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Friday, November 16, 2007

What Impact Will The Entry Of Kenneth Matiba Have?

Kenneth Njindo Matiba has made a surprise entrance into the presidential race. He turned up seemingly from nowhere and presnted his papers, yesterday.

Interestingly this heroic freedom fighter who paid for his fight for democracy dearly when his detention witthout trial by the Moi government resulted in stroke that almost killed him, can’t read and neither can he sign documents. So the question arises, if he was elected president what would happen? Who would sign those important and highly confidential documents? Who would read those equally confidential reports for him?

In my view the contributions made by Matiba in the fight for democracy is so big that he deserved to be treated better. If for no other reason then at least because of the rather devastating consequences that he has to live with for the rest of his life. But alas, that is how we Kenyans treat our heroes. I have seen several times in this blog, some Kenyans rubishing the heroic nature one John Githongo. That is Kenyans for you. While Matiba was fighting Moi, Kibaki was saying in parliament that proponents of change were trying to fell a Mugumo tree with a razor blade. To reward Kibaki, Kenyans elecvted his president in 2002 and ignorted Matiba even as he struggled to save his crumbling empire from auctioneers.

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Marianne Briner said...

I had once a long talking with Edith Matiba when both of us were flying on the same plane from Nairobi to Zurich ----- it was a night flight and that gave us time to talk while all the other passengers (Kenya Airways First Class Section) were sleeping .... I had just come back from Kenya after some lengthy discussions with Government Officials also regarding the Molasses Plant and told her about the problems I was facing - she gave me at the end her private contacts in Kenya - and assuming that they have changed in the meantime, I herewith disclose them: Office: 729472 - private: 582094 / 340100 and then the one of their Limuru Farm: 0154-40100 ..... where she told me, I should find it easier to talk to you more private ....

I should add that I always found both - Kenneth and Edith - decent people - maybe Kenneth got caught in the Moi-Biwott-Web, but he tried to save his face and preserv e his conscious and at the end paid a very high price for - at least trying - to do this.
I will not say that he is a really innocent man - I think that nobody who has come under the 'spell' of the Moi-Biwott-Scheme will ever be able to say that they are (I also refer in this connection to the likes of Kibaki, Saitoti and others) ..... but at least Matiba has tried ......
So let's give him credit on this,,,,,


Phil said...

Chris, as I was telling some geezers at JYK, Matiba's entry into the presidential race cannot be overlooked especially by Pr. Kibaki. I also think Matiba's role in the 2nd liberation is generally overrated! For example in my opinion, none of the current politicians can be rated higher than the late George Anyona in the fight for the second liberation(Thats right, he and Jaramogi first attempted to register a political party in the early 1980s when Nyayo era was at its peak and KANU was bigger than the state of Kenya).

Matiba on the other hand, only joined in the 2nd liberation together with Charles Rubia after they were furstrated in the KANU elections in 1988 by which time many a Kenyan had been to detention, nyayo house basement cells and the famous Nyati House.

His present influence is something we cannot gauge at this time, but I am looking forward to the next "steadman" opinion poll. His entry hurts Kibaki more than its hurts any other presidential candidate.

My own assessment is that Matiba is not 100% physically and mentally fit. I wonder why Kivuitu and co were so much in a hurry to hand him his certificate. But then again, I suspect Matiba has come back to haunt ex-KANU strongmen Kibaki and Kalonzo who made life very difficult for him in the 1980s. Organising Secretary Kalonzo was actually the beginning of Matiba's problems when he was the presiding officer at Kiharu KANU sub-branch polls that Matiba disputed and later led to his expulsion from KANU.

We in ODM applaud the return of Matiba and welcome him back on the political stage with open arms. Infact, Matiba will be a guest at one of the ODm rallies soon - and expect a ten minutes standing ovation before he gives his speech. Matiba is not a competitor of ODM but a comrade-at-arms. Infact, Matiba might be declared the next pentagon member sooner than many of you expect.

Anonymous said...

Bw.Phil, by your own admission are you saying that members of ODM pentagon do not need to be 100% physically and mentally fit before they are allowed to enter and become a part of that prestigious galaxy of suspects(to use the words of Martha Karua)?just asking, as it seems i did not understand you very well on that point
Indulge me for just one second: -if indeed you invite Kenneth Matiba to join the Pentagon what would that mean to his presidential bid and political party? does that mean he will instead support Raila Odinga's candidacy for presidency?I am also curious to know how ODM would "repay" Matiba for his loyalty and support-would they "reward" him with a ministerial docket?really?at his age and with his incapacities does that not go against Raila Odinga's promises to have younger people and the youth in particular occupy more jobs in his future administration if indeed he does win the presidency as he appears poised to do?
Bw.Vikii you see this is why i have lopsided half-interest when it comes to these 2007 elections and in dealing with the past and current familiar faces in our live political circus-Kenyans don't want REAL change-just keep things the same but move us forward at the same time-you cannot have your cake and eat it Kenyans-but it does not matter,let the economy grow so that no one politician across both sides of the divide will disturb Kenyans as they piga domo with promises about non-existent kazi "endeleaing" our maisha will be bora 1000 times plus without these dinousaurs

HLumiti said...

Other than to provide some nuisance to Kibaki’s re-election bid, Matiba’s entry into the presidential race looks like a painful cry from oblivion. It is like a plea for compensation to his past contribution towards the advancement of democracy. I do not know about his ‘fanatical supporters’ but I think his handlers must be a mean lot of scavengers to put him through the strains of politicking despite his poor state of health. Matiba’s public appearances are a painful sight of a man in need of tender care and those cheering him on are actually molesting a patient. While cartoonists may have the creative license to caricature Matiba, his followers ought to be ashamed of these inelegant public displays. Their ruckus may earn them some pocket money and their votes may make some statement but in the end their man, our hero, will go home the worse for wear. That his family is allowing this humiliation to take place is quite disturbing.

deroo said...

Inconsequential, irrelevant and ill-timed.

First, I dismiss Kenneth Stanlye Matibe, albeit being the hero I admired years back.

The same cabal around him are the same people who drove him into the cabbbage state that his health is in.

To me, this bloke belongs to a sanatorium and an exclusion area, which will make him come to terms with reality.

Secondly, Matiba, is not a nationalist. I will dismiss him with in the worst possible terms. He is one person who burnt a national ID and I regret that there are a few people who follow him.

Today, Phil tells us that he will attend an ODM rally. Is it not the same Raila Odinga who refused to support a Matiba bid in 1997 in Mathare when Matiba asked him to do so openly? Yes. Today, he is invited to an ODM rally and will be given a standing ovation.

The same standing ovation that he was given in 1991 when he arrived from London to disintegrate the original FORD. The same return-from-abroad trip that Raila Odinga had planned ahead of the failed London trip.

Matiba, like Moi is a Kenyan and as I told Sue the other day, he has a right to be in Kenyan politics and I wish him the best.

If Sue can remember what I told her about Moi, he is free to do anything and Matiba is also free to support Raila as Phil purpots.

Incidentally, he has not contributed to anything that has happened in the country in the last few years and his health and frequent loss of 'network' confirms this.

People said Kibaki was not in a sound state healthwise. But he is now sending bad dreams to the ODM charade.

Finally, Matiba, the astute businessman we were told is no more, after the banks ran on his businesses which are reduced to mere shells.


But remember, Kazi Iendelee.

deroo said...

Luka, as an economist, Matiba has been a let down after seeing his one-time monolithic business empire spiral to what it is at the moment.

ODM can appoint his as a minister if they like, after all, they have appointed philanders as the PR advisors, corrupt, Kamiti roll-call posssibles in their pentagon, threatened to whitewash the civil service and employ all those who attend ODM rallies and even allow the Indians to avoid tax, while people live in houses without paying rent, they can do that.

ODM can do that. So much so, that the 7% change in the economy is nothing to them. Sawa, appoint Matiba minister for finance to cover Musalia Mudavadi's Goldenberg scandal, Oburu Odinga, Planning minister, Onyango Koyoo, his deputy and Reuben Ndolo Foreign affairs minister. That is just the preliminary list!!!

Now, the spin. THat Kenneth Matiba has come to spoil for Mwai Kibaki and support someone who said that Kikuyus are our ADUI. Then let the murk be thrown.

But then, I do respect the bravery of the man. He is virtually and only person who can stand and oppose Kibaki.

Sometime ago, I said that by election time JJ Kamotho, a sworn enemy of Kibaki will be supporting him, Charles Njonjo will be supprting him, and Paul Muite will have toed the line, but is was said that I dont know what I am saying.

Matiba and Tony Gachoka are the only supporters of the Grand Dictator from the expansive Central Province (lets not forget Fidel's in-laws-they will also vote for Kibaki. I know that) who are against SIASA YA MAENDELEO.

Just a reminder, did someone read the SMS from Tony Gachoka's phone urdging people to avoid the Nation and sabotage it? I read it. Sent from Nairobi. Another blunder!

Luke, is Telkom sale good for the economy or not.

Did Raila say that he is going to reverse the IPOs. Later he said that he is also an investor? You do not intefere with institutions that help the country grow. ODM mnasikia?

Taabu said...

Poor Phil, you could do better bro. You don't have to jump into any developing political scenario and uncritically associate it with ODM. Leave Matiba alone please.

That said Matiba's place in Kenya's history cannot be ignored and that ends the chapter. The truth is he is part of the problem and not a solution. He is one guy just like the present scoundrels who belive that we owe them a reward. To them the swahili saying tenda wema nenda zako sounds hollow.

Matibas and Kibakis of this world belong to the same political kraal. They all derive pleasure on NOSTALGIA. If only Matiba would know that political progress has no respect for restrospection! But alas we are back to the hype of last millennium. And trust his supporters to do anything to shout his name. Some of these chaps have never and will never vote for ANYBODY ELSE, if you know what I mean.

Deed inside Ken I see boiling rage clothed in raw vengeance. Njido belives Emilio spoilt his chances in 1992 and what Moi is to Raila he wants to be to Kibaki. Politicians never FORGIVE, it is payback time and revelling in that unfortunate scenario is akin to dancing with the tiger Phil.

The next 40+ days will see more theatrics and drama likeno other and Kenya remains the big loser. If Matiba were to join pentagon it will be further proof from our scoundrels that they stand for nothing. The change they mouth means nothing a part from the letters spelling it. Poor Kenya and Kenyans. And the heat goes on. Na bado.

Vikii said...

Phil is a day dreamer. He is always giving 'insider leaks' that never come to be. First it was five ministers joining the galaxy of suspects, then a Kitui rally that was supposed to see the mother of all defections, Moody Awori joining the ODM and many many others. I will tell you something bro, Matiba is too big to become a cheer leader of even Moi or the president leave alone Raila Oinga and his boys.

Matiba running against the wishes of his family is not good. I read "Ken Matiba, the story of my life" and shed some tears. He will forever be the Mandela Kenya never had . But i agree with Taabu that time is up for him. As someone says, the very down-troddem murang'a and kiambu youth will vote for him not because they think he can win but just for the pride associated with it. There are also people who like Raila Odinga because of his supposed role in the second liberation.Some of them may head the Matiba way. BUT there is no denying the person most affected by his candidature is kibaki.

Bw. Phil, Matiba and Rubia may have joined the struggle late but you cannot dare take the credit away from them. They had followers both nationally and internationally and that was why moi listened when they spoke. Without Matiba, Phil, Multipartysm would have come but much later. Moseti Anyona was an activist per excellence but it is not about how long you have been in the struggle but how much impact you have. Oginga Odiga was a professional oppositionist but how much political control did he have? You seem to forget that even kamau Kuria and Wanyiri kihoro were long term detainees, but surely did they get any Kenyans on the streets? Raila Odinga for example prides himself as the country's longest detainee. But you cannot compare the intesity of matiba torture to Raila's. Matchet holding policemen storming Matiba's home and beating his wife, Edith, unconcious is not overrated, is it?

The only reason I feel bad about Matiba's candidature is the impact it's gonna have on his health. I am thinking if he campaigns seriously his death will not be very far. He needs to copy Rubia who knows what is good for him and what's not.

Matiba has always considered Kibaki a softee. His candidature is just a rebellion against the spineless Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Bw.Derek, it seems i am the only pumbavu in this forum who has not taken the opportunity to say to you welcome back; the moniker may be different (sijui deru au tero like tero-buru) but the "gifted debator" (to quote Makau Wambua) is undeniably DEREK-karibu

now onto economics lesson 101 for the day-is telkom sale good for our fledgling economy?
my simple answer to that is yes yes and yes again-in Telkom we see a former shell of the ghost of Kenya post and telecommuications which as i'm sure you remember in its heyday was the mama na baba of all telephone services in Kenya. Prior to KPTC giving birth to Telkom, there was no way they would ever have ben considered fit for private consumption-the privatisation being wrangled over today; that white elephant was occupying too much non-existent space in the Govt. office closets and we were headed nowhere and fast with it; not to mention it employed a number of ghost workers who were payed more than the company was making! indeed, we are an amazing country
now the ship is floating above the water, and barely so-not all leakages have been blocked but nevertheless they have attempted to make respectable what was once a telecommunications company only by name and nothing else-the Govt. needs to dump that load onto someone else so they can fill their own deficits in the budget, and that company needs to be managed like it can actually produce something other than national shame and tragedy
All the haranguing going on between ODM and PNU(sorry i meant GNU) is simply domo

Taabu said...

Kenyan politics has a unique trait in making even level headed chaps act youth wingers. Here we are talking sympathetically of one Njido Matiba and what do we see? A spirnkling of cheap dolled epithets aimed at the wrong people whose contribution to Kenya's good is honestly overestimated.

Playing to the gallery under the pretext of being seen to be objective is far removed from being objective. You get obsessed with a singular element that irritates you to an extent iit latently RATTLES your otherwise soberness. Common guys you don't disown your mum to prove objectivity, or do you?

Why cheat yourself to safe guard and trumpet the wishes of your horse by keeping guard at the wrong gate. Shouting and sneering never won any urgument. It only succeeds in amounting to REVERSE LOGIC and running on empty.

With that mind frame you end up painting your subject of hate RED thus making it VISIBLE (shading all the warts) while your object of passion fades by being COLOURLESS.

That is typical Kenyan version of being seen to rise above the common malady you end up propping albeit unwittingly. Well you have all the right to yap and yap some more but a honest evaluation will disabuse you of the fallacy.

Vikii said...

And what exactly are you saying in your not so subjective comment?

Taabu said...

No need to sneer bro Vikii. Please save your passion for the 3 Fs (family, faith and flag). Doing otherwise is to get f(ed). Need I say more? I guess and bet not. Let me know you take.

Taabu said...

Bro Vikki, F. Nyenze is back and so do Dalmas. While Ayako, Musa Sirma and PG Mureithi are OUT.

And JJ has re-defected to Safina. Is that NOT SO SUBJECTIVE?

chris said...

The contributions Matiba made to the second liberation cannot be downplayed in the manner some people are trying to do here. None of the other people mentioned has had a stroke as severe as the one Matiba had.

I agree that it is really very sad that Matiba would have been the Mandela of Kenya.

What is it about Kenya and her heroes and heroines?

Dedan Kimathi is still buried in some unmarked grave, the murder of Tom Mboya and JM Kariuki were allowed to stand and remain unresolved to date, we've just voted out Wangari Maathai at the party nomnation stage etc.

On the other hand look at how rich the traitors and perpetrators of the murders are today. And then we went ahead and elected fence-seaters/collaborators Kibaki and Moi President while the real heroes have conveniently been forgotten.

Matiba has a strong personality but if those around him are sincerely concerned for his well-being, then they should insist that he rests pemanently from politics. I am shocked that the ECK okayed his candidature. It is illegal by virtue of his health.


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