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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What is the role of Gichangi and the NSIS In Elections 2013?

Why is it that the name of the head of the NSIS Michael Gichangi (pictured) keeps on coming up all the time as we head to the polls? What is the role of the NSIS in the looming general elections? It seems that it is much more than the gathering of information. Clearly it seems that the NSIS has a new mandate to influence things and take them in a certain direction. This mandate is NOT constitutional.

This is like going to watch a play where the actors abandon the script and you suddenly find that a minor part player has taken over as the lead actor in circumstances that cannot be quite explained.

Sample the following; The chief justice of the banana republic of Kenya is stopped at the airport and barred from leaving the country? Why? Because he has not received official clearance to travel out of the country. Now a clarification is in order here. The chief justice is not a clerk in some government office. This man heads an arm of government that is equal to the executive and the legislature. In other words he is on the same level as the president of the said banana republic in many respects. If the president needs clearance to leave the country then the CJ also needs clearance.

Before the dust in that drama settles the CJ receives a call on his cell. By this time he has arrived in neighboring Tanzania. Not from the PS in the office of the president BUT from the head of the NSIS Major General Michael Gichangi. And that is not all. Gichangi apologizes for the “small hiccup.” Any fool can see it is not small and rather than a hiccup is best described as a major earth tremor. Maybe the former Kenya airforce fighter jet pilot has seen so much combat that nothing can be major to him anymore. In which case the president being halted at the airport by some junior immigration official taking orders from the NSIS would be a very minor hiccup.

Barring the CJ from traveling to neighboring Tanzania is above everything else an insult. Tanzania is not Europe or the United States. You could cross to the United Republic on an old Black Mamba bicycle any time you want. It seems the message here was to tell the CJ not to forget who is really in charge. At least that is how I would interpret it myself.

When you read between the lines you will quickly realize that the call from Gichangi must have been part of a well choreographed script whose intentions can only be clear to those who understand what is really going on behind the scenes as we head towards the general elections in a matter of days.

I ask again why should the head of the NSIS call the CJ? For what??? Regular readers of my raw notes will of course not be surprised by these latest developments.

So now we know that the NSIS are major actors in this drama called general elections 2013. Which means that you should also know what to expect then don’t you?

P.S. I am sick of these “scientific” presidential opinion polls littering the media and taking up valuable airtime on prime time TV news. I feel like throwing up listening to all the so-called experts “analyzing” and explaining why Uhuru has so dramatically and suddenly overtaken Raila in the polls and is still traveling at very high speed. It is all rubbish and taking Kenyans for a ride. Kenyans are probably the most gullible people on earth where the face of a white man appears and the word “scientific” is used. Everybody pretends to look intelligent and anybody who disputes those “scientific” findings is a fool. Really??? The truth is that zombies do not mutate, at least not the CORD and Jubilee ones that I know so well. The Jubilee zombies have remained the same in number and so have the CORD ones. The margin of error is those who have passed on, on both sides of the divide mostly from an overdose of Changaa or bhang purchased with the new found wealth that a political campaign brings.

Let’s cut the cr** and reveal the naked truth here. These pollsters are simply adjusting their figures to reflect the reality I have been pointing out in this blog for weeks now. That is the tribal arithmetic which favors Jubilee but it is not enough for an outright win in the first round. Gentlemen, we are headed for a run off. Unless… well that info cannot be published here. Sorry.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwana Chris,

We would expect you to be aware of this fact. All states have two faces:

(a) There is the VISIBLE state where you find NOISE MAKERS and IDIOTS calling themselves Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Governors and such.

(b) Then, there is the INVISIBLE government where you find what they call intelligence.

As such, the job of those who are in the VISIBLE government is to do PR and cover up for the REAL GOVERNMENTS, i.e. the invisible governments.

As such, the INVISIBLE government, is the real government and if the part of the VISIBLE government try to do some things that "threaten" the "NATIONAL SECURITY", i.e. oligarchy/monopolist's interests, such persons are removed and no one is sacred.

NB: Bear this in mind. All these men/women you call presidents, ministers etc, are guarded by the same intelligence guys and therefore, there are all under surveillance.


"Now a clarification is in order here. The chief justice is not a clerk in some government office. This man heads an arm of government that is equal to the executive and the legislature. In other words he is on the same level as the president of the said banana republic in many respects. If the president needs clearance to leave the country then the CJ also needs clearance."


It is good to distinguish between LEGAL FICTIONS and the REALITY.

To start with a COURT really means:

-a palace, the place of residence of a King or sovereign prince. That, PERSONS WHO COMPOSE the RETINUE or council of a King or Emperor.

Thus, the Chief Justice is just one of the RETINUE or Council of a King. A President of a CENTRALIZED nation like Kenya is a King in reality.

A bit of legal history will help:

Among the Anglo - Saxons, the highest court was that of THE KING which was called Wittenagemot and in which he himself was present, attended by his Councillors or Witan. This HIGHEST COURT of the King COMBINED:

-Legislative, Judicial and Executive Council.

When the Normans conquered and occupied England, the King reconfigured this court into Curia Regis (King's Court) or at times called Aula Regis (King's Hall) because it was held in the hall of the King's Palace, and an INSTRUMENTALITY of extending the Royal Authority.

The King used to sit in this Court.

This is the deal now:

In the KING'S ABSENCE, the CHIEF JUSTICIARY who was the 1st Magistrate of the State and a kind of Viceroy, PRESIDED over this King's Court.

NB: Chief Justiciary is what we call CHIEF JUSTICE today.

In other words, Courts belong to the King. Thus, the CJ only presides the Courts as an assistant to the King/President.

Therefore, the so called Branches are not equal. The branch which commands VIOLENCE and MONEY is the more powerful.

That is why, in the USA, in 1930's, the Executive reconfigured the Supreme Court from the Right to Left!

That is the REALITY as opposed to the LEGAL FICTION taught in our law schools.

We add this. It was only in the ANCIENT EGYPT where the Judge's oath had a statement like this:

"I Judge xxxx, do swear to disobey any unlawful orders given to me by the Pharaoh."

None of the modern Judges has taken such an oath as we find in Ancient Ta - Merry/Egypt.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Mwaka Wa Fisi:

Anonymous said...

Bett said that Jomo Kenyatta ruled for 15 years, Daniel Moi 24 years and Mwai Kibaki for 10 years. He said that it was now time for the Western part of Kenya to take over leadership.

Time is ripe to let suspects clear their names first. Kenya is tired of bad governship.

Let us chose the right path.


Anonymous said...

Jubilee is all color and show and money and very little substance.truth be told 60% of people attening those rallies are going in the hope of getting a handout!the numbers remain the same.The result -real result-will be the same way Obama trounced Romney in the US election.Jubilee is a group living in self denial and wishful not being partisan i think they should wake up to the reality of the situation on the ground.

Taabu said...


Why are you rubbing TYRRANY IN NUMBEERS mantra?

And while at it Gichangi amekula mbuzi ya nani? He did a brilliant job in 2007/8 and rubbing his hands in glee for a repeat performance.

So what does Kimemia/Gichangi/Ndegwa/Kinyua/Mureithi/Iringo have in common?


Anonymous said...

This comment moderation is making KK STUPID!!!


Anonymous said...

Sang said it all. MOU has never worked. Ask Tuju. He waited to be nominated. Wapi. He dustered the book shelves at Haraambee office for 5yrs. Sang knows what will happen to Ruto. Kwisha!

Anonymous said...


Have you seen what Sang said today
we may wish it away,but it is very strong

He reminded Kales (RV) that Jubilee's coalition agreements (MOUs) are just that based on the MOU of 2002, 2007 and latest between Uhuru and Mudavadi

In summary,and looking at the common denominator,he is saying that Kales should not trust a K with an MOU!
Kenyan leaders dont keep their promises and that is what Sang is saying.
My well considered interpretation is that He is saying that if Jubilee wins,then RUTO is toasted by mtado?
Next few days will see real re-alignment as this message sinks harder in RV

Anonymous said...

ICC agrees to move trial dates

what is Uhuruto going to say-no more victimhood!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to bwana Sang, am now beginning to question why Wetangula is always shadowing Kalonzo whenever he doubles up with Raila on campaign trails and am beginning to doubt if this MOU will stick given Raila's history with MOU'S. Some say he is stringing Kalonzo along so he can warm the bed for Wetangula until Kalonzo's votes are safely delivered and the rest as they say will be history.

Anonymous said...

... it was now time for the Western part of Kenya to take over leadership.

First of all, Kenya is not a perfect republic but it should never ever be allowed to continue being operated like a bordello, Msufi Mkavu (Cathouse), or the equivalent of Kivulini ('Horizontal Shade') in the same way it has been governed in the last fifty years, where revolving government's doors have allowed presidents, politicians, their cronies, high profile associates, sychopantic underlings and worst of all, their comrades-in-corruption and impunity - foreign parasitic wazungu aka economic hitmen - to come and go as they so desired.

The Kenyatta adminstration squandered 15 years of golden opportunities, 24 more years were wasted by the successive despotic adminstration, and the last 10 years have been underutilized by Kibaki's current cronic adminstration.

So, why should another five to ten years be woefully wasted by the next adminstration whose only sole desire may end up being one that seeks their turn to eat - the country's coffers - together like the previous three failed adminstarions?

By the way, why should the country's leadership be taken over by people or political entities from the western region, or any other particular region of the country in 2013 and beyond?

Do we really need a round table of political eaters or Ali Baba and his forty thieves for another decade or two?

All things taken into account, March 4th, 2013 should be a fresh opportunity that will give us, the Kenyan people, a golden opportunity to seek ways and means to mend our political, economic and social modi operandi, or worse, keep up with the same old shenanigans to the point where we will end up shooting oursleves in the foot so many times as it have been the case with the last three adminstrations.

The newly created county governments should be able to address many of the leadership issues that seem to have failed to develop and stimulate political, economic and social growth in the western region as well as in the other regions of the country.

Anonymous said...

The days of people like Gichangi, Kimemia and others are numbered. Let's just hope that their company will be shown the exit by whoever takes charge of the next government. Real change is always a good opportunity for the rest of the country to reset or calibrate it self for the better.

Anonymous said...

Is that all that Sang has sungt before heading out for trials and personal tribulations at the ICC?

Anonymous said...

Barring the CJ from traveling to neighbouring Tanzania is above everything else an insult.

All things taken into taken, it is not only a real insult to the CJ himself, but an insult to the nation, judiciary, legislature and constitutional Commission and indepedent offices, the executive, and the public at large, in this day and age, especially, after fifty years of the so-called Kenya's independence.

There are those of us who find it very amazing if not comical that Kenya's intelligence network aka national security outfit that goes by the initials NSIS and the ever lethargic and corrupt immigration department - better known as Ministry of Immigration and Prevention of Border Crossing for those without chai or kitu kidogo -, found it so easier to prevent the CJ from leaving the country as if Kenya was on the brink of collapse like Syria under the despotic rule of Basher Hafez al-Assad.

Yet it comes as no surprise that the very same official security entities have never managed to stop, let apprehend criminals, drug traffickers, arms dealers, human traffickers, seasoned bands of poachers, well known lords of countraband from China, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Somalia, and frequent flyers perverted tourists (FFPTs) - known pedophiles - from Asia, Europe, and North America, and the ever menacing grenande throwers in the urban areas of the Nairobi Country.

One would have thought that more security resources and energy are being invested and concentrated on keeping dangerous criminals and other undesirables from entering the country, and hence preventing them from endangering the lives of many Kenyan citizens, instead of wasting the same on preventing high profile public srvants from traveling to neigbouring countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Rwanda, etc.

Unfortunately, the more things have changed over the last ten years, the more they have remained the same in terms of national security and the manner in which Kenya's security networks such the NSIS continue to operate as well as infringe upon the rights and privacy of law abiding public servants like the CJ and many other private citizens who have harrowing experiences courtesy of the NSIS, customs (with its still infamous kitu kidogo surchange), immigration, airport police, etc.

Kenya is only as strong as its weakest link, and in this case, it is the nation's security networks, including the department of immigration deservice(s) that are the weakest and still in real need of a very thorough house cleaning after the March 4th general election.

For our information, many Kenya's new brand of passports are still being collected and returned to the 'found and lost' sections of various police stations or immigrations departments of several European and North American nations.

The usually discarded passports are the new generation of Kenyan passports that have very strange names and foreign faces that have nothing to do with familiar Kenyan names from the fourty-something communities.

So, who is fooling who in terms of national security and maintenance of law and order within our nation's borders?

What about utilizing the very same energies and resources that were used in trying to prohibit the CJ from country, on dealing with the curtailment or decapitation of notorious home grown terror gangs and urban thugs in areas like Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Garissa, Liboi, Wajir, Mandera, Marsabit, Moyale, Sirare, and along the Kenya-Uganda border?

Anonymous said...

Gichangi is not a straight arrow, nor has he been a messenger of neutral tidings, however, he has always played it safe from behind the scenes since the day he ascended into his current role as chief of NSIS.

Unfortunately, it is Dr. Mutua's last minute replacement, the one who has been a very arrogant and an abrassive character who is reported to have already crossed the forbidden official lines on numerous of occasions, by stepping and scratching his fingers into areas where a holder of his high profile office should never ever been seen meddling with the country's politics, let alone trying to influence the outcome of the looming general election on March 4th.

Luckily, Dr. Mutua's last minute replacement will have to seek alternative employement or livelihood once the new boss firmly sets both of his feet in the state house.

It does not matter who it will be, because Dr. Mutua's last replacement has outlived his welcome and intended temporary "usefulness" by all means granted to him.

The next leader of government can not afford to retain an individual who has already become aliability and the laughing stock among many people's jokes within the civil service, in many parts of the country, and qualified butt of many jokes especially within the diplomatic circles.

The man who will forver be known as Dr. Mutua's last minute replacement for all the wrong reasons, has screwed up big-time and it is hightime he was shown an early exit that will lead him to a place and time around his homestead where he seems more suitable to behave as he so wishes, far and away from the general public's eye and the diplomatic encalves.

Dr. Mutua's last minute replacement should not expect any type of courtesy to be extended to him in the first place since he has already shown obvious disregard and complete failure in extending the same to his peers and other senior government officials, including the CJ and members of NPSC, et al.

Far gone are the days when the KGB used to approve as well as asign a very strict itinenary to its high ranking government dignitaries and demanded that they report back to Moscow and update their supervisors every twelve hours, or else be recalled back home on a moment's notice, or ende up never being granted another golden opportunity to exit the Soviet Union in order to conduct any sort of official business on behalf of the Soviet Union.

Dr. Mutua's last minute replacement needs to be constantly reminded of the above mentioned fact, and let it be known to him that Kenya is not and has never been part of the dormer Soviet Union where a select few ran the institutions as if their were their own personal properties.

Anonymous said...

In a not so semi-perfect democratic society, the usual expected role of men, call them 'people in highly placed secretive positions' if you will, like Gichangi and government's institutions like the NSIS, et al, is one of neutrality above all else and at all times.

Nevertheless, the issue of neutrality has always been a very foreign operative term for 99.7% of our country's highly educated civil servants, as well as the very well trained members within various security services or agencies who have been sworn to uphold the law and protect the nation's interests at all times against disruptive foreign and domestic elements.

Talking of unsavory persons, criminal elements, groups or organisations in our midst, that are always bent on disrupting the general economic, political, and social conditions of our soon to be wonderful country in a couple of decades from now - 2013.

On the contrary, most of the civil servants and members of the intelligence community always ignore the oath of office they once took and end up engaging in unethical behaviours, practices and very underhanded tactics, that involve taking direct positions in political matters whose outcome ends up supporting certain well connected individuals, political parties, favoured ethnicities and regions at the expense of the rest of the country.

Hence, the ever sensitive issue of political neutrality as in nonparticipation in political matters that favour particular individuals, parties, ethnicities and regions, is always thrown into the dumps or disregarded not only during general electioneering season, but in most instances, and especially throughout the years when a particular goverment is in power, such as the very sad documented case with the Kibaki adminstration.

And worst of all, in incidents or cases where very well trained men like Gichangi and other high ranking senior officers and countless agents under their command within the NSIS and other security services or agencies, end up not standing up for the country, citizenry, law and order, out of fear of not wanting to been seen or construed as biting the very hand that feeds them in terms of paying their monthly salaries, steering their entitled promotions, among other bloated perks that comes with the domain.

So, what do men like Gichangi and institutions like the NSIS, etc, owe to the country - the Republic of Kenya - and its citizenry?

Anonymous said...

The so-called NSIS, CID and other security agencies out there, have always been the usual pack of unhelpful allies due to the fact that they know very well what side their bread is buttered and who is responsible for procuring the bread and butter, as well as securing a protective environment where they can congregrate every fourty-eight to ninety-six hours while on duty, off-duty, or after-hours, which ever comes first.

On the other hand, when all is said and done, we should be surprised at all because it all boils down to the old adage, whoever pays the piper calls the tune whenever and wherever necessary given the kind of murky political waters, economic climate and the kind of social culture that have continued to exist for far too long in a third world country like our beloved Kenya, which is still struggling sooooooooo hard to free itself and emerge from a deep seated neo-colonial mindset in terms of everyday operations from point A, B, C, D, to Z, and wrestle itself from an entrenched self-inflicted social pathology.

We are who we are, they are who they are, and the only one thing we all have in common is that we have failed to put our country first above all else in the last fifty years.

The majority of us have always forgotten the fact that if Kenya succeeds, we all succeed, but if Kenya fails, we all fail regardless of our respective ethnic backgrounds, political affiliations, standards of living, the amount of our fleeting wealth, and other so-called personal investments that can quickly turn to dust in matter of seconds should things suddenly morph into the unimaginable worst case scenario when least expected

Anonymous said...

Which "Western part of Kenya" is @7:11 AM [2/23/13] talking about?

Is it western part of Kenya around Lake Nyanza? The western part of Kenya within the vibrant southwestern highlands? The western part of Kenya located near and around the Sirare region?

Or is it the western region of Kenya that neighbours the wide and long swath of area bodering the land that once belonged to the one time mighty Kingdom of Kibaka?

Anonymous said...

Mwanetu Kris,

Osanaki! Wazaukashi wapi hivi rero? Kwani waendelea kugonakoshi uzinganikani huko uliko au vipi?

Mbona huja jiraukisha rero na tayari kumekucha hapo awali?

Tafadhali, waombwa usiwahi kuedelea kujipembelelea hivyo hivyo katika nyakati hii ya siasa kambambe kote nchini, huku raia tukiwa tayari twangojelelea siku ya uchanguzi mkuu ili tuwahi kuwazusa pamoja na kuwabwaga wanasiasa wengi walio wambovu mno na adui wakuu wa maendeleo na amani katika wilaya, majimbo na kaunti mbali mbali.

Ndugu, why are you still missing in action? Where are the political updates and insider's information on various major election activities from around Nairobi and rest of the country?

Salaamuka ili ushigonizike hapo adhuhuri pamoja na alasiri. Tuzidi.

Anonymous said...

Hallo!!! Hallo!!!

Is anybody still at home - @Kumekucha - or has the general election fever started taking its huge toll on some of us, and particularly on Chris of Kumekucha, Taabu, Phil, and other veterans.

Lest some of us forget the fact that the highly anticipated March 4th is just a date that will occur - come and go - on a day like any other, whereby a lot of political egoes and ukabila feathers will be cut down to size, while others ruffled against all expectations that some of us might have had several months, weeks and days leading to the elections date, zero hour.

In the end, our usual lives steeped in abject poverty for the majority of us, or heavily mortgaged for the so-called 'middle class' will have to continue as usual regardless of whether we find out the hard way whether our respective votes were well untilized on the right candidates, or wasted on the usual bitter bigtime losers who may have been propped up by special interest groups, their sour-graped supporters and diehard foot soldiers.

Luckily, the winners will divide their collective spoils, while the losers are left in the dust and at the same time licking their self-inflicted deep financial wounds for the next five years.

In the meantime, political oblivion will always remain a better alternative for those politicians who may have failed to really rise to the occasion as expected, regardless of their coaltion bandgon, or political showboat they picked as a prospective ticket to the eagerly anticipated prosperity and elevated social standing in their respective communities and regions.

Anonymous said...

Even the whole world is tired of seeing Italian and European POPES.

We are also too tired to see only presidents from ONE region in Kenya.

We want a change on the 4th.

May God (ac)cord Kenya the long awaited liberation- NOT YET UHURU!

Anonymous said...

Without Tinga Kenya would be today having the worst CJ. Let's unite and protect the volatile democracy we have acquired. It is true---not yet Uhuru

Anonymous said...

II] Why don't you cast your crrucial collective vote for Martha Karua - for a change - as Kenya's next president?

In the general life of our fifty-year old nation, all we ever hear and read about in the mdeia is how most of the so-called stealth and educated Kenyan women keep mourning, complaining and singing about the endemic marginalization and ostracization of the majority of Kenya women from corridors of power, critical circles of influence and from all productive avenues of economic and social self-empowerment.

Yet very little is ever heard from the very same talking heads and various groups of urban and rural women, and certainly not enough from them to suggest they are willing to opt to turn tables on a patriachated political system and instead vote for a woman presidential candidate for change, one of Martha Karua's stature, a proven leader in many ways than one.

The Kenyan public usually hears from them as elections roll around, or when there is a presence of wandering foreign media crews and freelance journalists who are still in the midst of struggling to shapen their skills in distant places such as the urban areas and hinterlands of East Africa.

But often the same public is left in the dark at other times, whenever it comes down to whether the concerned women are willing to unite for a common purpose and endorse one of their own for the sake of making a broad sweeping political statment.

Unfortunately, all the talking heads - women activists and others - and attention seekers ever do, is use the women's agenda for their own personal enhancement, profiteering, and calculated motives that have nothing or very little to do with plight of urban and rural women of Kenya.

The majority of the so-called enlightened women are still opposed to Martha Karua's presidential bid in 2013, and very very few of them are reported to be willing to commit their efforts, resources, and votes in support of what could turn out to be an historic election whereby Kenya's first female president gets elected on March 4th.

As it is, the majority of the Kenyan women still have lingering reservations and personal issues about Martha Karua's effectiveness, the likilihood of a woman like her being elected as president, hence, they have resorted to committing various grievous sins along their respective ethnic and regional political lines that exclude voting for a candidate who is not from their own fold, or rather one of them.

All things taken into account, it has become so sickening and tiring to watch, listen and read from some of the so-called 'concerned women, women activists, and leaders of various women's groups and organisations' in Kenya, complaining, mourning and singing about the plight of Kenyan women due to existing patriacahted cutltural oppressive structures, yet the very same women are not will to risk it all and do something different in their own best interest, such as elect a female president for the first time.

Of course, it is not expected that Kenya women should vote as a block, or cast their votes for Martha Karua just because she happens to be a female, as well as a presidential contender, howver, there comes time when the very same women should learn to put up with it matters most in the interests of Kenyan women, or shut up due to the fact that their words do not match their actions.

Talking 'the talk' about various critical issues affecting Kenyan women to media outlets like the BBC, CNN, CBC, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, etc, will always have little effect in terms of addressing the real plight of Kenyan women, unless the same individuals - talking heads - decide to take it up a step further and really 'walk the walk' on March 4th.

Imagine what a sea political change would take place in Kenya, if three out of every five Kenyan women put their crucial vote where their mouths are on March 4th, regardless of their ethnicities and other socioeconomic affiliations.

Anonymous said...

The Jubilee candidate Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has been declared the 4th president of Kenya by the IEBC chairman after garnering more than 50% of the votes in the recently concluded elections. His closest competitor Mr. Odinga of Cord performed dismally in regions like Eastern where he had been projected to win by opinion pollsters. Cord is yet to formally accept defeat but Mr. Kalonzo, a running mate to Mr. Raila yesterday accepted defeat though his statement drew lots of criticism from Mr. Odinga's confidant. Election observers from EU, Asia, US and local observes were unanimous that the election results were undisputed. Read more news in Page 5.

Anonymous said...

Is the whole world really tired of 'seeing' Italian and European popes?

With all due respect to whatever religious affiliations that most citizens of the world belong to, please note that the Roman Catholic Church is not the whole world and the whole world does not adhere to the precepts as prescribed by Roman Catholicism.

As a matter of fact, whatever goes on within the Roman Catholic Church and among its adherents or devotees is solely of interest to those concerned, and stays within Roman Catholic circles.

As far as the rest of the world and majority of non Catholics are concerned, it will not matter a bit whether the next elected or selected leader of the Roman Catholic Church is of Caucasian, Asian, Arabic, Blasian, Caribbean, Australian, Ethiopian, South American, Central American, North American, or African descent.

What will really matters is that a fifty-something or sixty-something year old man of integrity, courage, deep spirituality, tolerance, genuine respect for other world religions and traditons, a man with an open mind and one who is in touch with reality, gets to be the next head of the Vatican State and spiritual leader of Roman Catholics around the world.

In the meantime, best wishes to 'Pope Emeritus' as he embarks on his "final journey on earth as a simple pilgrim" without all wealth, pomp and ceremony that had been the order of the day for him in the last eight "tough years".

Anonymous said...

The long awaited 4th Liberation of Kenya and that of its people will only take place or become a reality if and when every Kenyan citizen based withn the country and elsewhere take the risk of allowing themselves to be liberated and transformed from within before all else.

It sounds so cliche, but real change begins from the inside before it can be reflected or translated on the outside, otherwise, all the external changes that are being expected or anticipated to take place after the March 4th elections, will not be enough to liberate the country nor help transform every citizen from within, including their respective counties, regions, senate, parliament, and nation.

The time is ripe for every Kenyan to willingly accept to transform themselves from within before they can dare stand up and be counted in order to liberate themselves and their whole country on March 4th, 2013.

By the way, March 4th general elections would really be a very liberating and transformative monumental occasion if the majority of Kenyan electorate were to cast their votes for the country's next president, whose name does not include nor reflect any of the names of the former or past prominent politicians.

The likes of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Raila Amollo Odinga, Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi, and former servile self-seekers from Nyayo's regime, people like Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto, et al, are not and will not be the solution to Kenya's political, economic and social problems in the next five to ten years.

The aforementioned individuals will only end up as willing contributors or perpetrators of the continuity of the old world order that has been and still is responsible for retarding political, economic and social growth within the entire nation in the last fifty years.

Political heritage is tantamount to kleptocracy, autocracy, oligarchy, and worst of all modern day version of the tyranny of plutocrcay.

March 4th, 2013, is the opportune moment for Kenyans to either pick their deadly political poison, or pick their currative liberating medicine with the right prescription, for the next five to ten years.

December of 2002 was ten years ago, and unfortunately, we as a nation and people ended up squandering the golden opportunity.

Lest we forget, it will take us another whole decade - March, August, or December 2023 - to try and correct any major political mistakes that will be made on the 4th of March, 2013.

The real CHOICE is ours to make on March 4th, 2013, after all options have been thoroughly considered, including the political implications, economic ramifications and social embranchement of our collective actions and choices.

Anonymous said...


What became of part one [I] of the comment on 'I] Why don't you cast your curucial collective vote for Martha Karua - for a change - as Kenya's next president?'

Anonymous said...

Why is Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi wasting his time?

The man could have a better chance of surviving the coming political onsluaght had he opted to vie for the senate or governor's slot in Vihiga. Wonder what will become of him after March 4th?

Kalonzo Musyoka may survive and live to see his dreams come true in the next five year, after having outplayed, and outsmarted Musalia Mudavadi at every turn in the last few months leading to the general elections.

Anonymous said...

What about Pius Ababu, a man who many people had expected that he would seek the gubernatorial or senatorial seats in his own backyard? It turns out he is very comfortbale after having settled for a rerun for the National Assembly, unless he has made other special arrangements that have assured him a senatorial nomination after the general election.

Anonymous said...

Kenya has yet to get a female presidential contender with a broader national appeal.

Martha Karua would have been elected as the fourth president of Kenya, hands down, if it were not for the well documented vehement stance and political posturing she adopted after the 2007 general election.

Which may be one of the reasons as to why she has not been forgiven by many Kenyans, especially women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, nieces, aunts, cousins, friends and neighbours who either witnessed or were directly affected by the post-election violence, and have not yet forgotten the course of action she and others indulged in, leading to the private presidential swearing in ceremony at a very odd hour of the day.

Karua's actions at the time may have diminished her political stature among the general public, and even dug her own political grave in the eyes of many people outside of her former constituency and neighbouring areas.

When all is said and done, Karua may end up seeking a unique and rewarding career outside of politics by immersing herself in a worthwhile cause or crusade of sort that will help shape certain sociopolitical issues in the country.

Anonymous said...

Chris of Kumekucha,

Where are the bold election predictions regarding who the winners or losers will be by the end of Monday 4th, or the morning after - Teusday, 5th?

What is still holding you back at this stage of the game? Why have you not just gone ahead and provided the constituents of Kumekucha with the eargely awaited big reveal, then stand by it and let events at the end of the day confirm or debunk it?

While at it, keep Kumekucha well informed on what individuals are most likely to bite the dust, and who will be the ones kicking heavy clouds of dust in celebratory gigs once the reality sets in by early Tuesday morning.

Do not forget to rank your top five winners by region in terms of 'who is bound to be who' among the governors, senators, parliamentarians, W-Reps, and who is likely to be granted the elections consolations (potential nominees).

Rumour has it that Wanjiru and other well connected candidates in the two coalitions are already well patched on both sides of the fence, whereby they will still get nominated should they fail to get picked up by the majority of the electorate in their respective counstituencies and regions.

Well, roll the dice on Kumekucha's table of bold predictions before the political games commence on the 4th of Monday, 2013, a day when so many political careers and dreams will be shattered, sidelined, cut short, stifled, end up in flames of defeat, or confirmed in cases where victory is expected as in certain tight political contests that have pitted well known veterans against underdogs, newcomers, surrogates, and unknowns.

Monday 4th, is a winners take all, and losers head home for the next five years, or into political oblivion as many have done since December of 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007.

Anonymous said...

The real change, the real liberation, the real chance missed in 2002 is at our door steps.

The 4th president, to be elected on the 4th must be a liberator who was imprisoned for the only crime of asking for freedom.

Let us give him a chance to liberate this country against the dark (black) forces forever.

Anonymous said...

be wise and promote peace and unity

Anonymous said...

So long as he does not continue with his past tradition of feeling senior government position and Kenyan missions abroad with his family members, relatives, friends and associaties whose accounts have a lot of money.

Sonko Mbuvi was imprisoned as well, does his stint at Shimo-la-Tewa qualify as viable contender in 2017 as well?

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