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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Our Luo Brothers Need To Know Urgently

I have just completed weeks of a most fascinating research I have been undertaking. It has involved consultations with many of my contacts in the Luo community as well as research on the web.

My personal belief is that what I have unearthed is extremely fascinating and could hold the key to Kenyans understanding what is one of the most misunderstood communities in the country today.

However in making the series of posts that you are about to read I am not naïve and am well aware of the fact that many of our readers are not interested in spiritual matters and have very little knowledge of it and yet whether we are ignorant of it or not, it usually affects our lives in such a devastating and permanent way.

My strong advice is that those of our readers who will not dare delve as deep as we are about to do here should just ignore these posts and move on. There is plenty of other political news and information in the rest of this blog to keep you occupied, entertained and intrigued.

So that you may all understand my reason for undertaking this strange piece if research in the first place, let me start by pointing out that there are those who are convinced (including this blogger) that there has been divine...

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Anonymous said...

Chris, it never ceases to amaze and amuse me at the same time when human beings attempt to DUMP blame for the mess we've made on a scapegoat whether real or imagined, and lay blame at the feet of someone else for the current quagmire and present MAYHEM we often times find ourselves stuck in throughout this brief journey we're making called life on a planet called earth, and none other than Africans are the #1 connoisseurs and subscribers to regular fantasy flights from reality
Some blame the state of our 3rd world road, railways and airport infrastructure and judicial, legislative and parliamentary institutions on an age-old curse that plagues the entire continent condemning it to a life of permanent underperformance. Some blame the ravages of the epidemic HIV-AIDS sweeping throughout almost virtually all 53 nations in the continent on our being an inferior class of the species homo-sapien. Others blame our poverty on brain drain or even(in the case of certain foreign mentality) non-existent brains!my my my...
what is the truth in this matter? are we cursed as Africans? As Kenyans? Condemned to a life of tribalism, corruption and ravaging HIV-AIDS? Does God favour every other continent(all 7 of them) and look disfavourably upon us? Do we need another colonisation because the foreigners are the only ones who can stay the hand of self-destruction and promote development fast and guaranteed
my answer to this and many more questions is what my answer to every question on this blog has ever been-IT'S INTEGRITY NOT THE ECONOMY....stupid
As Vikii has said somewhere else,"honesty is what we must learn to live with now"
we know the reason why we are corrupt. we know the reason why it takes us 20 years to build one measly road. we know the reason why HIV is running rampant. we know the reason why stupid leaders will win the December elections-let me give you a clue-it is a two letter English word-four in Swa-"US" or "SISI"
Former King of pop and one-time undisputed reigning champion of the world of music Michael Jackson once sang a song called "man-in-the-mirror" I'm sure you know the words Chris-to emphasise my point without BORING you let me quote the song in closing "'i'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer If you wanna make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself, and then make a change
(Na na na, na na na, na na, na nah)
yes, we all know that song Chris. please Kenyans (and other Africans who read this blog) don't wait for God to come and make a change. This song is what PNU, ODM and ODM K should be dancing too, not Banjuka and Ohangla time or Kuna Dawa=dawa ni wewe!
i rest my case for now

Anonymous said...

God is at the centre of everything we do.We can not ignore this.
I doubt anyone is bound through Millions of generations as this post says. I beleive one can also choose how their life is going to be. You can choose to hate or to love, to feel rejected or feel loved. I have many enterprising Kamba friends and I think esp the women folk are go getters.Many Luos are astute business men and Women unlike the common stereotype.You cannot tie your life on what your great great great whatever did, you need a life....
RAO has consistently fought to be where he is, despite the tribal kingpins strategies etc- one needs to start somewhere even if it means having groupings of tribal chiefs as many like saying. I read somewhere that the people who are remembered are those who never give up, they fall but pick themselves up and go back to try again and again.They are the ones who get laughed at, insulted , applauded etc. The rest of us who glide quietly through life, no one notices and remembers, that's why the guy is headliner. Love him, hate him you just end up noticing him....None of this has anything to do with his tribal affiliation- its just a personality thing...

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

For a moment there,I thought I was reading from one of Margaret Wanjiru's books about the levels and colours of witchcraft (I've just seen the titles, never would read them!), generational curses and all those things I refused to subscribe to esp after I joined something we called the Bible Exposition Self Training Programme, or rather reading the Bible yourself and interpreting it in your own context, in college. If generational curses truly exist, surely it can't be al doom and gloom. There must be generational blessings, and that's what I want!

You could say that Kalonzo visits Sangomas in SA and a myriad other politicians visit wachawis in Kenya. I don't know how true that is, but I think it'll be a long time before Christianity in Kenya and/or other parts of Africa totally separates itself from traditional religious practices that tend to spiritualize every little thing, especially if that thing happens to be a problem.
The other day we were reading from no less than Othieno himself (did you notice how that sounds like Uthieno, the father of all Luos?)that the Dini ya Musambwa leader 'prophesied' that the leadership of Kenya will go to the Luhyas through the lake (Luos, I presume). Oh, well.
Now we are reading about the spiritual intervention that takes place every time leadership changes. My question is, why does this leadership, even after fervent spiritual intervention, end up being so disappointing? I can deduce that before Kenya was handed from the British to Kenyans through Kenyatta, there must has been some serious spiritual intervention. Then Kenyatta proceeded to plant the seeds of tribalism, according to Chris. Then someone must have intervened for Moi to be president, only for him to devastate us economically. Then Kibaki, and......what are his sins again? Surely not the 6% growth.

My other question-why does it have to be about Luos all the time? I mean, aren't we a country of more than forty tribes? Times/posts like these make me ever so grateful that we are that many tribes, for were it Kikuyus and Luos or Kikuyus and Kalenjins or even Nyeri Kikuyus and Kiambu Kikuyus, man, we would have been thorugh a genocide by now. And then we would require some more spiritual internvention.
Anyway Chris does have a way of touching the part of me that makes me feel sorry for you guys (Luos) but even if I were to vote, that wouldn't be reason enough for me to vote for 'you'.
Another thing that you must consider is that the most spiritual lot in Kenya are the Muslims and Christians. A leader who attempts to lock in the vote of part one group with a document called an MoU cannot turn back and expect that the spiritual intervention of the majority other group will hand him the presidency.

Vikii said...

Bw. Luka, dawa ni Yesu bana. Mimi namuamini mwokozi wetu Yesu kristo. The bible says that those who believe in him shall be saved. That's what I do.

Chris, there is nothing like a kikuyu, luo or kamba presidency. We vote for an individual based on our knowledge of him or her or based on whether we believe his/her lies.

We have 42 tribes and only two have produced presidents. All thse other 4o tribes are surely not condemned to rejection, are they?

And Chris, it is time you graduated from being a luo to a Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

Hapana Bw.Vikii, dawa si Yesu-dawa ni kuamini na kufanya yote Yesu alisema tufanye
This is where Kenyan Christians never cease to amaze me with their lack of spiritual depth-hata mimi namuamini Yesu lakinin alisema kuoka sio mwisho ya kazi yetu-kazi inaendelea mpaka siku za duniani ziishie na bado kuna adui wawili we must fight and overcome to the end number one we all know him legend has it he lives down below the ground and carries a pitchfork and wears red leather with a long tail
Number 2 is the enemy within, this is the culprit who is 99% responsible for our woes as a country, and he is the most difficult to know-we are our own worst enemies and we sabotage our success BIG TIME all the time. See how tribalism works when one black pumbavu HATES THE GUTS of another black pumbavu wrongly believing that tribe is the impediment to success. On the other foot the tribalist is feeling he is the rightful owner of Kenya and others should work for his/her people-foolishness on both sides, and not even education can wipe out such fallacy
Kenyans need to take a good hard look at man in the mirror FIRST-i said the other day here as i always say time and again-why for PETE'S SAKE do we only build a road if some investor will come from America to throw scraps of employment our way? its because the average mwananchi and by extension his/her representative sees NO NEED FOR MOVING FORWARD. THINGS ARE FINE AS THEY ARE WHY DO WE WANT TO DEVELOP ANYTHING FOR WHAT? WHO IS DEVELOPMENT'S MOTHER?
that my friends is the "CURSE" on Africa-lack of integrity in our attitudes In Kenya every price is too high to pay for the real type of change we desire-so we sit and whine, complain and
Vikii, Chris et al-its time we graduated from being GROWN BABIES to NATIONALISTS and KENYANS
I begun kitambo-i refuse to make a joke that belittles another tribe along the stupid lines of "but do i say" or "shrubbing like a kyuk" or other types of stupidity-stupidity!
Vikii its demand and supply-if there are people crying wolf, it is because the sheep are missing their clothes-something needs to be done to sort both out
no one here is ashamed of being born a luo or kikuyu or kamba-but why are we not proud of being a Kenyan?
anyway, what do i care i was born in 1980s and all i know is being Kenyan is all about passing on HIV AIDS, being corrupt and wishing i was born American instead of black

Vikii said...

I am in total agreement Ndugu Luka. Nimekusikia mwendani wangu. You have touched the soul brother.

But what exactly needs to be done to change the notions? I am thinking we are immersed in one big cloud of colonozed minds. Tell me where we need to start. I am willing to follow very closely.

Anonymous said...

First thing we we can start with is we need to make all civic and parliamentary and ministerial underperformance punishable by penalty of law-if you don't do your job let your job go immediately to someone else election year or no election year no excuses. Secondly from next year MPs and Mayors should meet once every 3 months with their wards/constituents in a televised public forum where they can explain and if need be defend their strategies and policies and overall engage their public with ECK approved Kiswahili or English on how to take things forward without presumptions that past methods will work without consultation
Thirdly the use of mother tongue in work places within Kenya should become a frowned upon taboo with immediate effect-don't make it become illegal, just make it something everyone can but is ashamed to do. Kiswahili is good enough or even English but don't make it a criminal offence
Last but not least the constitution must be changed to reflect a modern document that is aware of the 21sr century-the dinosaur document we have has already served its purpose fully let it rest
these are just some of my ideas-the ball is in your court bro-fire at will or compliment my intelligence its on you

Vikii said...

I believe you are absolutely right when you say we need to ban those disgusting-sounding mother tongues at work places. Everything that I dont speak sounds ugly to me and I am sure people feel the same thing when I speak my beloved Kao in public. This is overdue. We know who is notorious with this backward and offensive practice but let's not dwell on that. The practice should be banned.

Give me a parameter for measuring the performance of leaders. This is unquantifiable Bw. Luka and you know it. One, performance means different things to different people (That is why there are arguments here every single day--those who believe kibaki has overseen a sound economic management for the country and those who dont). When you talk of recalling councillors, MPs and the president, do you think it will achieve the desired intention or it will be sacrificed at the altar of expediency. You and me know that Joe Khamisi and Raphael Tuju are two wonderfully performing members of parliament. Can u put your money on their re-election chances? There are good for nothing tribal (or party) leaders who are themselves under-achievers who will determine the fate of these two Mps regardless of whether they have met expectations or not. What will stop these same "scoundrels" from instigating their ousters even when they are doing a good job. Go to Mwingi North, Lang'ata or Othaya and you will get almost 95% approval of their members of parliament. Do you honestly believe the Mps for these three areas are actually that good? I mean, you have to look at the practicability of what you advocate for.

I am not denying that we can actually do something to change perceptions but we need some structured planning around it. We have to sit down, draw a raft of proposals (like those that u gave) and examine their feasibility.When doing that, bear in mind it has to be a process not an event.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Bw. Vikii, now you are speaking 1980 language bro. practical ideas, implementable ideas and workable ideas. i too am fed up with the lie about "you can't stop an idea who's time has come" when by "idea" Kenyans always mean "a person"
what was the parameter for measuring success in 2002? was it not a slogan, a chant and a reverb "yote yawezekana bila Moi"? how simple would it be to measure performance of leaders by saying "yote yawezekana na barabara sawa" or "yote yawezekana na elimu" or "yote yawezekana bila umaskini" indeed "yote yawezekana bila ufisadi" in other words the measure of performance people already know and that is why no one is complaining about why did we remove former president Moi he was doing a good job see how milk was free in primary school-no one is complaining about more women presidential aspirants running for the seat on the hill-so when the president says the economy has grown 7% why are there complaints all over? that is not even the point the point is should not those complaints be accommodated instead of arrogantly dismissed?
your example of Tuju and Khamisi are excellent examples on what a political party should for-i am not in favour of direct nominations but should those two forward thinking gentlemen be felled by the wayside their parties should nominate them to 10th parliament post-haste and they should even be offered ministerial dockets if it would be the first time it has happened then so be it-performance is measured by uncontestable results-if the results are contestable then performance is measured by the higher up you go-the president of a country is held to higher accountability than the CEO of KQ is he not? you can give Titus Naikuni another chance if profits dip for this quater, but the president is not a mere CEO he has to deliver and deliver BIG otherwise everything fails
Vikii, why did President Kibaki never ever crack the whip on his ministers during these past 5 years? does being a gentleman with gentlemanly mien mean never having to demand discipline from your employees or indeed even FAMILY? I won't touch that one, but it makes you think does it not?
Finally, lest i BORE people, let me say the way city council is beautifying Nairobi is the type of results we want to see as a country intially-that is satisfactory and i would have no problem re-electing mayor Waithaka were he running again for that civic seat-however i am just as happy with Gakuo-but it is not enough. the beautification is superficial and needs to run deeper than trees and nice looking pavements

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Vikii bwana I have a bone to pick with you though we have kinda drifted from the main subject in the post. I disagree that other languages that you don't understand are disgusting-sounding mother tongues. Or-are these signs that you have been rejected? Lets learn to embrace the cultures/languages that we can't grasp.I think that's what's otherwise known as unity in diversity.As a PKW as I am (its not attributable to rejection!) I'm proud of my Luo sisters and brothers for their obvious self confidence that shows through the way they talk and walk, though sometimes it does come off as arrogance. I suggest that in place of banning vernacular in the work place, we get a way of at least slowing the pace at which these languages are disappearing. Kana atia?

kalamari said...

Kumbe wajaka ni descendants wa Ogbuefu!! Chris, this lengthy scientific study of yours is highly suspect. Have you been compromised in any way by the men with a message from Othaya or are you taking strict instructions from some jujitsu master of the pliers?
The fact that Oginga had a beef with Mboya is not a general reflection on the nature of relationships between Luos. Luos are as capable as any other people when it comes to matters of brotherly love. Are you quietly suggesting that Luos were sent packing from Nigeria/Sudan; possibly due to their warlike/violent/self engrossing behaviors? If Luos are difficult neighbors, how can we allow them to lead? Now, I know zero on spiritual politicking but I say Raila needs as much prayer/divine intervention as Kibaki/Muiru/Kalonzo. Correction, Muiru needs the hands of Jesus himself over his head to win. Anyway, it cannot be right to say that Raila will be president only through a fantastic miracle of biblical proportions….the rare type that breaks the bondage of the Luo pre-birth curse of rejection.

The results of your study that portrays Luos as a rejected lot, violent, proud and conceited (and are in fact to blame for their very condition) equally qualifies ridiculous quotes such as Kambas are colorblind and very trusted house helps, Luhyas are cooks and watchmen, Kikuyus are shifty-eyed-pick-pockets who can spot a silver coin from miles away and that the Waswahili are as foolish and lazy as the coconut trees around them. Wacha matusi pwana.

Anonymous said...

As a rejoinder to what i said Vikii, slogans like "kazi iendelee" or "maisha bora" or "jivunia mkenya" mean nothing because they are directionless phrases that are intended to herd the sheep into the before the fold before the slaughter. anyway the point is not slogans but visionless leadership-that is truly the bane of our existence as kenyans-i would love to see a situation where in 2008 should ODM lose, they will walk up to PNU and say "let us work to make this country go forward" but you and i know how BIG BABIES our current official and incumbent leadership are-they cannot see themselves working together for any good apart from increasing paychecks

Vikii said...

Yeah Luka, the '80s were great years (I had everything bought for me)but I am not reliving them. You, me and even those fellows in Mathare mental hospital know that Chris Murungaru for instance is not a good leader. We know it. Everybody also has their opinion on whether Hon Kibaki,Raila or kalonzo are good leaders (At least each one of them has followers). What I am asking is, what would prevent the forces of evil which control Kenyan politics from conspiring to kick out a good leader? You talk of nomination to parliament but you forget there are only 12 nomination slots with most parties getting not more than two slots. How do you retain the services of these performing people? How do you sieve out the "dinousars" (Did I spell it right?)who are idolized by blind Kenyans? How?

I will tell you how. What we need is a sustained civic education that is completely detached from politics. Shun politicians when engaging in this noble cause. I am talking of an at least five year process. Chances are that politicians will still hijack the process because most Kenyans are mercenaries who do not have any cause that they believe in. (Do you remember how Uhuru Kenyatta and the thief called William Ruto hijacked KJ's vijana tugutuke?) I am not whinning Luka. All I am calling for is an exit from rhetoric. We can come up with extremely beautiful theories here but how achievable are most of them? Dont read skepticism or defeatism in all this. It is all about making sure we dont burn our energies for nothing. Even James Orengo (though I dont trust him any more), Gitobu imanyara and Moses muihia tried it (muungano wa mageuzi) and failed. it is not easy, but like I said I am willing to follow you, let's go!

ETKW said...


At one point in this blog, Luke said that we something about our will not to develop! This is absolutely true.

We Kenyans and majority of Africans prefer waiting for the Indians and the Whites to bring employment to our countries. We want jobs, short term money making solutions. We get very jealous of those who have worked their way up from humble backgrounds. We need to change our attitudes. We need to think about developing ourselves and thus our country.

As mentioned here earlier, it all starts with the person on the other side of the mirror, YOU! or Charity begins at home. For example when we talk about corruption, its not just about governments, Anglo-leasing ETC, its about the person you! The society is corrupt we see it alot in business even in major private companies (including multinationals. Integrity begins with the person you, Development of a country is about development of its people (Thats why Central province is more developed as compared to the others, the people of central work towards their growth and development). If you people on this forum thot about giving it all for yourself, your neighbors,your country, your world ...... and did what they are best at with their whole being and all their strength, then the country will develop.

It all starts with YOU. You grow, and grow your family, then together you grow your extended family, then the community neighbouring this extended family............thats hoe the country grows. No politician will redeem anyone one from their misery. I said this in 2002 and I will say it again, no-one will up-lift you other than you! Thats why you see alot of Kenyans who say the country has not grown by 7%, they dont feel it coz they are not doing anything for themselves. Whomever wins the election, as long as there is Peace in Kenya and free trade, the rest is left with you as a person!

No Manna will befall the LUO's or any other tribe if their tribes men win. As you will see in the next five years in case of a Raila win, the poverty levels in Luo Nyanza which is the highest in the country will not reduce very much, and the low poverty levels in central will not rise, Its about attitude and readiness to persevere the price of development.

Analogy, its not about going through Harvard, its about doing the little thing you are best at with all your strength and mind that makes a change.

It's not about what you have its about who you are as a person (Values )

Kioko said...

I am a bantu and a jaluo is NOT my brother! I have 32 teeth and am circumcised and i have no intention of inheriting a wife. I Kioko, if I had been given the choice to be born as either a jaluo or a dog, i would choose to be born as man's best friend and not as a filthy stone throwing fish eater. kioko. BC, Canada. Long live PNU.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Well, I am laughing about this "research." When I did my history lessons at the University of Nairobi, one of the favourite questions was: There is no pure tribe. Discuss.

The long and short of it is that there is nothing like a PURE tribe called Luo or Kikuyu. To think that u are a Kikuyu or Luo is the height of ignorance of history OF Africa. For instance, Waiyaki Wa Hinga was not a Kikuyu and yet if u ask most of u here will say he was a Kikuyu. He was nothing but a Maasai.

I would advise any of you interested to read this book:

UNHAPPY VALLEY: Conflict in Kenya & Africa, especially Book Two that deals with Violence & Ethnicity and which deals with WEALTH, POVERTY & CIVIC VIRTUE IN KIKUYU POLITICAL THOUGHT, by Bruce Berman & John Lonsdale

Anonymous said...


Help yourself you Kenyans. Says God.

Did you know that Kenyatta family owns 563,000 hectares of land, that is 1,407,000 acres? 1.407 Million

Did you know that the Moi family owns 463,000 hectares of land, that is 1,075,000 acres? 1.075Million

Did you know that the Kibaki family owns 244,000 hectares of land that is 610,000 acres?.61Million
1.27million hectares-3.092 acres of land for the three first families.

Ask yourself how big Nyanza ? Bigger than Nyanza province.

Land aside MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RETIRED PRESIDENT MOI has the whole 130bilions shillings stashed in foreign banks .

MOI three son has over 111billion shillings in foreign banks.

Simple mathematics gives the TOTAL of 241 billon Kenya shillings.


Give each of the 30 million Kenyans and believe you me everyone can Go home with KSHS 8,033(Women and children included)
Construct the tarmac road at kshs 30 million a kilometer, surely the Distance of 8,033km.

How many times does this money need to construct 8.5 times.

What about the health sector? Pay kshs 2000 for each of the 30 million Kenyans to NHIF (for the 241 Billion) .4years can go by with out any question, the whole population taken care of.
Farmers not forgotten, 241Billion can buy 120million bags of maize at an exaggerated kshs 2000 per bag
WATER:For the arid,simi arid/arable areas .Sink a bore hole at kshs700,000 per borehole, there will be 342,857 boreholes in Kenya .


Ballot is the answer.


chris said...

My dear highly treasured Kumekucha readers,

Let me repeat this again (for the 5th time NOW!!!).

This post is not for everybody. Just like nobody can be an expert at everything. Have you noticed how Kenyans are experts at everything and they know everything.

The good book talks about knowledge which is foolishness to those who are perishing. This is an example of knowledge which the sophisticated worldly folks will never understand in 100 years. So rather than displaying your ignorance in these matters here, why not use your good mouse and click to another post which you are more comfortable with?

Pure tribes or no pure tribes, everybody has a clear lineage that influences and determines who they are. It influences their spiritual DNA. Those who have overcome have done it by first understanding what they are up against. Those who have become successful without coming to terms with this have ended up destroying themselves.

The nonsense of sheer hard work and determination lifting you from anything to genuine success is a Walt Diney fairy tale and not the reality in this life.

I am a little upset at the insistence of so many historians out there that they have enough knowledge to handle the subject of hereditary spiritual deliverance which is what we are tackling here.

The first qualification you need to even begin to understand this post is a thorough knowledge of the manufacturer's handbook. You don't go arguing against and disputing information in the Toyota technical manual with Toyota engineers just because you did mechanical engineering at Harvard University upto the highest level possible and are now a professor. Do you?

The manufacturer's handbook I am following is the real authority and explains why and how our past influences us and what to do about it, complete with graphic examples of people's lives. I am not talking about hand clapping Bible waving naivity. I am talking about practical stuff that has had a profound impact on my life. One of the reasons why I am still standing today and not dead. And therefore one of the reasons why this forum exists in the first place. THIS IS NOT THEORY.

But admitedly, I guess you need to be a little "naive" and "shallow" as I am to "swallow" this kind of stuff let alone believe it.

I am grateful for my sophisticated, intellectual readers, but this post is NOT for them.

So why not do what Taabu has done-I salute you brother. The man has done the honorable thing and stayed out of this. His views on this subject are already well known by those who have read this blog regulaly for any reasonable length of time.

Just let the "crazy lot" follow this thread leading to the bombshell posts I am going to make next and they will not only understand everything better, but they will be able to do something about it.

Read this blog carefully and you will notice that many people ridiculed me when I predicted last year that these elections were going to be the bloodiest, most violent in history. I was also ridiculed by PKW when I kept on referring to the forthcoming polls as the mother of all general elections. I received a tape of the TV news a few minutes ago where Kivuitu was quoted as saying the 2007 elections are going to be the toughest in the history of our nation.

And there are numerous other examples.

Please allow me to exhaust this topic that is very close to my heart and can help anybody read the political direction much faster.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

P.S. The usual stories continue. Here's the deal; I will therefore be putting this "spiritual nonsense" at the bottom and as much out of sight as possible. Deal?

Anonymous said...

Kioko don't borther trying, you are a DOG already except you know how to type. You are one ape programmed to spew only trivial akin to a dog licking his vomit with no element of shame.

By the way a bantu dog is still one and except no fish flesh only bones thrown at you. You are one large bantu dog on a permanent leash of stupidity. Continue spewing tyhem because your pea-sized head makes you think you will transform into a human being.

Talking to a fool like you with the singular obsessio of his missing foreskin only makes one wonder whether you never new the contradiction of that organ-SPEWING WASTE and PROCREATION TOOL. But that I am sure is too abstract for your murky brains. ?Meanwhile continue barking and one day you will hopefully spit the cut residing in the shell above your shoulders. Numskull bring them on. What a DOG?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

It seems u have not taken kindly my suggestion that Kenyans should read the "UNHAPPY VALLEY."

Well, what you are saying has a grain of truth, however, it will not hurt if u or anybody in this blog reads more about history of African people. Wisdom begins by accepting that one does not know, or is wrong with his views. Otherwise, lets not make ignorance our book of reference.

I will read ua views here as I have done for many days and months, but also, take my advise, and may be when I land there for Xmas, we can st somewhere and take tusker together. ehehehhe

Truly yours

Anonymous said...

By the way Kioko why don't you auction FOR FREE (because it worthless) your brainless head on ebay? It may save you the burden of exposing hollowness and broadcasting it here. Ati the afterbirth Kioko has now graduated from anon! Nible more of the cut bro.

Bruce Roba

Kioko said...

Sorry guys. I was only expressing my views! I would wish to be a dog rather than to be a jaluo. Don't I have the freedom express my thoughts and preferences? Kindly show respect to other people's opinion. Kioko, BC, Canada. Kazi iendeleee.

Anonymous said...

Continue wishing that you are a dog,that you really are. Luos will continue being in Kenya whether you kithny or ndekni. As a luo, am proud of who i am and my roots. I cant change my way of life just to please a primitive mind. Luos will still be doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers and fishermen as long as they are on this planet. you can hate them the way you want, but that wont change their way of life. Africa will remain backward and primitive with the likes of kioko being opinion shapers and leaders. Africans are hating each other on mundane issues that dont add any value to there lioves!!I love my history that shows that Luos migrated along the nile southwards after being part of the first civilization in egypt that depended on the nile. Our people continued to derive their livelyhood from the nile waters until they arrived at the source of the nile before the "explorers". This history cannot be taken away but will be distorted to continue portraying black people as backward. I believe that one of my great-great-great-great-grandfather was a pharaoh. The pharaohs were black people just like me. I believe in our potential as a people that one day we will use the lake waters to built another civilization in black africa that will put those who call us backward to shame. Anyhow, Kioko, kazi ya kula relief food iendelee!!!

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