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Monday, December 10, 2007

Shock As Newspaper Reveals Steadman's Links With Kibaki's Inner Circle

When I read this article in the East African Standard a few minutes ago, a chill went through my spine. The men mentioned are some of the most dangerous tribalists in the president's campaign team. I will be revealing more about what some of these "respected" characters have been saying privately about NOT allowing a "Luo presidency at all costs."

Read the East African Standard article on Steadman's most guarded secret


Anonymous said...

First let's not lose focus on the fact that the 'Standard' is predominantly an ODM paper, just like this blog. But if indeed there's a link between Kibaki's "inner circle" and Steadman, then why hasn't PNU and Kibaki been leading in the polls??
Even if the polls are somehow rigged in one way or the other, it us Kenyans who will eventually make the final decision, not steadman!

Vikii said...

Why did you get shocked? I thought Miguna Miguna had talked of the same thing a couple days before.

Lemmie ask you one question; Does it mean Roger Steadman's professionalism should be questioned just because he has friends in government? This is what I have been calling unnecessary baby-crying among you ODM supporters. I know the predictable ODM crowd that cannot argue will be up in arms calling me exported villager because of soiling the good name of .....

George Muhoho had a nephew who was running for president in 2002 and he categorically refused to back him. Obviously state house tried to bring him into the Uhuru campaign the same way they did to Njenga Karume but he refused. All I am saying here is that there are people who are principled. I cannot speak for Steadman but what I am calling for is a new way of thinking. The fact that we are corruptible doesnt mean anybody else is. It is very possible for Muhoho to be buddies with Steadman and still respect his job.

Look at it this way; You fellows are never tired of letting us know how Nicholas Biwott is evil and so his association with the Kibaki campaign tells us a lot about the kind of president Kibaki wants to be. I have been reading in this blog that his wife Prof Kamar is an ODM parliamentary candidate. Now what does that portend any possible Raila presidency? As in, let us judge individuals for who they are not by their families or friends. If you have any reason to believe Roger Steadman or any of the other co-owners is corruptible that's fine but villifying them for merely having friends in any political camp is the height of dishonesty.

Please do not knock of my comment. I have gone to great heights to make it a bit not so-unpalatable for you guyus.

Taabu said...

Typical Kenyan way of thinking is to read malice where none exists. Steadman is no island unto himself and why can't he have friends? This may have only raised eyebrows because his buddies are no rodinary chaps otherwise the chap must not be crucified on a cross he never purchased.

But wait a minute! It is near difficult for a foreigner to start business without local partnership. And there starts the smell. There is no free lunch mark you. Roger Steadman himself has said that the Dec 27 polls will vindicate his transparency. It is not only 15 days to have his buddle either fly or pierced.

Let us not fight science nor legislate it the Obwoncha way. That would be tantamount to stiffling progess. No need to cry wolf, ama iko?

kalamari said...

In business circles, credibility and professionalism…..just like respect, are traits that are earned…not just dished out. Now, I will never know Joe Wanjui or George Muhoho personally neither will they ever want to meet me, however, seeing how they are running Kibakis campaign, it is highly unlikely that the two will collectively put up a concerted effort to exercise restraint in calling up their old time buddy, Mr. Steadman.

That said, numbers do not lie but the people who compute them surely may lie.

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