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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Will Mutahi Ngunyi's Chilling Prediction On Kibaki Come True?

I hereby reproduce an article which we carried in Kumekucha more than a year ago.

Kindly note that this post has nothing to do with tribal opinions because Mr Ngunyi is a Kikuyu from Nyeri

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Will President Kibaki Hand Over Power Peacefully?

When former Nation columnist Mutahi Ngunyi boldly said in one of his columns 2 years ago, that he did not think that President Kibaki was capable of handing over power peacefully in the event of losing elections, many people wrote Ngunyi off as an alarmist.

Now after recent disturbing developments, including the raid on the Standard newspapers and KTN media houses, it is clear that this is no longer such a far-fetched suggestion.

Ironically Mr Ngunyi is now working for the Kibaki administration.

What is probably even more disturbing are the powerful forces working around the President. These are the same forces that cancelled a scheduled meeting between Raila Odinga and President Kibaki after the two met at Safari Park Hotel and mutually agreed on such a meeting.

This meeting would have been for the better of Kenya and those who cancelled it had their individual needs (which hinge on President Kibaki remaining in power) at the topmost on their minds.

Despite some well-laid plans, a defeat for the President is almost certain bearing in mind recent opinion polls. So what happens if the president and his men refuse to hand over power peacefully? What would be the consequences especially when you consider the fact that the wounds created by the referendum of last November are yet to heal?

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