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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kibaki’s Swearing-In Ceremony Was Organized Long Before Election Results Were Announced

One of the things the first blundering Kibaki administration will always be remembered for is incompetence. This clearly came out in the just concluded general election because the administration failed to even rig the general election competently without getting caught and left behind too much evidence forensic and otherwise.

It is now emerging that the swearing in ceremony was conducted minutes after the election “results” were read. Meaning that it had been organized well in advance and guests invited and seated, even before the general election results were known. There are even disturbing suggestions that it may have been done before the results were announced! Those suggesting this point to the swearing in footage which was done outdoors in relatively broad daylight and yet the results were read late in the day as it was getting dark. In 2002 the swearing in ceremony was done a day after the results were officially announced but this time there was a big hurry.

Sources close to PNU had even suggested to their close friends that the swearing in would be at 2:30 pm, hours before Kenyans even knew who had won the general elections.

This was the last big blunder made in a long list of blunders that have driven Kenya to the brink with unprecedented turmoil and damage to property that does not come anywhere near what happened during the 1982 coup attempt that lasted just day but took years to fix and affected the economy for years on end. It is anybody’s guess how long the current turmoil will affect the economy for because it is in fact far from being over. Not to mention the number of deaths which will probably never be known because stretched security agents still find it necessary and vital to heavily guard the City Mortuary.

One reported incident still hangs heavily on the conscience of many Kenyans who voted for Kibaki. And that is his disturbing words spoken to a BBC reporter when asked if he would concede defeat and have over power if he lost.

His reply in swahili: Usiniulize maswali ya upumbavu (Do not ask me idiotic questions).

As the death toll in Kenya rapidly rises, legal experts are now suggesting that President Kibaki may qualify to face an International court for war crimes in the future, even if he completes his fraudulent 5 year term.

What the world is being told about the Kenyan elections by an executive who got out of the country just days ago.

“Britain looks forward to working with a legitimately elected government of Kenya…” A hint from the British government of things to come? Read the story for yourself and decide.


Anonymous said...

From: Kenyans in the U.S.A
TO: President Kibaki , ECK Chairman, ECK Commissioners, Media Houses and Kenyans.
Subject: Being blunt!
Questions that Mr. Samuel Kivuitu and the entire ECK Commissioners not forgetting the Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua!
Mr. Samuel Kivuitu
1. Any person in your positions knows that a 80% voter turnout in any election especially in Kenya is impossible and literally unheard of. Why announce such results?
2. Before the audit, you officially announced results standing at 3,800,000 a piece for Hon. Raila and President Kibaki while Kalonzo had around 500,000. Total 8,100,000 from 189 Constituencies. After an audit, results were;
4,584,721 for President Kibaki, 4,352,993 for Hon. Raila and around 879,903 for Hon. Kalonzo. Total 9,817,617. 21 Constituencies produced 1.8 million votes however massive they are, since you say you did not change results? This is entirely impossible!
3. Who in particular in PNU and ODM-Kenya gave you pressurized you? Michuki, Kalonzo or BOTH?
4. Do you know that the deaths from the clashes are on your hands and those of your Commissioners due to acts of omission and commission?
5. How corrupt is the ECK?
1. Under an oath of office, vow to be free and fair, you agree to be mere puppets controlled by a puppet-master?
2. Who doctored the results?

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua.
1. Why did the tally on your Website always contradict that of ECK and provisional results? And don’t say you do not know what we are talking about for you always showed President Kibaki had a lead over Hon. Raila
2. Why do you term the results as free and fair after the massive irregularities?
3. Do you know what constitutes to corruption? Is vote rigging corruption? Why be corrupt on the first day of office while you preach zero tolerance to corruption?
OUR TAKE: it all goes to the infamous MOU IN 2002.

Washington DC

Anonymous said...

My oh my! Look at what is happening to Kenya. ECK LET US ALL DOWN.

Since the commission had budgeted for a run off, Kivuitu could have requested for a fresh presidential election.

He did not. He failed us. The shameless man is yet to resign.

Anonymous said...

While KTN was busy airing Kivuitu's "confession" (You tube) and Standard published the story. The Daily Nation chose to give it a miss. WTH?!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed just how limited, embarrasing and repetitive the president's vocabulary has become?

Kibaki is supposed to be better educated than Moi but somehow the latter was a better speaker.

Musa said...

I am beginning to doubt whether Kibaki is fully functional. I agree with anonymous above - the man is senile. There are people who want to keep him in power to achieve their own ulterior motives.

Abdi said...

I had this earlier and had posted on this blogs sometime back.

Then, I asked you all to be the judge by looking at the NTV video-daylight as some of you have confirmed.

Wow!!! what an incompetent way to rig

rhyymemaster said...

Those who think Kibaki is senile and does not know what is happening, think again. That has been the way he handles volatile issues. This has happened so many times in his rulership, the silence on Anglo-fleacing and on Artur brothers was unbelievable. Kibaki is a master at this game. Hands-off not my responsibility. I remember my old man telling me a story about a General in Europe (I hope I remembered hisname). This fellow could get so many letters from his countrymen complaining about injustices being meted on them by his handsoff style of leadership. The general will ignore this letters for years and will open then later and find that most of the issues had found natural solutions and in most cases the people had died. So he never used to bother with crises. The same is Kibaki's style. But in Kenya we need a leader who has purpose, who is God (read people) chosen. This is the person who will direct the country well, in that person I see Raila not Kibaki.

atherere said...

Ugandan soldiers are killing the people of Nyanza and Rift valley.

Anonymous said...

Museveni has failed to deal with his country's own civil war in Northern Uganda. Now he is helping Kibaki to destroy Kenya. Shame!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

On sunday I stayed up with africast waiting to watch the announcement of rigged results. I knew what it would be because I noticed that at about 2.30pm (suspected time of swearing in ceremony) the cameras were pointed at Kalonzo and something seemed wrong coz he was extremely intense on his cellphone and then left with his crew a minute later. I guess he was rushing to make the ceremony eh!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans need to pray for divine intervention.

Hellen Okello said...

Breaking on Standard:

The Ugandan Army at the Kenyan Border.

atherere said...

This is a lie. They are killing people in kenya not at the border. They need to say the truth and not lie to kenyans.

Kemmy said...

Hellen Okello, where's that story on the Standard? I can't find it. I pray it's not true because that would be taking things a little too far. Why would we need a foreign army on our soil? Kwani are we at war? May God save our country.

Hellen Okello said...


It's on E.A. Standard. Click headline news.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan military (non-kikuyu) is awaiting order of ODM to take any non-kenyan troops out. This will depend on outcome of Thursday Rally. Be patient.

Anonymous said...


This is a VERY important piece of information below. I think we now now what the two C-130’s that landed at Eldoret airport were carrying. There were carrying Karamajong.. the ones who are herding the 70,000 people into Burnt Forest and doing all the killing. Please see below….. A contingent of Karamojong guerrilla fighters are reported to have arrived in Eldoret town to join the struggle against Kibaki dictatorship. They are reported to have crossed Moi’s bridge to join forces fighting in the region. It is not yet clear how the guerrillas arrived in Eldoret but a source on the ground has told KSB that their arrival could signal the beginning of a guerrilla war-fare in Kenya to counter attacks by armed GSU forces which have been killing people. “People are getting frustrated and beginning to understand that on a long term, the anti-Kibaki war will not be fought with bare hands when security forces are armed”, said the source. “Security forces also need to begin dying and this will not happen with bare hands”, the source said. The guerrillas are reported to be remnants of the Shifta militia which were fighting the regime of former dictator Daniel arap Moi during the eighties. Others are believed to be hard-core members of the Karamojong who have been protecting cattle theft in the region after the government failed to provide protection. In North Eastern province, many pastoralists have stopped protecting their livestock with spears and arrows, choosing instead, to do so with AK 47 rifles. They changed tactics after armed bandits began killing people with automatic weapons then making away with large herds of cattle. In Kenya, the GSU are killing unarmed civilians following a “shoot to kill” order by Internal security chief John Michuki before being driven away in Land Rovers. Okoth Osewe

matato said...

Annonymous at 8.42, what is your source of this info. This is very disturbing news. I hear UGANDAN soldiers in Kenyan now the Karamajoong? Please tell me this is not happening in Kenya.

atherere said...

We can dream as much as we can, but the truth is that there is no way the people of kenya wil be killed by ugandans and let go, they have to arm themselves and fight back. THIS IS A PLAIN ISSUE.

mike said...


Anonymous said...

Guys, remember the earthquake prophecy? I think this is it. That prophet said we'll become refugees. This is not the time to operate in the natural, pray like you have never prayed before.

mike said...


Anonymous said...

At the time of writing this email, there was no vehicle on Kericho-Kisumu Highway. No shop was opened in the outskirts of Kericho and Kikuyu homes at Fort Ternan, Kipkelion, Kuresoi and Mauche were burning!
Also, Kyuks “Kikuyu`s” we hate them….in Kericho spent last night at police station and today the town is full of GSUs but tension is high. My reporter says that the air is thick in town such that one can almost touch it literary with hands. Many people have died but unreported and nobody seems concerned to stop the destruction!
I am told that people are wondering hopelessly and most basic economic activities are paralyzed. People travel no more for fear of attacks.

Kenya will never be the same again.

Security personnel appear divided, hence its inability to contain anarchy.
It appears to me that the Majimbo we called called for constitutionally but got resistance from Kibaki, has been ushered in by chaos that target one tribe. It's tribal hate Rwanda type. This is dangerous because it polarizes the country and cripples it.


Kemmy said...

Thanks Hellen. That story is really hidden. I'd been searching all over for it, but now I found it. Bravo to Standard for continuing to report these stories. They add a lot of credibility to the things being reported on the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Chris and Phil ever the hypocrites, why don't you turn yourselves in for your individual and collective roles in promoting and fostering ethnic violence against innocent men, women and children. Secondly, instead of exhibiting your hypocrisy in having the government taken to task for alleged war crimes, why don't you first call for the arrest and prosecution of Raila for directly inciting the murder of 8 innocent Kenyans who merely carrying out the course of their duties as Administration Police officers? The greatest burden however falls on Phil who I hope is fully prepared to carry his own cross for the roles and sins he has been committing through his rumour mongering, deceit and conspiracy to cause the mass murder of innocent Kenyans across the country.

Anonymous said...

please post the link to the standard story

Supafly said...

Nation Dec 31 2007 voter turnout results released by ECK:

Emgwen 103%
Eldoret North 116%
Sigor 115%
Narok South 120%
Bondo 102%
Kisumu Rural 102%

WAKE UP they ALL have dirty hands.

mike said...

Supafly who posted above, have you just woken up from ghetto? All these were clarified as mistakes on Nation T.V news on monday this week. Wake up and get updated news !!! I even clarified this to some people on this forum who were sleeping like you.

mike said...

SUPAFLY who posted above, have you just woken up from ghetto? All these were clarified as mistakes on Nation T.V news on monday this week. Wake up and get updated news !!! I even clarified this to some people on this forum who were sleeping like you.

Anonymous said...

@mike: fact is where did Nation get its original numbers? Or did ODM go to doctor its results once it found out it was caught up in the very same things it was accusing their opponents of doing. Please stop trying to hoodwink us, we now know why the APs were being killed, so that they could not maintain the peace as PNU agents were locked out while poll results were being doctored. The corrupted pro ODM media has been singing the ODM rigging anthem long before the elections, it is time Kenyans realized both parties have dirty hands and those claiming to be clean are also not clean.

Anonymous said...

The amount of hate and biased one sided commentary on this site is EXACTLY what the white man loves to see. Instead of us coming together we are spewing venom and using rhetoric that reminds us of our neighbors in Rwanda.
As educated humans you all ought to be ashamed of such statements and instead of spreading rumours, lets think of how we can help our people back home. Kenya will Never be the same, but we can work on making it BETTER that it was.
I need not state the obvious but I will, even though President Kibaki was to step down, Jadwong and Kamau wouldn't have tea together.
Stop burning your brothers and sisters, stop burning your cities, you now are about to starve and at the rate of 3 Billion in taxes, market being delayed we are about to take our country back too many years and this being a new year, lets work together not against each other.
that's my 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

Looks like most of you are in US where you have been residing for so many years being exploited by whites, to an extent that you forgot how democracy works here in Africa.

You fail miserably when you compare US/UK democracy with ours. Here in Africa, you have to win an election DECISIVELY.

You have to win by a huge margin of 1 million vote plus.... and not a paper thin margin. In Africa, you have to "be seen to win" without any doubts.

Any tight election like ours, will always spark war. Our nation was divided 50-50 which was always going to be tragic.

Raila should eat humble pie and have a landslide win next time, not by a narrow margin which always favour the incumbent here in Africa.

All Kibaki needed to win was garner 3M Gema votes then a few more scattred in other provinces which he did.

Raila forgot the basic African rule, beat your opponent decisively with over 1 million votes. Here in Africa, it's the presidential vote that counts, not heard?

Anonymous said...


You will come up with all the rationales in the world to Justify the coup de tat that Kibaki instigated but you cannot and will not convince the revolting Kenyans that "Kibaki won in Africa".

Well, if that is the Africa that we have been living in then Kenya will be the beacon of hope. We will usher in the New Africa. We will take Africa to the 21st Century where rules and regulations have to be abided by. Afterall the people of Kenya are always hailed to be trendblazers when it comes to democracy in Africa.

Mr. Anonymous
Kenyans have rejected Kibaki. Kikuyus like you want to wish us into another 5-year Kibaki presidency with 115% voter turnout and other fuzzy logic like the 50-50 rule not being applicable in Africa. The ordinary kawangware trader does not care about your 50-50. All he wants is KIBAKI ATOKE.

2020 VISION said...

As was stated above the "rhetoric" has to change. I am wondering how come none of you have addressed the issue of the "Westerners" and their involvment in our country?
Has anyone really thought about who the real enemy is? He came and whispered in our ears, started can also look at his background and see what he did everywhere he was...same AMO and here we are fighting amongst each other.
What is the REAL political reason? Where were these Western observers when there was Famine? Where are they when people are dying from Malaria, HIV etc. All of a sudden they have something to say...and yet it is nothing "irregularities" SUCH AS WHAT? And what do you have to say to us now?
Please Kenyans stay focused and stop being side tracked by the real issues.
How is our economy now?
HOw much chumz have we lost since all these domez? Now all the warnings against coming to Kenya are out there goes our GDP people.
Look at our neighbors who are suffering because of our domez?
All this coz we have bizna w/CHINA.
BOTTOM LINE...and yet we are here killing our own and causing havoc in our own beloved country.

Anonymous said...

contact barack obama

Madaboutlisa said...

About the swearing in...

I was watching the whole thing live. I noted with concern one worrying trend. When Kivuitu was interrupted by Hon. Ruto disputing the Molo results there was no response from PNU at all. Why? They were not there. They had gone to the swearing in! They knew!!!

This country has been robbed! We have been snatched the only shot we believed we had at change. And now the president sits at State House insulated from the chaos. Now that he has 'won' the elections he can go back to being himself - keeping quiet. (They call it hands off!) It simply proves that Kibaki is a puppet for Michuki and Karua (the puppeteers).

I get so irritated by the calls for calm. How do you expect reason to prevail where anger abides? I personally predict that this will go on until the solution Kenyans want is implemented.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha has contributed greatly to tribalsm a clear example of the pot calling the kettle black! or looking for a speck in his brother's eye when he has a log in his! Stop the hate campaign....God is about to turn things....its always darkest just before morning!

Love Kenya said...

Those oF you who insist PNU knew the results beFore they were announced are being a little naive. Do you think even For a minute worldover that presidential candidates wait like the rest oF us For results to be announced on TV. They ALWAYS know beFore the commoners. The counting is done by humanbeings and when Kivuitu goes to sit down toread anything be sure there are a handFul oF other people there already relaying the results to their 'boss-man', be it Michuki, Moi, Raila or Kalonzo.
OF course PNU people knew, ODM and ODM-K knew too. The counting had been done overnight remember, and announced in the evening giving anyone ample time to set up a tent in State House.
That does not prove rigging, everyone oF these bigwigs have insiders they KNOW ALL THE TIME what is going on. That is why ODM was trying to keep KIvuitu From announcimg the results. They knew what was going to happen too!
For those saying that the swearing in was done in broad daylight, you are not reasoning objectively. There was international press snapping away, don't you think they would have blown the whistle by now. In anycase it is the Footage shows that is was almost dark NOT broad daylight.

kitumoja said...

Kenyans, if we allow this act of political injustice to prevail, it will be indicative of intent to be led by a man who has no regard for life, democracy and the rule of law. Quite frankly, I prefer to be shot by his "loyal" troops at the Uhuru Park March today. Many patriotic Kenyans have died and continue to die, just because a man could not retreat to Muthaiga or Othaya. It will be a happy day in Kenya when this man meets the maker, where I pray a place has been reserved for him preferably somewhere at the epicentre of hell. I hope this will be slow and painful. Kenyans, lets remain at peace, kama kitu moja, we need more kikuyus to denouce this political treachery, please! Further celebration of what we all know to be a crime against Kenya will be a matter for history to judge, this is your moment to forget about GEMA and think Kenya. I am particularly saddened that Uhuru Kenyatta is on the wrong side of events, I had great respect for him. One last thing, don't send that SMS about Kibaki Tena tariff, that is just sick.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha brothers and sisters, tell all the non-kikuyu people travelling to Nairobi to weigh their options as regards recurity because sources indicate that travellers are being stopped at Naivasha and being beheaded by the mungiki. Please tell all the people you can reach to weigh all options before riskimg their lives. Remember all morgues are being guarded so that nobody can tell how many are killed. Also remember the incident where the Uganda soldiers collected the youths from Kisumu and shot them at the RIAT area. Pass it to save lives! said...


Wed, 2 Jan 2008 08:05:02 -0500
From: Maurice Nyaware

It’s right to keep each one of us in Diaspora who has access to our beloved web “”’’.As you know we are all astonished with the self declaration of Jaraboun’s win.What I can say is that some of the reliable source back from home says that, the peoples President is not locked in and his fellows like Ruto and Orengo Jimy is also not in,they are all expected to hold THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENDT INAGURATION at the venue that have not been mentioned at 2pm, so far it is that the deaths fom Dagoreti.Mathare, Kariobangi, Kayole and some other estates in Nairobi may be 50 in number’s there have been fights through out the night since Kibaki imposed him self yesterday .The forces are also devide and this is said to couse more havoc scince the majority of the foces are wakale and this are pro Aguambo. Otherwiase this is the time when force should be implemented to achieve the demand of the people as it is said when diplomacy fails Force should be implied, the reasone why am saying this is for the reason that the Court will not solve this situation and if some body is thinking of international community this still will fail couse Okuche as you know they are nincompups who do not look at this as a national concern but away of making more “”Mbesha”” .this is way I say lets find a way of making use of our forces THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT.

Listone O

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