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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Is Kibaki safe from the ICC?

For the first time in the history of Kenya we have two retired presidents in the wings as a third relatively youthful one is at the helm. Most Kenyans do not realize it yet but our circumstances are such that both retired presidents are still extremely powerful. Albeit for totally different reasons.

Kibaki could not have been happier handing over power to his godson and the man who was only a few days old when he himself gave him his name UHURU. Uhuru’s ascension to power was all part of a very elaborate plan hatched in the run up to the 2007 elections. Later the plan took on a new urgency and became a do or die road map aimed at ensuring that even in retirement Kibaki would stay well away from the menacing claws and reach of the increasingly threatening ICC court at the Hague (read my book on the PEV Let The Blood Flow).

The truth is that as testimonies continue to fly thick and fast from the Hague it will become increasingly clear who the person most responsible for the 2008 post election troubles (according to ICC prosecutors) is. 

So for those who are alert and observant the question now has to be in view of recent developments, is Kibaki safe from the ICC in retirement? The shocking answer and the latest ICC strategy on Kibaki is revealed in a recent issue of my much acclaimed Kumekucha Real Time Intelligence Reports (send an email to umissedthis at gmail dot com for an instant response on how to get your hands on these much acclaimed reports).

But Kenya’s second president Daniel arap Moi is probably even more powerful in Kenya today. Not only has the former president kept himself very much in the loop with an impressive team of handlers still at his beck and call but he is also the closest mentor that President Uhuru Kenyatta currently has. Remember that it was the same Moi who groomed Uhuru for the presidency in 2002. It was a failed attempt because Mwai Kibaki ascended to the presidency. But Moi’s hard work behind the scenes did not go to waste because as you read this Uhuru is now finally president of Kenya.

Fascinatingly very few Kenyans remember that Uhuru had major problems speaking Kiswahili before 2002. Today he speaks and even the Waswahili Kenyans at the Coast with their sophisticated Kiswahili understand what he is saying.

Observant Kenyans will also have noticed that Moi has kept a much lower profile since the 2013 elections than he did during Kibaki’s 10 years at State house. Do not for a moment fool yourself that mzee is getting senile. He is in fact in much better shape than Kibaki (who will celebrate his 82nd year on earth on November 15th. Moi hit 89 on September 2nd).

No 2 still retains much the same programme he maintained during his 24 tenure as president getting up at 4am every day. By the time he sits down to his breakfast of plenty of milk and brown wimbi porridge at 6am he has read all the newspapers and has a pretty good idea of what is going on in the entire banana republic. This information helps him a great deal in the counsel he gives to President Uhuru on a regular basis. Politics aside our president is indeed lucky to benefit from the vast experience and wisdom Moi has and all he has to do is listen and take only what he wants to use. He doesn’t have to be another Moi because that won’t quite work in today’s rapidly evolving Kenya. 

Moi is keeping a low profile because he is more powerful than ever.

My latest information is that Kibaki is recovering quite well from the ordeal that was the presidency for him. More so when all the pressure came after the terrible road accident he had at the Machakos junction in December 2002, where he was very lucky to have survived, thanks mainly to the airbags that inflated in micro seconds inside the car he was traveling in. But Obako, as most Kenyans like to call him has a nagging problem still haunting him and it has to do with what is unfolding far away in Holland.

What was Raila Odinga's involvement in the 2008 post election violence? This explosive article is a wee bit sensitive to publish online but you can see it in a few seconds, please read it in your email inbox for FREE).


Anonymous said...

RUTO going against the grain?

of late he has been seen to be taking position that is not in line with his boss.

Is it that he is seeing what is very obvious?-the Nyumba is laying all future moves on that head of KDF when things get very hot as they are getting at the ICC


DEPUTY President William Ruto yesterday admitted that it was "unfortunate' that some Kenya Defence Forces may have looted Westgate Mall during the terror incident a month ago.

Ruto told CNN's Zain Verjee that the looting incident was an unfortunate one after she asked him to explain it.

Ruto's admission came as Chief of Defence Forces General Julius Karangi told Parliament that the plastic bags his soldiers were caught on CCTV footage with were "water which they took with the authority of their commanders."

In the CNN interview yesterday, Verjee asked: “Many Kenyans feel quite upset when they see images of military that were looting inside the mall, how do you explain that?” Verjee asked Ruto during the interview.

“I must admit that that is an unfortunate incident, and the president has launched an inquiry to find out exactly what happened.
- See more at:

Anonymous said...

Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda allowed to add witnesses in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s case

ICC has allowed Bensouda to add 2 more witnesses in Uhuru's case (PHOTO: Courtesy)

By Standard Digital Reporter

NAIROBI, KENYA: Trial Chamber V(i) of the International Criminal Court Wednesday allowed Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to add two witnesses in the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The court also ordered for the disclosure of the witnesses P-548 and P-66. Uhuru’s defence team had requested to have witnesses disclosed before his trial begins.

In her request, The Prosecutor, Bensouda, requested to add witness p548 ( a Mungiki insider), and P-66 who is a sexual and gender based violence witness .

The Prosecution submits that it came into contact with witness (P-548) near the 9 January 2013 deadline to disclose its witness list, and that the collection of P-548's statement took place shortly afterwards.

The Prosecution submits that it had previous contact with P-66, but approached this person again as a replacement witness following the withdrawal of Witness 426.

Anonymous said...

Does Moyi understand the details of what he is reading in the Kenyan newspapers?

Methink Kiba gave Uhure green light to attack Kenya's 41Ethnic communities in Nakur,Naivas,Nairobery.
Yes, he will join Uhrut soon.

Taabu said...


Talking ill of retired or sitting president is "TREASONEOUS". You have been warned!

And lest you doubt we know your address. Watch out!

Anonymous said...

There are some of us who really hate to admit the painful fact that old man Kibaki is completely safe from the ICC and he will remain scot free from any future prosecution, be it local, regional or international.

Why? Mzee Kibaki did one thing that old time wise godfathers and smart generals know how to do well, which is, they let others - their henchmen, underlings, clean-up-crew, lieutenants et al - do the dirty job while the whole incident, operation, heist, hit, hostile takeover, sanctioned elimination is remote controlled from a distance and behind the scenes.

There is very little or nothing at all in terms of real evidence related to the political blood bath of 2007/08 that will be able to be linked or allowed to stick on Kibaki's name, including some of his very-very close long time associates.

Kibaki has always been and still is four hundred percent old school damu in light of the regional political struggles among traditionalists in Nyeri, Kiambu, Muranga, Kirinyaga and others in the diaspora - Rift Valley.

Therefore, there is no doubt in many people's - insiders' - minds that Kibaki must have very well known what was bound to go down in the nation's history given the potential aftermath of the 2007 general election.

And what a better scapegoat that made itself available in the person of Uhuru Kenyatta - as gullible and power hungry as he was - and ended up being anointed as the main man of the hour and the perfect sacrificial hand at the timely service of concerned elders of 'several houses' from the central region of the country.

Many of whom had zero knowledge of how Gen Mwai Kibaki operates while in the eye of the storm or under concentrated heavy fire and then ends up wiggling himself from sustaining any kind of political and personal damage when the dust has settled on all fronts.

Mwai Kibaki has always been a very smooth political and business operator in the name of self-preservation since the early 1960s, and his survivalist record speaks for itself during the Kenyatta and Moi adminstrations as well as the years he was left out in the cold.

All things taken into account, Uhuru Kenyatta will end up taking the fall on behalf of Mwai Kibaki and the elders of several houses from their region.

Never ever clean another person's dirty or blood stained hand in any way, shape or form, however find ways to distance yourself from it and let the owner cut it off in order to safe him/herself when times demand it.

Anonymous said...


Who is it that was noticed whispering to a friend of friend that told someone who then ended up sharing the rumour with a longtime confidant that Moi is keeping a low profile because he is more powerful than ever?

If that is the real case for all its worth, then what might we - some of us in the minority - say to the former president and to those in our midst who still grieve for those who do not live in a Kenya as it once it was during the so-called glorious 80s and 90s?

With all due respect to all those among us who might have advanced gracefully in age like the former president and his contemporaries, it would have understandable to hear whispers about 'Moi keeping a very low profile because he is now making more than ever' as opposed to being more powerful following the thirteenth year of his blissful retirement.

Patrick M said...

No one is safe from the ICC

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