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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Breaking News: ODM Poll Agents Reveal Actual Upper Eastern Province Results

21h20 local time, 29th December 2007

Presidential poll results announced by ECK earlier today in favour of President Kibaki differ greatly from what the ODM officials tallied in their own polling station count yesterday and today.

Journalists have apparently been able to assemble the accredited agents at a secret location in Meru town where these sensational revelations have been made.

For instance, they claim that the votes in Nithi constituency were actually 71,404 in favour of Kibaki but the ECK announced 95,693 at KICC this afternoon resulting to protests from those attending the press briefing.

The agents further add that the votes in Tigania West were 33,304, but the ECK announced 37,688. The story is the same in South Imenti where actual results were 56,144 in favour of Kibaki, but the ECK announced 75,441. Kibaki votes in Imenti South were actually 78,684 , yet the ECK announced 98,684!

Luckily, these announcements have now been halted before the ECK announced those from Imenti North which were actually 45,029. It goes without saying this was going to be marked-up by several thousand.

All political party representatives are mandated to sign FORM 16A to show their agreement for the results announced by the ECK Returning Officers at the polling stations. The ECK ROs also counter-sign the same form to endorse the counting. It is this FORM 16A that is considered as "certified results" which the main ECK head office uses to announce official results to the nation. Most of the results announced this afternoon WERE NOT on the basis of FORM 16A because ECK ROs were out of reach through out the night and the better part of today, strangely, having already filed civic and parliamentary results!

Not only are the individuals who doctored these results breaking the law, they are also depriving Kenyan people a fundamental democratic right.

According to the agents, some of whom were locked out of counting halls, they will not accept the ECK announced results because the figures are not only makred up, they seemingly do not tally with parliamentary and civic results. The highly intimidated agents reported the matter to the Meru OCPD but he was apparently unable to offer any help but asked the aggrieved agents not to "please cause for us any trouble in this area."

If these allegations are proven to be true by ECK, it will be a sad day for Kenya and a huge embarrassment for President Kibaki and the PNU.

The country goes to sleep tonight with plenty of anxiety.

Kibaki's remarkable come-back in catching up with ODM presidential candidate was evident as at the time there were about 70 presidential constituency results yet to be filed although parliamentary results were filed on 28th December 2007. At that time, the Kibaki was trailing the ODM candidate by more than one million votes and most of his cabinet ministers within and without Eastern and Central provinces had already been voted out.

ODM Agents from other disputed constituencies, especially Central province, have yet to surface.

Keep it Kumekucha.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I will definitely keep it Kumekucha. Thing is though, I wouldn't agree with the results if they were tallied by the PNU. Likewise I will not accept them when they are from the ODM. I'll wait to hear from the ECK,tomorrow. My only request is that the winner wins genuinely, and the loser loses decently.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil for keeping us informed especially on such crucial infor. It is unfortunate that all our democratic gains are being trushed by individuals who want to cling to power by all means. Why can´t they accept to win or lose genuinly, otherwise it was not necessary for people to go out there and vote. I am actually surprised that in this day and age people would support such kind of ventures. Phil, I was actually wondering wether this evidence is with the ECK now that the final tallies may come morrow.

Mdawida said...

I find it strange that ECK make the aspirants sign a code of conduct to which they must adhere to, then turns around and announces results without the mandatory form 16a to base their results on.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha, i thought i was gonna take a break from this blogspot but i guess i will be with you for another 5 years.This one of the avenues we in diaspora get genuinely researched non-biased news.

keep up with your work.

Anonymous said...

proud Kikuyu woman,
The ODM RO say they do not agree with tallies, and the LAW (form 16A)says they have to otherwise any tallies are not official!! What is hard about that?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your timely updates Kumekucha. You have pointed out some grave abnormalities in the vote tallies which any fair minded person will agree with fully. On my part, the presidential - paliamentary announcement discrepancies were first brought to my attention by Ruto and Nyagah at yesterday's ECK press conferences...where there is smoke...

My hope is that ECK will pay due attention to the vote tally problems as they work overnight. Kenyans have come a long way. WE DESERVE FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS.

Anonymous said...

Where on earth are those ODM agents from the disputed constituencies when their party needs them? I expect that sort of behaviour from corrupt returning officers not agents with the unabashed interest of their parties at heart.

Anonymous said...

I did find Kibaki's resurgence highly suspicious. For quite a while yesterday, the Daily Nation's vote charts showed movement in mostly one province. The other provinces continued to suffer from an unexplained tally stasis.

If I were in charge of that chart at the Nation Media Group, I would have made an effort to let readers know that vote tallies were coming in faster in certain regions than others (if that was indeed the case).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your regular updates Kumekucha. I am a Kenyan student in California and will return to your website later this evening (Sunday morning in Kenya).

I am sure most Kenyans will be eager to hear from ECK in the morning. If they are not ready to say anything by 8.00 or 9.00 a.m., then they should inform us that they are still working on the tallies. Silence will only breed tension and may cause riots to break out again; which we all do not want. COMMUNICATION, clear and honest, will be the key.

Anonymous said...

it is indeed an embarrassing day for Kenya, after a high turn out peaceful polling day of voting and then this! shame on those ECK clerks colluding to manipulate figures,

the country has demonstrated mature election in the region but now we've been relegated to the levels of Nigeria

even if Pres. Kibaki is Sworn in on Monday, kenyan will be an unhappy lot

deroo said...

Thanx Phil for all the info. I am wired at PNU but you got some that I was the one informing them at times. Anyway sawa.

But the problem here Phil is that ECK IS THE FINAL AUTHORITY ON ELECTIONS.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea to audit all the results with all presidential aspirants' agents present is a good idea. This will ensure that all the "overzealous voters" who showed up 115-120% to vote are rooted out. A simple check matching the voters register, the voter turnout for votes cast for MPs will quickly expose the glaring anomaly. This is about Kenya, not individual egomaniacs who want power at whatever cost. May the rightful winner be announced as the President!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Kenyans were not prepared or are too polarised to accept a lose on their side.

lordmwesh said...

I was doing an audit on disputed constituencies and came accross this ... The story is the same in South Imenti where actual results were 56,144 in favour of Kibaki, but the ECK announced 75,441. Kibaki votes in Imenti South were actually 78,684 , yet the ECK announced 98,684!

Do you want to mean that South Imenti and Imenti South are two different constituencies? Kindly get back to me on [lordmwesh at gmail dot com] for the answer --

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