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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Anglo Leasing Resignations to Follow?

As further proof that former finance minister David Mwiraria resigned on instructions (as we said n this blog) all other persons mentioned in the Anglo fleecing scandal have firmly stood their ground and rejected the idea of resigning.

However there are those who believe that the pressure is now so intense, more so after Mwiraria’s resignation and that the circling hounds, having tasted blood will be desperate for more blood.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

1 comment:

Okuche ojoga said...

Thing is i am surprised that this blogger had all the balls to speak out of his head,that the current stature in definiton of Luos lives' is as a result of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga's vision, to lead the country.Listen here you internet political thug! You need to filter your rapi emotional outbursts when you talk about a people who have been marginalised because of Kikuyu's outright arrogance for domination of a country,that they didnt even brocker its self governance from.FYI Kenyan independece was fostered by those at the Lancaster conference of '63.We Luos have been running this country only for you to cripple it over and over again.Look at the Mungiki ordeal,these murderous mobb annoucned to the public,that they had a pact with certain leaders in the current government...Its a shame that not only are you blind of the plight you have plunged Kenya into by ghost scums and oath drunk mobbs but you can run blogs of this nature airing your views about
Kenyan politics that you have defiled.Kunjeni mkia!!Thats all i have to say to you for now.Raila Odinga expresses the views of the whole of Kenya other than a minor few from Central province..who never learnt a lesson from the fired the opppisition from the cabinet,they let you run the country look at where we are now....Anglo leasing...and as of today 112 die from Mungiki killings since the beginning of June..Hows that for since 2002???????

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