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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Historic Grand Coalition 10th Parliament Reopening Gets Underway

Opening prayers for Kenya’s historic grand coalition parliament have been completed and the speaker is now reading his inaugural official speech before inviting President Kibaki to read his official opening speech.

The highlights of the president's speech, which was incidentally prepared by teams drawn from ODM and PNU, are expected to be themed around (a) the Agreement on the Principles of Coalition Government and (b) the National Accord and Reconciliation Act 2008 which were agreed upon last week following protracted violence and desputes between the the two parties and their supporters.

Citizen and KBC radio, including all TV channels in Kenya are airing events from parliament live. The ODM Captain Raila Odinga is at present occupying the seat of the official opposition leader (left hand of speaker) while ODM-K leader and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka is occupying the seat of the Leader of Government Business (right-hand of speaker).

Updates to follow.

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Phil said...

Kibaki begins his speech at 14h30 local time.

Says coalition offers Kenya great opportunities and urges MPs to fastrack four bills when they are brought into the house so as to entrench the peace agreement. The other two bills include 'constitution of Kenya amendment bill' and 'establishment of a truth justice and reconciliation committee bill.'

This must be sounding like sweet music to ODMers in the house.

Phil said...

14h45 Kibaki: 9th parliament passsed 17 bills

Anonymous said...

Phil, I almost wish Kibaki hadn't stated that little fact (9th parliament passing 17 bills). If in 5 years that's all they can manage (when we all know there are numerous bills that need to be debated and passed)'s very sad. Yet more proof that 9th parliament was useless in serving the people.

Phil said...

15h00 President completes speech, which also focused on various sectors of economy like infrustructure, tourism, agriculture and education.

Speaker announces day's business is over and members are inviterd for the speaker's teat in the parliament gardens.

MPs are now streaming out of the chambers

Anonymous said...

Thanks phil for updating us

Phil said...

16h40, Raila and KIbaki are having tea at the VIP tent together with Speaker Marende. Mrs. Odinga and Mrs Marende are seated next to them in the same tent, but Mrs Kibaki is strangely not present while the VP Kalonzo and PNU ministers are unusually not anywhere near this VIP tent.

Anonymous said...

I managed to see Mrs. Ida Odinga seated in the gallery during the opening wasn't she looking good. Can someone answer me where is the 1st lady? I have just read in the standard...That Ida instructed the cook to ensure that the journalists and the security men were fed, that they had even chinjad kuku...What an opposite of Rucy Muthoni?

Anonymous said...

I think we need to launch a commission of enquiry into the whereabouts of one Lucy Muthoni Kibaki.
By the way its also long since we saw Wambui the PNU activist.
I miss both women-could somebody trace them?

Dj Rik

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, Ida and Lucy are going through mediation to have power sharing in the First Lady post. This includes who will be running which wing of the State House.

Seriously people, if Lucy is all over the media, you are unhappy. If she stays out of sight for a while, you are unhappy. What could one possibly do to please you all?

PNU Ministers? Did it ever occur to you that they are busy working? That not everyone has a penchant for having gobs of tea any time a teapot is in sight?

Ida looks graceful, yet she has the humility of a mother. I would like to see her spend more time on issues that our politicians don't think about. Particularly the plight of women and children.

As for Lucy, we all know that it is best she stays out of sight to allow for Kibaki to give as much ground as possible. If she is in the mix, you know there will be slapping and kicking and very little in the way of conceding.

Kenyan Son said...

You think some woman calling herself your wife will shoot and slap people around including your son and you still expect her to come around you in public? She might freeze your brain soon as you see her and make you declare Raila the president unconsciously.

Gefaki finally accepted and applied Moi’s style: “If she doesn’t help or guide you because we are fond of making mistakes but rather dramatizes you, send her back to the kitchen.”

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for your updates. 17 bills in 5 years (approx 3/yr)is a gross abdication for duty and abuse of taxpayers. I bet at least 3 of those bills were related to their pay hikes. These are some of the issues that Speaker Marende must address immediately. There should be a requirement that all members attend a minimum of 95% of all sessions with exceptions allowed for members who are attending to government business abroad or nationwide. In addition, they should change the voting system so that we can know how these "servants of the people" vote, how often, etc. That is how we gauge our members of Congress' performance and positions on important issues. If we are to hold the Parliament accountable, these types of measures must be implemented.

Ivy - I haven't seen the paper but will look for the online version. Ida is very dignified and I hope that she will take on a bigger role in civil society issues. As for Roosay's the interest of national peace and harmony, she is under tight surveillance in a small room with no windows and a little slot in the middle of the door through which her meals are slid:-)))))

Anonymous said...

Good post, anon 6:38, u are able to see both sides of the issue, unlike some obtuse goofs here at Kumenkucha!

Anonymous said...

Lucy Kibaki is under medication. Her personal physician at Karen Hospital has been attending to her and she has been prescribed for fluvox...treatement for OCD. clearly mama lucy isn't in "a state of mind" to be mama number 1 at the moment.

I'm a dresser at the hospital..thank God we're too many..CAN'T IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME NEXT IF ANYONE KNEW WHAT I'VE JUST DONE.

Anonymous said...

AII? kwani hmajui mama jimmy hajijui wala hajitambui kwa sasa? Yeye kwisha chizika na kubembeshswa na mwazo haribifu.Wataka aje alipue maneno na ku haribu matayarisho yaliyo sitishwa na wajumbe takatifu?

yeye yumo Satae house ajitibu kwa madhara ya akilini..yani yeye hajaamini kamwe kwamba Uongozi alionayo lazima ugawiwe ODM...yaani kwake, alikuwa Rais..tumwombeeapate nafuu ili tujiburidishe naye kamailivyokua hapo awali.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on this momentous and journey altering occasion for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Very uninformed people (as usual). You need to understand the context of the 17 bills the President spoke of. The 9th parliament, despite all the bad press and activist heckling from overzealous and badly ignorant Kenyans passed a total of 157 bills which, by the way, is the highest number since independence passed by any parliament.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11:34

The largely ignorant kenyans pay these people hefty salaries through our noses and we demand to see results. Raila should show that he is a statesman by starting reducing these peoples' salaries so that they reflect the reality on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Lucy is rumoured to be in South Africa for treatment. Head issues I think.

Anonymous said...

seconded....anonymous 3.10

Anonymous said...

In what capacity will Raila "reduce these people's salaries"? Who is he? Why not Kibaki, the head of the Kenyan government? Why not Kimunya, the minister in charge of the country's finance?

It is only the President who can constitute another commission of inquiry to decide on these pay matters. Alternatively, members of parliament can ammend the the Parliamentary Service Commission Act to bar MPs from ever granting themselves any allowances that are not determined by the ministry of Finance.

So your Raila needs to understand his sphere of influence well which doesn't go beyond inspecting ministries.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:21

Raila can reduce those salaries because he has the numbers in parliament, as simple as ABC. They can introduce a bill to the effect and show that they have kenyans at heart.

What I would propose is a bill that makes it impossible to raise the salaries in a particular term. Yaani if they vote to increase their salaries it takes effect from the next parliamentary term.

Heck, I would increase my salary if i had the powers, only that I know that I wont be stealing from poor kenyans who toil like donkeys to pay taxes.

PS: If if I am a Raila supporter I totally oppose that motorcade thing with dozens of policemen. It is backwards to say the least. I have seen the swdish prime minister a few times in his own car with just one body guard, compare sweden's GDP with the Kenyan one. By the way his salary is about ksh1.2m. These are civilised people!

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