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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kenya Will Never Be The Same Again, Never

First things first. You don't have to be a doomsayer to see the deep hole Kenya has plunged herself into thanks to our politics. The hitherto island of peace in a sea of chaos has been shattered into smithereens. The fragile peace that defined the geographical accident called Kenya has been exposed for what it truly was.

The last general elections has left in its wake a disturbing face of Kenya and Kenyans. Even Kumekucha has been subjected to unprecedented volumes of traffic courtesy of raised political heat. The only minus to all this marvelous development is the heat generated to replace the shunned light.

Trust Kenyans to shamelessly see and smell evil even among saints. The SOUR taste that the flawed elections left is conveniently swept under the carpet with hollow justification of 'LET US MOVE ON'. What an obtuse escapism? Well, the latent message of glossing over outright theft deserves no gainsaying.

Ultimate national price
One thing is for sure: KENYA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, NEVER. The reverse bigotry dressed in the gab of raw rage and empty justification for status quo are smart sideshows that will only help in postponing the Armageddon.

This is not to be sensational nor insensitive. A time comes when mouthing the mantra ENOUGH IS ENOUGH only comes out in jest as we inadvertently leave mother nature to take her nasty cause with all the attendant grim consequences.

Please apologists, spare me lectures of pursuing the wider good. No trace of good is ever derived from a dishonest premise. We have seen it before here at Kumekucha. We were warned (and hence armed) that Major (Rtd) Waweru was an ex-logistic officer on a mission that came to pass.

Kumekucha blog has recorded historic hits in the last two weeks. You don't need to be a NASA scientist to discern the laced vitriol. The daggers are all drawn and their blades weilded menacingly ready to kiss our throats. The hollow justification is to rubbish all the gains and positives from 'unwanted/desirable' quarters.

Slavery and tribal chiefs
Kenyans are a unique political breed. Apologists hide under pseudo facts that are nothing but rebranded stereotypes. Genocide and Rwanda have never been abused. Enjoy the warmth of the liquid you are swimming in provided it is not made up of the contents expelled from your guts.

The unpleasant truth remains the fact that we Kenyans have been transformed into collective pawns in the political game among our respective tribal elites. Another ugly truth is that these same tribal chiefs are held hostages to vested interest of close advisers and hundreds of influential individuals fighting over the spoils of State. We the hollo polloi have no stake in this high-octane charade.

No viable solution lies in any of the cheap condemnation of one another that is often driven by enlightened self-interest. My heart bleeds for Kenya. No amount of brinkmanship and grandstanding can save us from the present political embers. Our predicament is founded on deception and contempt built of collective prejudice albeit clothed as wider good.


Anonymous said...


I keep on telling my friends that kenya is gone to the dogs. It will never be the same again so much so that unless justice is restored there will never be peace hence may the last man switch off the lights and ensure that the door is locked.

Call me a doomsayer but my advice for those who have been living in the affected areas should just leave never to turn back or even stare back lest they suffer ( what lot suffered.

From now on I can see the disentegration of the east african country. Chris even you am sure this has completely changed your perception of some of your neighbours. Am sorry but its true. If it hasn't chris, it will.

The only way out is for kibaki to swallow his pride and open doors for a re-run so that he can win this thing clean and square or lose it and go home. For chris' he is an elder.

For those in R.valley, how do you stay with a neighbour whom you believe killed your parents? Walking a way and starting afresh is the only way for these my other brothers.

The media can slice and dice it the way they want but thats the only way forward for this beautiful country.

Lord have mercy on kenyans.

Anonymous said...

My friend anon,

Please, let us be logical, realistic and even wise in what we write. I hope you have read what happened with the Kuffour document.

It was written here and many people poured their feelings on this blog about the whole thing. It was said that government refused to sign a deal. It later emerged that there were some emissaries that were playing in the under-currents of the whole situations.

It is much like Kenya. There are people who take advantage of such situations.

I will not dwell much on that, but your post seems to miss the point that I feel is the only way out. To you, it means that a Kikuyu (and sorry to bring in tribes - I do avoid it when I can) who was studying at Moi Girls Matunda should not go back because her parents who bought a farm in nearby Endebesss were chassed away and their house burnt. No. That is not the point here. the point is let us face this situation with a bigger thing like a RECONCILIATION.

A forum bigger than the South African Truth and Reconciliation. It will definitely heal wounds. Telling people to walk and never look back is cowardice, at it least. That means that after 44 years, there will be another catastrophic happening of similar nature and people will keep quiet about it.

Kenya, as a country has propered over years, gelled the different communities as one and built on its strong foundations of tribeless borders. Many times, Chirs has written here about the tribes he knows - the have and have-nots'. You can now see the difference and please read between the lines.

As for the re-run, I dont think Kibaki will have one. Never. Not after naming a cabinet and even calling parliament to session.

Finally, I wish to state that if ODM survives the spin about the MOU (again) then we shall be seeing a very different scenario.

NB: Luke, Happy New Year, all the best this year BUDDY - Derek

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this was Taabu's. Pole Taabu. I will send Luke's wishes on his post. Pole tena - Derek

Anonymous said...

If we dont fix this corrupt way of doing things, then we will still kill one another in the next 100 years.

Transparency means re-election and vice-versa. Whoever doesnt accept it has evil intentions for this country.

All of us have to fight for what is right and against what is wrong. Many dont want to accept what went wrong. Vote counting was wrong and Kenyans, you must accept this whether you are from Kisauni, Kerugoya, Keroka, Kitale, Kombewa, Kitui, Kipkelion, Kendu-Bay, Kiambu or Kapsabet.

Dont follow the political parties blindly. Today it is a Kikuyu tyrant, tomorrow it is a Mswahili oppressor and in future it will be Abaluhya dictator. It doesnt matter what a damn tribe the freak is coming from. The fact is that the man is bad. And Kenyans, believe me, Kibaki is not good for this land.

Let's join hands and say NO to this monster before it mutates. Bad experiences are to come. Open your eyes and forget your tribes.



rhyymemaster said...

Well spoken Kimani. Your feeling resonates, however, a re-run will be almost impossible. The courts would have been the only way out were they independent. Kibaki and his handlers will not allow a re-run. In the event that they lose (which they will) - Kibaki mat never get the 25% in more than 2 provinces - he will be quick to dismiss the polls and say that his supporters were not allowed to vote due to the situation that was created by the first flawed election (i.e over 500,000 displaaced). I have pondered so much about how to remove this monster peacefully and am sorry to say but I have no answer. His departure willherald well for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Well said Taabu

Anonymous said...


Looks like the NSIS guys went upcountry for the weekend.

Expect the vitrol later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

But I must say it has been nice having level headed exchanges here this weekend. I enjoyed it too much.

Patriot Damu

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask Kenyans to be steadfastand stand up against the imposed regim.It is shameful to kill each other while those who created the problem lives peacefully with their families. Those people tells the police to kill their brothers and sisters for their own selfish ends.First our military men and women needs to know kenya belongs to us all and we the people decides who our leader should be. When people are denied that right they, have to get out and express themselves and this is what is happening now.They may decide to shot and kill because their brothers and sisters are safe in central but things may turn around too. We kenyans will not relent this time until the right of the majority is achieved. The so called president as shown with the way he has been behaving doesn't have mercy for the suffering kenyans and those who died. The president visited kenyans who are refugees in their own country and ended up giving fake advices. He even witnessed their properties burning down but said let the fire keep burning, what help? Why does he keep security around himself and let kenyans sufer and die. We all have to rise up and fight this regim to the last person.

Phil said...

Taabu my guy. Very well said.

The vote stolen, right?

What do you think is the best way forward out of this civilian coup?

Anonymous said...

Like it or not the only option for this crisis is when honourable Emilio will step down or be forced, otherwise you will be seeing many innocent Kenyans loosing their lives. Raila is not gonna back up and Kibaki is not going to yield. Kenya is heading to the dogs. This is exactly what happened in Somalia, unfortunately we have deccided to take the same road.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, thanx for your post. Welcome to 2008. I hope you had a nice one!

Taabu, you have mentioned a line that was contested here and I personally regret having said that, but on the other end, I thank goodness for saying anything more.

Taabu, what I was driving at was a point that with the GOVT in control, they can do anything. Why should the phones go off in Meru during the counting. There are things that cannot be mentioned here, but I would like to ask, in Laisamis of parts of remote Samburu where PNU never campaigned, how was the electorate driven into voting for him.

They are told, 'Kesho, ukuje na kipande na kitabulisho yako. Utapigia huyu kura, umesikia?'.

Taabu these things I am telling have happened not once before. ballot paper being airlifted from Wajir to the provincial headquarters in Garissa.

Thereafter, the Garissa ballots are found in Garsen, all these are tactics that are used not only in Kenya, in Uganda, I witnessed it in Congo, I have witnessed the same in Nigeria (Kaduna) and even Egypt in the Suez region.

It is the samething that happens over and over again.


mugambis said...

here is a petition to the vatican to revoke cardinal njue's appointment please read.

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