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Friday, August 03, 2007

Media Bill Sails Through Parliament


Yes, the media bill will soon be law. It has been passed in parliament and awaits the president's signature to become law. These are some of the laws that make the Kenyan justice system a joke. Laws passed, not for posterity but for the convenience of a few powerful people who have broken the law and want to use the same law to protect themselves.

You can debate this issue until the cows come home but the fact of the matter is...

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Phil said...

It looks like Kumekucha has changed his mind about this law afterall. I wonder what former NMG staffer Stephen Muiruri would say about this development?

The original media bill and the amended one are both a big threat to democracy and freedom of expression. The big media houses, especially the influential NMG, tried to cut a deal with government and have a revised bill passed, but it appears that has backfired badly, as if they didnt know this government has got no respect for MOUs. An amendment was sneaked in at the last moment and all that remains is Kibaki to ascent to it.

Lets see how biased the NMG will continue to be, now that they are a victim themselves!

David Mwangi said...

I agree the media bill is a very bad law because it could potentially be used to silence the media. Kenyan media has serious issues, and their reporting is sometimes atrocious (personal opinion, EA Standard leads the way on this), but I'd rather the wananchi decide what to read and believe.

Phil, this bill was supported by both sides of the isle during its debate in parliament, in fact, the only MP on record who opposed the bad amendment during its debate was Njoki Ndung'u... clearly not an opposition MP. I therefore find it cheap for you to bring partisan politics on this one.

vikii said...

If NMG is biased, then The East African Standard is illegitimate. I dont support any bill that seeks to curtail press freedom but it sucks when peole drag politics everywhere.

All in all, the press can and should regulate themselves. That is why we put up with kumekucha the way it is.

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