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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year as Kenya bleeds for Justice

Happy new year! Though it did not start happily as many Kenyans may had hope.

I have to thank all Kenyans that voted in the good way the did. The process was good as well as the response but the conclusion of the process was disastrous (Kivitu you bear all the blame). We lost lives of innocent kenyans as they pursue their democratic rights.My sincere condolences!

The question that still lingers in the minds of Kenyas is who actually won the presidential election. Kivitu doesn`t have this answer and I don`t know who has the answer.

If it is true that a losing aspirant was crowned the president and the winner abandoned by the roadside, this is very unfair and unfortunate. We are now putting our trust in God who knows what really happen. For sure evil shall not prevail.


Anonymous said...

Mr Kivuitu, you have betrayed this country for 30pieces of silver just as Judas did. May you perish together with your money if you do not repent. To all those responsible for this mess, there is a righteous judge who renders justice. It may look like you have won now, but a day of reckoning is coming and soon.

Phil said...

Thats right. Hiyo ni laana kubwa mbele ya mwenyezi mungu.

Welcome back Sue, I was worried for your well being taken that Michuki's goons are roaming all over town. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

check out

for uncensored and unbiased opinions

Anonymous said...

check out the kenyan forum, its free, unbiased and unafraid

Anonymous said...

Last year, Kumekucha featured the prophecies of Thomas Manton in the article titled "The Amazing Kenya Prophecy".

His prophecies for Kenya 2007-12 are available on (click prophecies then Africa - Kenya).

May peace prevail!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP needed badly in Kenya!!!

There are lack of respponsible leadership in Kenya.

Moi said openly that he can not take responsibility for what his ministers did. Remember how he described Kenya as a bus, where the driver is not accountable for the bad events in the bus: pickpocketting, robbery and even murder.

Kibaki has shown us that he is "fuata nyayo" and is not responsible for the election outcome and its consequences. He was not responsible before and he will not be in future.

He let Kivuitu to declare him the winner, most likely at gun-point. KIVUITU therefore is not wholy responsible. Only Kibaki is 100% responsible.

Kenyans rejected him due to his irresponsibility in handling matters like corruption, Artur Bros, MoU, IPPG, Limiting Presidential powers, constitution, etc.

KIBAKI is the monster to whom Kenyans should point fingers. RESIGN KIBAKI.

We should end the culture of "carry your own cross)


komora27 said...


kibaki is a FAILURE. like it or not he has failed u too. he is the worst mistake kenya ever made. anyone backing him is either a fool or an ignorant (very ignorant) kikuyu. and that means you-yes wewee..

this is about a nation whose promise has been shattered by someone too scared to leave the

Voice of Reason said...

Voice of Reason said...

Gitau Warigi said, ‘Yet the mere resolution of the presidential election dispute is not going to erase the ugly ethnic hatred that has finally been exposed. Dialogue is the first step but, inevitably, some lasting constitutional or other pact must be worked out to ensure everybody will forever feel safe. And, ‘the facade of a peaceful Kenya has always been intended to obscure from view the deep fissures in the country’.

This is a very patent observation and I propose the following:
-Given that Kenya is now so ethnically divided and every issue is assessed thro' the tribal prism
-Given that the Kenyan psych is that the tribe benefits when their own is the president
-Given that political parties in Kenya are not ideologically-based but rather, mere "vehicles" to political power

I propose that:
1. We divide the country's population into ethnic blocks such as GEMA, KAMATUSA, LUHYA (icluding Kisiis),Luos (including Suba), Miji Kenda (including Swahilis and Somalis (including Borans and those other NE tribes).This list is not exhaustive.
2. We then allow each of these groups to present presidential candidates in turns, in an order determined through tossing of a coin (i.e randomly). If you noticed, the first time Kenya actually had the least tribalised election year was 2002 when the two leading contenders were both from GEMA, i.e Kibaki and Uhuru. Kalenjins voted for Uhuru and Luos voted for Kibaki etc.
3. For a start, the GEMA and KAMATUSA will be excluded from the random selections since they have already "eaten."
4. By the time all the groups will have gotten their turn, Kenya will have been so de-tribalised that it will no longer matter who becomes president thereafter.

Is there anyone out there who supports my proposal?

Anonymous said...

No GEMA will forever stay in darkness, they have eaten and have lost trust of kenyans as they are now only clinging on power. Realistically, that is the last kikuyu presidency. Never to be entertained again!!

Anonymous said...

The reason for all these deaths can be found in this blog-ethnic hatred. We only needed a flawed election as an excuse to start hacking away at each other. Leave raila,kibaki,ruto out of your own mess. Did you see raila send his kikuyu daughter in law away? He knows better.

Voice of Reason said...

Anon@9.42-You see, the fact that the GEMA will be ineligible for the top seat will not deter them from getting the vice presidency and with good connections and lobbying, plum jobs in the cabinet and other public positions.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree this 2 men have blood on there hand KIVITU N KIBAKI sshhhhhhhhhhhammmmmmmmmmeeee on themmmmmmmmmm kibaki must GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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