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Monday, December 24, 2007

SMS Christmas Texts

Today in the morning i send a christmas text to some of my friends, who i knew where their vote will go, with a small campaign text. I was curious in knowing their reactions if i had my vote in a camp they didn't support. To the ones on the PANUA way i send them this text: I do take this oppotunity 2 wish u my friend a merry xmas, a chungwa moja 27th and a maisha bora 2008. These were the replies i got:

thanx merry xmas to u too n happy panua 2008

Thank u my dear but i prefer to panua on 27th.Have a merry xmas too n a happy new year!

I also do wish u a merry xmas n a continuation of ur job in 2007.Vote wisely n rememba 2 put in a leader who wil cntinue letin equity grw in heaps n boundz.

Eee na kazi iendelee.Naskia uko nyayo stadium

Wish u a lovely christmas galfriend,the very best God has in store 4 u.In 2008,kazi iendelee with greater momentum.Niko waks saa hii,na kazi inaendelea;-)

Tupatane kwa sanduku!.MERRY CHRISTMAS DEAR GAL & A 2008 filled with hope & PLENTY.AMANI.

Am nt takin that politely.

Meri xmas 2 lakini kazi iendelee sababu ishaanza my dear.wacha raila akule kisu kwanza

I do take this oppotunity 2 wish u my friend a merry xmas, a Mwenge 27th na kazi iendelee mwaka 2008

A merry xmas 2 u 2!Maisha bora(grrhhh, that is a recipe 4 disaster!). KAZI IENDELEE

I also do take this oppotunity 2 wish u my friend a merry xmas and a wise choice at elections.Na kazi iendelee in 2008!

Yeah you too. Lakini wewe ni nani my dear?

CHUNGWA'? No! I dnt want to believe that! Have a mary-Chris-mas

Jesus ws born to lighten our loads.This Christmas don't ask for a light load,ask 4 a strong back.U always hav Jesus! MERRY X-MAS! N vote Kibaki on 27th.

After tryin 2 papanua ur msg,i finally wish u merry xmas n a kazi iendelee year with betta fruits.


To the ones ODM way i send them this text: I do take this oppotunity 2 wish u my friend a merry xmas, Emillio 27th and a Kazi iendele 2008. These were the replies i got:

I thot u eat orange cake like me?

Hellooz what a suprise.u 2 dear hav a merry xmas & be wanned that Deadly mountain flu known as PNU which affects the brain has been reported in central kenya.The region is under quarantine.Pple in other parts of kenya are advised to take ODM pills 1 full orange for 7 days to avoid infection.happy New yr.

Thx 4 the 4 2008 ni chungwa 1 maisha bora.mabadiliko na RAILA.

Thank you for the sms. Me raila xmas and agwambo new year.



Then there are those who like me dont care much if its Kibaki, Raila or Kalonzo, i send them this text: I do take this oppotunity 2 wish u my friend a merry xmas and a happy new 2008.on 27th Matiba will get my appreciation vote for what he did in the 1990s. These are the replies i got:

Desparate for votes frm sex workers, Kibaki has now declared Koinange Street a ful District.. Ati ndio kazi iendelee.

Thank u dear,Merry Xmas too n a blessed 2008.


All in all my fellow Kenyans, whoever wins the elections remember that life will have to go on and eventually its us the people who will determine if will have a better Kenya or not.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


sayra said...

Opss ...

Anonymous said...

What about Stevo wiper na chungwa plus or you have also been influenced by Staedmann.

Silaha said...


Thanks for the Christmas laughs. The K-Street response was by far the best in my opinion.

On a more serious note, this underscores how seriously people are taking this election, which is good -- we need to take our votes seriously -- and concerning -- a whole bunch of people will be disappointed come the 28th or 29th.



Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

And to you too my dear!

Anonymous said...

That was a brilliant idea... am only puzzled how did you know who would vote for which side?

Amazing insights on how the voters view each other...


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

haya, Sayra you mean you are a lady? forgive me the name threw me i was calling you Bw.Sayra!
pleasure to make your acquaintance!

sayra said...

Yah am a lady Luke.

Anonymous said...

and what a lady you are Sayra-i like you already!

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