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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Quick Quiz: Do You Know Where William Kabogo Lives?

During my brief absence, one very interesting piece of information I came across concerns controversial immediate former Juja legislator William Kabogo. I always thought that the guy lives somewhere near Thika or at the very least in Nairobi.

Actually he lives in Mombasa in a palatial house that I saw hidden deep in the leafy Nyali suburb. The house is right next to a bush that was cleared for his helicopter to be landing as he returns almost daily to his “palace”. A neighbor tells me that the helicopter has not landed in the bush for quite a while and the cleared vegetation has started growing again, and so nobody seems to know where it lands these days. But Kabogo still lives in the huge imposing house and is regularly seen in a car coming and going.

Neighbours inform me that the house was a spectacle to watch when it was being constructed. Kabogo would quite often order entire walls to be demolished and re-constructed and it seems that he continued to design his house and make adjustments even as construction was going on.

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Wa Gatheru said...

I once overheard Raymond Moi bragging about his new house in Rongai. The tiles were from some place in the Middle East,the Marble was from Italy, something else was from South Africa, yet something else was imported from Belgium.. and on and on. It was the kind of ostentatiousness that can induce vomit

Taabu said...

Money got CHEAPLY can only be spent cheaply. Together with that comes bravado and cheap boasts. Who cares whether your tiles come from Mars? A prudent and smart enterprenuer knows better than brag about assets to elevate his value. All the hype gives you a clue of the source of wealth.

Anonymous said...

kabogo the drug-lord has to be near the point of trans-shipment.

Anonymous said...

Iam a Kenyan who lives in United States and I Knew Kabogo very well when he worked at Toto Industry. He was egotistic but did not have much to show off for even though even at that time he had nothing. What is sad is that the Kenyan government know he is a drugwar lord but still won't question him as to where his wealth came from so very quickly. These are the people who are destroying the country and the younger generation. All the drug lords like him should be exposed and made to surrender their wealth to the government where by these money can be put to good use like helping the displaced children. Sometimes I praise God for being here in America because If he was in America he could probably be doing life in prisonment for drug racketeering.

Anonymous said...

You are misled! I know of very rich individuals in Pensylvania who are real drug barons! Don't brag after leaving your country to suffer! Look, there are very many poor and negleted childran in the US towns; and you people only see Kenyans! Give us a break!

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