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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Those behind the Uhuru Park bombing

Uhuru Park Blast Video on youtube

It should be rather obvious who was behind the heinous bombing that took place a few hours ago at Uhuru Park just as a NO campaign rally was ending where two explosions from some explosive device that caused a stampede in the crowd has left five people dead so far and four in critical condition fighting for ther lives at Kenyatta National Hospital while 75 were injured in one way or another. More details HERE.

There are several questions we need to ask ourselves and answer upon which it will be as clear as day who was responsible. No guess work. I will start by listing those crtical questions.

1. ALWAYS ALWAYS in every crime the first thing to look for is a motive. The bombing was obviously political because this was a political meeting to drum up support amongst Kenyans to vote NO against a new constitution. And so we need to ask ourselves who has the most to gain from such a horrible incident (as long as they remain hidden behind the shadows that is).

2. We need to look at history and ask ourselves if this kind of thing has happened before and get as many facts as possible on previous “political bombings” because that will give us important clues to answer the question I have posed at the beginning of this post.

3. Thirdly we need to examine events that have happened over the last 48 hours or so and try to establish if the bombings were carefully timed (as is usually the case with these kind of politically stage managed events.)

Folks here are the answers. To the above questions.

1. Looking at the current situation over the ongoing draft constitution campaigns it is rather obvious despite denials by the NO camp that the Ayes have it. The big question until tonight was how big their margin of victory would be. And so that immediately rules out anybody who would be interested in a new constitution for Kenya being behind the bombings and makes it very obvious that those responsible want to ensure at all costs (even at the cost of human life) that Kenyans do NOT end up with a new constitution. If all goes according to plan the bombings should turn the tide of the entire campaign and win lots of sympathy for the No brigade, probably enough to enable them to emerge victorious after August 4th.

2. Political bombings have prominently been used at least twice before. In March 1975 when a bomb went off inside a public bus killing scores of innocent Kenyans. The bombing took place just a few days before the assassination of J.M. Kariuki. Those responsible for JM’s death were the Kenyatta kitchen cabinet with the help of certain prominent members of the security forces. Then GSU commandant the late Ben Gethi was the last person to be seen with the MP alive. In fact he picked him up at the Hilton Hotel in full view of witnesses.

The second time a bomb went off that analysts linked to politics was shortly after the repeal of the notorious section 2a which brought back multi-party politics into the country. And shortly after the then president had warned Kenyans that multi party democracy would “burn them.” The bomb went off in a toilet in a government building (Jogoo house) in Nairobi. There were no fatalities. Analysts quietly linked the bomb to some people in government out to send a message to Kenyans that multi-party democracy was not good and their security and peace was no longer guaranteed (a pet message of the then president Daniel arap Moi at the time.) More details in my book Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency. For a free mini version of the book, please EMAIL ME NOW. Or if you are using a shared computer and this link doesn't work send an email now to:-

3. The most prominent event that has taken place over the last 48 hours or so was the highly successful visit in the country by United States Vice President Joe Biden. Biden urged Kenyans to go for a new constitution and a new beginning where leaders would be accountable and ordinary Kenyans would have a bigger say in the way they were governed. Those in the "NO" camp have predictably tried to portray this friendly advice as an attempt by the Americans to shove the new constitution down the throats of Kenyans allegedly for their (Americans) own selfish interests.

With all these facts in mind it is pretty obvious that those behind the killer bomb are determined to derail the new constitution at all costs. The people involved are most likely the same people who tried to sneak in changes at the Government press using the NSIS. It is also pretty clear that they are old school people who believe that the old methods used in the 70s and 90s can still work in Kenya. They have been left behind by the times and have failed to realize that we live in a very different time and Kenyans are much wiser than they were in past years.

What we must do now as Kenyans is to keep our eyes on the ball and resist all efforts to be side-tracked or have our attention diverted. But while doing that we must realize now that what I have been saying in this blog about certain people wanting to stop the new constitution happening at all costs is true. Indeed I have delayed releasing my special report on what the No camp were planning to do next because I was not able to verify the shocking information that I received from at least one other independent source. But obviously now things have changed dramatically and I will release this shocking dossier in the next 2 days or so. If you have not ordered it Get it NOW! It's FREE. If for some reason the link doesn't work send an email to

Sadly it looks like a little more Kenyan blood has to be poured before we can embrace a new constitution.

What I said amid jeers in a recent post last week:
"My big fear is what else these desperate Kenyans will do, knowing full well that the president will do nothing? Brace yourselves Kenyans, it’s going to be a pretty rough ride from here to that place called a new constitution..."

Read the entire post HERE.
The characters mentioned in that article are the ones most likely responsible for what happened today.

Why does Gideon Moi not like paying his bills?

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Anonymous said...

Your approach to crime solving would not catch even a sugar-stealing child with sugar on his lips and hands.
How about asking which side has been prone to violence in this referendum campaigns. Who has been baying for opponent's blood - beginning with the public humiliation of Kalonzo at the same venue, Uhuru Park, by a hired violent mob from Kibera.

The "NO" people have been victimised here, their supporters have been killed in cold blood, and this violence is probably traceable to the extremists in the "YES" crowds. Did you listen to how quickly Anyang' Nyong'o was quick to blame the "NO" people even before any investigations had been started. It is as if he was waiting around for the occassion with a prepared statement.

Why would the "NO" people be bombed for their exercising democratic rights. Is this a continuation of the trend that was started in 2007 of killing people for voting the "wrong" way. This is a dangerous way of intimidating and coersing people to vote a certain way.

This time we demand immediate answers. In the meantime, I pray that the "NO" people refrain from retaliating for this barbaric violence visited upon them.

Anonymous said...

Nothing spoils the truth like stretching it.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 3:28,

Why rush to leave a comment that does not make sense? Unless...

What Chris is saying here makes a lot of sense to me. It is the same old thinking that detonated bombs twice before with little regard for innocent human lives. It is those for the status quo.

Kenyans will not be easily fooled the way they were in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

The "NO" people have been victimised here ...?

Let's not jump to conclusion so fast before the real facts are here.

Have you thought for a second that it might have been 'AN INSIDE JOB' by some few evil minded elements within the "NO" Camp who want the blame to be passed on to those in "YES" Camp and the government?

Why would anyone in the "YES" Camp jeopardize the current process through such rudimentary means?

I am sure those who have been getting cache of money from outside sources maybe responsible if their funds are drying up.

The usual in-house suspects may hold key to what happened at the Uhuru related violate incident.

I will be the devil's advocate for a moment: what a crude way to appeal to the emotions, coffers and attention of the financial providers and international media by sacrificing several of your own foot soldiers?

Sickening. Isn't it? Your guess is as good as mine. You be the judge for a moment.

Jonas Savimbi used to bombard his own soldiers and civilians within his territory so that he could use the fictitious evidence as a card to get more military aid from the USA, UK, other western nations and RSA.

I can smell something fishy from a twenty-thousand miles.

God forbid, I just hope that some of those crazy Christian extremist (fundamentalists) groups from North America are not behind the heinous incident, in order to make it look like the "Muslim ...." were involved or spark a war for all the wrong reasons.

Some of these guys are crazy to the point where they will do anything to transplant their "religious wars" onto Kenyan soils and the rest of Africa.

I am talking of the same elements that have perfected the art of shooting "abortion doctors" as well as "bombing abortion clinics" in North America.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Yess! It is those in favour for the status quo who don't want to see real change come to Kenya any day soon.

When did Nelson Mandela sign the current South Africa Constitution?

And how many in favour of the status quo and old world order had opposed the process for decades through apartheid, oppression, repression and other violent means?

Anonymous said...

Yesshabaab on the loose!

Anonymous said...

i am amazed with your thought process and luck of it.chris has clearly lined up the propability of ruto and moi camp bombing the crusade.ruto has been shouting of lately that all hell will break loose if a new katiba is passed. moi has been saying same.what's alarming is that kibaki has not fired or arrested some of this no proponents.the same thing happened in kibaki with the no team? also shame on the christians who attended the christian i cannot listen to demon inspired pastors.some is wrong with christian in the no team, they have to be the devil in sheep clothing.

Anonymous said...

Islam extremists are trying to scare the peace loving christians who are saying NO.

Chris, continue your Kikuyu bashing. You did in in 2007/2008 before apologizing in 2009 and now it seems you are back to it.

Or has Miguna who is now the mouthpiece of ODM which has become a jaluo party bribed you???

Anonymous said...

Very correct Chris.

Even the FBI concluded like you that OUKO killed himself before dousing his body with acid.

And you conder why people call you a clown???

Anonymous said...

It is illogical that Muslim extremists would pull such a desperate move as some people are insinuating. Muslims are in a win-win situation as far as kadhis courts are concerned. The courts are in both constitutions...HELLO!

It's a no brainer, the NO team are running desperate. They have been relying on bankrupt arguments and literal errors.

Change is inevitable. Agenda item four is the final nail in KANU's coffin. And we can all see the KANU youth wingers fighting with their bare knuckles. Its not a tribal or religious issue. Its Kenyans for change versus KANU remnants.

Laikipia said...

Someone said "peace loving Christians". I'm sure the Christians who burn wheelchair bound women and children in Churches were spreading love. And the serial killers who drink blood too are saved and better than "Muslims". Stupid. What would Muslims gain from assembling home made crackers and detonate them? Whether the draft is passed or not, they are ok either way, after all, the Kadhis court will remain. Are Muslims the only ones who support the draft or want a new constitution?

M. Pesa said...

This Bombing is all over the press including giant media outlets like BBC and CNN. They are screaming that Kenyan is once again a very unsafe place to visit due to rampant insecurity! The economy which had been predicted to flourish by about 4% will obviously be affected as tourists and investors stay away from our blood soaked streets and self inflicted misery!

Those behind the bombing are obviously very confident they will never get caught and even if they are do which is very highly unlikely, they can always bribe their way back to sweet freedom.

cops are the most corrupt and inept in Africa which is a well known fact. They are yet to even record statements from the well known culprits who inserted those two infamous words "National Security" in the draft despite 2 whole months of shoddy investigations!

The same cops could not even arrest the serial killer for a whole 3 years even though he used the same telephone number, gave his names to his callers and even told them where he worked and which company he worked for!

What is shocking is not a bomb went off at Uhuru Park killing innocent Kenyans but that the killers are so confident to detonate two explosives and get away Scot free. What makes you think they won't do it again?

They obviously want sympathy from millions of fellow Christians so that they can join their cause. You can even smell them here injecting the Muslim angle into the discussions! They will milk this sad story for all it's worth and portray Christians in Kenya as being under siege and I'm afraid they may succeed.

Even fully paid up members of the NO squad like inciters Asst Minister Machage and MP Kapondi know only too well they can't lose their jobs or spend a single night in Kamiti. This is Kenya and we all know too well Kenya iko na wenyewe. And these wealthy and influential "wenyewe" are fighting back including using bombs to scare Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

this is so insane, how could a right thinking person do something in between the post election violence and the next general elections; these leaders of ours need to be wiped out like the plague in this coming elections

Inspektor Sikujua said...

It is not is NOT Greens, and neither is it street criminals...It is the same guys who inserted the clause, "national Security" in the draft.... it is sympathy seekers...there'll be a report on soon about how powerful barons (who are sensing defeat) are using all means to stop the constitution making.the clergy are not culpable, they're just naive, politically illiterate and wouldn't even smell the pearly gates of Saint Peter themselves... At least Onyancha has confessed his demons, as far as God goes, all onyancha needs to do is repent and even if he's jailed, he'll be at peace, but not these scallywags of the collar.

Annon 3.28... You continue that nonsense you spew, and some foolish Kenyan might believe you, and you'd have played a part in planting the seed of violence and discord.

Anonymous said...

Raila's goons from Kibera heckled the VP. Yesterday, the goons committed the worst crime. And Raila has no shame going 2 hospital to shed crocodile tears! PEV blood on Raila's hands, Uhuru Park on Raila's hands.

M. Pesa said...

I nearly choked on my breakfast after watching police spin doctor Eric Kiraithe whining that his fellow Meru homeboy and police commissioner Mathew Iteere was very saddened by the bombing hence "no stone will be left unturned!" Now, how many times have we heard that "stone" thing phrase coming from our the cops? The fact is that since the new commissioner was appointed, crime has shot through the roof! Murders, carjackings, rapes, incitement, tribalism you name it! The sad fact is that no one seem to get caught yet the dead asleep internal security minister George Kinuthia Muthengi wa Saitoti is laughing all the way to the bank for his bloated tax free salary. A friend of mine was recently car jacked as he left Tamasha in Hurlingham right outside this joint's main entrance. His abductors drove him round the city emptying his bank accounts. They even locked him somewhere in a dingy room for days as they milked his accounts dry. They then proceeded to shoot him near the mouth before dumping him by the road side. He's critically injured in agony in one local hospital. This is not an isolated case but all too common here in Nairobbery. Most victims never bother to report and those courageous enough have to part with kitu kidogo to enable the cops to "push" the cases which are never concluded anyway. My advice to fellow Kenyans is you are on your own buddy. Don't take all those ATM cards with you for heaven's sake. Have only one with considerable balance. Nairobi is very-very unsafe at night regardless of where you live and most of these criminals are well known but untouchable! Ironically the most safest places in Nairobi is where these gangsters come from. Strange but very true!

Anonymous said...

Why is the "YES" crowd in a hurry to blame the bombing on the "NO" people? Is someone in a hurry to wash-off blood from his hands by blaming the victims?

Anonymous said...

The police should investigate the top leaders on both sides of the referendum campaigns especially those known to have a history of violence beginning with the 1982 coup attempt.

Anonymous said...

How right is it to call people to a ''prayer meeting'' and it really is a political rally? God is watching, and the truth will prevail, still voting yes......
Let the deaf remain deaf and the do not wake those who are asleep and having nightmares of one RAO. They will go to their graves dreaming of this guy. eiishhh- somethings are so silly and foolish no?

Anonymous said...

The sheep have been abandoned who will lead them, I wonder what Jesus would have told these'' church leaders'' ( are they really God's men anymore?) if he was born today- they have abandoned God's teaching and are leading his people astray- they shamelessly spinning lies worse in full and recorded views of TV cameras- its so shamefull. God will be the judge........

Anonymous said...

Whichever way you look at it, the "NO" people have been killed by someone whose motive is to silence their message. This bombing is most likely intended to scare people not to attend "NO" campaign rallies. Let us pray that God helps all voices to be heard, even the weak "NO."

Anonymous said...

Raila termed the leaders of the "no" campaign as dishonest land grabbers and takataka. What was this demonization supposed to mean or to lead to?

Inspektor Sikujua said...

To some people posting comments here:

Raila-phobia will destroy you. Raila will be President in two years time.Will you commit suicide then?

Philip said...

I'll not conclude on the bombing right now apart from saying that it will hardened people's stand. I witness this in 2007 and I'm witnessing it now.

Proponents of "No" are so surprised that "Yes" has gone to this barbaric means to discourage them from voting. I heard this today morning. The seriousness of their arguements has made me to remain with my stand, that Kenyans are not wiser as Chris used to say before. Meanwhile proponents of "Yes" are saying that this might have been planted so that "No" can have sympathy votes. So far, after hearing both sides, I can say that there is too much emotions among the proponents of "No", particularly christians, than proponents of "Yes". The effect of these is that both sides will hardened their stands.

It's so sad that divisions we witnessed back in 2007 is being repeated now, this time the division is aimed at Christians vs Muslims. I don't know who is behind this and what's the motivation. I pray that the truth be known.

Leaving that aside I was appalled by what I saw in the "Prayer meeting". I don't want to talk about our pastors because we are on different sides of the constitution, but I want to talk as a disappointed christian.

First of all from what I've seen so far I can guess that if the constitution fails then Christians should not be surprised if majority of those "pastors" we saw yesterday in the "prayer meeting" will run for either presidency or parliamentary seats, and they might even go ahead and form their political party!

They started by being against the constitution on grounds of abortion and Kadhis courts, but it seems there are also against "American's" support of the constitution.

For the second time they told us it was a "prayer meeting" however it all turned up to a political meeting. Why should they deceive us like this? Some hours ago I was talking to a watchman in one bank and according to him the pastors have lowered themselves down so much. Yesterday I failed completely to see the difference between these "pastors" and our typical politicians. It was very sad. I now clearly see the reason Anglican decided not to participate in these political rallies masquerade as "prayer meetings".

Anonymous said...

@Inspektor Sikujua: Raila will remain your Luo president till death like his father. Raila plotted coup 1982, behind 2008 PEV and his Kibera goons behind yesterday's deaths. The best shot he has gotten is the toothless PM he forced himself to swimming on blood of innocent Kenyans. 2012 is not far and I look forward to your goon ruling us.

Anonymous said...

@philip, yes the NO christians are really fundamentalist in their stance, they are brainwashed some are talking of a muslim takeover etc and so much hogwash.It's so sad that one feels ashamed to listen to some of these arguments.
Bottom line is God is God and even the so called pastors should never try to play with him.

Inspektor Sikujua said...


Any post/s breaking the house rules of COMMON DECENCY will be promptly deleted, i.e. NO TRIBALISTIC, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, swearing, DIVERSIONS, impersonation and spam AMONG OTHERS. No exceptions WHATSOEVER.

Anonymous said...

The church in kenya has just planted the first seed of religous discontent in kenya!.....Their church legacy of intoreance could just live us a country divided along tribe and religion!

Anonymous said...

The last bishop(devil) who was preaching should be in jail and his nuts cracked to give information as to what device he used .He has all the information .Generally the devils have planted the first seeds of religous intolerance , and the outcome can be something which non can extinguish .As this will lead to some extreme elements taking advantage of the situation,kenya as a country ????

JEFF said...


The other question that needs to be raised is whether the NO leaders knew something about the explosions. Why did they occur just after the 'leaders' had left the scene. You will agree with me that somebody intending to cause maximum damage would have detonated the devices when the rally was at it's climax and near the podium, to get the leaders.

This act is not a YES camp act, since it would have been counter-productive. Most likely the NO team has gained a few sympathizers.

My guess is that this was calculated to achieve two objectives. One, in the NO camp, an obvious gain in sympathy votes when the explosions are blamed on YES team, and second, to the YES camp, this was meant to be a warning shot, that the big men who inserted those national security clauses are still watching, and they are willing to anything necessary to stall constitutional reforms. The idea was to have a few fatalities, but deliver the message, nevertheless.

But what i am afraid about is that these guys will commit more atrocities, and nothing will happen to them! And they know it.

Anonymous said...

The NO camp is just too amateurish, to ballistic experts a projectile thrown in a crowded area must land on hard surface to detonate and fly shrapnels to inflict maximum damage. And they knew it must be done in darkness and when the press cameras were of the ramp otherwise, somebody would have captured live images of possible point of release and the trajectory line, these are basisc my brothers. The NO camp should be a bit wiser! But no, come to think of it, YK 92 used similar tactics in Nakuru, Eldoret and Mombasa in 1992. I ws still in service then, so I know one or two things you don't, but sorry! The Official Secrets Act! I have a wife and children to look after!

Anonymous said...

These fire breathing televangelists are always performing 'miracles' anytime you catch them on TV and proclaiming how they've won the war against the devil.Well,why didnt they know about the evil that was to happen in their midst like they always pretend to prophesy?

Anonymous said...

Raila is slowly but surely emerging as the favorite presidential candidate of the muslim fundamentalists. If he became the president would he allow sharia law in some of the counties as a return favor for the muslim votes?

Anonymous said...

I recently had a debate with my dad, a committed catholic, with significant influence in my village in ukambani, especially on matters of public opinion. He is a diehard NO proponent, just like many diehard catholic's in ukambani. What surpised me most was that my dad kept on making references to a big plan by muslims to take over our country. He also claimed that the constitution allowed abortion outright and more importantly to him, the state had grossly wronged the church by not listening to the bishops. As you would expect the debate did not end up well. I ended up expressing my frustration at my father’s generation. To put it frankly I actually told him that we, the future generation of kenyan cannot wait for the day the curtains will close on them and we move on with our lives free at last. They come from a generation that inherited a robust economy which had high levels of employement but have slowly raped the economy...sowing seeds of tribalism. Now in their sunset years these "losers" are now keen on making sure they crown their legacy of tyranny by leaving us a new disease, religious conflicts and clashes.

When will the youth of kenya ever get a chance of leading a prosperous and fulfilling life? why should we allow ourselves to be left to eternal poverty by our parent generation? We must say no to this people and try and grab the future with both our hands by perhaps voting yes!

Anonymous said...

Once the "YES" campaign was declared a government project by the PM, all bets were off. The "yes" extremists have been demonizing the "NO" people endlessly. The PM even called the "NO" people takataka. Now the lives of some innocent "NO" supporters have been terminated just like that.

It now appears that it is no longer about the constitution but about silencing those who do not agree with some presidential ambitions of some thugs in the "YES" side. All peace loving Kenyans must not allow themselves to be intimidated by this thuggly.

Anonymous said...

Dont joke with what happens when forces of good and those of darkness come face to face.Trying to convert Ruto into a born again Christian might not have been such a bright idea after all...!!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:27 AM

I hate to admit it but your father's and his father's generation are more Catholic than the Italians in Rome, the Irish in Ireland, the Germans in Germany and the Polish in Poland.

They are the very people (Kenyan Catholics) who will burn anyone at stake if they found people hanging pictures of Jesus Christ or "Mary Mother of God" or St. Augustine, that have an African orientation or African facial features.

These are the very people who would rather prefer that their little village churches were "maned" by European missionaries who can't even speak a word in the the local languages, let alone in the national language.

So many of the older generation of Kenyan Catholics are still not happy with the fact that sunday services are no longer performed ["said"] in the "scared language" aka dead Latin.

They still clamour for the good old days [1940s, 50s and 60s] when many Christian converts couldn't understand a word in Latin, Italian, or even in the Queen's language.

Unfortunately, many of the older generation were never brought up to think for themselves, nor to figure out why "we are created in God's image" nor to question anything whenever there was a rational reason to do so?

Members of the older generation would be soooo shocked if they had a golden opportunity to travel to Ethiopia, India, Japan, Korea, China and parts of rural Europe, inorder to interact with their agemates and be exposed to how the Vatican, earlier European missionaries ("outsiders") went to great lengths to honour, respect and incorporate local and national customs, traditions, architecture, foods, musics into the christian missionary activities, construction of churches and institutions from day one when European missionaries arrived in the mission territories.

LOL! Some of them are always heard bemoaning the fact that "Rome no longer sends them wazungu bishops, priests and nuns [sisters/social workers] to keep the Kenyan churches and the local christian more faithful. Instead unworthy or questionable native sons are being appointed for all the wrong reasons."

It's such a pity, all that can be said of them is that, "they are a dying generation that has become so blivious to the fact that so many of their sons, daughters, grandchildren and neighbours no longer worship in the same places of worship and manner of style that they still do in 2010.

May the dead rest in peace, and may the victims of the Uhuru Park attack undergo a steady recovery from their current conditions.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Kenyans have forgotten the weapons cache of more than 31,000 rounds of ammunition found taken from eldoret ordinance factory and some from csezchoslovakia in the hands of a man called Munir Ismail in narok.The man in the words of Itere himself was colluding with some gava officials. There has been reports by BBC of ongoing paramilitary training of youths which the gava strongly denied. You think these people are joking?

Anonymous said...

On the issue of hate speech and freedom of speech where does the govt draw the line? Im foreseeing the author of this blog soon getting in trouble over some remarks but only if he speaks against the yes team.

The govt is very biased against NO team.There was not even a single policeman in the NO rally and the cops took their time to get there after the blast.Whoever did this the buck must stop at the govt which has a responsibility to safeguard its citizens esp in public fora like this one.

Its terribly sad to see the parents of the boy Bravo grieving their innocent child's death in a religious rally.Honestly this country has now officialy gone to the dogs.Remember Dr Owour warning about this referendum? This may be just the beginning of another terrible period in our country.

Anonymous said...


Obviously, the warlord who keeps reminding us that it is a govt project; the one who keep calling others TAKATAKA because the hold contrary viewpoints. That is the one who should be called in first for questioning.

Anonymous said...

Raila has already absorbed the "yes" advocates from any blame for the Uhuru Park bombing, even before the investigations have started. This is coded message to the police that the "yes" people are sacred cows. This reminds me of January 2008 when he was terming RV warriors, who were raping & murdering neighbours) as freedom fighters. As our PM, he needs to weigh his words carefully before rushing to the nearest microphone.

Philip said...

An open letter to Apostle Ng'ang'a, Bishop Margeret, Apostle Pius Muiru, Bishop Mark Kariuki and other pastors, bishop and priest associated with them.

I would like first of all to indicate that I'm writing this not because I'm for the constitution and you are against it but because I'm a Christian according to the Word of God and you also claim to be Christians.

Sincerely if you are Christians then from your preachings and actions I will say that I have been deceiving myself all along that I'm a Christian. Furthermore I would say that I'm ashamed to be this kind of Christian according to your measures.

Last night I reviewed my perceived Christianity and discovered that I'm completely different from you people.

I reviewed once again the life of Jesus on this earth who eventually became Christ. I can boldly say that Jesus came at the right time in this earth in regard to what I'm about to argue.

I don't know if any of you have done theology studies, but for the sake of whoever wants to read this, let me go ahead. Jesus came at a time that the Israelites were under a pagan Roman rule. A rule that at the same time was oppressive and forced them to pay taxes. Whoever was against their rule or even apparently threaten their rule was either imprisoned or killed. The Israelites, just like during exodus time, expected to be freed from this bondage in the same way that God, through Moses, freed them from Egyptians bondage. They expected a Redeemer who will fight physically or whatever with Romans and overthrow their rule. Maybe this provides the reason they don’t believe in Jesus because He didn’t do this.

Jesus came, declared the Kingdom of God is at hand, preached love, discouraged Peter from violence when He was being arrested, condemned the disciples on Luke 9:51-56 when they wanted "to call fire from heaven", preached about love for enemies in Mathew 5:44-48 e.t.c. Jesus taught us love, mercy and compassion which are requirements in this Kingdom of God and which He showed by example of His life and which the disciples and 1st Century apostles followed. This is the God revealed in the person of Jesus that I know. He never fought back physically because He was dealing with a pagan empire - I also don’t see anywhere in the New Testament where the apostles fought back physically/verbally against a pagan rule. He died under the same pagan empire, during His crucifixion He went ahead to forgive those who persecuted Him. Many Christians, starting with Stephen, were persecuted later, but Christianity grew bigger and bigger. The Roman empire, which killed several Christians and even went ahead to destroy the temple in 70AD later declared Christianity as their official religion and assisted in the rebuilding of the temple. Christianity growth went on. The question is what did Christians do that growth of Christianity was not stopped in the absence of physical/verbal confrontation with pagan rule? I’ll explain this later.

Christianity has lost focus and it thinks, like Roman Empire later in Crusades, that we should engage in either physical/verbal confrontation with other religions and organs where we feel our spread or existence is being threatened. I've started seeing the emergence of hate gospels in Kenya as it happened in USA where some Christians even justified the attack and killings of Iraqis by Bush administration.

Philip said...

If truly you are all Christians and follow the teachings of Jesus, and even Paul, then there are some decisions you would not have made.

If you look at Christians in 1st Century period you will notice that they were kept together by these two major ingredients: Love for God as revealed in Jesus, and Love for neighbor. Please note that a neighbour to them was not only someone who profess the same faith as them, but also the pagans surrounding them, (remember the story of the Good Samaritan being a good neighbor according to Jesus yet Jews viewed them as pagans?) These two ingredients made them to spread the gospel and to encourage each other amidst their persecution by pagans. Their Love for God which made them to have endurance and courage to continue worshipping and preaching the Gospel attracted the attention and admiration of the Roman empire that made them to adopt the same religion. I repeat again that they didn’t fight but they kept on worshipping God, spreading the gospels and showing love for neighbours amidst the influence of paganism around them.

Currently there is no law in Kenya that forces Christians to worship another god or to abort unlike in those periods particularly in Roman empire where some were forced to worship Roman gods and take gifts to Ceaser, which was seen as a form of worship. Several Christians were killed in horrendous ways – if you have seen the movie “gladiator” then you will understand.
If Christians today are together as the 1st Century Christians and encourage each other in following the Word of God then, as happened in 1st Century, any paganism around them cannot affect their general growth. It’s because of the failure of the church to instill good morals among the flock, the moral decadence of the flocks, e.t.c., which makes the perceived legitimization of abortion to be a problem among the Christians. If Christians lived like their fellow Christians in 1st Century then the Word of God could have been more important than the Constitution and as their predeccessor they could have also ignored the Constitution and follow the Word of God (yes, Roman empire had rules but Paul and the rest didn’t fight those rules but spread the Gospel despite the existence of those pagan rules). Paganism surrounding Christians in Rome during Paul’s time was not a problem, the main problem was false doctrines within the same Christianity, which the current Christians should be wary about. Unfortunately amongst you there are those who are preaching “prosperity gospel” which is a false doctrine.

If you guys concentrated in preaching the gospels then the clause in the constitution couldn't have been a problem as Christians could have been fully guided by the Word of God. It’s sad that you guys have degenerated into politicians, something that Jesus avoided. Jesus had all the powers to strike Roman Empire, instead He chose to preach love, mercy and compassion despite all the paganism and hypocrisy surrounding Him. I would wish that, following the footsteps of Jesus, you will also start preaching Love, Mercy and Compassion instead of preaching hate Gospels masquerading as fighting evil. If I had to follow your ways I would have started with condemning “sex stories” in our media waves. These are among the roots that eventually make our youth to engage in immorality and eventually abort unwanted pregnancies even in our current constitution. You have decided to ignore the roots of immorality and that’s why I still see malice in your actions. Particularly for abortion and what really causes it you have decided to fight the effects and not the cause.

Philip said...

I’m not a polygamist because the Constitution allows it but because of the teaching of the Word of God. All over the world constitutions permits sex among consenting adults in both marital and pre-marital relationships including with someone’s wife as long as she has consented. I don’t sleep around with fellow adults because the constitution permits but because of the Word of God. I insist that the church should concentrate on teaching the Word of God and encourage morality. If it gets itself involve in the Constitution then it should reject both current and proposed constitution since they both encourage immorality. Of what use is it to quell fire on one side that is not inflammatory and leaving inflammatory side, will it still spread the fire and burn where you quelled? If you continue to allow brothels to increase strip clubs to increase, TV stations to show indecent videos in form of music and movies, matatus to show porn movies, Radio stations to continue having “sex talk”, adultery and divorce to continue even within your churches, porn magazines to be sold along the streets, e.t.c. what reaction do you expect from me when you say you are fighting sin through a mere clause in constitution?
Concerning Kadhis court: I’ll not explain beyond what I’ve explained above but to say that we need to learn how Christians lived within Judaism and pagan Roman empire and how Christianity grew and spread despite the influence and threat of the two around them.

In conclusion Jesus, His disciples and early Christians, apart from Roman Empire, fought evil in this world through Love for God and Love for neighbor, which made them to continue courageously worshipping God, spreading the Gospel and encourage each other to follow the Word of God without having a face-off with pagan rule or physically/verbally confronting pagan rule.

Anonymous said...

The guy who inserted the "National Security" thing in the draft, Mr John Njoroge Michuki has done it again by organizing the Uhuru Park bombing

Anonymous said...

philip thumbs up very well put. we need 10 more like u and kenya will host the olympics or world cup some day....successfully

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