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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kenya Elections 2007 Set To Go Down In History

All indications are that the ECK is about to announce President Kibaki the winner of the 2007 General elections. Somebody has given me a figure of 40,000. That is the margin Kibaki will allegedly win the presidency with.

Security is being beefed up all over the country and it seems to me that this is in readiness for this announcement.

It is believed that the President is strongly considering announcing Kalonzo Musyoka as his vice president and will form a colaition with ODM-K. Interestingly the ODM-K leader had a press conference earlier today where he appealed for calm and urged Kenyans to accept the election results. He is currently at the KICC ECK nerve centre with others waiting for Kivutu's verdict. Incidentally the Pentagon (ODM) is reported to have left KICC for an unknown destination.

Meanwhile PNU leaders have just held a press conference where Amos Kimunya, Musikari "lost his parliamentary seat" Kombo, and Kivutha "lost his parliamentary seat" Kibwana have accused their opponents of trying to intimidate the ECK and "doing everything possible to prevent them from announcing the results." The PNU leaders have appealed to Kenyans to accept the results.

The writing is clearly on the wall. All this is to prepare Kenyans for the announcement of a Kibaki win. A man who has lost so badly in at least 5 provinces is now set to rule Kenya. Interestingly the opposition in Moi days could not win because of the vast voter rich Rift Valley. Now the ECK may want us to believe later today that the Kikuyu vote with a little help from Meru and Embu can win the presidency.

I have travelled in many parts of the country and I can tell you that Kenyans do not need to be incited to say "NO" to a Kibaki win this time round. That is the truth. Let those who have stood with the president in his Kamikaze and suicidal decision be prepared to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that are sure to follow.

God help Kenya, God have mercy on Kenya.


Anonymous said...

Kibaki should never have run for presidency in the very first place. He went back on his word of a one term presedency. Surely, he, like his predecessor, my beloved Moi, should hand over power smoothly. The votes have been rigged in front of our very own eyes. Closing the gap from a million votes to a mere 38000 votes in a matter of hours, and now rumours that he is to win by 40000 votes?! We Kenyans are not fools. I'm afraid a Kibaki win announcement will only mean one thing-immense bloodshed

Vikii said...

Mr. Anonymous, if you are trully not a fool, what is your argument here? Does it matter how many hours it took to close the gap? What matters is what votes had not been tallied when the 1 million difference prevailed.The ODM people should have demanded the tallying of theMeru vote then, so as to avoid this shock.

Mdawida said...

I wonder who the fool is now. Vikii youre it. How can you support such thuggery without shame. I hope you think the bloodshed was worth it.

Vikii said...

Mdawida if I am a fool then the English language is yet to come up with a word that identifies you. What is it that you call thuggery? In my opinion, thuggery is typified by criminals who want to hijack the work of the ECK. Criminals who have beeen idle all their lives now looting in the property of those who have been working hard just because some lunatics have lost in a fair election. Give me the evidence of rigging and stop this stupid domo, u FOOL.

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog searching on google.

I have been in contact with family back home to get up to date info on what is happening.

The issue for me is that there were irregularities, and they need to be looked into.

Foul play is at hand here, it is blatant and obvious. It seems that in certain provinces there were more votes, than voters registered, go figure.

I thought things had changed back home, but hey some things stay the same.

It is a very sad day for some Kenyans.

A Free and democratic process, my big fat ass it is!

Anonymous said...

This is what no one is seeing,
Who of the Kenyans ever gets food from Kibaki or Raila? Who of us will automatically become rich just because anyone of them became the president? Who of you do they know personally?

People! People! Who is the fool who dies because a politician should win! Who fights for guys who just care for themselves and their families?

We need these politicians to give us back our country.

Who fuels ethnic animosity? Is it not people who leave with security through out their lives? We are the stupid donkeys who carry them to their lofty place and then die!!!!

You poor Kenyans! Grow up and stop dying for guys who have no clue what you ate yesterday! Or if you are dead! They say: SOME SACRIFICES HAVE TO BE MADE! YES, LET'S SACRIFICE SOME KENYANS! So I can get the top seat! What an obsession!

Rule us they will, but we need not die for them!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I acted under a pressure, says Kivuitu
How will the courts act..under pressure too?

babu said...

The source of funding for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) published in full, the entire list and their specific contribution with more than 20 organizations / individuals named.






1. Mr. C.Njonjo - 25,000,000
2.CMC Motors Grp- 20,000,000
3.CFC Bank 5,000,000
4. Land Rover Group Limited 55,000,000
5. JIAM 25,000,000
6. Pastor Gilbert Deya 20,000,000
7. Gilbert Deya Congregation (UK) 10,500,000
8. Mr.James Ongwae 3,500,000
9.Mr.Bosco Gichana 12,000,000
10. Mr.S.Osamba (Dallas Tx) 6,100,000
11. Tata Tea 50,000,000
12. Tata Consultancy Services 350,000
13.Tata Motors 35,000,000
14. Dr. Jane Konditi 250,000
15.Prof. J.Odoul 300,000
16. Mr.AA Walji 7,000,000
17.Hon.William Ole Ntimama 5,000,000
18. Mr.Zakayo Cheruiyot 4,500,000
19.Mr.Charles Onyancha 300,000
20.Brig. (rtd) Alexander Sitenei 225,000
21. Dick Morris Associates (pro bono services)21,335,000
22.Dr.S.Kosgey 2,500,000
23.Kisumu Simba League 21,750,000
24.Dr.P.Otuoma 250,000
25. Mr. S.Murunga (Kimilili) 8,500,000
26.Tony Texeira 21, 500,000
27. Mr. SS Sodi 150,000
28. Zubedi Group 20,000,000
29. Colourprint (Posters /Caps) 8,000,000
30. Anura Pereira 107, 000, 000
31. J.Okungu 350,000
32. Tony Buckingham 6,000,000
33.Col Tony Spicer 17,000,000
34. Mr.J.Kulei 39,000,000
35..Kamani Family 45,000,000
36.GOSS 12,500,000
37. Friends of Senator BO 66,00,000
38.P.K. Pattni 13,500,000
39.United Business Association 70,000,000
40.Westlands Association 12,800,000
41.Mr.P.Oriare 50,000
42.Premier club group 5,250,000
43.Gymkhana Group 5,150,000
44. Ms Esther Passaris 1,000,000
45. Adopt-a-light (advertising support) 20,000,000
46.Seifal-Islam Gaddafi 53,450,000
47. Visa Oshwal Group 10,200,000
48.Nakumatt H 26,000,000
49.Herr.Andrej Hermlin 100,000
50.Die Linkspartei (PDS) 35,000,000
51.Hon.Mudavadi Family 12,500,000
52. Spectre International & Associates 90,000,000
53. Energem Resourses Inc 52,500,000
54.Sandline International 10,000,000
55.Hon.Balala Family 8,000,000
56.Hon.William Ruto 10,000,000
57.Mr.D. Berg 1,500,000
58.Hon.Henry Kosgey & Friends 20,000,000
59. H.E.Obasanjo 25,000,000
60.Mr.S.Mwaita 1,000,000
61. S.A.Support group (M.Otieno) 25,000,000
62.DRC Support group 50,000 Chq RTD
63.Hon.O.Kajwang 3,500,000
64. Hon. J.Nyagah 3,500,000
65. Mr. L. Kaikai 500,000
66.SDP 1,800,000
67.NARC 650,000
68. GOP (America) 154,000,000
69.Nyanza Petroleum 1,500,000
70.Hon. Eng. Nyamunga 100,000
71. GM 2, 000,000
72. KASS FM 400,000


Parliamentary application Fees 295,000,000
Civic application fees 86,000,000

Dinners, Launches, Presentations 13,000,000
Merchandise Sales 4,300,000


msee said...

ODM should be given the Government to clear these debts in kind.

So it actually is business as usual?

It is not us they care about!!!

Ofcourse, sacrifice afew Kenyans of particular ethnic community!!

God Help us all.

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