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Friday, December 21, 2007

My Step-Mother’s Vote

At this time of the year, we all talk to our folks.

My Dad’s presidential vote looks like it is headed in Kibaki’s direction who he sees as the lesser evil of the 3 main candidates. The fascinating thing is that my step mother’s vote was headed in the same direction until the hot slap of the 12th of the December by Lucy Kibaki.

She says; “I hate to think what I would have done and felt if it was my husband being slapped. And to make matters worse in this case, his wife and children were present. And the man is a Mkamba like us. There is no way Kibaki is seeing my vote now.”

My Dad doesn’t think the slap is a big issue.

Mrs Kumekucha is voting Raila and has ignored all pleas from her brothers and sisters in the house of Mumbi who are rabidly Kibaki and very much anti-Mujaruo. Let me remind you that it was Mrs Kumekucha who said months back that it would take a major miracle and divine intervention for Raila Odinga to be elected president.

But I am happy to report that the various different political views in the family do NOT affect the way we relate. We respect each other’s views.

If I make it back home to vote, I will share with all of you exactly how I vote and why.


kalamari said...

Chris, your mother is very wise and intelligent. Your father on the other hand must be reminded to follow his wife….. and with very few questions at that. You see, as you must know by now, no man really leads any household; the wives do.

If the wife is wise, the household will prosper. If the wife is nuts, the household will follow suit. Now in the case of Lucy Kibaki as a wife………………………………..

Vikii said...

Actually nobody is wise in my family because they are not voting for raila. Is that what you guys call being nuts? Then everyone is nuts in my hood. Both parents and my sister voting for Kibaki(Slap or no slap), Vikii, his two brothers and MRS VIKII voting for Kalonzo.------Talk of below average Human beings!

Anonymous said...

so i must be the unwisest man in Kenya because i am not even going to vote at all-wisdom is sorely lacking in my case
Surely, how can there be a Mrs.Vikii?does she know you collect e-mail addresses on the side?merry Christmas bro

kalamari said...

Vikii, wacha kupapatika ovyo ovyo. Proclaiming ODM supporters as wise does not automatically suggest that PNU/ODM-K supporters are nuts. I cannot say that your family is nuts (although voting for Kalonzo is clearly bad judgment) not only because I have not met them but also because 'being nuts' is very relative. You see my friend, there's six million ways to die. One of them is trying to explain to Machakos residents that Kalonzo will not win and that he is in fact not the messiah.

Just because it's only a few days to the elections does not mean that chaps have to be so emotionally volatile. Relax…..and prepare to line up on State House Road to bid Kibaki farewell.

Vikii said...

Cool. I only have one question for Chris; I thought your dear mum died or she will be rising from the dead to vote for Raila, the panacea of all Kenya's problems?

Anonymous said...

I truly understand why Lusy was p/o at being called the other woman's name. there is nothing as bad as your hubby having mtu on the side. And this MC dude surely he should have known better. Lucy should have waited to slap the guy later.He deserved that slap For sure. Ask any woman in Lucy's position and they will tell you what they think about the other woman. let alone to be publicly humiliated and being addressed as her! She should have slapped him on both cheeks. Later lakini.
And the guy should now know to stick to titles kama he is not sure what one's names are.

chris said...

This is my step-mum.

In African culture you do not emphasize the "Step" aspect.

My biological mother passed on in August 1977 when I was in Std 7 and this is the only mother I have known since.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Kumekucha we're sailing in the same boat. I'm also from the house of Mumbi and to make matter worse I'm from Mukurwe-ini constituency - same place Lucy comes from. But I'm definitely giving my vote to Raila Amollo Odinga because I want change and a lot of people from this house think I must be mad!

The Statehouse slap was annoying but by that time I'd already made up my mind anyway.

deroo said...

Wangu Wa Makeri!!!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris, your step mom is taking your lessons too, huh? Thinking of herself and 'her people' as Kambas first, and nothing as Kenyans. How could that Kikuyu woman Lucy slap that man, a Mukamba like them? Your step mom could borrow some additional lessons from you by parading her tribal heritage for all to see, and use it to get votes for her preferred votes fro Raila.

Lets see, she is Kamba, born to what tribe, and married to what tribe is co-wife to what tribe(s?), and by extension her children, step children, grandchildren step-grandchildren, great grandchildren and step-great-grandchildren (you are a grandfather, if I remember correctly) are what tribe? Maybe she even has in-laws and step in-laws from other tribes as well.Kindly note these are not (Kenyan) people but votes for RAO in four days. Four.

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