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Friday, March 28, 2008


Kenyans have been through too much: Please don't RIP them off their 'birth right' this once.


Anonymous said...

isn't that the sad truth? kenyans!!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Ai moderation leo yawa!

Anonymous said...

hehehehehe wanjiku!!

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku...LMAO.... :-)

Taabu said...

Ciku na Mrembo kwani why are you two headless? Please remove the veil and may the real Ciku and Mrembo please stand up. I can see both of you already pre-ordered shares. Sawa ni investment na ole wao the lazy ones. They will miss the economic boat by a river.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, wachana na warembo, didn't i not see you nunuaing those shares, i hear that you have like 10 CDs accounts just to ensure that you dont miss out on this big economic venture!!!! Guys me i just need a favor anyone who will get this breakthrough pls kumbuka me an u gawia me kidogo, i really think i need a new wheel.....Remember the dying thief on the cross who told JC to kumbuka him when he get to paradise, that is my cry today until that day when safcom shares will be selling like hot cakes in Jimnah Mbarus plaza......


Anonymous said...

Taabu waambie, hypocrisy is the most rampant undoing in Kenya. I have a feeling quite a number of ODMers just like PNUists will buy safaricom shares. But admitting the same is such a huge task to some people, you wonder. Sema tu, hata mimi nanunua and i believe it is just as corrupt as pushing the IPO out of selfish reasons to cheat people that you are not buying while you had purchased.

If someone has not done their task of kuchunguza hii IPO what does whoever expect wananchi to do to stop it. Someone is definately sleeping on the job here and i dont think they should be blaming wananchi for buying the shares.

If anything they should wake up and start working on mechanisms to ensure mwananchi does not loose a cent of their investment in this "fraud." Failing to stop that will be a cardinal sin because they can forsee the posssibility of the same occurring sasa waanze kazi ya kuhakikisha haitekelezwi. As some have repeated time and time again it is never too late to do the right thing.

Lets make lemonade with this, ama?


tnk said...

reminds me of a sad but true story of an event that happened in the 70s

some fellows were trapped on a cold mountain after a plane crash. finally after all their limited food supply ran out, they resorted to feeding on the corpses of those that died in order to survive.

a few pragmatically went ahead chopped off the flesh and ate as there was no other choice, while some others were dragged to the table kicking and screaming. most of those that ate, survived. a few of them however also had other injuries and died.
however those that didn't eat on principle and mark you they were just a handful, most died of hunger although i believe one survived.

which one of these are you?

when you are in the thick of it, its hard to think rationally but its long after the event that one can reflect in retrospect.

how would you feel as a survivor of that incidence narrating that story to someone (friend, relative, public etc)

would you wish you were found dead but with your "dignity" or whatever you perceive that to be, or would you rather associate with the pragmatic fellows who had to do what they gotta do?

lets not kid ourselves folks, we keep playing here with kbds and the intelligence of people, but truth is we are increasingly facing tough leadership choices and we need to make informed decisions. we have to start shedding the heroics, dare-devil, kamikaze antics and uta-do attitudes and start thinking seriously about our own futures, those of our children and how what we are doing now will permanently impact that future.

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