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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Raila Gets Motorcade And State Security

A presidential motorcade of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe: As of this morning ODM leader and Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga started enjoying full state security and a motorcade.

All signs on the ground are that everything is moving at breakneck speed towards the consummation of the historical gentleman's agreement made last Thursday.

Already Raila has given a hint that the new grand coalition government will be in place within 2 weeks. This morning both President Kibaki and Hon Raila Odinga held a lengthy meeting whose main agenda was to ensure that everything goes smoothly. It seems that parliament will pass the necessary laws in record time. Somebody who believes that this blogger is still a print media journalist emphasized that in my next article I should announce to all legislators that whoever dares to oppose the landmark bills will "earn a curse from all Kenyans." This is of course an exaggeration but an accurate portrayal of the mood of the vast majority of Kenyans on the ground.

But even more fascinating was the fact that the GSU Recce division moved to Raila's Karen home in the early hours of this morning and set up camp. This is the unit that usually takes care of presidential security and the presidential motorcade. So even before the bill that will make Raila the second Prime Minister in the history of Kenya is passed, it seems that everything is being put in place well in advance. Raila now has motorcade and state security.

But you would have to be very naive to imagine that Odinga's enemies have all evaporated into thin air. Far from it. A case in point is the now infamous photo of the ODM leader relaxing in Mombasa. Terrible timing and the idea was obviously to discredit and portray the wrong image and to cause animosity at a time when Kenyans have passed through such great difficulties. Nobody will remember that poor Raila has hardly had a rest since the campaigns because immediately after that, the post election crisis kept him very much occupied. Surely he deserves a day or two away from the public limelight, relaxing at the Coast after such a trying time? The man is human you know.

So, what was the motive of the Daily Nation in carrying such a photograph?


Kenyan Revelations said...

The Daily Nation would be naive to expect Kenyans to run out and stone Raila for sun-bathing. What the Peoples' PM was saying is "Look, out tourist spots are now safe and ready to receive visitors again, come and spend your dollars".

That assurance cannot come from some people we restrain ourselves from mentioning them is such sunny circumstances as these.

Anonymous said...

chris, your articles are saying all the nice things i want to hear!

i am so happy for raila odinga... his victory belongs to all odmers....i just hope he will do what he promised us in his manifesto...let him know that the battle has just began....i wish him God's blessings in everything he does!!

i guess 'devious' kenyans (you know yourselves) are still expecting pnu to appoint somebody else (read kalonzo) to the premier position...argh!!...can people start reading the signs? i said earlier some things are a foregone conclusion...just wait for thursday and see!!

and please odmers and everybody else remember to come to uhuru park for our grand celebration....its going to be a blast!!

and for you pnu people, i will say it using karua's words 'i think congratulations are due!' and please pnu, remember to bring my orange kitenge and manduli headgear on time...agwambo cannot wait any longer!!!

kazi ianze sasa!!

Kenyan Son said...

Ida and Raila get to hang out at the coast with the people whilst Rucy and Gefaki get to do some slapping. Raila and Ida are the new generation first family whilst Gefaki and Rucy are the old good days first fake family.

Nation was just doing what every media is doing; put out any fuckin interesting thing to make people subscribe and buy their paper. And I don’t blame them too much either. Raila the people’s president, Raila the Prime Minister should be watched with whatever thing he does.

Inform us better Kumekucha. Who is going to be a minister and who is loosing? Hasn’t Judas Iscariot aka Kalonzo not shown the red door already?

Anonymous said...

The nation thought it would show Raila in bad light- but all it did it showed the human side of him - a father and grandfather remembering his family that he had not had time to be with for more than 5 months -during campaigning period through Feb 2008.

So it was good to see the soft side of Mr. Raila Odinga the nation instead of making him look bad they showed Kenyans that he was just an ordinary family man, like many other Kenyan..

Anonymous said...

Tafadhali Chris, ondoa hii moderation. I don't see the need for any more moderation because Kenya is now re-united and we are all speaking the same language and in the same wavelength. Even those who are not happy with the positive signs in Kenya should be allowed to say so for even here we need a good opposition to keep us on our toes.
And why re you asking us questions in your thread and then you muzzle our mouths thro' moderation when we attempt to answer you? You remind me of our teachers who when annoyed with you would ask you a question. If you answer they say "keep quiet" and if you don't answer they say "it is rude to keep quiet when you are asked a question by your teacher" NO WIN SITUATION. That is where we are in Kumekucha.

kenyanzuri said...

We all know what the D. Nations motive was. They are fighting a losing battle against Raila, ODM and the people. They are trying to come to terms with the new situation on the ground. Kenya has changed/transformed for the better and the radicals will have a hard time readjusting/re-orientation.

Raila is now the man to watch as he carries on his shoulders the responsibilities and the dreams of millions of Kenyans. I am so excited of the powersharing deal that saved Kenya from a full blown civil war that could have seen anywhere between 400 tousand to 6 million people massacred and maybe 22 million exiled as refugees.

It is now time for genuine reconstruction, reforms and reconcilliation.

Anonymous said...

Now we can clap until the cows come home,alas! Raila deserves all this attention.Afterall the man won in six provinces,truely he's the icon of change.BUT let us not rest until the real change is felt by All from street vendours to slums inhabitors.UHURU is now!

May Almighty God shower his blessing to Kenya and kenyans alike.

Anonymous said...


Raila, the genuine Kenyan President, has accepted to take a lower seat than the man he beat in elections. For the sake of peace.

Motorcades, etc are normal. The common Kenyan's worries are:

1)Who will be opposing the gov? Who will be asking questions incase Raila or Kibaki make mistakes?

2)Agwambo will definitely not entertain mischief of PNU mafia characters. But if he gets soft for the sake of peace, who will warn him?

3)The common man doesnt want excessive personell expenditure (on ministers). Who will tell the gov that we dont need Assistant Ministers?

I hope that power-sharing will last only for 2 yrs and then elections should follow. Kenyans long for a lean and effective gov with sharp ministers and permanent secretaries, who should be there to serve and not to enrich themselves.

Mind you it is only in Kenya where you can become a multi-millionare within 5 years as an MP and 2 years as a minister. Nowhere in the world can a parliamentarian become rich so fast without a prior booming business background.

Anonymous said...

All the best Kenyans. It was a war well fought.

Anonymous said...

Raila has not taken a lower seat than The thief in chief, they are at par until 2010 when we'll once again kick pnu into oblivion, this time for eternity.
Get your facts straight bwana.
P.s I

Anonymous said...

Please Chris, you need to stop being paranoid about Daily Nation. The Nation was just doing what a good paper does - show to the public what their leaders are saying or doing and let the people judge for themselves. Raila is no more entitled to a fully-foreign-paid holiday in the beaches than the people who were fighting and dying in the streets or are living in refugee camps in their own countries. These Kenyans have never known a single holiday in their lives leave alone relaxing in a beach club. It appears he could not wait even for the ink to dry on the peace deal before going with Ida to expose themselves. Instead of blaming the Nation blame his sense of judgement for inviting the foreign press to go and see him kick back in the tropical sun & sands. Doesn't he have at least a sense of modesty? This is what makes Kenyans cynical about their leaders and their unquenchable thirst for self-gratification. I guess after the egos are massaged with limos and big titles nothing else matters. Can't Kenya produce a son or a daughter who will truly fight for the down-trodden? The entire Kenya political class is sick. It is time for a Fench-type of revolution!!

Anonymous said...

to Anon 10:12 - last paragraph - yes you are right, nowhere else in the world one can become a millionaire just in 5 years as an MP and 2 years being Minister like Raila did - only in Kenya this is possible - because only here you find the 'heaven' to bribe in big style. And he will go on and on and on.

I just wonder how ignorant people are right now. Did they all forget that Raila did not do anything to help those in need including Kibera when he was in power during the Moi Regime and then during the two years with Kibaki - he only helped himself and nobody else.

How can those who have fought now (and have even been willing to loose their lives) forget this?

I therefore challenge you herewith:

Make the 1-million-people march the day Raila is sworn in as PM asking him to fulfill his promises - you will see that there will be no response.

And then make it every year the same day to remind him again and again.

And then go the check and talk with those who have lost now and will still have lost in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years.

Organize yourself to be prepared to continue fighting because only then you may win day - not now because now it's just a phantasy - nothing else.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mind you it is only in Kenya where you can become a multi-millionare within 5 years as an MP and 2 years as a minister. Nowhere in the world can a parliamentarian become rich so fast without a prior booming business background.

10:12 AM

Anonymous said...

Chris this moderation is full of nonsense. Please, kenyans want to talk. toa moderation

Anonymous said...

Opposition will still be there in the form of 1. MPs who will be backbenchers. 2. Civil Society. 3. The two major parties will try to outsmart one another in fulfilling their manifestos and this in itself will bring about checking out on the other. 4. Succession or re-election politics will demand that the rulers behave well in the public eye so that they can get the vote next time round. Remember, the 5 bearded sisters were present in a one party parliament. DON'T WORRY ABOUT OPPOSITION, IT WILL BE THERE IN PLENTY.

Anonymous said...

Was at kenya national theatre and the laughter was sponteneous to raila kulaing the fruits of the 'struggle'.
A big motorcade for the PM with an army of bodyguards.guess as a taxpaying kenyan I should be glad there is peace I can make money and support our politicians excesses.
For odmers hope you realise nothing ever changes and kenya's problem is basicaly lack of leaders across PNU,ODM,ODM K etc.
As for raila sunbathing I do not know nation's motive but I am glad they showed all the odmers that their peoples president is not with the people but is as rich as kibaki,michuki etc.and yes he doesn't care kibera goons burnt their slum in his name or kisumu fools are at ground zero in his name.
Kazi iendele kazi ianze all are bullshit and the sooner we realise all our politicians are not leaders the faster we get to a better kenya.
Kumekucha you have taken sides and you have became a prophet of doom I think you need to retrace your steps and rediscover yourself as a writer.

Anonymous said...

What better way to market Kenyan tourism , imagine if the video goes on international press so the world can see kenya from a diffrent view point not just youth wielding machetes.Once again the genius of the people takes a bold step, and also remember Raila had security and if he did not wish his picture to be taken then he would have had his aides take the films or he would not have taken questions.I think the nation is innocent here do not shoot the messenger, ever!

5th Estate said...

Kazi i start, Remember Mta du? - Tuko kwa constitution. Its going to be a long haul and the devil is in the details. The hype is past, now the hard work should begin to dismantle the monstrous tribal-industrial complex with its tentacles suffocating the Government. It should never ever again be allowed to rare its arrogant head. We should shortly start seeing repossessions in rapid succession of mali ya uma. That is the healing we are looking for, not just empty words. This will give Kenyans the space to start moving on with thier lives - I have a little red book that I have jotted down what I would like to see tackled by this administration, I have heard enough sweet sounding broad policy statements, its now about time to put down the markers of practical things to be changed that will directly impact peoples lives - in fact KUMEKUCHA should kind of make a top ten or twenty or whatever list of what this community of readers and contributors would want to see tackled. Some kind of priority list, after all the good fight was won on the streets and on these forums - so YOU have a say and a BIG voice. The good thing is that we have two halves of Government to cheer. A scenario is developing where one half will be dismantling the other halfs illicit gains - the other half will be mostly preoccupied with defending its illegal turf. Let the games begin. Let’s see which half delivers to its constituents. The budget will be a very interesting document indeed this time around.

Kumekucha kweli , na mambo bado.

Anonymous said...

why do you think there was a motive? I fhe was pissed off about it they wouldnt have put it in, these things are usually checked and checked again, besides it is the media, freedom of information and expression

Anonymous said...


The moment you lift it, foul mouthed respondents (signs are already evident) will infect this blog.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans need to realise that they cannot have everything.

This is an interim govt. in our country's history. It has a very specific agenda - REFORMS.

Once those are in place, we will have our opposition back.

Anonymous said...

yes = I repeat on this day every day from now on:

A 1=Million=people=march

every year on this day ......... to remind Raila Odinga to keep his promises or better said: the promises the people of Kenya expect him to fulfill.

Every day = every year from now on = and then we will see what and how he can fulfill the promises his people have expected him to keep.

I feat that none of them will be kept = none of them will be kept = and he will tell us = or even you will tell us = that he did not promise anything, since it was -others- who pretended him to fulfill but not he himself .............

I know you will loathe me for saying this now ......... that is why I am challenging you to talk to me again in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years .........

Mr Kenya said...

maan, yu guys are still politicking ?

Raila is the PM, Kibaki is the president..
isn't all the speculation time over ?

si people should go back and talk about real constructive issues like how raila and kibaki will work 2gether to unite kenyans, rebuild the IDP's homes, build the infrustructure, etc.

But yu guys seem to fancy small talk of sijui Raila's enemies, sijui daily nation is hatin, etc...
man, come next elections when people already made money, you guys will still be here complaining how "resources" weren't evenly distributed..

fanyeni kazi! wacha porojo

Anonymous said...


Please keep the moderation going. I know it is time consuming and likely unnerving given some of the smut we've seen here lately. Nonetheless, the integrity of your blog comes before unadulterated madness. Those who are itching to "talk" can go to Mashada and do their super loud "talking" there. Or, they can always create their own blogs where they have unmoderated "talking sessions". wink, wink!

Keep up the good work you are doing and never let up!

Anonymous said...


vipi traffic jam kwa comments na pia chat more down than up

whassup with that

Kenyan Pundit said...

Chris, I think you derive a sense of power and lording it over people by approving what is to be posted and what is not to be posted. For this foolish and stupid habit, I say to you, Shame on you Chris Ole Kumekucha, Shame on you!.
Let Kenyans talk without moderation. Let kenyans freely share their ideas, because now we are free, Kibaki and Raila are working together, why cant u see that?
Chris, for as long as you keep muzzling us, you are like Michuki who muzzled the press, no difference!

Anonymous said...

I KENYANS - I HAD TO COPY AND PAST A THREAT TO RAILA I FOUND ON MASHADA- THIS BLOGGER ""RUOTH"" IS VERY SCARY IF YOU READ HIS LAST THREADS LIKE (MUNGIKI MANIA)SOMETHINGS LOOK SCARY- HE SEEMS TO be A GUY IN PNU INTELLIGENCE OR SOMETHING SINISTER!!(please read his threat below and judge for yourselves!! you know this days in Kenya- no one takes threats lightly!!example MP Were!!he got threats and he didn't take them seriously!!!

*****continue to read his post*****make your own judgment****

Ruoth said """you fools celebrated before the finishing, now you start the same, long before the ink has dried, i wish you well, as you are Kenyans, but my disgust and hatred for you is eternal, kibaki cannot deal with this low life of a pm, so he will definitely appoint karua to ruithia the pm, slow and easy"""

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Kenya revelations I more than agree with you on RAO, other than taking a much needed break he is also marketing our country abroad. Raila is a brand at the moment- you want it to sell right now, put it on Raila.

I couldn’t help doing some comparisons. Between Raila and Kibaki, who is likely to pass the tourism message better by basking at the beach with his wife and grandchild? Dollar for dollar? I'd not be surprised if publicizing the holiday is a spin doctor move to reassure the world that the new Kenyan Prime Minister is a man in touch with his family. The almost natural reaction is to nudge people into making some comparisons with the undecided family of slaps and public outbursts. Who knows it might be part of the strategy for next elections. This is still politics guys! Raila is perfectly capable of taking a holiday incognito but he did not. If the nation had a sinister motive by publishing the picture, then they have done a Karua for Kenya. Thank you nation media.

And now Raila should arrange for that public holiday. He promised two days but we can settle for one since he gets half government. Two days would be even better though. Kenyans too did not celebrate much of a Christmas – it was mchongoano campaigns and there’s nothing to talk about the New Year. The holidays before that were in October – to remember dead and retired presidents. I suggest that the swearing in ceremony for the Prime Minister be a public holiday which Kenyans can use to bond, socialize and kick off the healing process.

Anonymous said...

These people bashing Raila's holiday goodness grow up, who asks you when you spend your money, How many of you have continue eating 4 square meals a day and yet we had IDPs and we still do.....Ask yourself how much you have contributed towards this problem....Cant a young luo man spend his money anymore yawa!!! I go for a well deserved leave after working for a while and that is why in companies....leave day is a right...check your staff manual.
By the way you should thank this man for going on leave but he was still working.....Kibaki sleeps in statehouse 24/7 and i never heard anybody complain...
This fellow calling for a million people march...Relax have you just landed in Kenya...How come you didn't call for one when Kibaki abused our katiba, when we were given some inflated economic growth figures, how come you didn't call for a million people march when there was no equal distribution of resources among the people of this country, where were you when the civil servants were employed bila mpango, where were you when Uhuru kenyatta and KANU joined the govt, where were you when the bomas drsft was replaced by the Kilifi draft. Where were you when 100 days after NARC came to power and yet there was no new constitution, where were you when Artur brothers were harrassing the citizens of this country, where were you when anlo leasing contracts were being signed?
Give us a break...Give the man an opportunity


Nyakamlago said...

People should know that Raila and family had to move out of their Karen residence temporarily for communication and security equipment to be installed. This could not take place with them present. And yes, he is human and after the gruelling campaign that lasted several weeks, followed by the two months of trying to fight for justice to prevail, what is two nights holiday in Mombasa? Is it that some people think that he doesn't deserve to have a rest? Give the guy a break!

Anonymous said...

this guy he has been fighting for us since before many of us were bone, he is the longest person who has being detained in this country, so i think he should jenjoy for work well done

Anonymous said...

you people on this blog know everything!! you must all be working for the nsis, cia or something!! nyakamlago, you even know raila's house was to be installed with security equipment?! heh! i dont disagree with you, i just wonder how people know such things.

wanjiku you are definitely right on the raila branding thing. i mean you've gotta give it to the guy! have you seen what he has done for the hummer and the african wear(shirt tops) for men? he's indeed the kenyan version of oprah! and yes i agree with you and ivy, raila did a lot of marketing for the tourism industry, people should be grateful that he did that instead of complaining.

i have never seen kenya's coastal beauty in that light before, it actually looked like paradise. wow! i can just imagine the thousands of tourists that will be streaming in, in the near future!

i told you people it was all strategy!! we dont just do things in a 'regarega' 'ovyo-ovyo' manner!! everything odm does is strategic!learn!

Nyakamlago said...

Mrembowaodm... there is nothing like working for the nsis, cia or anything like that... tulijuwa hizi vitu zitafanyika - wapende wasipende... by the way, your comments make my day on this blog. Keep it up! And Wanjiku, the day of swearing in should be declared a public holiday and it should be a FRIDAY! That is the least that can be done for Kenyans to usher in the new year and new beginning - albeit belated.

Anonymous said...

Mrembowaodm I agree with you ... wasn't he just looking gr8 in jeans. Pls if you havn't seen it. I think it was in nation or std of jana

P.S To all the male bloggers don't mind us it is just a weakness with mama's we appreciate people who are in the mix...So no bashing


Mkenya Damu said...

Na moderation iendelee, what happened to the man from from BC colombia, sema sasa tukusikie

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by the confidence Kenyans have in RAO.
I do not envy the man he has his job cut out for him.....It is not a bed of roses and I do hope he will not dissappoint all his fans.
Good luck Mr. Prime Minister you need it!

Anonymous said...

Wajamaa-get serious.RAO is a work horse-does not sleep;he campaigned 24/7 for this thing then it was snatched from his mouth.Fought with the thieves for two months then got half the loaf.
He is already working on the new govt. set up as Kibaki goes back to sleep soundly till 2012.
I pity Ida,but that is a dog's life.
We don't need a holiday at all.If you have money-then go for yours.After all Msa is so cheap-no tourists at the moment.
Guys we need to rebuild the nation - socially and economically.
What I know is that the Raila entry into govt. will make a huge difference despite the PNU presence and interference - I know both guys.
As for the motorcade and security,that is inevitable-the enigma has enough enemies.
My only question remains:what is Kibaki's plan B?
only time will tell.

Dj Rik.

Anonymous said...

The day the deal was igned should be declared a national holiday dubbed kofi anan peace day

Anonymous said...


How safe is Raila with the GSU recce,as his security has been sidelined?

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