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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Evil plan to stay in power for 3 more years

In a recent post I talked about diversionary tactics of the executive and the president in particular. This is an update on that post which reveals information that should not really surprise keen followers of the Kenyan political scene.

In the run up to the 2007 ill-fated presidential elections, there was a clique of advisors to the president who could smell disaster and were pushing for Kibaki to delay those general elections. Indeed many in the clergy were voicing the same opinion and were rightfully worried that political temperatures then were way too high for a peaceful general election to happen. But other advisors were alarmed at the very thought of delaying elections fearing that their candidate would be seen as a coward who was already sensing defeat from Raila Odinga and seeking a way out. We all know now which was the more prudent advise that would have saved lives.

But fast-forward to the present and the same clique of advisors have convinced the president that it would be in his best interests to delay the next general elections for as long as possible. “We told you so the last time,” they are saying. In fact the way things are going Mwai Kibaki could easily end up enjoying as much as 3 extra valuable years at the helm. And it is so easy to delay the next general elections. All that has to be done is complicate the implementation of the new constitution.

We have already been treated to public drama which wasted a whole valuable 3 weeks. All the president did in that circus was insisting that his appointments were constitutional (when he knew very well that they were not).

There are many good reasons for the Kibaki camp to delay the elections. One is that the cash being poured into the country by the Americans to push a new cream of youthful leaders into politics (which the president’s handlers see as a threat to the security of the state) will be spent and because elections will not happen in 2012, its’ impact will be greatly watered down.

Another reason is that there will be enough time to completely dismantle what the president’s men see as a still-powerful political juggernaut in the name of ODM. (I beg to differ on that one. In my view ODM is already a spent force and so is its’ presidential candidate. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Just go back in history and check what happened to Narc, Kanu etc. In Kenya political parties are ALWAYS designed to self distract as soon as they have fulfilled their objective which is to get some Kenyan safely into the grounds of State House as the main occupant. Admittedly Raila Odinga didn’t quiet get there but those are semantics in this case). Hilariously the person who is being used to “deal with the Jaruos” (William Ruto) knows this very well but is enjoying the moment looking good and gaining massive political capital flogging a horse that is already on it’s death bed.

But I digress. What should alarm Kenyans even more is the fact that delaying elections is not the kind of idea one needs to sell to parliament. The thing just sells itself. Who can resist the super remuneration and package fit for nothing less than a king?

Bado mapabano folks. Bado sana!!!

Was president Kibaki fit to rule in 2003? Is he fit now?


Anonymous said...

Good article chris,

However, expect Raila sycophants to come with guns drawn defending their ailing 'prince'.
Of course, the MPigs dont mind to enjoy some 3 years of untaxed perks. I pray that you are wrong Chris.

Anonymous said...

If this Evil plan is true, then it would align perfectly with the dooms-day scenario presented by Prophet Dr Owuor on 19th February 2011. See video URL below.

God have mercy on Kenyans.

DM-Nairobi said...

The Standard newspaper writer Kipkoech Tanui eloquently and perfectly described President Kibaki in the following manner last Friday:

"In Kibaki I see a cunning and selfish tribalist who has perfected the art of looking innocent"

Kibaki is certainly capable of pulling off this Evil scheme to protect himself and his cronies, the Ocampo six.

Anonymous said...


Have you of late become an 'arm chair' pseudo - specialist. Just asking.

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