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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Will A Government Of National Unity Work?

Breaking News: There is a virtual news blackout in Kenya on what is really happening on the ground outside Nairobi and major towns. Yesterday at about 5 pm a bus coming from Kisumu and headed for Nairobi was ambushed at Naivasha and the passengers were attacked with Machetes and Pangas. It is not clear how many people were injured or if there were any deaths.

As you read this Mwai Kibaki is in the process of forming a government of national unity. The big question is whether this is going to work in resolving the Kenyan crisis. I will be answering that question in a minute.

The option of power sharing has greatly been favored by Britain and the United States and indeed it is believed that Kibaki made this announcement shortly after a meeting with Jendayi Frazer a diplomat who flew into Nairobi yesterday with very specific instructions from the State department to find a solution to the crisis as quickly as possible. Therein lies one of the mistakes in trying to resolve the Kenyan crisis. It has been assumed that this is a simple tribal tensions problem that can be resolved quickly.

Actually the ideal solution should have involved dividing everything into two priorities. The first priority should have been to stop the killings and the second should be to deal with the root problem of the tensions that brought about the whole problem in the first place so that it does not happen again. But the world rarely seeks ideal solutions. So what is happening is that there is plenty of diplomatic pressure to bring a quick end to the crisis.

Why exactly are Britain and the US so interested in what is happening in Kenya. Darfur went on for weeks before anybody paid any attention. Kenya got attention immediately. Why?

As you read this the entire region surrounding Kenya is in a mess. Raw materials not being able to reach factories in Tanzania has slowed down production. The price of petrol has shot up dramatically in Uganda and there are serious shortages of the same in Rwanda. Aid which all goes through Kenya has been delayed to Somalia, Congo, Sudan etc. causing great suffering. In other words the economies in the entire region and beyond would be greatly affected if Kenya shuts down. Kenya slipping into total chaos would actually be a major catastrophe because many Western powers have major interests scattered all over the region which are heavily dependent in some way to Kenya and will not operate when Kenya is shut down.

With that information you can begin to imagine the kind of pressure that Raila Odinga and especially Mwai Kibaki are having to soak in even as you read this. Interestingly Kibaki seems to have misread the whole situation at the beginning because the BBC says that he refused to invite the Ghanaian president into the country even after being told that he would lead an International mediation team. Kibaki is of the view that this is a “small internal issue” that does NOT need any outside mediation. Well, these guys are serious and they seem to have gotten him to change his mind, even if it is just a little bit, because today the president had a lengthy meeting with diplomat Jendayi Frazer.

But credit for the big breakthrough to State House has to go to locals, Bethuel Kiplagat, Lazarus Sumbeiywo and two other concerned Kenyans who took the initiative to invite Bishop Desmond Tutu to Kenya to mediate for peace. He ended up being the first international mediator to actually get an audience with Kibaki.

Let me take this opportunity to pay tribute to the following gallant Kenyans meeting right now at the Cellar (Kilimani)

J. H. R MURIGU - murigu(at)
CLIFF MUKULU - cliff.mukulu(at)
KEN MBWAYA - ken.mbwaya(at)
PATRICK NGENGA - patrick_ngenga(at)
MOSES MWAURA - mkmwaura(at)
JAGI GAKUNJU - jgakunju(at)
MOSES NDERITU - mnderitu(at)
MUCAI KUNYIHA - mkunyiha(at)
JOHN KASHANGAKI - jkashangaki(at)
MAINA KARANJA - adijai(at)

The fact is that they have taken the initiative like the Bethuel Kiplagat group to try and find a solution. In my view the fact that they dared is the important thing and not how successful they end up being. Kudos, guys.

But having said that, my view is that a government of national unity will increase tensions rather than reduce them. How does anybody expect Mwai Kibaki and Raila Kibaki to run a government when they can’t be in the same room without the room temperature cimbing considerably? And besides the hungry common man will not understand it. They are the vast majority and they are the key to solving this crisis. All they want to see to put their pangas down is Raila in State house as president.

Already Raila Odinga has ruled out the idea and called for negotiations instead.

The saddest thing in all this is the fact that everybody seems to have missed the point that the current violence is about the hungry common man losing hope. That is why the violence will be so difficult to halt in any other way other than Kibaki leaving office.

What makes matters even worse is that we are beginning to see evidence of revenge attacks like the Naivasha bus attack. It may already be too late…

P.S. Kivuiti is constitutionally mandated to fix the problem. He can annul the results. Read this eye-opener of an article.


Anonymous said...

My take:
People’s trust in free and fair democratic processes has been seriously eroded. The restoration of this confidence should be the most crucial and urgent task that needs to be addressed. Both sides of the political divide should work towards a solution that will address the CORE PROBLEM, i.e. the “FLAWED ELECTION PROCESS” in the shortest possible time. Only when this concern is addressed will people’s TRUST in the democratic process be restored – for this and future elections. Only then will things calm down.

Anonymous said...

That is true my brother. We cannot decieve ourselves that in dealing with the symptoms the problem will be eradicated. I also don´t understand why the root cause of the problem seems to elude the international community and unfortunatly no one is telling them this. I only hope that this will be understood soonest sothat we get out of the quagmire.

Anonymous said...

I like the article by Kipkorir. Question is, will Kivuitu do it? He supposedly is well versed in the law and should already know this but so far, he has done nothing.

Anonymous said...

View the video. So many Kenyans know the truth and feel likewise as this guy.

Anonymous said...

Everyday I come to this blog and everyday I see that this is a pro-ODM blog. The question I ask is - Since ODM is also guilty of rigging, why can they both not power share?
I support neither of two crooks - (b)KIBAILA(/b) so I neither pro-ODM or pro-PNU

Anonymous said...

Everyday I come to this blog and everyday I see that this is a pro-ODM blog. The question I ask is - Since ODM is also guilty of rigging, why can they both not power share?
I support neither of two crooks - KIBAILA so I neither pro-ODM or pro-PNU

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is a thoughtful, well-argued article. I say:

a) The violence needs to end.

b) GNU should be considered as an interim body to be followed by fresh presidential elections.

Anonymous said...

Asante sana for the Daily Nation link Chris.

Kivuitu is indeed to be squarely blamed for pushing Kenya over the cliff. He is the one man who stood between TENSION and BLOODSHED. Unfortunately, for the dead, dying and hungry, he chose the latter and headed to State House to trade jokes.

rhyymemeaster said...

I insisted from day one, that Kivuitu had all the power at the time of the elections. If he was under pressure, why wouldn't he just quite publicly? Afterall the world was watching and his action would have sent a very strong message that all was not well? This is just a BIG coward.

Anonymous said...

However this nonsense ends we will be scarred forever!! It will take decades to convince people that kenya is a safe country to visit, and even more decades before certain goups of kenyans can go about their business without fear in certain parts of the country.

All the riggers and inciters should be found and charged! They should be made to pay if this country is going to heal. This culture of impunity should be stopped! People should start paying for their crimes we have had enough!

And why don’t we see pictures of looters or murderers arraigned in court? This would have been the most simple way of showing that their is an authority and people will think more. Now it’s total anarchy! Some people here are even asking their governments to send armies to kenya!
Please stop the violence! Enough damage ha been done.

Anonymous said...

anon@8:39, this is just in:

Ali said that of the 1,068 people arrested since President Mwai Kibaki was declared winner of December 27 polls on Sunday, 451 have been charged in court, 70 are still in custody and 547 were released within the statutory 24 hours.

"Those who arraigned in court were charged with the offences of arson, unlawful assembly, conveying suspected stolen goods, handling stolen goods, incitement to violence, robbery with violence, shop breaking and murder," he said.

Police said the range of charges indicated that the rioting was motivated by crime rather than politics.

Anonymous said...

Abass said...

You are right. The foreigners don't understand our political situation. Credit to them that they wanna end the crisis. However, the real Kenyan knows that gov't of national unity which the international community won't work. There is deep mistrust, suspicion between the two groups. If in 2002 it didn't work, will it work now? The best and only option according to me is an interim gov't to be followed by fresh elections.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are Serious Watch

Anonymous said...

Am happy i was not born Luo. they have a backwardness that is ugly. accept the truth that kenya's president is H.E kibaki and that raila will never be.

wafula said...

No Raila can be president like all other leaders but this time he is not. what is important is for him to respect the leadership that is there otherwise his dreams will come to nothing. taking advantage of his community's ignorance is not a sign of good leadership. he is using them.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 11.52, the reason certain groups in Kenya e.g. the Luo, Turkana, Somali etc. are considered "backward" is because of the social injustices that have been perpetuated in this country since independence.

That my friend is the problem and you have admitted to it albeit in a most unintelligent manner.

Abdi said...

My worry is that in future presidents will refuse to leave office even after losing elections.

After all, they ll be rewarded with a govt of national unity at the very least.

We need to know exactly what happened. We deserve free and fair elections. Kibaki should either convince us that he won fairly (which we know he didn't but at least he can try that)or accept the people's verdict.

I am not of the opinion that peaceful means can be used to make the Govt realize the reality. If we can all agree that the elections were unfair, then may be it is time to do another election. Whoever is afraid of fresh elections will not have the trust of Kenyans even if he rules by force.

I really dislike the current violence though. Can't we be mature to conduct ourselves peacefully? The violence is what is making the international community push for a GNU.

Philip Roy said...


You are indeed part of the problem, in short you have just called the 6 provinces which voted for him "Pumbavu" as your so called leader elect.

This level of arrogance will not solve anything.

Anonymous said...

Mpende, msipende, His Excellency Mwai Kibaki is your president (I am assuming you are Kenyans). Wake up and smell the coffee

Anonymous said...

Sharif Nasir from Mombasa died saying Mpende msipende.

But MOI is a surviver.

I think Moi Killed Oyugi.

Kibaki is 76 yrs old, how long is he going to last with power?

Phil said...

Chris, those in Kenya who had a chance to watch NTV this evening saw these GNU proposers first hand. As we appreciate the efforts of these "concerned" Kenyans, Kumekucha readers had a chance to read this info 24 hours before it was broadcast by NTV.

Even as we negotiate, today Kibaki had the privilege to meet with US Special Envoy Madam Fraser. A riot act was read to him, that why he accepted to form a GNU. Kenya is not Somalia, Ethiopia nor Ivory Coast. Even Japanese envoys who are normally conservative are speaking out strongly in favour of ODM. If Kibaki cannot listen to diplomatic pleas, then it will be spoken in a language he may understand.

Secondly, during todays meetings, Messrs. Tuju and Michuki were given a piece of mind for denying AU Chairman (President Kufuor) chance to visit Kenya especially because they supposedly told him "he is not welcome and there is a Kenyan government in place capable of handling any crisis", while it is an open fact that there is really no government in Kenya and the so called PNU has absolutely failed to handle the latest stalemate like an elected government would! It took the efforts of Madam Fraser to have AU chairman visit Kenya and be received like a foreign head of state. How low can we go, especially when giving mandate to ministers who were rejected by wananchi? Is Kibaki smarter than 30 million Kenyans?

Thirdly, information is leaking to out of State house indicate that Kibaki's cabinet is already named. One gap not yet filled is the VP's post. No easy considering 8 of those who wanted it have been voted out. Uhuru and Saitoti are out of contention. Poor Moody Awori is as good as gone. Will it be Kalonzo (ODM-K Presidential Candidate), or Shitanda (New Ford-K Chairman) or Mwakwere (Shirikisho Chairman). Take a guess? Your new internal security minister will be Yusuf Haji (the Ijara MP) and your new defence minister will be John Njoroge Michuki. Justice minister will be Iron lady Martha Karua while the local government minister (replacing Musikari Kombo Kombo) will be Uhuru Kenyatta reclaiming his old cabinet position. Mwangi Kiunjuri will be your energy minister as Kiraitu takes over education as Saitoti hopes for environment and/or lands! The rest will be re-printed here tomorrow....the Pope is taking a keen interested in events going on in Kenya even as our own clergy are abandoning the bible instead of standing by the Christianity teachings of truth and justice merely because of ethnic reasons. More than a million Kenyans are presently displaced although hundreds of thousands others were refugees in their own country since 2003!

Lastly, ODM is not here to make please anyone. This is a party for all Kenyans. Rather than chest thumping GNU, the ODM is insisting on a transistional government that will overhaul the ECK and prepare for NEW elections. ODM is not interested in GNU or negotiations with an illegitimate government. This latest effort is just beginning and ODM MP's elect will be there to the very end. Unlike a "president" who summons all 210 MPs but only a mere 85 MP's elect show up to state house (no independent media was there to verify), the ODM Pentagon has the G8, Commonwealth, AU, the UN and even more importantly the Kenya people on its side. It matters little that Kibaki and Moi visited Kampala to request for "extra troops" after Kisumu cops were overwhelmed after Kivuitu's cock-up. Its only the start gents and ladies - it will be a long struggle and it will end when KIBAKI RESIGNS.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.21 pm if the cabinet ends up being as you have just outlined, then it will be heavily GEMA. If Kibaki wants to underscore this aspect of his legacy at the expense of national unity then so be it.

Let him go down in history as the leader who arrogantly fissured this nation.

Anonymous said...

Sunday Nation: as I had speculated earlier on, we are now hearing reports of thousands of Kenyan REFUGEES in Uganda and Tanzania.

We need to agree on a way forward for the sake of everybody. Nobody wins with a damaged Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Phil @ 1.21 who the hell does Tuju think he is turning away the AU mediator?

The man is no longer even an M.P. How dare he speak to an international mediator on behalf of the nation? WTH?!!!!

Zainabu in Mombasa said...

I love Kumekucha.

It`s a propagada "presure realeasing blog"

BUT phil @1.21 PM is notorious.

phil can you make it to Kenya on the groud and start reprting.

But watch out for Michuki.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Kumekucha is a pressure outlet. The fact is:

a) Kenyans are dying.

b) Kenyans are fleeing to TZ and UG as refugees.

c) The education Kenyans of all races and ethnicities value so much is getting disrupted.

d) Refugees of other nationalities are starving because WFP can't get food from the ports to Congo etc.

e) Regional economies are suffering and everything the Standard (Jan. 5) says about the damage being done to the economy IS TRUE.

f) The longer this conflict continues, the harder it becomes to resolve and the deeper the nation plunges into poverty and despair.


Anonymous said...

Pray my fellow Kenyans, pray. This is no light matter.


Phil said...

Chris, point of correction.

Naivasha bus was not from Kisumu. Neither were they attacked with pangas.

Naivasha bus was from Butere. 60 seater bus set ablaze with passengers inside. Petrol was poured around and on the bus, with armed men standing guard. NO MEDIA OUTLET TO REPORT. And this is because Dr. Mutua us now censoring ALL news before broadcasting. Incidentally, everyone is now a peace maker. But none of them want to confront the truth. ie elections were stolen.

But it happened. We shall overcome, I believe. Why was this bus not part of the Akamba, Easy Coach armed police escorted convoy? And why Naivasha, after doing three quarters of the journey?

Kisumu, it seems is not under PNU government. I am on the ground and I can tell you taxes are payable to villagers. Normally busy Kisumu bus park is a ghost area. Burnt remains of buses and trucks litter the bus park. Manyatta Slums (for those who know Kisumu) is a no go area for select communities. The Kisumu Airport is safest area to be, all refugees are camped at field opposite the terminal building. Its crazy - this is not Kenya.

Meanwhile, three GSU killed in Kisumu by wananchi have been confirmed to be from the Uganda National Resistance Movements (NRM). Moi and Kibaki know they have a deal with Museveni, but even the soldiers are tired of being misused. Uganda is running out of fuel and Museveni has offered his soldiers to invade Kenya.

Its just the start guys. The impostor has to GO!!!!!!!

mgash said...

Ok Sawa! I see this is how it will go down. Kumekucha and all your ODM PROPAGANDA, be assured that peace will prevail in Kenya and that some of you will face the full force of the Law; including the insider at nation media.

Ok! Raila does not care about how many Kenyans die as long as he gets his political ambitions. For example,
• He has been invited for dialogue to promote peace and stability in Kenya- HE HAS DENIED
• He has been invited to share power in the form of a coalition government- HE HAS DENIED
• He has been offered an audit to tally the results of the election- HE HAS NOT GIVEN ANY INDICATION WILL ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF THE AUDIT
The question is, how many Kenyans will die before we meet his pre-conditions? Will it be 2million? IF Raila does get to be president, do you think he will be prepared to take care of this mess? Part of the answer is that Raila does not anticipate or even plan to do solve any of these problems or bring back the country to its normal state. Infact, all that matters to him is that he only has 5yrs to take what belongs to him after having worked for it for so long since 1982. Raila is not about to let anyone spoil his cahances this time and he is prepared to go the extra mile this time. Marl my words! He will.
So what do we do? Fight fire with fire! If this gut wants to play hardball we should play hardball with him; but not at the expense of the country and its people. If you want to kill a snake, cut off its head. Think about it!


When will Africans rise to the level where they are able to peacefully govern themselves without taking directives from the Washington and London. These two powers are calling the shots behind the scenes to the extent that they might as well annex Kenya to be a territory of either United States or Great Britain.

The two powers would have you believe that the violence that have taken the lives of many innocent voters was the result of the rivalry between the Kikuyus and Luos. It was not. However, the rigging of the election results and violence that followed have given them the ammunition to claim Africans are incapable of governing themselves.

The two power brokers do not respect a government elected by the people of Kenya. In fact they prefer and encourage tribal rivalry which allow them to pick a superior tribe through which they govern other tribes. The superior tribe in turn rule other tribes through selected tribal flunkies. Examples of tribal flunkies are Nyachae(kisii), Moodi Awori(luhya), Muskari Kombo(bukusu), Raphael Tuju(luo), Kiaruti Murungi (meru), David Mwiraria (embu) ,.., etc. These flunkies are mainly tribal thorns in the anus because few of them bring tangible development to areas they represent. They are errand boys.

President Kibaki is the erand boy for Washington, London and investors. The rest of the population is left to fend for itself until elections time.

Come on Kenya's youths, can you people work together and put price tags on Kenya's natural resources being plundered for peanuts(bribes and foreign aids)? You are Kenya's future. Use your brains and help share Kenya's wealth with your fellow Kenyans!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alfred Mutua is a dog. There will be no peace until he is removed. Look at the last 30 seconds of the clip.

Anonymous said...

Independent thought is letting go of what seems impossible and to achieve what’s possible

Gentlemen we are missing the point here. If you look at any major conflict which has been resolved peacefully and people moved forward there has always been some form of " truth and reconciliation " as a first step. But truth and reconciliation has always been made possible by the winning side, the truthful side, the progressive side which wants to move forward and put that past behind them.

If you look at all major conflicts there is this pattern, Fist world war, Second World War, South Africa etc etc etc. The problem in Kenya has all the hallmarks of a struggle against Nepotism

( is the showing of favoritism toward relatives, based upon that relationship, rather than on an objective evaluation of ability or suitability. For instance, offering employment to a relative, despite the fact that there are others who are better qualified and willing to perform the job ).

You can call whatever you want - cosmetic solutions that will pass this problem to our kids should be avoided at all costs. To put it simply as somebody did, assuming you catch a thief in your house and then he has the audacity to suggests that he can give you half your property back but FIRST you have to agree that he owns it, is bordering on the absurd, eventually you can share half half if you negotiate that he is not a thief. WOULD YOU AGREE?

All great conflicts started with something pretty small and the responsible person like Kikuyu did not have the courage to do the right thing, the ball is NOW firmly in our court . There is no need to try and throw the ball back to him, let us agree

1. No thief should be allowed to steal in OUR house and when caught to keep half.
2. To stop always passing the ball to everybody and anybody else and start acting.
3. Everybody seems to wish their children have a bright future, would you want your children to have to fight this BATTLE on your behalf in future because you did not have the courage of your conviction?

Where there is a conflict of interests its inevitable that people will get hurt or suffer before its firmly resolved, we should make sure that the ones who have already courageously fallen did not fall in vain and make sure that your kids will not have to fight this good fight on your behalf - all great Nations cherish and record the PAST religiously, work and sacrifice in the PRESENT to secure a bright and prosperous FUTURE. It should be proved wrong to believe that some folks are just DOMO and things can just be done whichever which way they choose.

That perception must change. Throw it in the dustbin of history for good, once and for all. Sacrifices have to be made but that does not mean jump in front of the train, each one of you has to contribute and sacrifice to have a better world for your kids. The bottom line is you going to SHARE your PERSONAL belongings with a THIEF after NEGOTIATING? That would be tragic and would greatly perpetuate the arrogance that we have experienced since independence.

The least you can do is pardon the thief after he has confessed and promised not to do it again. We need also to change the locks so that no other thief can pick them. I suggest we build a special place to put them in and throw away the keys

Do not agree to be a laughing stock of people who consider YOU a DOMO crowd, its time for some real sacrifices, in any conflict people suffer for a better tomorrow and they will be remembered with the full respect and honour that they deserve.

There are already complaints that there is no gas for cars , some people even before this conflict did not have shelter and kerosene that they desperately depend on to keep them alive, thousands more now don’t have it after the conflict began , you could try walking to work as thousands do everyday because they cannot afford matatu fare. It should be unacceptable and beyond discussion that one person steals from 35 million + people despite a third of them choosing to turn a blind eye. This should not be allowed to stand any which way you want to turn and twist it. Its time to stand up and be counted.

Tamtam said...


Is there any link for that bus ambush in Naivasha?

Anonymous said...

Independent thought is letting go of what seems impossible and to achieve what’s possible

Correction the reponsible person like kivuitu of ECK not kikuyu - apologies

Hellen Okello said...

tamtam aka Marianne Briner.

Hellen Okello said...

Phil, Chris, I understand Raila has spoken to Museveni regarding Ugandan military presence in Kisumu and he denied these accusations. (Read E.A.Standard, sat. edition)

Anonymous said...

If there is a liar in this world. It is this man Phil. Can we pray for him. He has written all lies. Lies and lies. Poor man. Kibaki is president. Wait and see

Anonymous said...

Just posted above. a friend of mine recommended it last Sunday but it seems I am losing interest. One-Sided posts. Mbaya Sana

Silaha said... Stop peddling your ethnic hatred. If you have a problem with Kibaki then you have a problem with HIM, how do you benefit from saying Okuche as you know they are nincompups, why are you inflaming sentiments, how many more Kenyans do you want to see dead? Your relatives dead and mine dead and everybody else's dead. Stop the sh*t. We can't take this anymore, we have some dead to bury.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mpende, msipende, His Excellency Mwai Kibaki is your president (I am assuming you are Kenyans). Wake up and smell the coffee.

Hatupendi!, Kibaki is our illegal president(Just ask Kivuitu), who has destroyed Kenya, and we shall just have to move on without him. Even Kikuyu folk are just as angry with him for miscalculating and pulling such a dumb move.

Anonymous said...

To Chris and especially Hellen Okello: please leave my mother's name out of your hate comments.

She is at the moment again in hospital undergoing an operation in connection with the rape by Jeff Koinange.

Before entering hospital, she has informed Chris about this and also that she will sign-off from Kumekucha.

I personally have never read Kumekucha or any other blog and I am also not planning to do so in the future.

But I have been told by friends who have read with great concern and much disgust how you continue dragging my mother's name into all your dirty political games.

My mother loved and still loves Kenya and its people and has suffered enough because of this.

As I said before, she is again in the hospital right now. So I ask you to stop using her name for your own personal false reasons.

You - and this refers to Hellen and Sam Okello - know very well who is the guilty and cheating one - it's definintely not my mother.

Dr. med. vet. Alexandra Briner, Baroness von Oeynhausen

Anonymous said...

Alex Briner,

For whatever reasons, your flipping mum brought all this to herself and you should not blame Chris and Helen/Sam.

None of the parties are behind any suffering, imagined or real that your mum is undergoing. She has been told by so many Kenyans to stay away especially at this time of fretted emotions and she has chosen to poke her nose into the dirty political comments currently doing rounds.

She has been warned by many people and ahe has chosen to be rude and sarcastic.

The Sam/Helen thing is not supposed to be read here at all and her bringing it just shows that she has lose nerves in her brians. I think that is the reason why she mentions the coule's name every other minute.

Stop lecturing us about her sickness anyway. It was out of love. Then soon we shall hear that Njoroge Mungai raped her and Nicholas Biwott did so.

Lest you forget, your mum is a grown up and should not be involved in kiddish blogs with the Okellos and other bloggers here, most of them younger than you and in their teens.

As for the Kenyan political affairs, when she is out of hospital, tell her to keep off. Let Chrs and Sam/Helen comment on their country's political affirs. It is that dirty.

Quick recovery anywayt


Tamtam said...


You have accused me of being Marianne Brinner, with no evidence whatsoever.

I would like to state, that is not the case. I am a black kenyan not a Mzungu.

1.I discovered this blog, when the election results were announced, and have only been posting here for a week.

2.I do not feel that this is an appropriate forum to deal with personal issues. I come here to get and share information about what is happening in Kenya.

3.I do not know much about your rift with Marianne, other than what I have read in the past week, and do not want to be a part of it either.

4.If you do your research properly, you will find that in some instances, when you and Sam have been attacked, I have supported you. Would the Marianne Brinner you have issues with do this?

5.I do not share Marianne's history(no offence Alex), and resent being associated with it.

6.The only thing I have in common with Marianne, is that I know Jeff Koinange, as we were in the same class at secondary school.Please do your research before you make accusations.

7. I would suggest you contact Kumekucha, so that they can tell you that I do not share the same IP address as Marianne Brinner, and we are in two different countries.

8. Please check your email, as I have sent an email to the address that Sam put on the blog in his guest post. I shall call you at some point today to discuss this further.

Anonymous said...

Helen, Sam and Mariane: This space should be used for Kenyans to search for a way forward not for the settling of personal issues.

Mkenya Damu said...

All this talk about GNU is disheartening , did we not shed alot of blood in order to reintroduce multipary politics in 92? , what good is a government without an opposition to check it?.Are we advocating for a one party state?,RO should reject any coated candy on the table, PNU should be in the oppositin benches and ODM should run the show , that is the position of kenyans,

Anonymous said...

no no. kibaki must go; and this is the LAST GIKUYU PRESIDENCY tell this to everyone so that its known. last time these theives occupy state house. how degrading of the presidency, peleka wizi othaya!

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