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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The ODM Is A Haven Of Fallacies

In exactly three days, Kenyans are trooping to polling stations to cast their votes. They will be voting for their civic and parliamentary representatives as well as for a president. A lot has been written in this blog about these elections. A lot has been said here about each of the main presidential candidates. A lot of opinion polls have been published here and a lot of reactive comments posted. The party that has received the most favorable coverage is clearly the ODM, both by the blog owner and by commentators. It is not very hard to figure out the political inclinations of the bulk of the Kumekucha readership. As Phil says, they are taking advantage of the facility given to them by Chris and that is very much in order. But what exactly is the ODM? Who drives the ODM and do they honestly believe an iota of what they advocate? These are pertinent questions that cannot be wished away.

The ODM has perfected the concept of Cognitive Dissonance. They preach water and drink wine. According o them, their pet subjects of tribalism and corruption are very flexible concepts open to different interpretations. They preach tribalism in all their rallies and turn around to accuse their opponents of the same. They talk ‘very seriously’ about their determination to fight corruption without telling us exactly how they will bring to book those within their ranks who are themselves ‘masters of the game’. One is described as being corrupt as long as he/she is not in their camp, but the moment they cross over, they are cleansed by the forgiving blood of Raila Odinga and his five angels in the Pentagon. One good example of this is Musalia Mudavadi’s involvement in the country’s biggest scam ever, the Goldenberg fraud. Mudavadi was Raila’s trump card in the pre Kibaki-Tosha Rainbow Alliance. When he chickened out of the race and endorsed Uhuru Kenyatta’s candidacy, Raila Odinga hit him hard on the Goldenberg scam. “Mudavadi was the Finance minister in 1993. He first paid out the first Shs 5.8 billion in export compensation and then the Shs13.5 billion. I know what I am talking about. I stand for the truth and the VP and the president should come out and prove me wrong.” These are not my words, they are Raila Odinga’s on the evening of November 16th 2002. He said these words at Meru’s Kinoru stadium in the company of JJ Kamotho, William Ntimama and Matthew Adams Karauri in defense of Prof. George Saitoti whom he had taken to court over the same matter earlier on. On 10th December 2007, he gave not a very different recitation the only difference being the replacement of Mudavadi with Prof. Saitoti. "We have a President who sees ahead. He is not a tribalist but a visionary. That is why we said "Kibaki Tosha,” Raila Odinga said this on July 18th 2003. The moment Kibaki fired him from his cabinet, he became a tribalist. I said here a while ago that someone who wants to be the president of a country like Kenya must have both the uprightness and the sufficient maturity to acknowledge that you can never re-write history no matter how hard you try. It is a pretty bad idea for a presidential candidate to shift positions at will because he is definitely going to bounce into a hell lot of problems sooner or later.

While still on the issue of corruption, should the captain as they call him, Musalia Mudavadi and William Ruto be allowed to come anywhere near the moral high ground? The issue of the molasses will keep cropping up whether we like it or not. In the last few days, Kumekucha and Kenya’s mainstream media have been full with little lectures on how the molasses deal was a clean one. Very few people buy that crap and it is important for Odinga and his family to explain to Kenyans how a piece of land that cost Shs 4 million in 1976 would go for Shs3.7 million 25 years later------Some seriously massive depreciation right there!

Musalia Mudavadi is synonymous with the Goldenberg scam. He is also said to be a key architect of what came to be referred to as The Anglo-leasing conman ship. People like William Ruto and Henry Kosgey do not even deserve a hearing in a court of law. That would be a waste of time and resources. They should be captured and frog-marched to the nearest police cell.

And that effectively leaves only Najib Balala and Charity Ngilu as the clean faces of ODM. Now the problem is nobody even within the ODM itself has any regard for these two. A week ago, Oburu Oginga, Raila’s elder brother said that Ngilu’s relevance was only if she could deliver some votes and parliamentary seats from Eastern province. What that means is that she is of zero value to the movement because we all know it would be easier for Mumbi Ngaru and Tony Gachoka to deliver Central than for Ngilu to deliver Eastern. Poor Ngilu, she has even been forced to rediscover her musical skills if only to please his majesty. Najib Balala on the other hand would make a good minister for Culture and Social services whereby his job would be meeting women groups all over the republic.

Then coming to ODM’s policy document which they call a manifesto but which in actual sense is a potpourri of high sounding lies and fantasies, I ask; who believes a thing about their promises? Propaganda mongering is what I consider to be ODM’s core competency. I know every adjective in the book will be unleashed on me but honestly, who believes that these fellows will allocate 60% of the GDP to fund CDF projects after channeling 10% to Infrastructure development? How will they be able to foot the salaries of civil servants and the additional 60,000 teachers they are hiring in the next six months? How are they going to take care of major government operations like the facilitation of the armed forces, free primary and secondary education and provision of “Affordable health care” to wananchi? How are they going to pay members of the Judicial service commission, The parliamentary service commission and even the public Service commission before they discard it? These are not idle questions; these are genuine questions begging for genuine answers. We don’t want a manifesto that is ‘voidable’ upon assumption of office. Give us realistic goals and the roadmap towards the realization of those goals. I agree that reorganization and governance change should be undergone about as major surgery, but I also believe it should be as well planned and as effectively executed.

While I have no doubt in my mind that the ODM is losing the elections, I do not understand the heroic receptions they have been getting in some parts of the country. This is partly good because having a strong opposition is something the country badly needs, but it is worrisome that there are Kenyans who honestly consider these fellows worthy of leading a nation.
“Why does someone believe you when you say there are 4 billion stars but check when you say the paint is wet?”


Anonymous said...

well said Bwana Vikii. Just for clarification purposes, i have always made it clear that i am NOT amongst the bulk of Kumekucha readership that is in support of ODM, ODM K or PNU (not that this was ever in contention but it is good to be clear). The questions you posed are very worth answering because they transcend far above simply coming out in defence of any one party, and to answer them from such a narrow partisan perspective will only prove that next week in the country we will either have a change or continuation of PERSONALITY politics and not the badly needed injection of new LEADERSHIP and new IDEAS that we require
I am especially concerned that the promises made by especially ODM concerning corruption will not take place. This is because as you have rightly stated, they are guilty too. my advice? If they win next week, lock themselves up for 12 months (for some it maybe more) as beginning for making restitution to Kenyans. In that sense, i see ODM and ODM K more willing to lock themselves up than PNU-those fat cats have tasted the good life and no amount of visa banning will encourage them to reform their devious ways

Tom Mwendwa said...

Poor Vikii, your head tells you Raila and ODM will win, but your heart hopes it doesn't happen. Only one completely blind and deaf would have failed to notice the palpable sense of expectancy (for change) that is sweeping the nation. The questions you so 'concernedly' lay at ODM's door can all be re-contextualised and asked of Kibaki and PNU, so spare us this tiresome record. The buck stops with the CEO and he has fared rather poorly in that respect.

I had a quiet chuckle at your silly contradiction below:
"While I have no doubt in my mind that the ODM is losing the elections, I do not understand the heroic receptions they have been getting in some parts of the country."
Just one correction, it's "most parts" not "some parts".

Have a nice Christmas and vote wisely :)

The Rendezvous said...

Well said but leaves some other issues never answered.

Raila, it seems, can make Kenya Change and that is why we will vote for him.

You didn't talk about our biggest worries like Insecurity, The Mungiki menace, Artur Mercenaries who come from improverished countries of Eastern Europe to come and harrass us in OUR own Country.

You haven't talked about Constitution which we need MOST.

Talk about some change.We gave Kibaki and his LOT 5 good years.They were bashing RAILA for 5 years.Look, they have now put themselves in a wrong equation.

motosana said...

Vikii - did you say Balala is clean? Dont give him the culture or whatever ministry. Give him GENDER AND EQUAL SEX PREFERENCEs minstry. He will galantly fight for the rights of gay men by proposing a bill in parliament. That is not a rumour, ni kweli kwamba he prefers men to women. Kwani what do yu think made him chicken out of his post as Mombasa Mayor? Blackmailed by his lovers with hard evidence. If he tries to sue you for posting this thread..dont worry I shall provide u enough evidence

TR said...


Your article captures a lot of what is wrong with Kenya politics today. Convenient alliances, corruption, lies, etc. What it fails to do however is to capture the current mood in the country. It is perhaps for that reason that you state, and I quote:
"While I have no doubt in my mind that the ODM is losing the elections, I do not understand the heroic receptions they have been getting in some parts of the country". I do not think that MK or KM could make such a statement. I am reminded of the the 2004 US elections when the so called "elite" were completely convinced that there was no way that GW was going to win the election. What they failed to understand was that the electorate, that is the voters did not really care. They were the ones to make the final call. If I were you I would refrain from making such a statement especially at a time like this. In the end you may sound like a Frenchman or woman who could not understand why Americans would make a stupid mistake like electing GW.

I may not like Raila but concede that he has captured the mood in country. If electioneering is likened to retail, then it would seem that ODM has succeeded in selling their vision to the electorate while PNU has failed. This Thursday Kenyans will be making a choice between two visions of the country as propagated by the leading parties. Whoever wins (and the bets are on ODM) will be the ones that will have succeeded in selling their product to the electorate.


Phil said...

Vikii my guy. I am reading this vey late Sunday night.Thanks so much. I shall respond in due course. At least today, I have confirmed that, just like many others, you suffer from Raila mania. Tuta bonga. Thanks.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

You are so blunt Vikii. Good timing though. When 'the people' go into the voting booths on Thursday, they know that they will be voting for either a continuation or a change of continuation. Either way, the difference is the same. If we don't get liberated for the umpteenth and final time, Kazi iendelee!

abby said...

Any change is better than no change at all. Remember in 2002 Kibaki was elected on the same principle of zero tolerance on corruption, yet he had served under Moi for 10 or 15 yrs. The point is that no one party is perfect, all parties have tainted or perceived to be tainted individuals. Let's give Raila a chance to tacle this monster called corruption. History will judge his performance, and not this writers preconceived thoughts.

Philip Roy said...

Hi Vikii.

You have scored a good one for your team. Just hoping it's not ODM-K ,coz Kalonzo was the guy who saw no evil nor heard any.

The only thing I have a problem with is your statement below:

"Najib Balala on the other hand would make a good minister for Culture and Social services whereby his job would be meeting women groups all over the republic."

As a Mzalendo any job given to you to serve the people, is a job that needs to be well done.So you are wrong for this one.

This is the kind of mentality which leads to divisions in the cabinet and in the end, under qualified people occupy offices they have no general knowledge about.

Anyway, may the best team win.Happy Holidays


Anonymous said...

Seems too good analysis but too little too late bro. The KENYANS if they ever are have DECIDED and sine only four of us have read this. AHA FOUR VOTES out of the tauted billions. what a difference. Come out and talk loud but Both PNU and others are all the same. Why not Pius then?

Mzalendo said...

I agree with you that you should not rewrite history (you can re-write it, but it won't be true). Needless to say, you are a PNU supporter, so you only saw one side of the argument. However, I'll try put you straight on 4 of your key arguments:

1) The numerous attempts to hang the Kisumu Mollases Plant as an albatross around Raila's neck have failed to stick for the simple reason that there's nothing there [also see Probe clears Odinga family name over molasses plant ]. I remember when the plant was being auctioned and it turned out that Moi's government had cleverly left out the land on which it stood as part of the deal. All the bidders then chickened out and even Raila's Spectre was laughed at for falling for the trick. However, Spectre eventually was the only bidder willing to pay anything reasonable for the plant (even going as far as raising funds from among Nyanza people, for which it's yet to fully account). It won the bid, but on the understanding that it would negotiate with the government about the land. The firm eventually bought the land, as it turns out, at an "unrealistic" price. The question is: was the deal based on a "willing buyer, willing seller" basis? Who set the price? If, as it is alleged, the deal was made to appease Raila when he merged his party with Kanu, wouldn't it be more reasonable to question those who sold him the land at that ridiculous price (Moi and his cronies)? After all, the purpose of bargaining is to get the best possible deal, so if Spectre got a sweet deal the onus is on the seller to justify why it sold the land for that price.

2) PNU keeps harping on the argument that Raila is surrounded by corrupt individuals (Mudavadi, Ruto, Kosgei), but conveniently forgets to mention that Kibaki is now in bed with people who are PROVEN thieves (e.g. Moi, Saitoti, Kiraitu, Mwiraria, Murungaru). You rehash the argument that Raila said in 2002 that Mudavadi paid out Goldenberg money, but turn a blind eye to the fact that the Goldenberg Commission, which was instituted by Kibaki's own government and staffed with Kibaki friendly judges, lawyers, and seasoned prosecutors like Gibson Kamau Kuria, absolved Mudavadi in 2004 and asked him to become state witness. Similarly, Ruto's case is in court and should have been prosecuted long ago notwithstanding the tired PNU propaganda that the constitutional reference he filed has prevented the case from proceeding, because you and I both know that the judiciary is headed by the Kibaki-friendly Chief Justice Evans Gicheru and Attorney General Amos Wako, who could constitute a bench to hear the case today if they wanted (yes, the same ones who conveniently absolved Saitoti of Goldenberg infamy and barred any court from ever charging him again EVEN IF HE WERE TO CONFESS!!) and if they didn't know that the outcome would absolve Ruto and point the finger at Moi and Saitoti. Kibaki's PNU handlers know that doing so would also prove ODM's assertion that the constitution needs to be ammended to curtail presidential powers because the current constitution that allows Kibaki to allocate state land to the landless also allowed Kenyatta to alienate land and allocate hundreds of thousands of hectares to himself, his cronies, and his tribesmen and women in the the 60s and 70s, and Moi to dish out land to his cronies, including, I suppose, the likes of Kibaki and Ruto in the 80s and 90s.

3) You further regurgitate the spurious argument that ODM's promises cannot be fulfilled based on its stated objective to devolve 60% of state income to the regions and spend 10% on infrastructure. You seem to think that what's impossible for PNU to even imagine is impossible for everyone else. If that were the case entrepreneurship would not be possible, for we know that most entrepreneurs often have to fight to even start their "impossible" projects. You also conveniently forget that your guy Kibaki thought not so long ago that multi-partyism was "impossible" (remember his famous "you cannot fell mugumo tree with a wembe" statement in 1991?), though now he claims to have single-handedly expanded the democratic space. If we listened to him and Moi then and not to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, we'd still be under Moi's yoke today. In any case who said that the majimbo government would start on January 1st if ODM won on December 27th? All I have heard from ODM is that it intends to push for the Bomas constitution within 6 months of assuming leadership and only implement devolution of power and resources AFTER a national referendum if a majority of Kenyans vote for it. My understanding is that it is the constitution and supplementary acts of parliament that will provide the details of how the regions will be governed and resources allocated, but that 60% of those allocations will focus on the regions, not the central government. What makes you think that once devolution takes place the central government will have the bloated civil service that currently obtains? Once you transform the provincial administration (PCs, DCs, DOs, Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and their unwieldy support staff) into elected regional representatives, why can't that 60% cater for their wages? Remember, if well implemented the regional and central civil services need not be bloated as staff should be employed on merit and as needed. Before you go ga-ga on me, notice I said IF, which is going to be a challenge, but not impossible if people elect decent managers. Only those directly employed in central government (e.g., those who deal with national infrastructure, planning, and ministerial staff, etc) need be paid by central government.

4) Kibaki did not turn into a tribalist the moment he fired Raila as you state; no, he did that the moment he fixed his Mt. Kenya tribesmen in all key/critical government ministries and financially lucrative departments (finance, defense, education, energy, KRA, etc), even bringing in people like Njenga Karume who only a few weeks earlier had called him an ungrateful s.o.b, actively campaigned against him, and voted against him. He dumped those who'd campaigned tirelessly for him, particularly Raila, in exchange for names Kenyans outside Central and upper Eastern Provinces had never heard before (like Murungaru, Mwiraria, Kimunya, etc). When Raila declared "Kibaki Tosha" he was playing politics for sure, but we all thought Kibaki was a visionary then, not the parochial leader he's since proved to be. Raila should not have to apologize for "seeing" the true Kibaki, for gaining wisdom is not a sign of weakness (or flip-flop). While you do not understand the heroic reception Raila receives everywhere he goes, and PNU wonders why people do not see Kibaki's "development record" over the past five years, the "gullible" Kenyans both understand what Raila stands for and REALLY do see what Kibaki has done for them: impassable roads in areas outside Central Province, sky high inflation (and impossible prices of essential foods), tribal-based staffing and hirings, and sooooooooo many other negatives. The so-called positive economic growth is merely a statistic that makes sense to people who earn millions, but a mirage to the 50% of Kenyans who live below the poverty level of one dollar a day (and that is shs. 62 at current rates.) Pray, tell, how much is 6.5% of shs. 62? That's how much improved my mother's life has been under Kibaki's slumbership.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are not fools. Everything you have said is true (although you would have a hard time selling the idea that reviving the mollasses plant after 10 years of metal rotting at a minor 'corruption' cost was worse than leaving it to continue rotting. Do not forget that in many cases, the governement has actually donated land free to investors. Raila at least paid for it - and this is and which - at that time, the people would have been happy to give him for free in return for starting a job-creating business). I think that most Kenyans know everything you have said and yet they will be willing to support Raila because they know that it is the best chance (I repeat the word chance - for no one can ever be certain that any other so-called clean angelic political leader will remain so after tasting power)for a real change towards a modern accountable democratic government. Most Kenyans also understand that Raila needs Ruto, Mudavadi and Kosgey to win - what else would be the alternative? A revolution? Can you and I quickly build a national profile enough to enable us win a national election? Ruto, Mudavadi et al already have national profiles - their past misdeeds notwithstanding. They have a following. The point is that Kibaki has been given a chance and has disappointed us in, among many things, corruption and tribalism. Not to mention the Mamluki's saga, the shame of denying a wife, the shame of a mama makofi, the upsurge in drug business and crime, the protection of Livondo with tax-payers money when Kenyans are dying in Mt Elgon and Kuresoi. Etc. Kenyans are willing to take a risk with Raila, to take him at his word just in case - just in case he might actually fulfill (even 70%) of his promises. If he doesn't, well, Kenyans will vote him out. And that is democracy.

Anonymous said...

I wish more Kenyans would ask these very pertinent questions to the ODM leadership. It is sad that many have been hoodwinked by ODM’s blatant lies and carried away by the Futile winds of euphoria. In the name of Kibaki toka. Seriously, how do you go around the country attacking your opponent when you yourself has blood on your hands!!!! It is unbelievable that these people have the audacity to cheat Kenyans like this. I am hoping (rather foolishly I must confess) that Kenyans with all their superior intelligence and all will see through the lies and not agree to be hoodwinked, msema kweli December 27th.

Shiroh said...

You have shocked me Chris, you have just reinvented yourself as a blogger. Those indeed are points which every Kenyan needs to ask themselves before they vote for anyone. ODM is losing and now they want everybody to believe its because Govt has rigged.

I however respect Mrs. Ngilu for her marvelous work at the Ministry of Health, politics as we will learn can be very costly.

Anonymous said...

Oops! you are so confused. We are winning BIG, whatever your intentions, they fell on deaf ears. ODM WIN!

macs34 said...

Vikii i really respected your views in here but today thank you but no thanks.... your layout of "big word' in this piece give me a chance to say wow! I just hope you will av the stomach to take in what you have vomited (more so i hope chriss will post this for me)

who doesn't know that Saitoti went before a friendly judge to exonerate him of Goldenberg?

What Can be said of Mwiraria, Murungaru,Kiraitu and Biwott? What can be said of Kamlesh?

What can be said of Livondo who cant even say a full 12 word sentence in English with his money and where it came from?

Let us not be angels and forget about our own closets. Am sick and tired of people pointing at Mudavadi, Ruto and Kosgey in ODM to justify your own ends.

Why does it have to be that any ODM man or woman says something and that all is lies?

What can be said of Kirwa and the sugar saga? Kituyi and his wife her of the famous seeds export and import?

It was not about entrenching Jirongo in ODM for the sake of numbers it was on the principal of integrity and transparency that he was sidelined! for who really wants tainted person like him! Raila knew this too! And just like saitoti and others have been exonerated so is Mudavadi
For your information before Kamlesh "Bought" KENDA he had approched the Pentagon to be entrenched in ODM but no space was there! The only option for him was PANUA where all the "rotten" are who think that their ills will be protected by the power that be.

Its amazing that you talk of tribal in here. Moi himself has never left his Rift valley jargon and took his campaign to somewhere else yet you talk of tribalism!


ritch said...

Vikii, you've done me proud. Those are the kind of sentiments and thoughts that should be doing their rounds in every Kenyan's head.
Once again, thanks....

Taabu said...

Congrats Bw Vikii and what a marvelous inaugural post. You have spoken and let those who stand by the truth find fault with your take and apologists get hot under the collar. Onle 2 days to go and it will be all over tears and cheers. Na bado.

deroo said...


I do support every word that you have said here. Vikii, unless we are a mad society, what Raila Odinga keeps on saying is not possible. Raila Odinga believes that because he is saying what people want to hear, he is right. No.

There are systems that have to be followed and simply by telling a mob that you will give them 60% of the national income is not all. What is the practicability of the same? It cannot happen at all. The office of the president alone spends more than 10% of the national income. If as he says he employs 60,000 teachers how will he pay them?

How, is the recruitment of teachers done? Please somebody help me out. Do you wake up and say. Teachers come for employment? No, there are budgetary reasons to be put in place and other things that have to be considered. Then, if it is that easy to employ teachers, the country could have found it even easier to employ policemen. I think security is a bigger problem.

Vikii, employing teachers and where do you take them? Is there a deficiency and in which areas? Raila and his bunch of dreamers should think loud about that. I have called them tribal shysters. Kamiti Prison United FC and illusionists.

The other day, Raila launches an attack at Daniel Moi for allegedly deciding for the Kalenjins what direction they follow politically. Is Moi not a Kenyan? Is Moi not supposed to have his personal decision when it comes to politics? Oh Poor Raila. When Uhuru Kenyatta was in the NO Camp, he was a great man. When Moi supported the same he was wise, when Julia Ojiambo was in mainstream ODM she was the best. All this have been rubbished by Raila. To him, they are all useless, Nyongo was the architect of the economic recovery and Kibaki could have done better! Hapanaa….

Raila Odinga tell people that he is trying to end what is being touted as monarch state in Kenya and even lies that Jimmy Kibaki will leave it to who and Uhuru Kenyatta will leave it to who. Is Bondo constituency not a monarch? Is Gachoka, home to the Nyagah’s not a monarch and was Sabatia until 2002 not a monarch. The three are represented by sons of men who have in the past served as respective MPs.

As you say, it leaves out Najib Balala and Charity Ngilu (She will be jobless on December 28 – I am sure of that). Apart from personal stories heard about him, Balala, the Harvard in Toronto graduate will be forced to call on all the desperadoes at Makuli Fagia and Buxton to carry the day. But it is obviously a titanic battle.

I support every word in your posting to the hilt!

Meanwhile, on December 27 2007 ….PNU….Kibaki Tena!...Kazi iendelee.


Anonymous said...

I repeat what I have said before: I hope that the one wins who has the plight of the Kenyan People at heart ... and not the 'plight' of his own deep 'financial' pockets ..... as it was the case in all the former elections (Parliamentary or Presidential) before ....

But maybe I am wrong .... maybe the one winning is the one who cares the less ... the one who took Kenyans for a 'ride' ?????????

Maybe I have underestimated Kenyans and they are as 'stupid' as they used to be during and after all the Elections since their their co-called 'Independence' ............

John Maina said...

Vikii must be put on a suicide watch in case Raila wins.

COACH 4LIFE said...

Where can you find a politician who subscribe to values that Vikii is championing. Every game as its rules. politics unfortunately is not governed so much by moral values.

Raila Odinga is a politician per excellence he is not a Pastor, Banker,teacher, musician etc

Unless we learn to reach heights of excellence in our respective fields we will always be mediocre. Raila knows too well he is a politicain and he knows when to play politics and when not to, in anycase he does it well.

If we allow our emotions to come in place of proper reasoning our intelligence fails to come through. Remmember once ODM assume power those in the august house will drive policies. It will not be Raila Odinga per se, but his goal of becoming president would have been achieved.


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