Monday, December 31, 2007

Do We Mind The Lives Of Innocent Kenyans?

I am very much shocked with statements in Kumekucha calling for uproar and choas.

Don't these people - and this includes Hellen and Sam Okello (and please do not think that I am protesting their thoughts because of my personal grievance with them) understand that something like this will claim the life of innocent Kenyans? Kenyans who have gone to poll in a peaceful way trusting that their votes will be important not only to the future of Kenya but more important to their own life and future of their children?

And if people of the 'Kenyan Diaspora' continue talking like that, ask them to come back to Kenya and do what they ask now others to do, i.e. die ..... would they be willing to leave their safe sanctuaries behind and die on the streets of Kibera, Mathare and Kisumu ? Would they really?

I am sure they won't - and that's why I am asking them:

please stop asking for violence - unless you are willing to die yourself stop this call .... or I and others will challenge you to come back to Kenya and do what you ask others to do ...........

You have to understand that you are only playing into the hands of people like Daniel arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki, Mutula Kilonzo and others to 'prove' that Kenya and its people are not 'ready' to 'understand' the true meaning of Democracy !!!!!

Prove these people to be wrong - prove them to be ONE country - ONE People ...... but please, please STOP these call for violence !!!!!!!!


Ombati said...

In this tense period, we should learn something from the experience of the United States and handle our electoral tension and final outcome with dignity. Granted there have been differences. The exit polls predicted President Kibaki would win and so did Gallup pollsters. Other pollsters predicted a tight race with Mr Raila Odinga ahead. The race was hard and tight and the tension is understandable.

During the 2000 US Presidential elections, the suspense was even greater than what we are witnessing. However, Americans did not riot, throw stones, break windows, burn houses or challenge policemen. They did not congregate in their capital and town squares. They waited patiently for the counting to be done. Eventually, the final tally was declared and it was a very close election. George W Bush got 50,460,110 votes and Al Gore got 51,003,926, with Bush carrying the Electoral College votes.

There were no killings and threats of evictions. Americans patiently waited for the courts to determine the case and declare a winner. Once declared, the entire country closed ranks and moved on. Why? Because Americans value political stability more than they value precision democracy.

Our behaviour at this time will show not only how patriotic we are, but also how democratic we are. In a democracy, protagonists don’t resort to violence to resolve their differences.

kalamari said...

Even with Kibaki masquerading as the elected president and threatening to unleash continuous terror on Kenyans, any conscientious person of below average intelligence now acknowledges that the ECK has absolutely lost credibility. The issue is not about loosing the elections. Rather, it's about grand theft of the peoples rights at KICC as presided by one Kivuitu, a man who, among many, will not have roses or carnations on his grave.

While it's true that Kibaki will stick to his guns, he must never be allowed to have a good nights sleep as the blood of Kenyans engaged in legitimate civil disobedience fills the rivers and ponds. Persistence on mass action must be encouraged by any Kenyan who believes in democracy. Looking at the big picture (and even though evicting him from State House is very hard) we must collectively show the world and Africa in particular that the days of illegitimate regimes are fast eroding. We don’t want civil strife lakini Kibaki must hear our screams.

That said, I wonder what 'Kalonzo VP Musyoka' has to say about these shenanigans. Will he redeem himself by refusing to feast on the loot pick-pocketed from the Kenyan voter or will he succumb to the succulent goat ribs roasted by the fire burning down our democratic right to vote. From my estimation………………..

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Ombati you are very slippery. I want to know your opinion on this:

Ombati, you raise an important point n got me wondering about whats (more?) important; democracy, political stability or a good economy?

Its definitely possible to have all three together, in fact conventional wisdom suggests that the democracy be there before the others can be present. But Newton 'didn't make it back to parliament' Kulundu raised that most important question of how America harps on and on about democracy and human rights when they are torturing humans in Guantanamo. You remember that time when the US ambassador to Kenya even (undiplomatically?) refused to shake Kulundu's hand afterwards?

China on the other hand is politically stable, and their economy has grown in figures we can only dream about given where they are coming from. But they have poor PR when it comes to democracy and human rights. When China looks like they are more welcome to do business with Africa, the West rushes do demonize them on talking about their poor democracy and human rights record, and how they are the new colonizers of Africa.

What do you say, Ombati?

Sam Okello said...


Last night I blogged here till I was told about the death of my cousin in Kisumu. The man was killed while running away from the witless Michuki police. I weeped last night. Now I'm back to fight.

I want you to listen once and for all. We're not calling for or condoning violence. But I steadfastly remain on the path to calling on Kenyans to protest and do anything at their disposal to remove the Kibaki government from power. You've probably lived a life where you wined and dined with people like Kibaki and Michuki. What you don't realize is that many of our people haven't. The Hon. Odinga is trying to bring that to them. Does that mean anything to you?

Because of my firm belief in justice and the rule of law, I continue to call on Kenyans to do everything they can to cause the demise of the edifice that's raped our motherland for years. And I call on Kenyans abroad to wave leaves, wear black bands and carry white scarfs in solidarity with our compatriots on Thursday. If Marianne calls that incitement, so be it. Freedom is God's gift to us and we shall have it...or give us death. Period.

Anonymous said...

The red on our flag is there because blood was shed for independence. I am sorry Kenyans are dying. I am sorry that Kenyans had to die to get us to the point we were at on 27 December 2007.

The reality is that DICTATORSHIPS BREED VIOLENCE. To stop the violence you must come up with formidable solutions to address the root of the problem.

Atherere said...

If Kibaki didnt use/respect the law and disregarded it, how the hell will anybody respect the law? Let Kikuyus kill everybody so they can own kenya themselves alone. He has shown by example that their is no law to be followed in Kenya. Once again may I remind you that Kenya has 42 tribes not only one corrupt tribe.

Atherere said...

If Kibaki didnt use/respect the law and disregarded it, how the hell will anybody respect the law? Let Kikuyus kill everybody so they can own kenya themselves alone. He has shown by example that their is no law to be followed in Kenya. Once again may I remind you that Kenya has 42 tribes not only one corrupt tribe.

Ombati said...

@ PKW: I agree with u all thru and there seems a lot to be learnt. Kenya right now is in need of Economic Stability first---to be able to thrive, compete and just BE. Case in point, your example of China is excellent but why go so far? Just look@ Uganda..u think there is democracy there? what with Mu7 being in power since 1986 and conveniently changing the rules to fit his game? their govt is pseudo civilian-pseudo millitary...check them out, many of them are Gen. so and so. Look @ their economy and its growth + projected growth--enviable...
Rwanda: Gen. President Paul "I didnt throw the president out" Kagame. U call that a democracy--please.!!!. Rwanda's economy just 13 yrs removed from the genocide?
How about Kenya: If having a Kibaki govt is what kenyans need to pay for the economic growth like Ugandans, Rwandese et al...then hey!
As Moi used to many sufurias of ugali?....
Look at those who are being beaten by police--they are not MPs or local barons...just poor pple...while the rich are in Muthaiga, Lavington, Kileleswa, Karen, etc. What sayest thou PKW?

Atherere said...

Kenya has 42 tribes and not only one corrupt tribe. Kibaki led by example to convince Kenyans to throw the law away through the window and do whatever they can. So they are only following baba's example. Let Kikuyus kill all the other 41 tribes so they can own Lenya by themselves. Time will tell.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Ombati, point taken! Let the bulls fight but shall they do so on the pavement so the grass does not suffer?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that both the pavement and the grass have already been laced with acidic DICATORSHIP.

Kenyans have lived through two dictatorships; oppression, political assasinations and detention etc. have littered our history since independence.

Dictators leave no room for dissent - ANYWHERE and that includes the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

I read your querries to OMB but I missed your point. What was it exactly?
And why do you (falsly)suppose that China is politically stable? This is a gross mis-statement. China is dictatorial. In China, citizens do not have freedom of speech, congragation and have no redress over the government. I was watching discovery on the boom in Shanghai where some poor woman was asked to vacate her shack to make way for the sky scrapers. The local government did not give a shilling but ended up building around her and finally bulldozing her shack!
Is that the stable China you are refering to?
The US, Uk will not leave us alone as long as we still run to them for hand outs. They own us and can therefore take a position on anything we do.
Lastly, someone once said that "you can not rape a willing woman". In this case, Kivuitu and his masters have attempted to rape Kenyans by topping up Kibaki's tally with phantom votes. If people do not react then they will have concented to being bent over and screwed royally 5 ways till sunday.
We have to draw a line somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo Musyoka: STOP BEING A COWARD. Come out and say something decisive. We need to know EXACTLY where you stand in this whole affair.

Vikii said...

Kalonzo Musyoka's stand, as much as I cannot pretend to speak for him is that we shoud respect and congratulate the winner of the poll who happens to be Mwai Kibaki. Until those disatisfied with his win petition the results in court, there is no dispute. I am a staunch ODMK supporter and the party's policy is fairness and civility.

Philip Roy said...

A Kenyan policeman looked at bodies that were collected from the Korogocho slum in Nairobi. Many Kenyans, who take pride that their country is one of the most stable and prosperous in Africa, said they felt ashamed about the turn their nation has taken. “This is a total throwback,” said Maina Kiai, chairman of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. “We are going back to the days of dictatorship.”

Photo: Simon Maina/Agence France-Presse -- Getty Images

Anonymous said...

Kenyans, remain peacefull and boycott the Kikuyus. You can save many lives.

Kikuyus must learn that democracy, peace and bussiness get along very well.

Peace-loving Kenyan

Kate said...

Chris, its sad to read your blog and find that instead of campaigning for peace among kenyans you are doing quite the contrary. Its time you get a grip and mind the lives of poor kenyans who honestly went out of their way to vote and now they are dying mercilessly over the same leaders who for the past 3 months have been begging them to come out in large numbers to vote.

Why isn't anybody considering the kenyan citizen who is dying and suffering now? you can afford to talk the way you are doing these fine days simply because you have not lost your life or a relative to the present fights going on. When you do, maybe that is when it will dawn on you the importance of peace in the country at large.I beg that you act and reconsider the innocent kenyan for christsake! thank God that you are very safe wherever you are.

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