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Saturday, December 29, 2007

ECK: Presidential Winner Will Be Announced Tomorrow

19h00 Saturday 29th December 2007

The ECK will announce Kenya's new president tomorrow (Sunday 30th December 2007).

This, according to Commissioner Tumwa, is to allow 29/30 December night for the ECK to verify all the 210 constituency files and announce the winner after reviewing all the files and ascertaining that the information therein is correct.

This is the decision of the ECK reached after deep consultation between the 21 commissioners and the Chairman. Each political party/presidential candidate will be allowed to have two agents together with the ECK commissioners during tonight's critical review sojourn.

It is not clear how the Kamukunji and Maragwa constituency files, which were rejected by the ECK earlier, will be reviewed or verified.

There seem to be a lot of animosity beween ODM and PNU although some media houses, like the Nation Media Group, have already started running peace campaigns in the TV stations.

Skirmishes, looting and violence have spread all over the country and unconfirmed reports reaching this blogger indicates several people have been killed while tens more are in hospital nursing injuries. People in Kibera and Mathare slums waved pangas and other crude weapons while others in the Nairobi CBD stoned cars, looted shops, lit huge bonfires and burned down informal settlement homes.

The US Ambassador was interviewed a few minutes ago and appealed to the political class to accept ECK results and reach out to their opponents so as to heal the country.

19h07: ECK press briefing ends with the above agreement. No further election results will be announced until the ECK and political party agents have audited the election results.

Any further developments shall be posted here.


mjamaa said...

Its so sad..that pple have to die out of this big issue....

Its so sad and prayers are needed here.......

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

OK, I'll wait, hoe the night is safe.

Its very very, I mean extremely irresponsible for Kumekucha to declare the president before the ECK does.

dropmyload said...

Update from media houses, they've been told to be on standby for swearing in of kibaki set for 10a.m tomorrow

Vikii said...

Kumekucha and his babaric colleagues in the ODM Pentagon and elsewhere need to know that we have a competent Electoral Commission that can do its job without tutorials by them. Musalia Mudavadi understands very little about running an election and he has no business announcing his "results". Those need to stay in his head until the end of time; we dont need them.
You see it is not criminal for the ODM to win. It is perfectly Ok for Raila Odinga to be declared president if he genuinely and fairly wins the election. We have to respect the will of the people. But he, his boys/girl and their hooliganistic supporters need to understand basic orderliness. I said here two weeks ago that people causing chaos are stupid because that chaos only serves to worsen their predictament. No decision will be reversed because some goons in Kisumu are looting loaves of bread and bottles of soda in Kisumu and Kibera.

Like I said, let whoever wins win but this little mentality some people have that it is "us or no one" is foolish.

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