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Monday, November 26, 2007

Rat Race to State House 2007

The leading presidential candidates conveniently put last week's party nomination fiasco behind them by puling no stops in launching their final dash in the state House race. But the political terrain is so bumpy leaving them to cling to hope and Kenya's good manners of forgetting fast and doing their bidding.

President Kibaki must have seen it coming by snubbing a bonding session with PNU nominees at KICC leaving his ever loyal deputy Uncle Moody to soothe the hostile moods of PNU aspirants and losers. And as good leader he only appeared at the right time with the right stuff in hosting a sumptuous lunch at Intercontinental hotel.

Careful not to reopen gaping political wounds, Kibaki steered clear of controversy and even toned down on his earlier directive for a three-piece PNU voting. That is vantage Kenyan politician for you, ready to sup with the devil with eyes singularly trained on the ultimate trophy.

But PNU is not out of the political woods yet. The many fringe parties supporting Kibaki are meeting tomorrow to 'brainstorm' on the impact of Emilio's weekend directive to recognize only PNU nominees. Reading in between the line where no words is printed this amounts to clever blackmail. They are daring the Kibaki to ignore them at his own political peril. Knowing what is at stake your guess on the heat
ahead is as good as mine.

Pawns in the political game
Across the city at Bomas, the juice from hitherto sweet orange proved too bitter for nomination losers. They came to claim glory in loss and alive to the titanic battle with the incumbent ahead, the Pentagon has never been more soft and reconciliatory.

Beneath all this mad race to rule and not lead us lies the true colour of our leaders. They lie with straight face and will stop at nothing to cheat their way into our hearts and power.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Now madam Ngilu can afford to let the cat roam out of the political bag by broadcasting to all and sundry that she kept Narc party in her bag to wade off Kibaki and ''save Kenya'. That is EXPEDIENCY per excellence.

But wait a minute. Who is fooling who here? Picture this. Kibaki wins the presidency and Kanu wins most seats, who becomes the Official opposition? Or worse still, Raila wins and a Ngilu also coasts with a sizable number of Narc MPs out of the 78 who sought political solace in her outfit after losing the nominations.

Scoundrels per excellence
The tenth parliamentary may be just as chaotic if not more selfish than their discredited and shameless ninth counterparts. The only constant in all this political dynamics is that we as Kenyans have accepted to remain pawns in the political games played out by these scoundrels for politicians.

In a nutshell we are inevitably staring in the face another 5 years of whining and more political motions with no commensurate movement. Welcome to Kenyans brand of politics. Na bado.

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luke said...

Mwalimu,i think former Kamukunji MP Norman "Mapengo" Nyagah sums up all it means to be a vintage Kenyan politician doesn't he not?Even though he is a nominations defector, he says the people of Kamukunji need love-i thought it should have been the other way round he needs their love badly? At least JJ has the plastic smile of SHAME in defeat as he thrashes for political survival-Mr.Nyagah's boast of being the heart&soul of the Govt. and a powerful man in Kenya left a very bad taste in the mouth's of Kenya's slaves to leaders who don't know when to quit.some leaders do not want to lead but to rule-who does he think refused to nominate him, the angels of heaven? it was his own constituents!
Anyway, he is not my immediate former MP, so what do i care? But believe you me opium-smoking kenyan voters who are constituents of Kamukunji will vote back in the 10th parliament this man-its a sad sad situation

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