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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Police Kill for Sport: Failing State in Militant Denial

 The mindset of a criminal is often betrayed by the plastic demenour and careless speech.

Cabinet Nkaissery's bragging about no lack of teargas and belittling police vetting was the hallmark of a clueless regime headed by a dynamic clueless duo.

It takes a superlative airhead to claim that we cannot have civilians commanding uniformed people. Well, Nkaiserry's worldview seems restricted to Kajiado Central and even Nairobi mesmerises him leave alone such civilian oversight bodies like the Independent Police Complaints commission (IPCC) in the UK.

Superlative airhead

The CS is living in his military head where every Kenyan must submit to his afande shouts.

But make no mistake where the rot lies. The loud silence from the dynamic clueless duo speaks volumes of where their hearts desire in abetting brutality to cow and intimidate opponents.

And the cops know it after a thumbs up following battering to pulp peacefully demonstrating Kenyan to please their bosses.

Forget the fact that vetting of police by the National Police Service Commission is a constitutional requirement aimed at weeding out the corrupt, violent, and incompetent members from the force.

Nkaiserry would rather please the officially armed criminals lest they expose the executive rot from the top.

Just like top civil servants saw the opportunity to rape Kenya's coffers when all the government machinery and resources were singulary trained on defeating ICC at The Hague, the cops know the acute dearth of moral authority from the top to question their murdering spree.

Regime apologists

John Michuki may be dead but his legacy to support police killing and maiming lives on. The twin latest episodes witnessed in the crude brutality meted out to peaceful anti-IEBC protestors and spiced last week by the seizure and subsequent horrific torture and murder of lawyer Willie Kimani together with his driver and a client are just tips of a massive iceberg.

Regime apologists may continue firing from all cylinders protecting the rotten House but soon the brutality and incompetence will affect and infect them to open their eyes to reality of our steady and briskly walk to abyss shepharded by the clueless dynamic duo.


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