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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Raila Has Won Presidential Race, Kumekucha Tally Clearly Shows

Even as ODM were holding a press conference to claim victory in the presidential race, my tally as I had indicated in an earlier post clearly shows a Raila victory.

Interestingly the ECK is still giving Kenyans stories about missing returning officers and switched off mobile phones to divert attention from the crux of the matter.

Back to my figures. Assuming an amazingly high average voter turn out countrywide of 60% from approx 14 million voters, that would give you a total vote count of 8.4 million votes meaning that as soon as Raila hit 4 million votes he should have been declared the winner. Available figures show that Raila has accumulated well over 4 million votes.

Having said that, the new ODM government must institute immediate investigations into the strange vote counts in some areas of the country in Western Kenya, Eastern Kenya and the Mount Kenya region so as to prevent any future government allies (including the incoming ODM government) from ever using the same tricks in future elections.

Kumekucha takes this opportunity to congratulate Raila Odinga on being elected the 4th president of Kenya. However while wishing him the best I would like to remind him lest the comfort of State House and the trappings of power make him forget; wembe ni ule ule.


jatinga said...

Thank you Chris for keeping us informed. We appreciate the work you do on the ground. You and Phil are a heck of a team. Kudos to you two. Congrats President elect. Amollo Odinga!

Anonymous said...

60% turnout? You are kidding. Parts of the harsh Rift & Turkana registered 57%. Your arithmetic is deliberately based on underestimation in order to fit the conclusion!
Since "we in Kumekucha" are confident of an ODM win, what's the harm in waiting and frying PNU in its oil?

Vikii said...

He is not yet the president. I am not congratulating anybody yet. Raila Odinga has to learn to follow the law. This isa civilized society we are living in.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, how is Raila not following the law? It is Kibaki and his minions playing with the rule of law by submitting presidential results that exceed the number of registered voters in several constituencies. For once in your life, put down the crack pipe. This is about Kenya and it is bigger than Kibaki or Raila. You had emphasized that Kenyans would never vote for Raila and look what happened! Remember, it is not a coincidence that these strange mathematical gymnastics are happenening in Central and Eastern Province. Learn to be objective even when you cannot stomach the truth. Tough to do, huh? From your comments I know the answer to that.

Afriboy said...

Blue waters become incarnadine

As gun speaks lies.

Incumbent evil sleeps in dreams

Like a nightmare.

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