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Sunday, December 30, 2007

ODM: ECK Announced Results for 48 Constituencies Without F16A

ECK put in a quagmire, as ODM demands certified documentary evidence

The ODM has just addressed a packed press conference indicating that presidential results from a total of 48 constituencies were doctored to favour President Kibaki. Interestingly, the press conference was held at the ECK press centre in the presence of their PNU counterparts - who listened wide-eyed!

The press statement read by Eldoret North MP elect and pentagon member - William Ruto - was to show that someone within the ECK headquarters in Nairobi has marked-up figures so as to deprive Kenyans of their true leaders. This complaint has already been formally filed with ECK yesterday.

For example, according to Ruto, Igembe South constituencies form16A - specifically flown in by chatter flight at the expense of ODM - shows that Kibaki garnered 45,029, while the ECK announced 60,050 votes! Similarly in Kieni constituency Kibaki garnered 54,377 while the ECK announced 72,054! What is shocking however, is that in Juja Kibaki garnered 48,293 votes but the ECK announced 100,390 votes and the sum total of parliamentary votes cast were 85,000 votes. In other words, 15,000 voters came and voted for Kibaki as president - and then walked away without bothering with parliamentary and civic polls! Mwea constituency is another example where form16A shows Kibaki garnered 62,374 votes but the ECK "awarded" him 82,374 votes, while in Molo it was actually 50,175 for Kibaki while the ECK gave him 74,474.

The ODM is saying, if elections were about awarding votes, ECK may as well give Kibaki 500,00 votes for free!

ODM has vowed that unless the ECK backs up its announcement with certified documentary evidence, ladies and gentlemen, this country is headed to the dogs.

ODM further insists that the figures they have tabled are in public domain. The press and all political parties have figures and any variance with ECK officially announced figures is unacceptable.

According to ODM tallying, and as reported by this blogger yesterday, the presidential election results between the top two candidates are as follows:-

Raila: 4,215,437
Kibaki: 3,748,261


Dr. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has conducted very passionate prayers for the country after the ODM press conference.

Raila had earlier been interviewed by German TV channel - and Raila speaking in German - informed the country that all ODM agents have now arrived with the actual results that were signed by representatives of all political parties and have also this morning be made to swear affidavits.

The country Kenya is presently walking on thin ice and I ASK AGAIN: Will Kivuitu take my unsolicited advise and nullify presidential polls, if not confirm Raila as president?

Or did someone give Kivuitu a job that is far above his capabilities?

PNU are now about to address their own press conference at the same venue. Watch this space.


Hellen Okello said...

Phil, Chris, thanks for being true citizen journalists.

Phil said...

15h13 local time sunday 30th December.

Mungatana talks outside the KICC with the press on behalf of ECK.

PNU are saying they take great exception to ODM occupying the seat of ECK Chairman during their press conference.

PNU say that ECK operate under rules. Therefore allow ECK to read (fraudulent?) results.

PNU accusses ODM of inciting the public to disorder and is holding ODM fully responsible for the mayhem that has gripped the country. PNU accussing the ODM of using delaying tactics.

Mungatana says ODM should wait and challenge these results in a court of law, after allowing ECK to announce its work.


Mwangi Kiunjuri takes over from Mugatana, says Ruto is lying to Kenyans.

Prof. Kibwana says that ECK is the one mandated to declare results. ODM is not supposed to declare results. Says ODM results are not factual and this is not good. Ask Kenyans to be peaceful (fraud???).

Let the ECK allow make the reuslts.


Wentangula takes over - reminds Kenyans of yesterdays mayhem and looting and destruction of property. Says ECK is a impartial arbitrator, and ODM should not abrogate itself as a player and referee.

my opinion is that PNU have no response to ODM statement.

Anonymous said...

kibaki has proved to be the worst prezo Kenya has ever had.He does not care whether the country would plunge into chaos. Am sorry to say this, " i now know why man go for war when democracy is in jeopardy"

Anonymous said...

"According to ODM tallying,"

Yeah, odm tallying and NOT ECK.
Kwani odm also count the official polls, wait for the entire results to come out, impatient tosser.
Odmorons just cant accept that Kibaki's comeback in the polls isn't based on sleaze. Wacheni ujinga and stop rioting like uncivilised simpletons

Mdawida said...

PNU has no facts and has shamelessly been caught with their hands in the cokkie jar. Whats with rumours doing the rounds that the army has been on high alert all day. The GSU units quickly dressed in riot gear after the announcement. Swearing in just minutes from the fraudulent declaration. Disgusting in this time and age.

Vikii said...

" opinion is that PNU have no response to ODM statement". It is not them to set the agenda. It is also my opinion that the ODM has no valid explanation as to why they are behaving as if they are the ECK. Since when did William Ruto, a serial election thief, start heading the Electoral Commission? Nobody will be moved by those shenanighans and the earlier the ODM mob understands that the better.

Charles said...

So has anyone read the findings of the Kriegler report? I have.

Our politicians lied through their teeth.

Please read, analyse and be informed.

Wananchi tafadhali tugutuke!

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