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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gideon Moi's hasira hasara

Gideon "I will not pay my bills because I am Gideon Moi" Moi.

Most Kenyans still underestimate the considerable pressure President Moi was under in his last months in office. Apart from some of his supporters urging him to hang on to power the president had to think very carefully about a viable exit strategy. Moi had become an extremely wealthy man in his 24 years at the helm of the country. Now he had to quickly secure his ill gotten wealth as he prepared to leave office.

The Kroll report details a fascinating trip that took place towards the end of former president Moi's last term as president where he visited several banks in Luxembourg with his most favoured son, Gideon, in an unmarked ordinary car and without any security or escort. Only one State house aide (who was chief of protocol at the time) accompanied them. And even he was left in waiting rooms as father and son had meetings with their bankers behind closed doors. It was clear that the purpose of this trip was to introduce the younger Moi to his bankers.

It is believed that during this trip administration of the vast Moi fortunes was transferred to Gideon. Investigators are still trying to prove that the monies were transferred around the world in a further effort to make it as difficult as possible for it to be traced back to the Mois.

But former president Moi’s efforts to secure his ill-gotten billions did not end there, they continued in earnest even after he had left office.

It seems that sometimes in November 2003 there was a meeting at the ex-president’s Kabarak home which was attended by his sons Philip and Gideon, as well as long serving aide Joshua Kulei. Also in attendance was trusted family lawyer, Dr Kiplagat. The main agenda of the meeting was to explore how best to protect the vast family wealth, both locally and broad from any possible political interference.

By this time some of Moi’s worst fears had already unfolded and there were already threats to have the former president write a statement to assist in corruption investigations which was very strongly resisted by MPs from Rift Valley. One of the individuals who very surprisingly strongly defended the former president and urged his colleagues to leave him alone was one Raila Amollo Odinga.

To many political observers this was puzzling but there is a very simple explanation. In his long years in politics Moi had learnt that a politician’s most valuable asset is calling in favours and Mi had accumulated plenty in his 24 years as president. Earlier in this book I have written in great detail about the bloody failed coup of 1982. One of the prominent people arrested was Raila Odinga and there was plenty of evidence to link him to the coup. Being so deeply involved in a coup is a capital offense which has no other punishment other than death by hanging. The late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga appealed to Moi and Moi spared Raila’s life. And so as other coup plotters like Pancreas Ochuka headed straight to the gallows, Raila cooled off his heels in detention once again. Sparing Raila’s life was a huge favour and evidence suggests that Moi called in this favour at his hour of need hence Raila’s unexpected reaction as a section of parliament closed in on the retired President.

Still, the meeting in Kabarak in November 2003 was not without plenty of drama. The family lawyer started off by advising the Moi's to keep as much of their wealth and assets as they possibly could overseas. The lawyer pointed out that legally no court order or ruling had been issued declaring the Moi wealth as having been acquired through corrupt or illegal means, which would be required by the government in order to freeze assets and bank accounts abroad. The Mois were also advised to use trusts that were experienced in hiding controversial assets on behalf of high profile clients.

But during that meeting, it emerged that Joshua Kulei's own estimates of the amount he held in trust for the Moi family and which he was now required to surrender and estimates of the same by Moi's sons did not tally. The tension got so high that death threats are believed to have been issued against Kulei.

Matters got worse at a meeting later held at Philip's house to try and resolve the misunderstanding over the issue and Kulei made the unfortunate decision to go outside the Moi family to seek for help. It is highly likely that this is the move that caused details of the meeting to leak to those who were not involved. Kulei consulted Mr Tum of the Kenya Seed Company to talk to the former president on his behalf. He told Tum that the crux of the problem was that the president's sons had failed to make any distinction between his (Kulei's) private wealth and that which he held for the former president in trust.

Now it is unlikely that such a matter will ever end up in court, but even if it was, it is clear that Kulei who was a poverty stricken prisons warder by the time he was appointed to handle the Moi wealth did not have any personal wealth of his own apart from what he was looking after on behalf of his benefactor. Any monies he would have earned for himself during that time would have either involved the use of the same funds he was supposed to look after or at least by virtue of his position. This means that the Moi's sons had a point and all the money belonged to the Moi's since he was paid to do the job. But Kulei obviously saw things differently. The man’s background is of great help in trying to understand his thinking in such a clear-cut matter.

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Inspektor Sikujua said...

So Moi made away with loot.... Kenyatta made away with loot...Kibaki wasn't so lucky, but he made some quick pocket change's only natural for ageing men to anoint a son to watch over the family assets... legally speaking, on is innocent until proven guilty, and since we might all know that Moi made away with public money, we cant prove it against him.Moreover, no other living Kenyan will ever rule as long as moi did, let's just assume that Moi educated us all about democracy, liberty, corruption and justice. We all knew there's nothing like free education, so lets mined our own business.

Mobutu Seseseko swept his country clean, he was a dictator just as Moi was and a despot to say the least, but through the ethnic tensions and cronysism that begat bloodshed in his country, the Congo people now know better, now know how to manage their politics and their resources, they aren't there yet, but they'll get there.Just like we learnt in 2007 how not top take things for granted.

Let Moi be... nothing can be proven against him anyway, we'll all just grumble and whine in blogs and bars..but Moi will still remain the second richest un-classified African, and through his wealth, the circulation of his business and currency will uplift some clueless mortals somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Wealth has almost been a product of exploitation, no matter what or from who.
It will not change with this generation.

Taabu said...

Please leave Uncle baba Giddy alone. Move on, won't you? And better you know I am an interested party by virtue of age. Si you remember Mogotio. Na wewe basi wapi ile scholarship yako fake utuonyenshe?

PS: Corection: I hope the ERROR of Pancreas Ochuka is limited to your post only and is NOT in the book. The editors/reviewers must know the finer details and difference between Hezekiah Ochuka/Pancras and Oteyo Okumu. Ala msiki, ama?

Anonymous said...

You're Wilson Malaba himself who's pretending to be operating from some few addresses here idiot.
We've come to know your style of doing things. We do know your stupid grammar, cheap poems and shelly gospel you used to mislead young women on to bed in the name of counseling.You rich women seeker in churches...going round churches seeking women with cash. Watch the way we gonna fry you this time round. Remember the 300,000/- from Nelly? Remember her giving it to you on a hidden mobile camera recording? Haha! That's the next court battle fool..prepare.
I saw a mobile video on a webpage with a fat woman crying that she needs her money back in 30 days or you fool you'll be in trouble...she said she waited for a long time and you played smarter. She said it was her time to attack through the same courts you charged other people too.
Another one claims she needs her log book back; another claims she needs her 135,000/- and another claims she needs her car that you requested to take to shylock and you never returned.
You're a one man in trouble because media is waiting to blow your story. Stop using cheap people in media who back stab you when you're gone. Stop bribing the police because they'll never be the courts or God to defend your victims. Your 40th day is here to taste your wine too.

Anonymous said...

Heh-heh-heh. This is so funny. More of this and we're back to the kumekucha of yore. heh-heh-heh.

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