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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Latest Briefs Elections 2007: Skirmishes Countrywide

Plus two corrupt men refuse to accept defeat from two young ambitious women heading to parliament

Skirmishes have now been reported in parts of Nairobi, Kisumu, Migori, Eldoret and Kakamega as the electoral commission has appealed for calm, claiming that they are trying their best to release the presidential election results as quickly as they can.

This should be a clear sign to those trying to "doctor" the results that Kenyans will not take it.

I am absolutely amazed at how some people are immune to grasping clear and very loud messages from the electorate. Imagine a situation where your point men (previously very popular) have all been rejected countrywide. Imagine a situation where your opponent already controls half of the total parliamentary seats and you still cannot sense the mood on the ground.

Even if Kibaki "wins" how will he rule? These are not the days of Moi and even then Moi did not have all tribes minus Mt. Kenya united against him.

P.S. Meanwhile after a tearful day yesterday being chased from the counting hall by riot police, Margaret Wanjiru is all smiles today as she has been announced the winner of the Starehe parliamentary seat. Kudos, Bishop. My great joy is that this means yet another woman in parliament.

Interestingly Mr K. Kaindi the immediate former MP of Kathiani (who distributed money in the mostly remote and poverty stricken constituency like there was no tomorrow) is like Maina Kamanda refusing to conmcede defeat in the hands of yet another woman, young and very attractive Wavinya Ndeti who has won the Kathiani seat with a huge majority.

Mr President, be careful that you do not face the direct wrath of the angry Kenyan voters, they are certainly in no mood for games.

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