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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nairobi Woman Shot Dead With Moshi Bank Robbers Was Innocent, Sources Insist


Details are emerging about one of the Kenyans shot dead by Tanzanian police on allegations that she was part of a group about to rob a bank in Moshi. It seems that the well like entrepreneur, Ann Nyakanyi King’ara may have been an innocent victim who may have been at the wronmg place at the wrong time.

One source in Nairobi told Kumekucha; “I am certain that Anne Nyakanyi King'ara had nothing to do with the botched 'plot' to rob the Moshi bank. I've known Anne for 20 plus good years and done heavy business deals with her. She was a real angel true to her word. I never fell out with her and I don't know anyone who has.”

The source continues; “Actually I had just seen her recently at...

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Anonymous said...

Ann was not a Sunday school teacher! She was a thief, or in kikuyu( Muka wa aici). Let her poor soul burn in hell for eternity. Please do not lower the dignity of this blog by praising thieves. We have enough railaherd kondoos in this blog already. I wish the police could shoot other thieves including molasses thieves!! kioko. BC. Canada.

Taabu said...

Kioko please at least have the heart for the dead and respect them. Even stupidity has a human face. You may cheat yourself that you are scathing but only to yourself. I fear and doubt whether you can engage anybody outside your deraged shell with a chat. You gal with every word you spew. Whoever gave birth to you wasted all the energy in raining a beast for a human being. Pole FOOL.

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