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Friday, November 16, 2007

Kumekucha’s Old Schoolmate Mounts A Scathing Attack On The Popular Blogger

Although this was an annonymous comment left at this blog, I have a very good idea of who the author is and I am a little surprised at the venom that emerges in certain parts of the message. I hereby reproduce his entire comment in full;

I have read your blogspot almost since it started. I have a little advice for you.

1) At the beginning when you were more neutral, you got more balanced readership. There are young entrepreneurs of Kenya who will survive P.N.U and O.D.M and you should have retained their faith in you as a balanced commentator. This group is critical to you as a businessman.

2) When you write about your frustrations as a publisher in Nairobi, you omit the following basic reasons for your failure:

a)You had zero knowledge about marketing. In addition, your opinions were shallow and could only cater to the type of people who had been reading 'Scandal' at Lenana School.

b) Your failure to go and study Architecture limited your general Education...

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Marianne Briner said...

Dear Chris,
even if you and some of your readers will accuse me for being 'obsessed' with Jeff Koinange, I still wish to comment on this matter:
All the details mentioned in this post, had been told to me by Jeff about you after you had published the Rape-Article (I was again in contact with Jeff to try to sort out things as you know - one was to write another letter to his CNN-Bosses informing them that he and I had agreed to settle the London-incident between us). He then told me that he knows who you are, that you went to another school but played rugby together - but he was the 'star' and you were just one of many ...... since you were not aggressive enough to really become a good player - which he was as he then proved in becoming immediately the Captain of his University Team in New York .... he also knew about your professional background, that you lived for some years in Tanzania and tried to set up business in Kenya but failed ..... he knew to whom you are married and details about your family ..... but he also mentioned that you were not belonging to 'his class' although you tried very hard but since you could not afford going to the places he did, you never reached 'his class' ....
So everything I read in this post, sounds very familiar .... and knowing that Jeff is 'back in town' trying to rebuild his career, I know that you are the 'thorn in his flesh' ----- and since he is a very jaleous man who never forgets, he will continue in this: trying to discredit you, to discourage you ...... he is and will continue being your enemy from now on and living and working now in Kenya, even more than before when you were still able to 'trace' his mails sent to you from Johannesburg ......
I am sorry, but that's the way a man like Jeff Koinange ticks ......


Anonymous said...


I am hurt by what you are saying. What was ‘scathing’ in my mail to you? What attack? I told you about events in stark reality. If I wanted to send you a scathing attack, believe me it would have been just that. Pointing out your shortcomings, both as a person and in the blog you run, are not an attack at all. I am correcting your ways.
Read my letter carefully.
My disappointment is that you run a campaign instrument and still call it a blog. As another reader told you, just be honest enough to admit your ODM partisanship.
You were once a devout Christian, or was it just a phase in growing up?

deroo said...

To Chris' schoolmate, this is personal and CHANGES guys are not like so. You are not Starehe or Ofafa Jericho or an Eastlands based secondary school.

You are up there. In any case, I would be proud if you made the criticism civil and a little bit rational. At least I will support Chris for answering you back, but I feel there is more than meets the eye.

If I were you, I could not have done it. It is uncalled for. PROVOCATION. Now we know that you had a stroke and I try to compare the stroke patients I have know and sorry to go that far....

I hope you are not retarded in that case. I will say it!

As for Marriane...oh nooo...not again. Jeff. Jeff. Jeff. Jeff was not a good rugby player. He went to a softii school and should not say that he was better than Chris.

To me, he never played for any top side and like Chris it shoukld have been for the love of the game. Jeff should have been a kit boy and could not have played better than Chris.

If Jeff was a better player, and that is how we weigh good high school rugger players, he should have turned up for any of the top sides and even enjoyed the benefit of playing in Phil's Ngong Road backyard.

Vikii said...

After reading that I have a new opinion on Chris.

Bro,accept my handshake. U can be called a sobre guy.

The attack by the bro was a personal one and unwarranted.

Taabu said...

Chris kudos for soberly handling this potentially EXPOSIVE matter. Two observations
1. First and foremost let this matter REST and NEVER EVER reply to those attacks lest you let the guy succeed in distracting you and all of us here from doing what we know best. Each one of us has a life and a past and somebody is cleverly blackmailing you. STOP him dead there because you have measured to to the narrow of BEING A STUDENT OF LIFE. STOP PLEASE, no more.

2. See the forest for the trees planted on this post. As they say the road to succeess is immacualtely paved with tempting parking lots. Ignore them. Open your eyes brother and revert to what Kumekucha is knwon for - political blog. Don't be a slave to your past and ashame the devil by ignoring him. Behind all the personal attack lies POLITICS - personal and national. It is envy and CLASS wars stupid. Ignore, won't you?

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that both the criticism and response featured prominently in this blog.

Anonymous said...

in other words, wacha domo kazi ya blogging in Kumekucha iendelee-this is the real kazi if ever there was any

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