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Friday, January 18, 2008

Statement From Kumekucha: Comment Moderation Returns

Suffering Kenyan Children: A Photo Essay.

Charge Police Commissioner Ali With Crimes Against Humanity

Due to repeated abuse of the privilege of allowing readers to post comments freely here, I have been left with no alternative but to start moderating the comments once again.

Apart from blunt hate comments, we have also seen this morning the re-emergence of the notorious porn poster.

My sincere apologies to well-behaved readers who have always posted comments responsibly and now have to suffer because of the rotten few.


Phil said...

Thank You Chris. Most welcome.

This was long overdue. Just like the Kenyan press has been polluted, Kumekucha was in actually sense running at a risk of being taken over by you-know-who. You give these guys an inch (just like Raila gave Kibaki in 2002), they grab a mile (just like Kibaki as done in 2007).

Let us see whether they can also censor the internet and slap a ban on blogs publication.

Anonymous said...

This is very good.

Please vet what is written here.There are some comments that I hate to read.

mkulima said...

ahahah, nonsense! and you decry the govt. for muzzling the press, while u r doing the same here. No difference, why dont u admit that u r also like the gava?

Anonymous said...

well done chris. there will always be people who abuse the privilege of freedom, be it freedom of speech or freedom to express oneself, one must behave responsibly. appealing to their sense of logic does not work and that appeal has been made several times here in Kumekucha both pre and post december 2007
let no one think this is censorship-why should i suffer to see someone's stupidity about pornography in a place thats meant for writing and reading about politics?
anyway i'm sure even what i'm saying some people will fail to understand

Tamtam said...

Just heard that Martin Shikuku has been arrested.

Anonymous said...


Wweldone finally--i kept on urging all to use civil language and to post only substanciated facts.
Now help me here.. a text msseg flying around about G. Imanyara and an incident at it true?
I have left out the details lest they may be false?Chris tell us

jambs said...

regarding the post written by an "expert in security matters":

the piece is more politics than facts. the general story line is accurate but on the whole, the narrative is polluted with extreme exagerrations and sensationalism. makes one wonder what the objective is - to misinform or to impress.

either the writer is no expert at all or is a very angry writer. the quality of this post makes me wonder what moderation chris is talking about. is it not like editing - to correct obvious errors and adjust the tone?

one can understand if the writer is angry. i am angry too - the police ought to exercise more professionalism and respect basic human rights! however, it is not fair for readers to be misled that they are reading a factual and balanced story.

we all watched the clip of police shooitng two men in kisumu. unless there was another clip, what i saw is not what the author has described: the men were obviously not lying down when they were shot and neither were they pleading for mercy. chris pliiiz!

the description of the artur saga seems to be just a continuation of the misinformation that reigned when it was unfolding. it is nothing but cryptic. either i am daft or the story is a poor attempt at James bond.

again the description of the KICC saga is full of biased political statements: "...the police commisioner monitoring the scene form across .." - was he standing across the street looking at Kivuitu or what?

"...under police duress" - even when Kivuitu came to the conference hall, he was ready to start announcing the results before orengo et al interrupted. now, i am not saying that Kivuitu announced the results of his own free will (nobody knows yet) but the author seems to imply there was a gun on his head!

one instance that convinces me that the author is no "expert" at all is when he says that there is a big number of GSU "paratroopers" in the streets. paratroopers? havent seen them!

another cryptic piece of "expert" analysis is the description of chain of command within the security forces. what the author has put here, even I can tell is bullshit.

chris, please. give us proper stuff.

mzalendo said...

Thanks Phil, am i recent blogger and was wondering if i had hit a porn site by mistake.

Remember you can't please us all. What matters is that at the end of the day - in your heart of hearts -you believe you did you best.

Which i believe you are doing. Those who dont like what they read can look for another site to vent their misplaced xxxxx

Kudos and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Do you know why he was arrested?

bubamara said...

While a few days ago I was against moderating I actually welcome it now. Yesterday I stopped reading because some comments were nothing but hateful and some had very foul language.

A pity that it had to come to this.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have information on the latest ODM Economic Boycott???Why isn't anyone to blogging about this matter???

Is it because ODM are stooping to new lows and their supporters are at a loss of words?

Kindly enlighten the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I agree that they were people posting very filthy posts but Chris if you have took the time to read....majority are ODM supporters insulting the other side because we do not agree on the same views.

I don't think it is fair when someone asks a legitimate question that is not pro ODM or a comment you block it … call it what you want but I call it cherry picking .

Anyway it is your have that discretion...meanwhile we will look for blogs that encompass both sides.

Tamtam said...

Anon @6.26 am Shikuku was arrested as they claim he was breaching the peace, and inciting others to go and rally at Uhuru park. Noone knows where he has been taken to at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Someone is controlling the press. Even Kumekucha. Kenya is back in the dark. What a shame!

Anonymous said...

Well overdue Chris. I hope moderation applies to your contributors as well. You know which one especially needs to be checked.

I agree with Mzalendo's comments. Keep up the good work and do not let the negative "hot air" wear you down.


Anonymous said...

To all the anons who complain about Kumekucha being an ODM blog, I ask again for 100th plus time, why do you keep coming here? Since it does not share your viewpoint, you have the option of finding one that does - or better yet, just start one yourself. Chris has the unequivocal right to provide commentary as he sees it, not based on what gives us all warm and fuzzy feelings. He does not need to nor should he have to apologize for his viewpoint. Last time I checked, this was HIS blog.

xXx ~ Jac ~ xXx said...

About time.

Abdi said...

Thats good. I don't like when people trade personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

That is Okay. But Phil must have blocked my genuine comment on his Children suffering in Kenya, coz I told him the truth and he does not want to accept it or it be seen by other bloggers. He had mad a dull comment on Kiuks and jiggers, and I told him what the new generation of kiuks are. You might want to consider letting that comment be posted.

Anonymous said...

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