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Friday, January 18, 2008

Charge Maj Gen Ali with crimes Against Humanity!

Suffering Kenyan Children: A Photo Essay

Video footage of policeman shooting and killing unarmed protestor in Kisumu.

By our guest writer

In an unprecedented move in April 2004, President Kibaki appointed an army soldier, Maj Gen Mohamed Hussein Ali, then a Brigadier, the Commissioner of Police.

Maj Gen Ali replaced a career policeman, Mr Edwin Nyaseda, who made history by serving the shortest period at the helm of Vigilance House.

The soldier was appointed against a backdrop of heightened insecurity across the country and his appointment was greeted with joy and relieve by Kenyans who had suffered in the hands of murderous thugs.

Kenyans had high expectations that the new police chief would borrow a leaf from the military and instill the much-desired professionalism in the archaic police force.
They had high expectations that there would be a major departure from the past leadership of the Kenya Police and that the force would live up to its motto, Utumishi kwa Wote (Service to All), and be accountable to the people it was meant to serve.

But going by the events following the declaration of Mr Mwai Kibaki as the winner of the December 27 General Election, through open theft and fraud, Kenyans have had the opportunity to know the real character heading the Kenya Police.

There is no doubt this man is blood thirsty and he has no regard for human life. Life became even more cheaper in Kenya with the arrival of Maj Gen Ali at Vigilance House. How much more blood will this man spill before he is stopped?

Maj Gen Ali’s predecessors – who had risen through the ranks in the Kenya Police – were no angels. The force was accused of being trigger-happy during their reign.
But the situation dramatically changed for the worst as Maj Gen Ali asserted his authority at police headquarters. Apart from the force still being trigger-happy, Maj Gen Ali has turned the Kenya Police into a killing machine.

There is a wide gap between the crimes committed by Maj Gen Ali and his predecessors. While his predecessors were accused of executing robbery suspects, Maj Gen Ali has taken the killings to an unprecedented perfection – he has turned the force into a killings machine targeting both robbery suspects and thousands of innocent civilians under the disguise of fighting crime and improving security in Kenya.

The volume of blood shed by police bullets during the past four years of Maj Gen Ali’s leadership of the Kenya Police will haunt Kenya for generations to come.
The graves that dot all parts of the country, being the permanent resting place for victims of police bullets during Maj Ali’s reign, has outnumber the combined tally during the reigns of all the other post-independent commissioners of police.
Unless this soldier is stopped NOW – not tomorrow – Kenya will be a mass grave of bullet-riddled bodies.

It has been disgusting watching TV clips of Kenyan Police brutally venting their anger and frustration on their fellow citizens in a bid to protect President Kibaki, who has been sitting comfortably at State House watching TV after stealing the elections. It seems the stolen Presidency has to be protected at all costs – even if wiping some communities from the face of Kenya.

The sight of enthusiastic policemen being seen on the TV pumping bullets into unarmed demonstrators protesting the stolen Presidential election has been disgusting. It appears that police have found a new sporting activity by turning human beings into shooting targets. They are on the streets to perfect the skills they failed to polish at Kiganjo.

On the first day of the mass action called by the ODM, KTN viewers were left speechless and terrified when they watched a lone policeman in a Kisumu suburb pumping bullets to two unarmed men lying on the ground injured. Their pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as the policeman opened fire at them at close range. The fact that the policeman cared little that his actions were being filmed by a TV camera told a big story.

The actions of Maj Gen Ali since he arrived at police headquarters clearly shows he has no regard for human life. Life has become so cheap in Kenya and Kenyans seems happy to swim in the blood of their fellow Kenyans.

We all suffer from the collective guilt of watching helpless as Maj Gen Ali turn his guns on real and imaginary enemies of the State – to protect his own job and to protect the pretender-to-the-throne illegally occupying State House.
I’ll cite a few instances:

1: In 2005, Maj Gen Ali ordered his officers to use helicopters to hunt down and execute any Maasai tribesmen on sight as a way to end clashes in Mai Mahiu. Dozens of Maasai men were summarily shot dead by officers aboard the helicopters and the real number of the dead was never made public due to the firm grip Maj Gen Ali has on the top leadership of the main stream media. No wonder the Maa community –led by their King, William ole Ntimama, overwhelmingly voted against President Kibaki.

2: In October 2005, police shot dead three primary school pupils on their way home and an innocent milk vendor during riots in Kisumu sparked off by the referendum on the controversial Constitution being pushed by the Kibaki Administration.
Maj Gen Ali hurriedly called a Press conference to publicly thank his officers for a job well done. He said he had no apology to make and claimed those shot dead had attempted to raid Kondele Police Station. When it later emerged he had lied the public and those killed were innocent pupils who were nowhere near the police station, Maj Gen Ali tried to manipulate the media to do damage control for him.
The killer-police were not punished and they are still on the loose killing more Kenyans. Maj Gen Ali should not be allowed to get away from these senseless killings.

3: When the police was last year rendered impotent and powerless by murderous Mungiki thugs in parts of Nairobi, Central and Rift Valley provinces, the police resorted to randomly rounding up youths from the slums in Nairobi and from poor homes in Central province.

The youths were taken to forests –especially Ngong, Naivasha and others in Central province – and executed before anything could be proved against them. Their bodies were either left to rot and be eaten by wild animals in the killing fields or dumped in mortuaries across the three provinces.

In fact, most of the families – like that of Kimani Ruo – have never traced the remains of their loved ones since they were killed in remote forests and their bodies left to be mauled by wild animals.

In Mathare, young men, women and children were shot dead by the police in mid last year under the guise of flushing out Mungiki gangs from the sprawling slum village. The bodies were loaded unto police lorries and ferried to remote areas in Ngong, Kiserian and Kitengela and fed to beasts. Police ferried the bullet-riddled bodies in their lorries as their dripped blood on the roads.

The mainstream media was united in covering up the truth on behalf of Maj Gen Ali and the actual number of innocent people killed in Mathare. Kenyans and the world were fed with distorted news.

The same thing happened in a home in Murang’a. The police surrounded a house in one of the villages and executed at least 60 young men – including primary school kids – in cold blood on allegations they were taking an illegal oath.

None of the youths was armed and it’s still a puzzle why the police never arrested and took them to court to prove their allegations against them. The media first claimed only seven youth were shot dead. But they started rising the figure up to 27 when the international media and blogs like Kumekucha revealed the actual number of fatalities.

Independent investigations by Kumekucha revealed that more than 1,000 people were killed in Mathare and Murang’a in the month of July last year alone.

A damning report released by the state-owned Kenya National Commission on Human Rights in the run-up to the December 27 General Election revealed that close to 5,000 Kenyans were executed by the police in three months from July in parts of Nairobi, Rift Valley and Central under the guise of fighting Mungiki. But it has since emerged that a majority of those executed were innocent youths – whose only crime was they were poor.

If the police was effective, as Maj Gen Ali has wanted the country and the international community to believe, they would have been pro-active – gathering intelligence in advance and prevent the Mungiki gangs and other criminals from carrying out crimes against innocent Kenyans. But from the look of things, the police were always caught flat-footed by the rag-tag Mungiki gangs. All the police could do was to wait and round up youths for execution.

4: The conduct of the police in handling riots triggered by the stolen Presidential election has exposed the stuff Maj Gen Ali is made off. The police have come out in full force – a thing that has never been witnessed in Kenya’s independent history – to defend the stolen presidency. Kenya has been turned into a police state.

Being a career soldier, Maj Gen Ali knows survival tactics. It’s public knowledge that Maj Gen Ali had fallen out with the Kibaki Administration in 2006 over growing discontent within the force over his poor leadership and rising insecurity through out the country.

In fact, the bona fide president for Kenya after the December 27 General Election, Mr Raila Odinga, had been applying pressure on the Government to sack Maj Gen Ali after the Kisumu killings. Mr Odinga publicly stated that the solder should be sent back to the army where they are used to kill people.

When Maj Gen Ali fell out of favour with the system and a dark cloud hang over his head in 2006, he saw the only way to survive was to strike a deal with Mr Odinga. The commissioner seized the Golden opportunity of the presence of the Artur brothers in the country to bring Mr Odinga to his side.

It is widely known within the security agencies that the information that Mr Odinga used to reveal in doses about the Arturs came from Maj Gen Ali. In fact, the two often held private talks. Mr Odinga’s backing was a major boost to the Muslim police chief since Mr Odinga enjoys a fanatical support of Muslim community. The Government would have shot itself in the foot had they sacked Maj Gen Ali in the run up on the crucial General Election.

Soon, Mr Odinga was to change his hard line stance on Maj Gen Ali and he started giving him public backing every time Kibaki Administration made a move to sack the commissioner. Not leaving anything to chance, Maj Gen Ali cleverly lured First Lady Lucy Kibaki’s support by taking advantage of the Arturs saga.

Lucy’s marital bitter rival, Ms Mary Wambui, was said to be backing the Arturs. By appearing to be against the presence of the Arturs in Kenya, Maj Gen Ali managed to win Lucy’s support and this cleared doubts about his future in the Kenya Police due to Lucy’s influence on President Kibaki.

Word which has been spreading round was that President Kibaki intended to drop Maj Gen Ali after the elections when he formed his new Government. But the loss that President Kibaki stared in the face against Mr Odinga seems to have given Maj Gen Ali a new lease of life. Between the two, Maj Gen Ali knew he stood better chances of remaining the police chief under a Kibaki presidency.

Due to the anxiety that had gripped the country, Kenyans missed an incidence that happened a KICC a few minutes before Mr Kivuitu declared Mwai Kibaki the winner. When the ODM got wind of the massive rigging and attempted to block Mr Kivuitu from announcing fake election results, GSU commandos burst into the media centre and cleared everybody who was there – even the media was driven out of KICC grounds save for the state-owned KBC.

Behind the scenes, Maj Gen Ali was flexing his muscles. He had been monitoring the events from his office across KICC and he knew Kivuitu was going to announce fake results. He had make arrangements for hundreds of GSU commandos to stay behind the scene and only strike when the hour of need came.

As Maj Gen Ali’s impatience grew in his office, he ordered the GSU to move in and whisk Mr Kivuitu to another room where he was forced to announce the results under police duress. In the meantime, Maj Gen Ali walked across to KICC and stood guard to ensure Mr Kivuitu did not rock the boat. What was the role of the police commissioner in the announcement of the results while that role squarely lay with the ECK chief?

Thinking that all the other independent media had been cleared from KICC ground, Maj Gen Ali walked out of front side of KICC after the results were announced and he was captured by a defiant NTV cameraman who had remained behind. Maj Gen Ali walked to his vehicle and sped off to State House where a ceremony to swear in President Kibaki had been arranged 12 hours before the results were publicly known! Were it not for Maj Gen Ali, Mr Kivuitu most likely not have agreed to announce fake results.
In order to further please President Kibaki, Maj Gen Ali has brought thousands of brutal police officers onto the streets to defend the stolen presidency. Where have all these policemen been when Kenyans are being butchered by thugs in all parts of the country?

President Kibaki and Maj Gen Ali have one thing in common – GREED FOR POWER. Maj Gen Ali has gone out of his way to defend the illegitimate president with his eye on retaining his current job. As a result, Maj Gen Ali has activated his killing machine. The number of Kenyans felled by police bullets in the post-election violence stands at more than 1,000, according to reliable security sources, contrary to the figure of less than 500 being given by police headquarters.

Kenyans have seen more GSU paratroopers on the streets that it has never been the case before. Insiders in the force say Maj Gen Ali has a soft spot for the GSU since their training is similar to the military. He has not time for the regular police and the CID.

It has been argued that President Kibaki made a very serious mistake – which can be costly- by ensuring Kenya’s three key security agencies – the The Armed Forces , the Kenya Police and the National Security Intelligence Service – are headed by military men.

There are no checks under the current arrangement since the three men - Gen Kianga (Chief of General Staff), Maj Gen Ali (Police) and Mr Gichangi (Intelligence) – are answerable to the same chain of command. Their seniority follows the order listed. This spells doom for the country if the three men opt to conspire.

For instance, the NSIS boss is supposed to operate independently and spy on everybody. He is supposed to be only answerable to the President. But in the current state Mr Gichangi is answerable to two bosses – the president and Gen Kiangi. And knowing the discipline in the forces, how is Mr Gichangi expected to spy on his military boss and report him to the President?

Maj Gen Ali has survived in the force despite committing serious crimes against humanity due to the inefficiency of the President and his ability to cow the mainstream media. Its widely known in the media circles that Maj Gen Ali has a firm grip on the top leadership in all the key media houses. He did this with the help of his lover and the proprietor of Kameme FM, Ms Rose Kimotho. The evils and atrocities committed against the Kenyan people have been covered up by the media which is the watchdog of the society.

From the way Maj Gen Ali has been dispensing “justice” and conducting the affairs of the Kenya Police, there is no need to have courts in Kenya. The Kenya Police has taken the entire role of the criminal justice system in Kenya – being the investigator, prosecutor, executor, name it.

He lacks any skills and strategy in fighting crime and the best he can do is to execute innocent Kenyans. I submit here that Maj Gen Ali should personally be held responsible for these gang-land style executions. The International Court of Justice should immediately indict him and put him on trial for crimes against humanity.
Kenya has become a dangerous place to live in since Maj Gen Ali took over the leadership of the Kenya Police and the faster he is taken to account for his injustices against the Kenya people, the better.

This blood-thirsty police commissioner should not be allowed to spill any more blood with impunity.


Anonymous said...


If what you say is true, and can be independently be verified then these atrocities committed by the police commissioner, are tantamount to murder.

Of course, what is currently happening with the "shoot to kill" policy adapted by the polie and GSU is again an act of murder. There is no way even if they are looters you can shoot indiscriminately when these people are not armed or are threatening the police in anyway. Killing of innocent Kenyans must not be allowed and mandated by any government in charge, this is a serious crime that is being committed infront of our eyes.

I pray that Justice shall be served soon, because as days go by more innocent people are being killed, especially children whose future is being taken away by the bullet!

This "illegal" government must be brought down, and only way is that all Kenyans irregardless of race, religion or occupation must come together to make their case and show the door to these "goons" currently trying to lead this country into oblivion!

Anonymous said...

pls put this on yr blog:

Lobby Condemns Police Brutality And Slide to Anarchy

Catholic Information Service for Africa (Nairobi)

17 January 2008
Posted to the web 17 January 2008

A statement issued by National Convention Executive Council today, following confrontations between opposition supporters and the police in parts of the country:

While we acknowledge that there is high rate of violence incidences posing a major challenge to law and order enforcement in Kenya, National Convention Executive Council strongly condemn police brutality and outright extrajudicial killings of unarmed and peaceful demonstrators. We abhor the sadistic criminality nature of police in response to demonstrators in Kisumu yesterday. It is unbelievable that a police officer can open fire and execute a demonstrator and walk away without remorse or regret.

There is a grave danger that even when police genuinely believe a person has participated in some form of political violence, they are resorting to extrajudicial executions and other excessive use of force instead of effectively disarming and arresting the suspect. We urge that all police officers that commit human rights abuses are removed from duty and are prosecuted. Also members of vigilante groups responsible for human rights abuses should be arrested and tried in a court of law.

Despite government denial and justification for incidences police brutality, the approach to law enforcement is becoming primarily one of confrontation and violence rather than prevention and respect for human rights. It is shocking and awesome watching police literally and shameless committing extrajudicial executions when responding to suspected criminal activities and eruptions of political violence.

It is unfortunate that these actions by police are only going to worsen and escalate the violence. NCEC believes that political differences are not being resolved in civilized manner due to lack of goodwill to create congenial democratic environment. We are extremely alarmed and worried about the unprecedented breakdown of law and order in Kenya, and government's inability to protect all segments of population.

People must be allowed to exercising their rights of protest against policies or acts that contravene those rights, and that respect to international human rights, norms, laws and Constitution is paramount. However, we are encouraging Kenyans to conduct their protests with decorum and respecting other people's rights as well. We are indulging all Kenyan people who hold dear freedom of expression, democratic values and civil rights to condemn these violations by the Government of Kenya.

We draw particular attention to international community to use their influence to restrain the Government of Kenya from carrying out further violations. Such widespread use of violence against opposition political and civil rights activists contravenes fundamental human rights, including rights of association and protest, guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of Kenya.

NCEC deplore the fact that not only have the security forces failed in their duty to protect citizenry, but in many instances have actually participated in the violence and were responsible for extrajudicial killings themselves. It is regrettable that hundreds of people have been killed- conservative figures of 600 people- and continue to be killed without any serious concerted actions and effective intervention to stop the spread of violence. Prosecutions of those suspected to have orchestrated or encouraged this violence remain extremely rare.

It is evidently emerging that the hostility between different groups has been directly or indirectly nurtured by the government's failure to address underlying historical political or economic tensions or claims of marginalization. Many of these communities' grievances are rooted in historical discrimination on the basis of "indigenous" or "non-indigenous". Also local level politicians or community leaders have exacerbated explosive tensions for their own political gain. NCEC urges that anyone found responsible for organizing or encouraging this violence is brought to justice without delay.

Copyright © 2008 Catholic Information Service for Africa. All rights reserved. Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media (

Anonymous said...

Where has Kivuitu Varnished when he faxed statement showing that his name was erroneously used where has he hidden his face? Its a pity to see Kenya deteriorate into lawlessness by the policemen shooting people in Kisumu. Responsible Humans should be brought to justice Sooner the better never ever shall we let these goons walk scorch free with such kind of plain murders, what precedence shall we have set as kenyans if we don't prosecute the officers

thai said...

Mungiki High Command,

WE do not need you sympathies. WE shall be hosting soon our response to what has been happening in Kenya. Ali is really not our problem, rather Michuki is. But by now you should know our enemy #1 is Michuki and Samoei ruto. Michuki did not protect us and Ruto has killed the descedamt of Mau Mau. We have lost innocent kikuyus in Eldoret and Kisumu. From monday if they do not give a truce, stop business closures in Nairobi through mass action - Majimbo will be officially declared as the po;icy of Mungiki. Our command is now fully fumctiomal. WEve restrained our members for far too long, we have already suicide bombers and we want the neetings to be granted now. Kenyan will never be the same again. Violnce will be anawered with violence. Its our tool of trade. Wait for our full statement tommorrow.

Thai command # 1

Anonymous said...

Assalam aleikum brother in islam major general ALI. Im writting this to you to remind you the duty as amuslim you have to protect life and the name of islam.

You are the first muslim commisioner nad kenyan muslim have been known to be very peaceful people.


Koitalel said...

Help stop acts of Genocide by the police in Kenya

Dear Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International,
As a Kenyan, my family and I live under very depressing circumstances because my country is facing a scenario that none of its people imagined. Yet the loss of property and innocent lives is simply gory and unbearable. It is clear to all of you now that the humanitarian situation in Kenya following the destruction of life and property after the flawed and disputed presidential last December is overwhelming. Whereas I laud the move by the international community to aid the vulnerable people of Kenya, the economic and emotional damage may not be easily quantified in the very immediate future.

As attested to by the attached document from a community organisation in Kenya, most of the over 700 dead have met their death through police brutality. The Kalenjiin of Rift Valley (an opposition-supporting ethnic community) has lost close 250 souls to the police bullet (See the earlier post. I attach here a link to a very scary scenario, where an unarmed protester was mowed down by a policeman who went ahead and kicked him thrice. This is a clear representation of cases which are replicated all over the country. The opposition has called people out to the streets to participate in democratic peaceful mass demonstrations. BUT the police have not only come out to violently disperse the demonstrators, they are reportedly killing them. This is unacceptable and nothing qualifies as genocide of the innocents of Kenya if this doesn't.

Even where the police have allegedly reacted by firing at the protesters because the were engaging in acts of lawlessness such as looting, this is not easily explained in a country which has what the same government claims to be a competent legal system. We would expect that the law enforcement officers were to arrest anybody found committing a felony and then have them charged in a court of law. But something is revealed by their reluctance to do this. By engaging in extra-judicial killings, the police are confirming the opposition's allegations of the incompetence of the law courts to prosecute justice. Meanwhile, harmless women and children are being killed by the police and a garbed rag tag army of hooligans locally called Mungiki. Mungiki has been involved in ritual killings including beheadings, female genital mutilations and sectarian oathing. That the government has contracted them to police the demonstrators is sad. The illegal government is participating in acts of genocide against its own citizens.

To date, those who have died in Western Kenya and Kisumu (the ancestral home of the Hon Raila Odinga whose victory was snatched from him by the 76-year old incumbent) are unaccounted for. In the video shown in this link a policeman shoots down two harmless protesters yesterday (16 Jan 2008). The press was not spared either, the CNN reporter was among those who were shot at by the police. Many more are out there in the countless blogs that are published by distressed Kenyans asking for your help. Please ask the international community to condemn these barbaric acts of police brutality and let the people of Kenya participate in peaceful demonstrations.

It was reported today (17 Jan 2008) in the Kenyan media that where the police did not interfere with the protesters, no destruction of property was witnessed. It is the police who are precipitating the violence and these acts must stop. The international community cannot continue funding despotic African regimes who bleed their citizens and precipitate flight of refugees. Germany has it fair share of asylum seekers, so does Europe and the USA. People should live in peace and enjoy their rights without the state's assumption of 'rationing the freedom' to them.

By way of this letter, I ask you to see for yourself the condemnable acts of police genocide being perpetrated in Kenya and help stop it NOW. Africa is touted as the cradle of civilisation, the origin of mankind. It need not be a source of shame to the world, the 'diaspora of Africa'. By condoning the acts that are perpetrated by the unpopular and repressive regime in Kenya, the international community is giving a new lease of life to dictatorship and posing a clear threat to democracy. If Kenya is allowed to 'go the Zimbabwe way', the repercussions on the civilised world's war on terror, the eradication of poverty and respect of human rights will remain a mirage for a long time to come. Please help reverse this slide to the abyss by yesterday's 'pride of Africa'. Thank you for heeding this faint plea for help and hope the international community will not let Kenyan people down.


1. Policeman shooting an unarmed protester
2. The news item as aired on Kenyan TV
3. The CNN correspondent was shot at
4. NRA in Eldoret Hospital

America and Britain, by failing to exert unrelenting political and diplomatic pressure on the bandit presidency of Mwai Kibaki to respect the Kenyan peoples' democratic decisions and hand over power to the legitimately elected fourth President of Kenya (Raila Odinga), have shamefully ceded their exalted positions and claims to an Ararat of political and social morality. Henceforth, they have no moral standpoint from which to lecture the world on corruption, terrorism and democracy.

mike said...


mike said...


Anonymous said...

Michuki is too blame for a lot of the mess that is going on so dont heap all the blame on Maj Gen Ali. As a matter of fact, he has been very restrained. Was he to use his military tactics a lot more people would have been dead. Now let us give him time with Saitoti and see how they work together.

Anonymous said...

You guyz seem to forget there is the commander for the GSU called Mathew K Itere. Another Mt. kenya mafia. Gen. Ali has alot to blame for the police division atrocities and its time the GSU got disbanded.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, where have the GSU and police been all this time? Kenyans have suffered from insecurity for a long time. They are suddenly omnipresent. Gee, if they were always ready and available there'd be no crime in Kenya. Also, much has been said about aggrieved parties going to Court in the last few weeks. Why aren't the "criminal protestors" being arrested and charged in Court in lieu of being pumped with bullets?

Abass said...

Yes, he is a blood thirsty scumbag who deserves to be hanged for his murderous actions! I can't imagine he is enjoying life in that building as he watches the murder of the innocents.

Abdi said...

I think he has been seriously misused by Michuki and the like. It is ironical that Michuki did not even trust him for the standard raid, which was conducted by the CID boss. It seems like he is now more trusted as they get desperate.

I was happy to learn that he contemplated resigning in late Dec. I don't know what changed his mind.

However, I agree that he is power hungry. I think he and Michuki, Saitoti, Kibaki etc have all committed crimes against humanity. I don't think he can give orders without the knowledge of Kibaki and his men. He seems to be playing to their tune to keep his job. What a shame to be connected in a way to him!!!!!.

I am still so mad seeing the TV footage showing those innocent Kenyans killed in broad daylight.

moderate said...

you let a threat by munghiki be posted here what kind of moderation is this if such people are allowed to threaten people

Anonymous said...

What Kenya does suffer from are some politicians who use the poor for political gain, including the two men on top of the current political gridlock. Raila Odinga, a Luo and the man who says the presidency was stolen from him, is a loudmouth tribalist not afraid to utter ethnically divisive remarks to advance his career. The other, a Kikuyu, Mwai Kibaki, the man who is said to have rigged his victory to a second term as president, is a soft-spoken tribal chieftain, but who is just as lethal.They are both guilty as seen.
Kosgei and Ruto are the other morons. Thieves, crooks and selfish.
Kosgei run down two parastal bodies to zero during Moi regime.

Anonymous said...

You call yourselves objective thinkers and yet you can not see whats really happening. I wonder how many of you can seriously say that Maj. Gen. Ali is to blame for all the killings how many people have died from gunshot wounds less than a hundred but how many people have died from machete cuts and burning more than a thousand. So who should blame for this one, Raila, Ruto and his crooks the kosgeys. Stop been stupid and look at things objectively if you want to know the real crooks are stop watching CNN and listening to Kenyan news go to the ground. The people shot at by police are vandals in other words thieves. The ODM clique should be charged for genocide.Next time do not be a Maina Kiai who has to make noise for the sake of making noise or a Githongo who feels he owes the country some info and scatters to Britain for refuge. Be objective and get your facts right

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