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Friday, December 28, 2007

Kibaki's Last Desperate Move...

...And It Will Cost Kenyan Lives

Two incidences of yesterday that many did not take note of to me spoke volumes.

At first I ignored information which I received to the effect that John Michuki had put the crack paramilitary GSU on red alert. Were they fearing excessive celebrations by ODM and Raila supporters, I wondered?

Then a daily newspaper reported about President Mwai Kibaki's strange remark. On being asked by a Foreign journalist whether he would concede defeat, he replied in Kiswahili; "Wacha kuniuliza swali ya upumbavu." (stop asking me a stupid question).

Today Kenyans woke up to some strange happenings. To start with most parliamentary results are in but the presidential results are NOT. Then I personally observed some very "strange" results trickling in from the Mount Kenya region. Unbelievable voter turn out and very high votes for the president, but they do not tally with the parliamentary results.

If he has his way, we are about to see a President whose point men countrywide have been strongly rejected by the electorate being declared president. I wonder how he will feel having been elected ONLY by his own tribe and their neighbors. But I guess some people's consciences get numb when they have power and they would care less.

The big problem is that Kenyans are not going to take it lying down. As I post this I am being told that there is tension and trouble and skirmishes in parts of Nairobi.

Sam Okello has written an open letter that portrays the feelings of millions of Kenyans countrywide.

For those who pray, now is the time to get on your knees and seek divine intervention because the truth is that the country is on the verge of blood-letting.

I have been travelling a lot and even now I am still travelling but I will keep you posted throughout the day, as long as I can find electricity or a Cyber cafe.

I still stand by my Kumekucha poll which gives ODM and Raila over 60% and based on this it is very clear to me that already President Kibaki has rigged and votes in parts of Western and Ukambani do not make sense to me. In fact my careful estimates show that even with the rigging Raila has won. The delay in announcing certain results could be a bid to adjust and tinker votes in certain areas. But according to my calculations the only way Kibaki can win is with a voter turn out of about 150%

Stay tuned to Kumekucha...

Phil and other Kumekuchans currently in Nairobi, what is the situation in the capital city? Please update readers as I seek my insider contacts.

P.S. Is this why so many new ECK commissioners were appointed by President Kibaki who even wanted to remove Kivuitu and replace him with his personal lawyer (the current ECK deputy)?


dropmyload said...

Nairobi is a city under seige. There are soldiers everywhere, cars are being turned back at Kangemi Bridge refused entry.

People everywhere are worried, news on the ground is that Michuki is refusing to back down and is critically invoved in the rigging process.

Anonymous said...

..problem was that the PNU strategists underestimated the popularity of Raila, and when it was glaring that Kibaki was trailing in the vote-counting they resorted to such last minute cheap schemes.

but am amazed that with all its monies PNU should have done better! it ought to have foreseen a defeat

I wonder if Moi shared any rigging tips with kibaki?

Anonymous said...

it is indeed an embarrassing day for Kenya, after a high turn out peaceful polling day of voting and then this! shame on those ECK clerks colluding to manipulate figures,

the country has demonstrated mature election in the region but now we've been relegated to the levels of Nigeria

even if Pres. Kibaki is Sworn in on Monday, kenyan will be an unhappy lot

Anonymous said...

so now that we are already seeing what we all feared would happen,and now that all media are banned from updating us on the current happpenings around the country.Michuki has rattled the snake that is the electorate now all we can do is hope for the best .

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