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Monday, December 10, 2007

Kumekucha Poll Survey: Bizarre Results in Kisii

Anytime now, I will be releasing the results of a countrywide survey that I have carried out with the help of our numerous countrywide sources of information.

The different thing about this survey is that it was done amongst the ordinary folks of Kenya as well as the down and out struggling to put food on the table who make up the vast majority of voters.

To be absolutely honest I believe that I have always had my hand very close to the pulse of the nation, but I was still quite surprised by some of the findings that came through.

Today I will share about one of the areas of the country where our findings really surprised me.

I know the Kisii people fairly well and I have assumed all along that considering the strong influence Hon Simeon Nyachae has on the people in this area, ODM was unlikely to get anything better than lukewarm support from the Abagusii community.

My recent survey has proved just how wrong I was.

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Vikii said...

So where are the figures? You need not work so hard facilitating a "survey" Mr. Chris. The real election is comig in a fortnight and I guess it will be more accurate than all these polls. All thse polls have achieved whatever it is they set out to achieve, now let us wait for the judgement of the voters.

deroo said...

The figures aside, is Nyachae telling his emisaries to tell Raila that he will be supporting his presidential bid. Then next, we will hear as it was once said here that Gideon Moi wanted to support Raila but his father prevailed over him. Hiyo, Hapana...

It is a little bit late now. In any case, Chris Bichage of ODM is standing against Nyachae. Wacha watu wangojee debe iamue. Au siyo Vikii?

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