peter Anyang' Mungatana. These two guys will be water and oil. I fear tu - wasichapane makonde. These two will need a armed security when they meet. Ama namna gani. They both hate each others both - kibaki and raila with equal measure. Tuanganeni sasa. Tushawapa uwanja.

Anonymous said...


I think it is fairly balanced but a pity we couldn't agree on a lean cabinet.

Now, let us turn our attention to constitutional reforms.

Anonymous said...

ODM Apologetic; I agree, the one person who can't possibly be happy is Charity Ngilu.

Why she didn't get any of the Health-related ministries is a wonder.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 7.20; I think the idea was to balance appointments within certain ministries too e.g. PNU minister - ODM Assistant and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the best ODMians can hope for.

Let us take it as it is and head for the shamba.

There is a new constitution and land reforms to cultivate.

Anonymous said...

"ODM Apologetic; I agree, the one person who can't possibly be happy is Charity Ngilu.

Why she didn't get any of the Health-related ministries is a wonder."

I think Charity is better off staying away from anything Health since it has been so diluted just to get people in the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

ODM tuko mbele. i bet this is a good mix. all the same PNU are also good in negotiations. You know when i look at this i seriously cant see what these guys could not agree on. It looks so easy. any politicaly inclined folk would come up with this. Go and preach peace and get jobs for the youth. Msilale mapambano ya njaa, ujinga, umaskini na magonjwa yaanze. Kajwang - we now empower you to make sure your song ya mapambano will be the anthem for the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed that Ngilu didn't get the health ministry. She sure got a raw deal.

ODM-apologetic said...

However, PNU's intial cabinet stands...besides Uhuru who has been promoted. I would have been proud of Odinga if he had managed to get Kibaki loose some of his ministers. I mean, what does Wetangula have to bring on board...guys from Western Kenya loath him...he is only liked for locking our Kombo, otherwise he is nichts. Please, ODMers, tell me you are happy with what Raila hatched in Sagana? By theway, when Kibaki was reading his speech, Raila's eyes were on Kibaki's paper just in case he pulls a fast one on him.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 7.29; thanks for your perspective on Ngilu and Health.

I now change my mind; she is indeed better off at the Water and Irrigation ministry.

mike said...

What is this ?????? I am an ODM supporter but am really dissapointed. Is this what we were bargaining for ???? This is an insult to ODM and its supporters. Period!

Anonymous said...


That way, we will be able to continue to squarely lay the blame of inefficiency at their door until 2012.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who thinks this govt. is for devt. is delusional.

The next 5 years are for all sorts of reforms. I agree with Anon @ 7.48; there is no way ODM was going to get Finance etc.; WITH PEOPLE WE CAN'T TRUST SHOULD WE EVEN WANT IT?


Anonymous said...

my only comment in a long time. RAO indeed does not have negotiation skills.

How can Kibaki of all people outwit him like this and keep all the power ministries like Internal Security, Justice, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Energy. Kweli this guy can be duped. Why does always concede all the time.

And he wanted to have a debate with Kibaki.

Ruto for President and ODM leader.

Lionel Messi.

Anonymous said...

Another source of confusion..... do you "EXTRACT" Ministry of Higher education from Ministry of Education.

Sally (ODM) would have to consult Ongeri (PNU) regularly as her ministry fall under his ambit.

Anonymous said...

Regionally speaking, the proportions that will be in the Cabinet will be as follows:
Central-8 (including Kibaki)
Nyanza-6 (4 from Luo Nyanza & 2 from Kisii)
Nairobi-3 (including Raila)
Western-6 (including Wako)
Rift Valley-10

If the cabinet is to work as one body, no problem, but if it will work on party lines, then there is no ODM in Central, there is only Ongeri (PNU) in Nyanza and Western has only 2 ODM (Mudavadi & Otuoma) out of 6. Rift Valley has 6 ODM out of 10. Nairobi got 2 ODM out of 3.
To me, ODM got a raw deal especially in its strongholds Kibaki has his men and women in every province but Raila has nobody in Central. This means that when Central cabinet members will be lobbying for their province, there will be nobody there to talk for ODM interests. This implies that Central province will still be a de facto Lesotho.

All in all, Kenyans, let us take it positively and forge ahead. After all none of the ministers will add plates of ugali on our tables unless we keep them in check and demand national attention from all of them. Let us not allow them to be polarised within the cabinet because it is us who will suffer while they are driven in vehicles with flags at our expense. In other words, let us forget about ODM and PNU until when the election year and date will be announced.


Anonymous said...

Raila came up with the best the opposition could hope for.

Deep down we all know there is no way the opposition could have Defence, Foreign Affairs etc. Even in a federal state, those functions fall under the federal govt.

Anonymous said...

Full Cabinet list

Office of the President
1. Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security
Minister: Prof George Saitoti
Assistant Ministers: Simon Lesirma and Joshua Orwa Ojode

2. Ministry of State for Defence
Minister: Yusuf Haji
Assistant Ministers: David Musila and Joseph Nkaisserry

3. Office of the Vice President
Vice President and Minister for Home Affairs: Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka
Assistant Minister: Lorna Laboso

4. Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons
Minister: Gerald Otieno Kajwang’
Assistant Minister: Francis Baya

5. Ministry of State for National Heritage & Culture :
Minister: William ole Ntimama
Assistant Minister: Joel Onyancha Omagwa

6. Office of the Prime Minister :
Prime Minister: Raila Amollo Odinga
Assistant Minister: Alfred Khang’ati

7. Ministry of State for Planning, National Development and Vision 2030 :
Minister: Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya
Assistant Minister: Peter Kenneth

8. Ministry of State for Public Service :
Minister: Dalmas Anyango Otieno
Assistant Minister: Aden Ahmed Sugow

9. Office of Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Trade :
Deputy PM and Minister for Trade: Uhuru Kenyatta
Assistant Minister: James Omingo Magara

10. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Local Government
Deputy PM and Minister for Local Government: Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi
Assistant Minister: Robison Njeru Githae

11. Ministry of East African Community
Minister: Amason Kingi Jeffah
Assistant Minister: Peter Munya

12. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister: Moses Wetangula
Assistant Minister: Richard Momoima Onyonka

13. Ministry of Finance
Minister: Amos Kimunya
Assistant Minister: Dr. Oburu Oginga

14. Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs
Minister: Martha Karua
Assistant Minister: William Cheptumo Kipkorir

15. Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development
Minister: Mutula Kilonzo
Assistant Minister: Elizabeth Ongoro Masha

16. Ministry of Roads
Minister: Kipkalya Kones
Assistant Ministers: Wilfred Machage and Lee Kinyanjui

17. Ministry of Public Works
Minister: Chris Obure
Assistant Minister: Dickson Wathika Mwangi

18. Ministry of Transport
Minister: Chirau Ali Makwere
Assistant Minister: John Harun Mwau

19. Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Minister: Charity Kaluki Ngilu
Assistant Minister: Mwangi Kiunjuri

20. Ministry of Regional Development Authorities
Minister: Fredrick Omulo Gumo
Assistant Minister: Judah Katoo ole Metito

21. Ministry of Information & Communications
Minister: Samuel Poghisio
Assistant Ministers: George Munyasa Khaniri and Dhadho Godhana

22. Ministry of Energy
Minister: Kiraitu Murungi
Assistant Ministers: Charles Keter and Maalim Mohamud Mohamed

23. Ministry of Lands
Minister: Aggrey James Orengo
Assistant Ministers: Silvester Wakoli Bifwoli and Samwel Gonzi Rai

24. Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources
Minister: John Michuki
Assistant Ministers: Ramadhan Seif Kajembe and Jackson Kiplagati Kiptanui

25. Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife
Minister: Noah Wekesa
Assistant Minister: Josphat Koli Nanok

26. Ministry of Tourism
Minister: Mohamed Najib Balala
Assistant Minister: Cecily Mtito Mbarire

27. Ministry of Agriculture
Minister: William Samoei Ruto
Assistant Ministers: Japhet Kareke Mbiuki and Gideon Musyoka Ndambuki

28. Ministry of Livestock Development
Minister: Mohamed Abdi Kuti
Assistant Minister: Bare Aden Duale

29. Ministry of Fisheries Development
Minister: Paul Nyongesa Otuoma
Assistant Minister: Mohamed Abu Abuchiaba

30. Ministry of Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands
Minister: Ibrahim Elmi Mohamed
Assistant Minister: Hussein Tarry Sasura

31. Ministry of Cooperatives Development
Minister: Joseph Nyagah
Assistant Minister: Linah Jebii Kilimo

32. Ministry of Industrialisation
Minister: Henry Kiprono Kosgey
Assistant Minister: Ndiritu Murithi

33. Ministry of Housing
Minister: Peter Soita Shitanda
Assistant Minister: Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Kariuki

34. Ministry of Special Programmes
Minister: Dr. Naomi Namsi Shabani
Assistant Minister: Mohamed Muhamud Ali

35. Ministry of Gender and Children Affairs
Minister: Esther Murugi Mathenge
Assistant Minister Atanas Manyala Keya

36. Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
Minister: Beth Wambui Mugo
Assistant Minister: Dr. James Ondicho Gesami

37. Ministry of Medical Services
Minister: Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o
Assistant Minister: Danson Buya Mungatana

38. Ministry of Labour
Minister: John Kiyonga Munyes
Assistant Minister: Sospeter Ojamaa Ojamong’

39. Ministry of Youth and Sports
Minister: Dr. Helen Jepkemoi Sambili
Assistant Ministers: Wavinya Ndeti and Kabando wa Kabando

40. Ministry of Education
Minister: Samson Kegeo Ongeri
Assistant Ministers: Prof. Patrick Ayiecho Olweny and Andrew Calist Mwatela

41. Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology
Minister: Dr. Sally Jepngetich Kosgey
Assistant Ministers: Kilemi Mweria and Asman Abongotum Kamama

Office of the Attorney General
Attorney General: Amos Wako

Anonymous said...

9 PNU ministries (approx 50%) are with Mt. Kenya folks. While the likes of Danson Buya Mungatana, Linah Jebii Kilimo and Wilfred Machage have been relegated to carrying bags. Some things never change!!

Anonymous said...

CHARITY NGILU can be happy to get Irrigation.

RAO's decision is correct here. EP is dry. If Ngilu can manage to improve the lives of the people there, then Kalonzo Judas will have no chance in the area. Home affairs is only prison management.

One comment: CP has again emerged to be holders of powerful ministries, but watch out. With RAO watching, they will not steal any cent. This time it is about accountability and no nonsense. They can start wetting their pants.

Anonymous said...

NATURAL JUSTICE is what I can say... who ever thought he or she will govern this country Kenya with the support of part of the Kenyan population ends up getting part of the government not all of it. So let that be a lesson to both ODM,PNU and the coming gangs posed as leaders. ODM thought it will govern the country through the support of only 6 provinces. Like wise PNU thought it could with 2 provinces. I believe that was just wish full thinking.
The rule of the game is to get the whole country or 99 % behind you, then you get 100% of the cabinet alone. By the way since when did lions feasted on the leftovers of hyenas and got satisfied with it…ama they were all hyenas posed as lions . ajabu Kenya yetu

Anonymous said...


For those of you who are disatisfied with the cabinet line-up, it is time to go uproot the railway line and eat metal, or agree to be happy passengers in the PNU Air-Express.

When Raila suspended the negotiations Kibaki sent the US guy to tell him to stop his lakeside manners. RAO realized his PM escort could disappear and Ida's security as well. So, at Sagana Lodge he was simply signing on the dotted lines and having fun eating mutura. He was told in advance that he should not go there to talk about money (Finance), or security (Internal, Defense), or external relations (Foreign Affairs). Those dockets require non-emotional, steady hands; and such hands are not currently available in ODM with the exception of Orengo (and his hands are full with Lands).

For those who choose to be dear passengers, welcome aboard and remember, we will be cruishing at PNU speed with Captain Kibaki assisted by Flight Engineer Kalonzo. Raila will happily supervise and coordinate the refleshments. We hope to arrive on time. Enjoy the ride and thank you for choosing to fly with us.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kenyans,

I don`t know why a lot of people think US Jaluo`s are emotional.

Have we ever filled lake Victoria with stones?

If things don`t work out in kenya, we will just cross the border and join our brothers and sisters in Uganda and Sudan. Period..!

I pity you Kikuyu`s where will you go?


Anonymous said...

Annon @7.17 Am. You intriged me. You signed as Kanyarkwat! Is that accorded name or does is it where you come from? I know of a placw by that name along tranzoia West porkot area! If so I may know you or your family!
I would love communicate with you.

Anonymous said...

All Kenyans know each other.

That`s why we are thick in the mind and we go witch hunting killing our neigbours.
When Bush stole elections what happened?

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