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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kenya Politics Headed to a Grand Coalition

The first day of Koffi Annan led mediation talks indicates that there is light at end of the dark political tunnel, we can authoritatively reveal.

It looks like Kenya is headed for a power sharing deal that may also see the country establish a truth, justice and reconciliation committee. The grand coalition will operate on consensus and will see significant decentralization of executive power by the president.

As a matter of priority, the current Electoral Commission of Kenya will be disbanded and a new representative one constituted to oversee preparation for future (general) elections.

Whereas the ODM was initially pushing for a short term transitional government that would prepare for a re-run of the presidential polls, the party has significantly thawed and is ready to accept a power sharing deal with its bitter rival PNU. On the other hand, the PNU camp feels its candidate won the presidential polls 'fairly' and that a re-run is not an option. The ruling party prefers to incorporate members of the ODM into Kibaki’s vacant cabinet positions as a way of appeasing them and their supporters. The PNU is also open to the coalition idea but are reluctant to see presidential powers devolved.

It would appear that ODM/NARC are seeking permanent and independent share of political power for their parties as opposed to being mere appointees of PNU’s President Kibaki. In other words, ODM/NARC are avoiding the same treatment the LDP received during the initial days of Kibaki’s first term as a NARC president.

It is significant that both Museveni and Annan have adopted a straight shooting one-on-one approach with the key protagonist whom many believed are driven to their hardline positions by allies surrounding them. It is widely feared by the international community that the collapse of Kenya will be catastrophic and have far reaching implications on the entire African continent.

Going by the closely contested results of the presidential and parliamentary polls; political observers foresee the formation of a balanced grand coalition government which will be facilitated by constitutional amendments when parliament reconvenes.

Each of the two major partners will be allocated top positions in government and each will have some degree of executive power which will enable them draw their own line-up of select members of cabinet.

This proposed grand coalition, having a total of 34 members of cabinet, will be structured along this forecast:

Mwai Kibaki (PNU) – President & Head of State
Kalonzo Musyoka (ODM-K) - Vice President & Deputy Head of State
15 Cabinet Positions - PNU/ODM-K/KANU/A.N. OTHER

Raila Odinga – Prime Minister & Leader of Parliamentary Business
Musalia Mudavadi – Deputy Prime Minister
15 Cabinet Positions - ODM/NARC/A.N. OTHER

(Sounds to me like the Bomas Draft)

But then, what does such an arrangement mean for multi-party democracy?

Is this an introduction of a new constitution through the back-door?

This is apparently the cost of achieving lasting peace and moving on after the highly controversial and violent 27 December general elections.

What is your take?


Anonymous said...

Kofi Annan-Can he do it?
January 22 2008 at 6:45 PM by observor

Those who are in Kenya can tell you that it is very tense there.
Even as Raila calls for calm ( kibaki never speaks!), atrocities are still being committed, especially in the Rift valley and Nairobi slums.
For all intent and purposes, Everything points back to the infamous tribal clashes and the 2005 referendum. That is Kenya today. A very tribalised state.

ODM and the Government have already placed their demand on the table.
The Line for the government is that the law must be followed.For ODM, the position is that either Kibaki resigns or calls for fresh elections.
Kofi has a very hard job cut for him-I doubt he will come up with the solution.
Already, Museveni is in Kenya. ODM will not accept his presence.This is a fact after Uganda has been accussed of sending soldiers in Kenya

Mediation requires that both sides are WILLING, not by force to the outcome of the deliberations.Kofi is only a facilitator.He can not offer suggestions or solutions.
This is why The Kenyan people has must get a solution to their problem.And for this we mean Raila and Kibaki personally.

Until Kibaki stop sending others to talk for him and get to a face to face negotiation with Raila, then all what is happening is a road show.
How I wished that Kibaki could realise this and get on top of things.currently, Raila seems to be on top of things in Kenya.He is also better in propaganda than the government, which seems divided (look at Michuki and Ali of the police.Look at the armed forces themselves.Look at Harambee house. All divisions that makes it very difficult for the government to operate smoothly.At the moment, there is no government in the Rift valley.Warriors are ruling.Likewise, Mungiki and their equals are ruling in the slums of Nairobi)

Kibaki will not resign.he will not call a fresh poll.Not voluntarily.

On the other side, ODM want to rule.

What is the solution?.
A joint gava where ODM get cabinet positions?-forget it. Raila will not accept anything less than an Executive PM position, if at all we go for shared power.
For the sake of peace and a quick solution in Kenya, the only viable position is for Kibaki to take a ceremonial Presidency and Raila an executive PM under conditions ( and various give aways), chief among them Raila agrees not to follow up looters, and give Kibaki some form of immunity?.

There is no other way at the moment

Those in the disapora are only making written comments.many of them are not helpful at all as they are very emotional,lacking facts.The way they are irrelevant in voting,same they are in helping the realisation of a solution.The best they can do is to help victims in Kenya.That is the most practical bit.

As things are going, Kbaki and Raila will lose followers, especially when they realise that these leaders can not protect them.Followers will then go for self protection.That is when arnachy sets in.Pray we dont get there

God help Kenya

Kimi Raikkonen said...

A GNU is a good solution, but it should be for a period of two years until 2010 to allow healing and reconciliation, justice for the victims of ethnic cleansing and severe punishment for the perpetrators, substantial compensation to the families of the victims of police shootings, and finally, a transparent and genuine constitutional review by trustworthy persons of unquestionable integrity, and that does not take into account partisan interests of politicians.

Thereafter we should have a proper General Election, preferably supervised by the UN, to enable Kenyans choose a leader with a true mandate. Kibaki would also agree not to run. I want a younger leader and it does not have to be Kalonzo,Raila,Uhuru, Saitoti or Mudavadi. I would prefer a completely new person with none of the baggage carried by the current dishonest and criminal political class.

In other words, this country requires a completely fresh start.

Anonymous said...

very interesting to see a possible power sharing agreement but that sounds like a temporary solution. how can you have a president, vp, prime minister and vice pm, how many captains are needed to steer this ship, and no possible re-run of the elections? so pretty much the peoples have no say,and so it is alright to say that; it was all about power

kube said...

is it true that ODM has called off mass action?
its very hard these days to believe anything from nation newspapers coz they are very biased.
i beleve koffi will achieve nothing except maybe take plenty of coffee in statehouse as explained by indefatigable MUTU UA.
am sad for kenya and i want to agree with ano 12.12 that the solutions here will only be accepted by forcing kibaki.

even a todler can tell that what we watched as election result was a sham, but PANUA will never accept that.

look at what the ECK said in nation today about rigging in KIBAKi to know that the message might have com e from statehouse rather than ECK.
i wish koffi nice koffi at statehouse.

my advice, let him also try githeri, mukimo and muthokoi

Anonymous said...

So the Pentagon only wanted power for themselves? Just like I thought! What about their party faithfuls many who have been on the receiving end of police brutality in the slums?

This is clearly betrayal in the city. ODM faithfuls wanted nothing short of State House! I wonder if the Pentagon will look their members straight in the eyes ever again.

On NTV yesterday: Orengo v/s Karua.

Karua: "You say you don't believe in the courts, yet you make your money there daily as a lawyer. You went to the same courts to halt the safaricom IPO in November, your members are filing MP petitions there, would you have abolished the courts if ODM had won the elections?"

Nice one Iron Lady!

chris said...

Stubborn, cowardly, selfish, fence-seating Mwai Kibaki has never suprised me, but there is always a first time. I say that nothing will come out of these Kofi talks. Please surprise me Mwai Kibaki.


Anonymous said...

I think the power sharing should be between PNU and ODM. Each of the two will in turn share their portion with their friends parties(affiliate parties). That will kick off trators like Kalonzo.

Secondly, ODM should have the executive PM and PNU ceremonial Presidency with immunity of office. ODM won the election and if that is doubted, people can prove that in a re-run that Kibaki and his team is currently scared of.

I am convinced that the country is managable with ODM on top of things. Raila and his team can stop all these violence in a simple press confrence and entire country will be at peace.

The power sharing option will surely kill multiparty. That may be unfortunate. My suggestion is that one of the parties say ODM-K may be in the opposition to keep the fire of multi party alive.

This option of power sharing will at the same time allow losser to thrive. Why should Kibaki become the head of government if he didnt win? That is absolutely wrong.

Let losers be losers and winners be winners. In doubt as to who is who, we go for a re-run to be sure. Kibaki cannot pride himself to be the winner if he cannot fight when called upon. A real winner will never fear a re match.

Wanjuku - Mombasa said...

Thanks chris for the much needed updates. Such an arrangement would mean Kibaki does away with his so called ministers and they both start on a clean slate. Let's see whether that will happen. Otherwise will Raila agree to have all the powerful ministries go to PNU and the insignificant inferior ones with ODM?

And this arrangement also means we shall have a very weak opposition if at all. Or ODM will watch things for us Kenyans? We shall form an opposition next elections.

And let Raila not forget that Kibaki is no respecter of agreements. He should ground himself very firmly to avoid a scenario like that of the MOU with Kibaki and LDP not so long ago. But

There's hope for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

History shows that power sharing governments do not work.May be Kibaki-Raila surprise us.M7 has no democratic credentials and i think he is reading from Frazier's playbook.The Americans need their lapdogs(M7 and Kibaki) to continue with the war on terror in Somalia.The same M7 who told us that he went to the bush because the elections were stolen never mind the fact that he had come in third.

Wanjiku - Mombasa. said...

Actually if this arrangement works, Kenyans should be prepared for 5 years of mega bickering in parliament and government. Then was shall go back to the polls and hopefully not fight again assuming the new ECK will not already be infiltrated.

Anonymous said...

Why should Kalonzo who got less than 5% of the Kenyans votes be a VP in power sharing.

He should be an assistant minister. These are the trators that kill the Kenyan Democracy.


demogod said...

GNU is not going to work with the way how politics work in Kenya. If it is a short term solution, then it will work, thereafter an election is called. At this point GNU may even bring more bloodshed, as ODM supporters may not want that at all, and as somebody out, they may feel betrayed. People will say, why the hell did I risk my life for these politicians if al they wanted was a GNU...

The goal of a GNU should be strictlt to ensure changes to the constituition with immediate effect, and any other key agendas, and then an immediate election after 6-12months, otherwise this country may not survive the bloodshed!

At this point we can all speculate on the outcome, if Raila meantwhat he said, JUSTICE must prevail, then he should ensure it does. Any other way means, he has disowned the public, and his supporters may launch more scathing attacks!

Lets hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst!

Anonymous said...

i leave in kenya as of know i am in the office and our company in very very near to mathare so belive me when i tell you things are getting out hand. first the police the army they come from a family and thats means they come from different ethnic group so all this security agents are divided which is very bad for the country. now my workmates who stays at mathare most of them are taking loans as much as 20k to move from mathare, why do you need all that money for moving simple you need protection you either hire the police or you hire the groups that have been formed thea. when entering mathare you enter by puting your hand up and your ID on your mouth if your from the wrong ethnic group then you are in trouble. this are things i have seen and i have heard. i wish people of mathare they had computers they could have told us horific tails of what goes on there. kenya is on the brink of collapse so we better pray the talks come out positive or else the things which we are seeing know it will be child play against what we will see in the future. may GOd bless kenya

Anonymous said...

GNU would be a good idea but should have a limited mandate of less than 24months. During this period, its mandate would be to hammer out and promulgate a new constitution, which should include fixing the ECK, set up a Justice and Reconciliation Commission, and organize a fresh presidential election, preferably with Kibaki, Raila and Kalonzo stepping aside. In addditon all politicians and others found to have been involved past mega corruption scandals and other economic crimes against Kenyans should be barred for life from holding public office. This would give the country a fresh start.

TLFisi said...

Anything to bring about peace in the country is acceptable. Only thing worries me is---what will happen to Ruto?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we all know the reason why Kibaki rigged is because of too much power. he got drunk with power just like Mutua. what we need Annan to do is force a resolution which will be for the benefit of the people of kenya. Koffi should be president, joseph of safaricom finance minister and a lot of other business people in cabinet. forget the greedy politicians, tehy can go to hell!!!

Anonymous said...

Any solution right now is welcome so long as we get our country and our lives back. But later on maybe we might regret having made constitutional ammendments merely to accomodate the political whims of two stubborn Kenyan citizens!But let's have peace first.

Anonymous said...

Phil pls confirm if it is true, that someone was after Raila's life yesterday at 10:00pm

Phil said...

STOP PRESS 15H30 Local Time

Kibaki/Raila and Annan to meet at Harambee House (OP) at 16h00 local time this afternoon.

Guys, Keep your fingers crossed!

Phil said...

16h00 Local time

Meeting now pushed forward by half an hour. Raila/Kibaki to meet with Annan at 16h30

Koffi Annan's office confirms facilitating the meeting.

The light at the end of the dark political tunnel seems brighter now.

Phil said...

16h40 local time

Kibaki has arrived at Harambee House. met by cabinet ministers Saitoti, Uhuru, Karua, Kiraitu and Chief Sec Muthaura. Large crowd has gathered outside Harambee House in anticipation for major announcement.

Raila and other pentagon members, plus Kofi Annan eminent persons team is already at Harambee house.

None of the cabinet ministers have spoken to the media also camped outside Harambee House. The media, incidentally made a threat to continue live media broadcast yesterday and today government has reiterated that the ban stands. Citizen and KTN are covering events at Harambee house live.

What is this 'popularly elected' government' trying to hide from Kenyans?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:12am, Kenyans in the diaspora have been active in demos, petitions and lobbying.
Of course their comments are emotional, as on a practical level,
they are Kenya's first refugees (economic and intellectual)of a historically mismanaged,nepotistic and inequitable system. What you are recommending is a silent partnership;- send money and shut up!!

Dr K said...

hi guys. assuming what u say is correct (and i agree with u)that a position of executive PM is created for raila. do u really think martha karua (so called 'iron lady') andher bunch of colleagues will agree to be in opposition? surely, it will be the PM who will form the govt is nt it?

Anonymous said...

I will not hold my breath over results of this meeting.
True coalition or seccession is the way fwd.
If ODM takes over one portion will still be left out.
With seccession we admit the crack is too deep.
With a coalition maybe we can rebuild the cracks.
After what we have gone through belonging to a tribe is one the worst things right now in Kenya yet all of us belong to one or another!

Phil said...


Kibaki / Raila face-to-face talks already underway.

Press barred.

Updates to follow.

Anonymous said...

Break the ice

Just imagine the seating arrangement in that room.
is Kibaki's side facing Raila's man to man (Kibaki facing Raila,Mudavadi facing Karonjo etc)?.
is it a church seating style arrangement where they are all facing the Annan's team (at a high table)?

Anonymous said...

Updates to follow phil? If the updates are anything about a "power sharing" deal with common thieves I am surely not interested.
Phil my plea to you, now that it is no secret you're an ODM insider;)
Let them know a GNU that does not bring us justice, read re-run, is a great disapointment to kenyans. I will not only loose faith in democracy but also ODM that has worked tirelessly to bring hope to Kenyans, they have worked so hard for the good of us, COMMON WANAINCHI, why agree to a GNU with thieves i ask again? Kenyans deserve more. PLEASE!!!

waf said...

It is a thorough waste of time. I am the only one who stands by what I said from the start. The union does not work, too much water under the bridge, too much hatred. Lets separate amicably now, or, in a few years(less than decade)we shall violently separate.
How, can Raila cooperate with a dictatorship? Do you think anybody has forgiven or even forgotten what happened after Dec 27.
We have to split, it is the only solution. Anything else is burying our head in the sand. We have gone tribal, why not institutionalize it?

kalamari said...

Phil, the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a 'blinding light'. In fact its blinding power is more than ten times that of kumi-kumi. Kofi is not going to hang around long enough to see an executive PM slot entrenched in the constitution. We all know that Kibaki is the grandfather of all snakes and cannot be trusted at all. We all know that Hitler's hate for the Jews was much milder than Kibaki's hate for Raila and ODM. Now tell me, how will these chaps 'govern' together?

About peace. A patch-work GNU may bring peace but only in the short term. The only way to lasting peace is by undoing the wrongs that brought about these killings and displacement of people. Kibaki must resign, transitional govt. formed, new elections held and a new properly elected president installed. The agenda for the new administration must be nothing but national reconciliation, disbanding the ECK and giving us a new constitution. Hiyo tuu.

Countries that posses low hanging balls never run away from their problems. A GNU is synonymous to sweeping our evils under the rag.

kalamari said...

That said, if there's any coalition, it first agenda must be to fire Kalonzo.

Taabu said...

Phil power for its own sake is a poisoned chalice for Kenya. I am n hardliner but trust me Emilio is laying PR and if RO buys it I fear ODM's goose is both cooked, digested and expelled. You don't steal elections to give it back, or do you? Transiion govt (not GNU) yes to thrush thorny issues and prepare for fresh polls otherwise we are only postponing a problem.

Elections must serve their intended role. You don't lose to win, ama? The burden on the shoulders of RO is so big and he dares betray it and he is DEAD MEAT. No soft solution for the sake, we must take hard and painful decisions. Let's solve this problem once and for all otherwise the time bomb is ticking. Not warmongering by any stds.

Phil said...

Kibaki and Raila have met and shook hands - PUBLICLY.

They have gone back in for another session, but in a nutshell, they have indicated they are for peace. Raila added justice. No Kenan should be a refugee in their own country and all citizens are free to live, move wherever they want in the republic of kenya.

Its not over guys, not until Kibaki gives back to Kenya what belongs to Kenya.

Kalamari@7.28am - I saw Kalonzo running to shake Raila's hand, and I could lip read him saying "I am sorry". What bullcrap!

Fave of BG said...

Am I the only one who sees that Kenya needs to split? Having listened to the vernacular stations, seen the blogs here (The most learned Kenyans), I think the hate is too much, the pain is too real and too much water has passed under the water.
Do I trust Kibaki? No... and even if he changes, anything he does will be amplified by the people who voted against him. Does one trust someone who has raped them?Absolutely no.
We can love each other from a distance.
This deal is a waste of time (that is if it happens!).
I do not want anybody killing anyone, But, all I want is to be led by a government, I accept. I do not recognize and trust the current dictatorship that we have. If the democratic choice of 6 out of 8 provinces is ignored, then, the people need to decide. I offer them a better way. Will there be a problem and teething issues in the new republic, absolutely, but at least not second class citizens.
If we do not split now, the next fight will involve guns and trust me, it will be more brutal. Include a split armed force, unemployed youth. A bad mix, a lethal combination.
I do not live in Kenya, now, I might say and think I am working abroad, but, in reality, I am just a refugee, albeit an economic and career one. I feel pain that I have to live in a foreign land because, I am from the wrong part of the country.
Any GNU is a waste of time, the problems are not addressed, they are swept under the carpet and someday somehow we will have to clean them.
People, we have be here before, we know what happened in 2002. If we forever do the same thing, we will forever have the same results. It is time for us to step into the unknown. I am for separation and finally divorce.
Do not celebrate for once more we are being fisted and being given the middle finger. I am not taking it, Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi, Do not let down the disenfranchised Kenyans who have put so much trust in you.

Anonymous said...

Selfish leaders! And all recycled from the KANU government! And we keep recycling them thinking that this mess will stop. 5 years from now... the same faces and the cycle continues. Watazidi kukula na sisi tutawipigia kura tena! Arrrggghhhh!!!!

chris said...

This Kibaki/Raila dark comedy. It was a disgusting show. Who is fooling who? In their carefully worded (written statements) it was still clear that neither side has changed their positions. Naive Kenyans were delighted that at least the two had met and talked. Little do they know that nothing has changed.

If they were serious about peace (and hardliners on both sides were serious) they shold have stayed in that Haraambee House office and talked late into the night and even into tomorrow morning until a solution is found. What a hypocritical show!

Only secession will work. Let Mwai Kibaki rule his one and half province and let the other 6 provinces be ruled by their president. Pure and simple. This is the only way we can avert bloodshed.


Anonymous said...

I just have 2 painful questions for both PRESIDENT Kibaki and PRESIDENT Raila;
now that you've both proven you're greater than Kenya and we your miserable minions cannot live without you (to even suggest such is treasonable), how is shaking hands and sharing power going to bring back the lives of 600(official)/1000 (unofficial) dead Kenyans whom you are both directly responsible for their brutal and untimely demise?
This power that you were both fighting for-who was it meant to go to?By all means go ahead and share power but you must forthwith prove (and quickly) that the bottom line for thrashing out such a deal is so that never ever again will any single Kenyan have to lay down their very own life in warm blood for any one of going by the name of politician
you're both a bunch of scallywag scoundrels

Kuai said...









Hellen Okello said...

The way to ensure justice and, re-vote and re-vote!

Anonymous said...

Why can't i let this thing go? its the same way that Raila walked into parliament in a very comical anc clownly fashion, and Kibaki limped fraily to his seat at front of house this is the exact same way they have now shaken hands and read from shallow dishonest scripts-both sides taking the people of Kenya for one long uncomfortable and involuntary ride-my goodness Kenya, what did we ever do to deserve such dishonety in our leadership?

rhyymemaster said...

Much as you guys will look at it as Pentagon wanting power for themselves, I greatly defer. For once that is the starting point. Believe me I was one of the guys who thought that this injustice should not be stomached but look and see that the more the ODM stay hardlined, the more the PNU will also stay putt. At the end of the day more Kenyans will die more property destroyed. A GNU is a starting point. Believe me it's one one the ways of addressing this problem. Kibaki thinks he is in state house rightfully yet Raila thinks an election was stolen from him. So why not have both with some degree of power and work together to draft a proper constitution, set-up proper channels of addressing these injustices, set-up a truth, justice and Reconciliation, look into past injustices, address inequalities and then combine all these in a consitution for Kenya. I forgot, disband the ECK and come up with a very competed, independent commision. This will only be the start. At the end my friends we will all be smiling. Remember both PNU and ODM will have powers so, the underhand dealings in government will be very minimal as one checks the other. LONG LIVE KENYA

Phil said...

Anon@4:46 AM

I apologise.

Yes it is true, one of Raila's 4x4's (not the Humvee) was shot at in down-town Nairobi last night. Raila was not in the car at that time and this could be a normal thuggery. Carjackings are on the increase in Nairobi.

But then again, this is your president elect. Any threat to his life is a serious matter, especially considering Administration police had thrown nearly 10 tear gas canisters (more than necessary) at a tent which Raila was seated when leading a crowd of mourners in a singing a moving dirge for departed ODM martyrs. What was their intention considering it was a totally unprovoked action and they were uninvited to this private and licenced party function!?

Taabu said...

We may recite all the poems ever penned for peace but until and unless JUSTICE is done we are simply fooling ourselves. The truth is that what we saw was mere a photo op and nothing more. Neither MK nor RO meant what they did.

Now you see people claiming that both of them should disssolve into thin air. How naive? The root cause, the root cause dear Kenyans is STOLEN elections. Address this and appease all Kenyans. The ordinary Kenyans is left SO POWERLESS his only arm is the voter's card. You trash it and s/he has nothing to lose.

Read the lips of apologists - false security in numbers. Even counting in base 10 starts from 1. Emilio can only give back to Kenyans what is theirs by allowing them to RE-ELECT their president. Nothing less nothing more. If you think otherwise indulge and enjoy the circular ride.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki stole the election on live TV. Why should the elected president opt for a consolation position? If there is nothing tutadu, secession becomes more attractive. In the interim I would suggest Pentagon members and vocal MPs take their personal security seriously.

Anonymous said...

ODM'ers, you have payukad, thrown stones, and even gone on bargain hunting. Well, matokeo iko wapi? Kazi iendele.
Now we are entering phase II....Ruto will pay!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

kUMEKUCHA, either you like it or not..Raila and Kibaki have come togethter for the good of the country. But, those so called pentagon leaders who have incited violence will be brought to justice swiftly.
Kazi iendele!!!

rhyymemaster said...

Another take at this guys. Why do we have to try and mold our democracy along that of other nations. Is this not just duplicating stuff that might not even work for Kenya in the first place. Why can't we redefine our own democracy. Come up with something that is truely African. Remember we are as diverse as can be and we need unique solutions if we are to compete with the west. The west knows too well that ours are moribund and will not move us anywhere. We shall bicker endlessly as the world moves ahead, as they make more discoveries and Africa is left behind bickering. There are only 4 countries in Africa that if they redefine their democracy, the continent will move towards modernisation very fast. It will only take Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt to move Africa to the next level. So, I think this is the time to come up with our own unique governance system. So, I stand corrected, but why can we have a system where the ruling party gets half the cabinet posts and the one following closely to have the other half, and have both check each other. In that way the different tribes identifying with each will notfeel left out as is the case????

waf said...

@Luke, 8.39am,
I too, can not let this thing go.For the simple reason that we will be back to where we came from.
Reconciliation will not work. Raila is dealing with an insidious cabal, that does not care. Who sit together and think that only a few regions of Kenya can produce a leader. I come from a PNU zone, but, please... anybody who is hopeful, give it a week and we will be back fighting, heckling and stuff.
I will not stop mentioning the secession's word. People say some of us are lazy and stuff OK lets have our nation, the enterprising can stay together, just lets not fight.
If Raila can not learn from the events since 2002 and the election debacle. Then, he is kidding himself. I just can not let it go!

Anonymous said...

Taabu, it seems you having a hard time coming to facts in what is termed as a landmark deal that will seal justice, peace and reconciliation in Kenya. It is a pity that you are not a proud Kenyan or a true spirited Kenya like most of us. ODM’ers in Diaspora should voice their opinions after they have taken care of their ignorance. Kenyan is moving forward my friend and the days of primitive behavior are long gone. Kenyans are wiser and more informed now that ever before; although some few storytellers disagree. There is nothing we can do for you people other than to wish you all the best in your careers; which of course we hope it’s not what diaspora’s term “would you like fries with that?” I would strongly recommend the owners of this blog to keep on doing the good work of enlightening us and feeding us with many words of wisdoms. We need a bit of that given the current situation in Kenya, though please apply more lubricant to make it more interactive.
Although I am well too familiar that this post will tickle some senses and in the process make some people to get short-term periods; I do hope it gets the light of day in other channels. This comment is not meant for the faint hearted. Please do not take out your frustration on Mr Odinga he is just going through with his mandate.
Of course, kazi iendele.

Anonymous said...

MOI SStole elections in broad daylight.
Bush stole electiond in broadaylight.
Sarcozy the same, on and on and on and on.
Did we hear Americans killing neighbours because of elections?

Can someone, please answer that for me.

Kikuyu i think now know how they are hated by other tyibes.
If i were a kikuyu i would relinguish and power and seek refugee in somalia. then wait until the dust settles and think ahead.

Kitty said...

Kube and Chris,

You are too cynical. Somebody gave me an advice to expect the worst but hope for the best.

One thing for sure, Kibaki will not cede his position, that is realism. At the moment what we can expect the Bomas draft which was rejected to come to force. If Raila wants to be perceived as a having the best intentions for the country and especially so amongst those suffering, he has to take back what he vehemently rejected in the referendum.

Anonymous 11:01 that is the kind of nonsense we dont want to hear. Its even embarrasing for the Kumekucha editorial and moderation team to allow such comments to be posted

Anonymous said...

its amazing how many people now think Kibaki is like the devil incarnate. It is premature to think that only kibaki rigged ebu lets be serious, both sides had anomalies. He may not be going about this the right way but he is not in a position to speak not with the whole world criticizing him. You cannot believe everything the media says, obviously the media needs to sensationalize everything. Research pre-2002 and between 2002 and now shows that this could be a well ochestrated strategy that was formulated after the referendum in 2005. And obviously ODM havent even proved that Kibaki rigged, it only requires logic to see that if they havent released even a little evidence via the media, then they do not have a solid case. So I urge kenyans to be objective about the situation, not subjective. Lets hope this two guys wont squabble again.

Taabu said...

Aonn@10.32 thanks for your poissoned advice and how I wish I would take it but as much as I try I fear I won't succeed mate. You attitude of Kazi iendelee betrays anything 'good' you preach. Any objective take resident above your shoulders is suffocated by your obsession clothed in pettiness. Otherwise thanks for the cheap prank but sorry no thank you very much. Justice in my mind has no synonym, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article. It came on the same day as that first step towards 'normalcy' after mediation, dialoque, teataking anything you wish to call it.
I watched live on KTN on line as the PNU are they the negotiating party involving Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, George Muthengi 'Saitoti' et al on onse side and Ruto, Mkapa, and Graca on the other side discuss armicably on the entrance of Harambee House in Nairobi.
During this time I observed 2 intriging thinks!
1. Other than Kibaki, Raila and Annan, Security refused entry to everyone including the 'VP' and even the permanent secretary to the same OP whose office is Harambee House itself!
2. But more intriging and even perplexing was the level of pettiness and pertulence displayed publicly by PNU hawks namely Saitoti, Uhuru and the owl-eyed Martha Karua-Wamugunda. This group were so unhappy and animated when they saw Ruto having a hearty discussion with Graca and Mkapa that ended in an equally hearty laughter!. Saitoti and Masliti Uhuru were seen agitated and calling Mzee Muthaura whom they sent to try to get Ruto and Salim Lone away from Graca and Mkapa! Muthaura's attempt failed misserably when the dignitories just glanced at him and ignored him! He recalled as it were back to base by msaliti Uhuru with new instructions seemingly to get ODM duo out reach of the Mediators' ears. This too failed.
Then i saw how pertulent PNU can be! They sent in reinforcement. They sent Karua, Mutula Kalonzo among others who surrounded the mediators and seperated them from Ruto and Lone. I could see that these guys have learnt alot from GSU in how to seperate 'unwanted' people.
By the way last time i checked i found out that a professor must have a PHD. I thought that PhD holders are expected to reason and not act like party youth wingers. Our maths Phd holder here 'Saitoti' Wamothengi did NOT represent this school of thought. He was the most animated that even msaliti Uhuru.
So education or no education youth wingers are better at their game!
God help us if these are the inner circle of the Kibaki kitchen! They will cook us all!

Kenya nji yetu said...

I haven't read all the comments in this particular posting and I imagine the negotiations are very intense, maybe even fractious, but just seeing Kibaki and Raila shaking hands gives the common bewildered Mwananchi hope.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11.01
Bush election went through RE-COUNTS, and finally courts. America has gone through a war of independence, a civil war, and a civil rights movement where neighbor was killing neighbor.

Sarkozy was the undisputed winner of the election. France has existed since 843ad. They went through the French Revoultion, during which thousands died and the monarch was executed for collusion with foreign armies (sound familiar?).There followed the First Empire, the Second Republic, the Second Empire,and the Third Republic, all characterised by uprisings and war.

I hope this answers your question.

Anonymous said...

Please bring some evidence that Ruto committed any crimes. PNU are famous for demonizing certain people. THE same thing they did with Raila before elections, Lakini Wapi!.
Ruto is a hero among his people Try putting him in Jail.
I still support the separation of Kenya. Kazi iendelee Mt. Kenya, heshima itawalee the rest of the six provinces.
The only consolation, is that Kibaki will behave like he always does and within 3 months we shall be back again... and this time people shall look for a real solution... a painful divorce.

Anonymous said...

peace is best; no raila no peace.
a 1000(+) kenyans never died under Kenyatta or Moi in 2 weeks;true?
(fantasy?) solution: abolish multipartyism for 20yrs; have no party; mps elected every 2 yrs; mps pass laws; civil service implements laws; civil service promoted based on merit; president is non elected and ceremonial and 1 yr post - choose great kenyans!;20 yrs allows new generation to be educated to think of themselves as nationalists - kenyan first - a national consciousness allows successful multipartyism;as a kid I never heard Kenyatta or Moi say anything inflamatory; disband ECK, AP, Police; internal security - replace with military; 20yrs should be enough to reduce inequality -allow free enterprises but with increased taxes from the rich and for eg instead of spending billions on a new convention hotel in KICC spend on sewage system, electricity, trees, running water, roads, trees, free health system, free school, durable homes in kibera etc -if the Cubans can do it so can Kenya.
What makes one think one will step down in 2012...

Prousette said...

Am hopeful but not so much because I know hat has happened in the past.

Idid not like that handshake because there was no eye contact between the two, so we know things are still very thick.

How about having PNU govt implement the ODM policies starting with the stalled new constitution? Everybody will be happy in this case. I admit the practical aspects are hazy in my head who gets what post in governing the country but it should be a start.

A transitional govt with a limited mandate say 6 months then re-election when the displaced have been resettled.

President-elect Raila Odinga should be aware that he is dealing with a man who has absolutely nothing to lose. That very dangerous man is Mwai Kibaki.

Where on earth is one Daniel Arap Moi? Isn't he one of the eminent statesmen of Africa?

Anonymous said...

Annon@ 12.46, 1.04, 9.19, 1.39, taabu and the rest:
Those Kenyans who do not perceive this landmark handshake between Kibaki and Raila do not really want justice to prevail in Kenya. In fact, they would love to see the normal mwanainchi suffer as a result of violence, anarchy, and injustice. These so called prophets of ODM are blind and they will say anything to see Kenya reduced to ashes. As I told you, this is Kenya and not kisumu; if you are not happy with what is going on please take the liberty of closing eyes and blocking your ears. This wave is heading towards the coast and when it hits the land, utameza wembe kumeza.

Anonymous said...

annon 1.39, I have your answer right here!...there is some evidence being collected against ruto and it is substantial. Why do you think ruto wants the demostrations to go on? Why do you think he is so nervous that now they have being called off? Did you see his reaction after the meeting with koffi? Was the outcome to his liking? Is prof. anyang trying to divert attention from ruto? All i will say is that ruto days are being numbered and he knows it. He is still being investigated for the NSSF scandal and the court hearings are still going on. Why do you think he wants to get in government quick? Who is protecting him? What did he say during one of his public rallies? Have you done your homework? Is Ruto who he is? Of course he can talk the talk but can he back it up without resulting to his funded groups? My friend, we will not tire nor sleep until ruto is brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Kenya needs a new constitution

ken Thumbi said...

Chris, I have been a avid reader your blog and will be the first to say that this is indeed one of the best if not the best...

Reading all the comments it appears we have forgotten the core issue at hand, i.e. the elections may have not been entirely flawed but the tallying at KICC was completely flawed. Meaning that we cannot and should not refer to Kibaki as Mr. President and nor refer Raila as the opposition leader.

The PNU folk have turned a blind eye the whole ECK fraud and you watch them hopscotch around the key electoral issues. This irks me to the bottom of my soul when I see the arrogance exhibited by the true opposition (PNU) and I cannot believe that we can or should accept another day being dictated to by such people.

My two cents worth is this, there is no way on earth that a coalition, or GNU or PNU or whatever they want to refer to it as, as a matter of fact this national unity bull runs completely against that what I believe to be a democratic society, are we back to the one party days (a.k.a KANU) is this what we voted for, as far as I am concerned the answer is a resounding NO, NO, NO. and we should as voters insist on a re-run or if the so called winner (what did he win 700 deaths!) has an ounce of integrity agree to a re-run...

God Bless Kenya…

Anonymous said...

an economists once said that when resoures become scarce, then total chaos set in, and in the process lots of life are lost. its like natures way of taking care of itself. i fore see a situation where a lot of people will die, but eventually we will come out of this more kenyan and together. start from scratch and learn from our mistake. resources only this time will be distributed evenly. mark you i have lost an uncle during kenyatta-Odinga clashes, lost a few cousins during the moi time. i dont condone death for politics, but sometimes it has to be there to safeguard the integrity of our institutions. I strongly believe their is no way Raila will enter into a GNU no matter what the cost. if you have dealt with him, you will know that he is a very principled man who has the interests of people at heart.

Grace said...

My friend in Nairobi who works for NSIS has informed me that raila and Kibaki have been partying in state for the longest time before and after elections.

Raila goes to state at night they dine and drink and politik at night, while kenyans continue to butcher one another in the slums and now in Nakuru.
These are the same Old KANU crooks and are taking Kenyans for a ride.

Let`s just wait and see. You will prove me wrong.

But atleast now kikuyus know for sure how other tribes hate them.

Since 24 years of tyranny by Moi was not successful in eradicating Kikuyus, remember "wapende wasipende" and "Kikuyus will lie low like an envelope" that`s the reason other tribes are so bitter that kibaki was elected. All this chaos has nothing to do with elections. It`s hatred, jealous and inferiority conmplex that other tribes suffer from.

But if Kikuyus made it during colonialism, during Moi regime, even now they will make it. irrespective of people going to camps to poison them to death.
God is on the kikuyus side. they are innocent kenyans who exercised their democratic rigts to vote just like the way all the luos, kalenjins, kisii and luhyas voted overwhelmingly to Raila, Ruto and other morons of ODM.

I know you might not post this blog because i`m anti tribalist.

Oti in USA said...

In Rachuonyo District Government operations are grounded. The violence saw GK vehicles burnt and civil servants from a certain community ejected.

Protesters set ablaze 18 Government vehicles immediately the discredited presidential results were announced, and the swearing-in of Kibaki made it worse because all the other tribes had made arrangements in advance to escort the ODM leaders Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi, Balala, Ngilu, Kosgey and other cronies to State house and eject Kibaki and Lucy overnight. That`s why they are so so bitter.

Rachuonyo District Works, National Cereals Board, Kendu Bay Post Office, and District Fisheries offices were burnt down.

An acute shortage of drugs and other medical supplies have hit local hospitals, as residents confront the aftermath of the politically triggered violence.

In Rift Valley, civil servants from a certain community fled. In Eldama Ravine, professionals from one community were ejected and locals have taken over.

"We assist to ensure that life goes on uninterrupted," says Mr Peter Kipng’eno, one of the locals.

Because numerous roadblocks have broken the food exchange chain, the cost of putting a meal on the table has it soared.

In Nyanza and Rift Valley provinces, there is no telling when schools would reopen. There is fear and anxiety that no parent can risk sending their children to schools.

Public transport system is chaotic and unpredictable. In all these areas, there is fuel shortage. In Kisumu, pump stations were burnt down by Luos because they are operated by non- Luos in most part.

Government hospitals and health centres have crippling staff shortages.

Law courts are operating at half their capacities because of the unprecedented chaos.

A similar state obtains at the Coast, which has had its share of violence, looting and arson.

In Central Province, amid the relative calm, the challenge is accommodating relatives after being displaced from the Rift Valley, Western, and Nyanza and Coast provinces.

i think the poor will become more poorer and the rich more richer.

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