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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Counting Our Blessings

Though I don’t normally make New Year resolutions I usually take the start of each year to see what the previous year has been like. What I have achieved, what I under achieved, what I should have done and what I should never have done, the good and the bad that I did and the lessons learnt.

The year 2007 goes into record as been among one of the best years I have had in my 25yrs life. And the best part of it is the fast life that I have had and the many lessons I have learnt along the way. That is not to say that all was well, there had been a few problems here and there … but I honestly thank God for them coz it’s from those problems that I have had some of the great lessons. There also many mistakes that I made, many out of arrogance, but hey … they helped me grow up and others sobered me up.

I therefore take this opportunity to share with you some of my 2007 highlights.
Social life: Well that has been among the best. I meet many new people who are now really good and treasured friends. Some are kumekuchans; MB -thank you very much for everything, you know what am talking about, Chris –you’re the boom … thanx big time for this forum, PKW –some have misunderstood you … you are a great woman big sister, Luke –I told you I like your posts and comments are great, funny and straight to the point(I had started to wonder where you had gone and you had told me you will not leave), Vikii –we understand each other very well … would love to chat with you (but we both know you deserved that attack, au sio?), Sue –I know there is a lot I can learn from you. There also other kumekuchans I have come to respect each in their own unique way like Taabu, Ritch, Kalamari, Derek and Phil, hope 2008 will be a better year for all of us.

Career wise: It’s been slightly more that 2yrs of working. I have no reason to complain but there will be radical changes this year.

Family: There have been issues, a difficult year I can say but it turned out to be one of the best years. Thank God for that … prayers really do work and miracles really do happen.

Love life: A disaster lets not even go there.

Interests: I have acquired a few new hobbies and interests … it’s an exciting life …

Politics: Will talk about that in a later post.

One of the valuable lessons I have had is to be a person who appreciates and accommodates other people in their own different ways. People are different (and that is what generally makes life interesting) and they want different things in life … therefore we can never agree in many things. We have to consciously agree that along the way we are going to disagree. We also have to appreciate the ‘little’ things of life that we take for granted like family, friends, having peace, having food on the table, having good health, etc . Then we need to learn count our blessing and thank God for them, despite all the madness around us.

Now to you … have you counted your blessings? What can you thank God for today? What are you most grateful for in 2007? And now that we are in 2008, are you going to be a better person than last year? I personally have decided to be a better person, not just for me, my family and my friends ... but also to my neighbours and my beloved country and the people in this country.


Anonymous said...

Good one Sayra. From me, it is have a GR8 2008. With all the platitudes that online conversations and communication has brought.

May your avenues be lined with your aspirations.

Politics...the Kenyan situation at the moment? I dont wnat to comment and I have kept off some touchy issues.

Syra, all the best. God Bless


Anonymous said...

Sayra, niaje siste ? my friend kumbe you had also gone dark like me?
may the latter end of 2008 be 100 times better for you than the beginning in every way
we need to chat sometime au sio?hit me up when you get a chance

Ndugu derek, natuma salamu zangu kwa wewe na kila mmoja wa familia wako-happy new year. shukran rafiki

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Thanks Sayra for letting me know (of) this. I initially felt like Kumekucha and I have some grounds for divorce -irreconciliable differences- and called it quits. I'll give truth and reconciliation a chance.

Anonymous said...

Tribalism...Its misleading for anyone to suggest the current problem in kenya is tribalism. Its just the same as saying kenyans has "humanist" problems. Tribe is a natural phenomena just like everyones unique fingerprint/DNA. Everyone comes from a peculiar family line and suggesting that our family lines or tribes are a problem is to totally miss the point. Our electoral process was botched. Can the proceses be engineered to work flawlessly? sure. Trying to blame ethical, moral and justice issues of family line is just moronic. I am a proud tribalist and I will champion all that is good about my tribe. Morally ethically and responsibly.

chris said...

Thanx Sayra,

It has been wonderful having you around Kumekucha and 2007 was a much better year just because of your sober contributions which helped a lot to bring balance to this huge family of diverse opinions that is Kumekucha.

Most of all you've helped smoke out your sister PKW who had gone AWOL.



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