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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kazi Hakuendelea na Howard

Australians have just shown their PM the door after 11 years in office. And true to calamities coming in droves Bw. Howard is headed to losing the parliamentary seat he has held for the last 33 years. Just permute names and you get familiar message back home in Kenya.

Mr Howard campaigned on his record of sound economic management - aka kazi iendelee. But Aussies had other designs and because power intoxicates Howard refused to read sign of the times after training in the pools the whole year.

Poor Howard! But he can at least afford a plastic smile in DEFEAT. Can it dignity or any positive trait but right inside the chap is on fire. The problem with leaders is NOT KNOWING WHEN TO QUIT.

The new Australian PM Rudd saw it and ran on new leadership platform. If only we had such a pool of quality to replace our scoundrels. We only have hope as the singular asset in our possession. We cannot afford to lose it lest we inadvertently action our souls and motherland too. Kenya ni yetu.


luke said...

Mwalimu, are we beginning to see ripple domino effect of political fortunes changing the world over faster than you can say...

Its always BIG NEWS HEADLINE when the people remember that they have the power-sometimes (as in the case of Kenyans who suffer terminal short memory disease) all it takes to refresh memory is for a true-to-nature politician to close his eyes wide shut IGNORE blinding signs of the times in red and next moment with just one fell swoop single act of solidarity voters remind you, sir/madam who wears the trousers in this relationship
Australians have given crooked-thinking, pre-vote opium-smoking Kenyans much to think about- giving good ol' mate Howie the boot was not an unjustly reward; indeed he must have trumpeted loud his good record perfomance with management of the country's economic affairs, and i am sure they are well familair with it-what then? And there is a lesson here for had to have been about DISENCHANTMENT voters have when they are fed up with someone who shouts back "HANG ON" getting louder each time they cry out "HOW LONG?"
"Please,just one road mweshimiwa, build just one road RIGHT HERE that is all...." OK, you want KUST ONE ROAD? I WILL BUILD 10...all over the country, none of which directly benefit you, but the BOTTOMLINE IS YOU WANTED A ROAD RIGHT"?
wrong! the bottom line is you NEVER LISTEN-in the words of Dick Morris (WHO THE HECK IS THAT?NEVER MIND) "diomo, diomo, diomo"
No wonder voters go hystricall

Taabu said...

Luka people with an informed choice do not suffer our perenial malady of FEAR O~F THE UNKNOWN. Nobody was born with clothes and so none was born a leader. Forget the game of semantics.

Fortune only smiles at the strong willed and faint hearts bleeding from sectarianism never won any decisicive battle leave alone war. There is a first time for everything and you only succeed in engaging is self-delusion in thinking that nobody can do better than you.

Kenya as a nation are loyal slaves to their scoundrel masters. And I can bet with my last breath that these smart for nothings are not ready to losen the LEASH on us yet. Speak of self bondage at it best and you are talking exclusively about Kenyans and their politics. This is no DIRGE but my heart bleeds for my motherland all the same.

Vikii said...

They are caled DIRGES these days huh? That's allowable.

Now this is about John Howard, right? Why are people drawing parallels with the Kenyan situation? I find it ridiculous because people are admiting that we, unlike the Aussies, do not have options and at the same time putting a case for one dangerous man. Dirges or lack of them is not the issue. The issue is can we afford the luxury of the alternatives they have at their disposal? There has never been anything like fear of the unknown gentlemen.

John Howard deserves the sack, he does. His worship of George Bush, the world's biggest idiot is proof that he should not be at the helm of the Australian government. He had nasty words for Barrack Obama earlier in the year. He believes an Obama presidency is a sure express ticket for the Al-Queda forces. I believe a continuation of his tenure would have been an extension of mediocrity.

The Rendezvous said...

Your Posts are great.

One personal quote I read on your blog makes me think about elections in Kenya.The one that says "Hata Kibaki akishindwa ni sawa" label by the Gikuyu queen.

I am feeling like some fellas have started feeling they are loosing.

Na ni sawa anthem is a good label in PNU campaigns..

Vikii said...


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