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Monday, November 26, 2007

Youth Easily Deceived

Yesterday the president was busy spelling out his elaborate youth plan to an already highly disfranchised yet unmistakeably key crucial voting bloc-the segmented youth of Kenya
No promise was good enough not to be made-300,000 new jobs by the end of 2008, enabling the youth to be fully represented in every aspect of society's decision making leadership,..truly not even the sky was the limit
Leaving glib smooth-talk aside for just a second, one thing the president did get right though is when he said that the youth can reform Kenya. What he failed to mention is..."if given a chance" Standing under an open hot sun listening to dinosaurs of yesterday rehash tall stories from a piece of paper stating party beliefs of the way to the promised land is one way of campaigning but it is certainly not the chance the youth want nor is it the way President should have chosen to go in order to attract that crucial key youth vote
Long have Kenya's youth been duped into holding in high esteem those who shout the loudest claiming to do so on their behalf but with no subsequent delivery. Not anymore. This year's December elections has already attracted a record high number of both parliamentary and civic young candidates and the message is clear-no more talk. the leaders of tomorrow are starting work today
The president should have had by his side the FEW (emphasis) young candidates who did manage to win the PNU party primary nominations to vie for seats in next months elections. Other than his and Mohammed Kuti, their faces should have been the ones he chose to parade yesterday in-front of 1,000 plus segment of his youth supporters. At least for that one event only, banish far from sight the appearance of anyone remotely resembling dinosaur architects of past decay if you are serious about convincing the younger population that you intend for them to form the core of your administration should you win
Moving on
Strategy is what failed some of these young contenders to the mweshimiwa title; for example, quite a number did not win in the just concluded sham of a parties nominations yet apart from saving their own posteriors by decamping to "grass is greener" parties, the majority have shown that other than having little years in life to their advantage, they were ill-prepared to wrest the parliamentary seats from their older, more subtle occupiers who though having little life remaining in their few years are snakes waiting to be rattled. More groundwork and grass-roots support is needed my young friends if we are to not forget the name of your face in the next 3+weeks
Congratulations to the successful aspirants including Jesse Masai, John Kiarie and Mongolo-to the rest of you losers, its not over until the Anglo-leasing bird sings. Keep your eyes fixed firmly on D-day and give us a hat-trick-hata kama ni kwa TIPTIP
Amani Kenya

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