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Monday, January 21, 2008

Kenya Polls Crisis: What PNU And ODM Are Secretly Planning

Kenyans Should Prepare Themselves For A Nightmare Where Their Worst Fears Become Reality

Quote of the day

It is important for the President to come out and meet Raila. Kenya is bleeding and people are suffering.

Why is Kibaki not ready to meet Raila? After all Raila campaigned for him in 2002 and I believe they can still sit down and talk. What is too difficult for the two to talk about?

In 2003, I warned the leaders, that their misunderstandings would lead to something bigger, but they did not listen. I was a lone ranger and now this is the result.

I am now urging the international community to put pressure on President Kibaki and his Government, without which innocent Kenyans will continue to suffer.

Wangari Maathai

Since Mwai Kibaki and a few handlers fiddled with presidential election votes and stole the election plunging the country into chaos, many Kenyans have come out calling for peace.

Even the media has been convinced to censor itself in many instances (to avoid incitement) for the sake of peace. So far nothing has worked and peace in Kenya has continued to be elusive.

Few have really bothered to ask themselves why Kenya has stubbornly refused to return to the peace and tranquility we had all taken for granted, and the media has continued to play games. Let the world know today that when the police chase rioters into the slum area of Kibera and spray bullets into houses with rather “porous” walls, according to the Kenyan media, this is not news. Only the Standard newspaper under considerable pressure occasionally dares to include such occurrences in a major article somewhere in the newspaper.

Naturally everybody is eager that things should go back to normal as soon as possible. After all our children need to go to school and we need to earn a living and therefore anybody who does not promote peace is the enemy (like Kumekucha. Only that most people do not know that Kumekucha wants peace more badly than most, that is why I have been warning about tribal tensions in this blog for over 2 years now).

It is yet to dawn on the minds of most peace-seeking Kenyans that there is no way that peace will come unless we address the root cause of the problem. I challenge you to tell me how else peace can come. I hear somebody saying; by telling the Luos and Kelenjins to shut up. (That is the “ingenious suggestion” of some commentators in this blog).

It is also yet to dawn on most Kenyans that the biggest hindrance to the restoration of peace are not violent Luos or angry Kalenjins. It is not the mass action called for by Raila Odinga and his gang.

It is the gentleman whom most of you saw seated taking notes as he listened to a carefully selected delegation of private sector personalities (most of whom helped fund his campaign) the pother day in State House. That man calls himself the president of the republic of Kenya. If this was not such serious business, that is laughable. This is the same man whose wife slapped a civil servant in public in front of the poor man’s family. Rumours have persisted that the same woman (who obviously needs medical help) slapped Gitobu Imanyara...

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Anonymous said...

Much to my regret, I have to agree.

Kenya has become the more than willing playground of American Politics - and this includes using (mis-using) Barrack Obama and his Kenyan origin (something he never was proud of until he realized that it was useful for his Presidential Campaign and getting the votes of the Afro-Americans).

But for now Kenya continues being important for the socalled War on Terrorists ..... and being an American Base for their 'war' in the Persian Gulf.

And then there is the new competition between the West, Russia and China and here mainly China who is looking not only for countries to supply their goods to but mainly for countries with natural resources .......

And Kenya - like some others - is in the middle of all this. And that's why Mwai Kibaki has been able to risk to do what he did !!!!!!!!

And this is the reason where it has to be stopped. Because if you don't, other countries will follow to fall into the trap of international dirty politics.

Africa has been and still is a 'playground' of these dirty and murderous games ......

But the use the poor and poorest of the slums in these 'games' is something not to forgive - by nobody !!!!!!

So I beg you - all of you - to find a solution to save the lives of innocent Kenyan people or at least to stop using or better misusing them for your own ambitious political 'dreams'.

- From now on - if Kumekucha accepts - I will continue writing under ' Can you sleep at night? !
addressed to certain Kenyan political 'players' .........

Anonymous said...

Chris, nina swali moja tu! If peace and all destruction stopped in exactly one month from now, can Kibaki and Raila qualify for the Nobel Peace prize?

Anonymous said...

Those who are born and bred in Kenya know the issues which pple are fighting about now, are much deeper than Raila and KIbaki?

Its just that the leaders represent both sides of the divide.Kibaki the status quo and Raila the fight against the status quo.

That is why it doesnt matter if the two make peace without addressing the key issues to the satisfaction of the masses.People have now vowed to fight in one way or another for the better future of their children if not themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris! Keep up the good fight.

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