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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Raila Vs Ruto Political Duel: Raila Fast Digging His Political Grave!

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By Guest Writer

In the height of post-election violence, William Ruto and Najib Balala were key ODM figures who fought the Raila’s mass action war of “stolen” presidency like their own personal fight and the TV images of the two fleeing in Nairobi streets from mean-looking GSU officers lobbing tear-gas at them are still fresh in my mind. The two men were ready to die for Raila. Remember Balala even shed tears when he stepped down for Raila during ODM presidential nomination at Kasarani. That’s as far as the marriage of convenience lasted.

The unfolding drama and imminent fall out in ODM was not unexpected but I could not imagine Raila falling out with Ruto and Balala. The fall out best explains how Kenya politics is fluid. Raila largely owes his position and the powers he enjoys to Ruto and Balala. Apart from vigorously campaigning for Raila in the 2007 General Elections, Ruto and Balala took charge of Raila’s mass action call and rallied ODM supporters and their affiliate tribes to civil disobedience to protest Kibaki’s controversial win. The fall out is a big lesson to other politicians and tribes – never fight another man’s war or kill in their name.

If Raila called for the mass action and only Luos heeded his call, Kenyans wouldn’t have been subjected to PEV or violence would have been minimal and of little consequence. But Ruto’s powerbase, the Rift Valley, was the main battle zone for PEV and the tragic and barbaric events in the province were what put Kenya on the international radar. Without Ruto and Balala and the Rift Valley primitive slaughter, Raila would have reluctantly settled for the humble position of the Official Opposition Leader. But thanks to the blood of innocent Kenyans, Raila landed on the prime post he is now using to flex his muscles against the foot soldiers and lieutenants who killed and uprooted innocent from their homes and businesses in his name.

Ruto and Balala are the equivalent of Martha Karua, who toppled the scale against Raila on the finishing line and ensured Kibaki got a controversial second term. Without Karua, Kibaki would have kissed goodbye to the presidency. The Krieger Report told us neither Kibaki nor Raila could stake a high moral ground and claim they legally won. ODM and PNU fiddled with election results in their strongholds. Kibaki and Raila loyalists can fume with that assertion but that’s the reality. For that, Raila and Kibaki equally share the blame in 2008 PEV.

The seeds of hatred were sowed by Kibaki when he refused to honour a pre-election MoU with Raila when he came to power in 2002. Kibaki added fuel to the fire when he started weeding out key Kalenjins from his new Administration. Kalenjins regarded the presidency to be synonymous to Moi and as if State House was their property. They were bitter loosing power to a Kikuyu. Ruto and Kalenjins would be consigned to the political dustbin were it not for Kibaki’s poor judgment in politics.

After the fall out with Kibaki over dishonoured MoU, Raila’s only option was to team up with Kibaki’s enemies and that’s how Kalenjins and leaders who had looted state coffers or had criminal records (some murderers for their roles in 1992 and 1997 tribal clashes), and killers likes of Ole Ntimama, got a new lifeline. Raila and his new-found allies saw the best way to fight Kibaki was to pour petrol to the fire of hatred, which he had lit with the dishonoured MoU. The birth of ODM after the 2005 referendum was based on pure hatred towards Mt Kenya folks and revenge against Kibaki. Thanks to Kibaki’s failures and fall out with Raila, Moi today looks like a saint despite his many dark evils in his 24-year rule.

ODM big guns and their supporters held divergent personal and political ideologies and their marriage was only for convenience but not driven by desire to bring genuine change and reforms in Kenya. These were strange bedfellows. ODM was meant to replace Kibaki’s eating club with new or re-packaged thieves and looters. But the revenge against Kibaki and by extent his tribe, the Kikuyus, was the temporary glue that brought political conmen, looters, murderers and graft lords together. The glue held up to the 2007 Presidential elections and Kenya went to elections in a charged and polluted environment. The ODM unity of purpose – to kick out Kibaki from State House – was what made Raila’s mass action call work. Sooner or later, party time and honeymoon was going to be over for Raila and his ODM.

Unknown to Ruto and Balala, Koffi Annan was pushing for ceasefire and a Grand Coalition Government without revealing his true intentions. He wanted to bring peace but ensure killers were punished. In fact, Raila and ODM were the ones who wanted Annan and the international to intervene claiming they had been robbed of the presidency by Kibaki. Kibaki and his allies were content after retaining the presidency and they didn’t want Annan to come in.

Raila and ODM got an upper hand and Kibaki conceded to share power. The man ODM saw as their saviour had a trick up his sleeve – unleashing the ICC and Ocampo after the PEV dust settled. Ruto and his ODM thought the PEV issue ended as soon as Kibaki and Raila signed a peace deal. How mistaken they were! To the disbelief of Ruto, Balala and others who suspect their names were in the Waki envelope, Raila backed trial of PEV suspects. This is after Raila had equated the PEV killers to freedom fighters! What a betrayal from the mass action general.

Raila looked at 2007 General Election as the end of the world – it was a do or die. He forgot he could loose and vie another day. His mass action call gave birth to mass murder and Kikuyus suffered the most. Raila realised the folly of his mass action call and warmed up to Kikuyus and to the larger Mt Kenya people after he invited Kibaki to his Bondo home. He now enjoys a good working relationship with Kibaki.

When relations improved, Kibaki cleverly pushed the explosive Mau eviction issue to Raila and the PM enthusiastically took it up hoping to win an image of a national and international leader. Raila has received a huge sarcastic backing from Mt Kenya folks on the Mau issue – but that will remain as far as Mau forest is concerned. In public, Mt Kenya folks displaying their “support” to Raila in regard to Mau, while in private laughing as Raila’s burns the bridges that propelled him to where he is today. Doubt this? Read comments on Daily Nation website everyday and guess who are cheering on Raila.

In evicting Kalenjins from Mau, Raila is stepping on the toes of murders, thieves, looters and land grabbers who had played a key role in his 2007 presidential campaign and what he is today. The current fall out was inevitable. Mt Kenya are arguing Raila is unknowingly revenging on them for what Kalenjins did to their Gema kinsmen in 2008. What a better way to get revenge for Kikuyus killed and uprooted from RV? By using their 2007 hero, Raila!

Those who wish away Kikuyus to play a major role in any election are doomed. Kikuyus have the numbers and they vote to preserve their selfish interests – to protect their wealth. In this regard, even if a Kikuyu doesn’t vie for the top seat in 2012 to avoid a repeat of the backlash of 2007, the community will play a big role in deciding Kenya’s next CEO. If no Kikuyu garners for the top seat, Raila’s campaign will be largely deflated as he will not have the ammunitions he had in 2007, rallying other tribes against Mt Kenya folks. Raila’s political future will be doomed.

Unlike Luos who openly express their anger and thoughts and you can easily read their mind and next move, Kikuyus are the opposite. Luos may have celebrated too early that they managed to drive a final nail in the coffin of the frosty relations between Kikuyus and Kalenjins – stemming from land in Rift Valley. Kikuyus in Rift Valley may never mend fences with Kalenjins. But Kikuyus in Central Province and elsewhere have nothing to loose in mending fences with Kalenjins as long as that will place them in leadership or the next Government. Furthermore, Kikuyus and Kalenjins have a lot at stake – land in Rift Valley. What have Luos to offer Kikuyus? Kikuyus can bury their past grudges as long as Kalenjins are willing to accommodate them in RV.

In this regard, Raila made the 2007 General Election look like a personal battle against Kikuyus and majority of Kikuyus believe they would not have fallen victims and suffered so much due to PEV were it not for Raila. Even before 2007, majority of Kikuyus openly said they couldn’t vote for a Luo, more so Raila. Raila’s tribal and hatred politics that led to PEV permanently burnt his political bridges with Mt Kenya folks. Raila may have toned down his hard politics on Kibaki to please Mt Kenya folks, but they are unlikely to ever forgive him for the PEV.

From the look of things, Ocampo is unlikely to go after Kibaki and Raila. Kibaki loses nothing since he is doing his last term. If Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta are both indicted by Ocampo over PEV and leave Raila, Kikuyus and Kalenjins will be united by a common purpose as happened in the recent Mau evictees fund-raising. The common enemy for the two tribes will be Raila and they will never forgive him for his mass action call that gave birth to PEV and took their sons to Hague.

In such a scenario, the person who will be smiling all the way to the bank and likely to reap is one Kalonzo Musyoka. He’ll tell Kikuyus: “I rushed to boost Kibaki from Raila on slot after the disputed polls and you retained the presidency.” He’ll turn to Kalenjins and tell them: ”I warned you about Raila. Look at what he has done with you with Mau and with Ruto.” The Mau eviction and PEV trials were the turning point of Raila and Kalenjins and only a divine intervention can save Raila from the imminent tsunami he faces in 20120 and beyond.

Raila mistakenly believes if Hague takes Uhuru and Ruto, his ambitions to rule Kenya are home and sealed. I bet Raila will die like his father before he rules Kenya. The best Raila and his father managed is a step away from the throne. It is very unlikely Kibaki will back Raila in 2012 and Kikuyus are very unlikely to vote for Raila come rain come sunshine – even with Kibaki’s backing.

Lacking a better strategy to tame the Ruto-Balala axis, Raila has resorted to laughable theatrics by challenging them to quit the Cabinet. That’s a very cowardly challenge. If you are an employer and your employee openly defies you, do you keep daring him to quit or you sack him? A rogue employee looses nothing clinging on and making trouble from within. Ruto and Balala have equally hit back and said they did not fear being sacked.

Raila’s frequent challenge to Ruto & Co to quit shows he has no moral courage to fire the group. He would be digging deeper his political grave. Raila is playing holistic politics. Didn’t the same Raila rock Kibaki’s Govt from within in Narc and after becoming PM? I believe Ruto and Balala have psychologically set their minds Hague is real. They must have decided even if they went to Hague, they’ll sink the political ambitions of the thankless general they fought for.

Raila is fast digging his political grave and if I was him, I would do all I can to win back the Ruto-Balala axis, to win their tribesmen and women. Due to his greed for power, Raila is fast digging his political grave while being cheered by his enemies and his blind supporters. Let’s wait and see if the powerful Kikuyu block with vote for him in 2012.

Kibaki in his first term evicted settlers from Mau forest. Raila ganged up with Ruto and his allies denouncing Kibaki and introducing hate and tribal politics. They used Mau evictions as ammunition against Kibaki in 2005 referendum. When campaigning 2007 presidential elections, Raila and allies perfected hate politics and again used Mau to settle scores with Kibaki and assured settlers they wouldn’t be evicted. Raila scored political mileage and won Kalenjin votes. Ruto and allies perfecting what their master taught them.

Kibaki has last laugh as Raila’s hate politics returns to haunt him. Kibaki is playing clever. He agreed to a truce with Raila and allows him to flex his muscle and exercise his perceived and illusionary powers (Kibaki retains all executive powers) as he sits back to enjoy his former enemies fighting each other and their general.

If Hague prunes Ruto and Uhuru from Kenya’s political map, I encourage doubting Thomases and Raila’s blind ardent follows to keep a copy of this story as a historical reference. I love this show. Who would have expected a fall out after all the chest-thumping in ODM in the run up to 2007.

P.S. And on the CoE constitution, I share Moi’s stand and concerns. Kenya should have one CEO, pure presidential and system. The CEO’s power should be drastically watered down and checked by strong judiciary and parliament. All appointments must be endorsed by Parliament to curb tribalism and nepotism. Two centres of power will put Kenya permanently on tension due to power struggle between president and PM, driving away investors and tourists. Two centres of power will spell doom for the future survival of Kenya. Raila and his like-minded shud should seek our mandate if they want to rule but not grab power through back door.

Kumekucha Weekend Special is back!! Don't miss the most controversial posts here in a long time this Saturday and Sunday. Topic; The Big Luo political kitendawili. Chris is truly BACK!!!


Anonymous said...

Guest writer, am not sure who you are but you are point on brother, but Kenyan politics are very fluid and u never know what is coming next.

I have a questions, You guys seem to have studied Kenyan politics for a while. Can we come up with a set of rules to be entrenched in the Constitution to criminalize hate speech? I am always afraid of my family and the Kenyan people anytime an election is around since I know without any laws it's like a jungle and people can easily fight and kill each other like what happened in 2007.

On your stand on the presidential system am also in agreement, we need just one center of power (presidential) with strong electoral laws, proper checks and balances and an able legislature. If we are to have a PM, then lets have the Tanzanian style where he is weakened and purely a parliamentary appointee. Infact let there be a council of ministers that are appointed by the president and vetted by parliament who will work with the PM.

Anonymous said...


Mr Odinga duly walked out, along with key ministers from Mr Moi's government to form the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) party which brought Mr Kibaki to power.

He was seen as instrumental in President Kibaki's victory despite the serious injury he incurred in a pre-election accident.

"The captain is injured but the struggle continues," Mr Odinga declared and Kenyans for the first time voted for an opposition candidate en masse.


Anonymous said...

guest writer, every one has a right to their own opinions and i will treat your opinion as such.

i hate to remind you that when it comes to the wastelands of kenya's politics, there are more names hidden in the marshland than raila, ruto and balala.

you seem to have underestimated the kenyan public who voted their for their respective parties not because of the figure heads (raila, kibaki, ruto, balala, kombo, and others) who were flying at at the time, but they did so due to other various reasons.

lol! will two centers of power bring about similar feuds that were a trademark between obote and kabaka? the rest - tragic political comedy - is a dark history for the people of ugandan.

balala's days are numbered and the writing is already on the coastal walls of kenya. more to come.

a house made of makuti decays from within, unless fresh makuti are brought in on time.

Anonymous said...

Is this a case of if you repeat a lie several times people will come to believe it? Kumekucha has lost meaning, no wonder the readership has dwindled to a mere handful of idlers. Chris, its ridiculous for you to re-write the same nonsense as "guest writer".

IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU SAY RAILA IS FINISHED. It will never come to pass, atleast not in your miserable lifetime. Its 3 years to the next election(or is it erection in your case) you fool!! The Mau issue is a NON-issue. Kenyas elections are won by MONEY(poor Chris, not even a single advert on Kumekucha. Its a failed venture). RAILA, NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE HAS THE WEALTH, WHEREWITHAL, CIVIL SERVICE CONNECTIONS AND INTERNATIONAL APPEAL to ensure his smooth ride to the presidency. In short, you MORON, Raila is an INCUMBENT. Nowhere in Africa are incumbents beaten in elections. So lets stop all the stupidity and nonsense. Raila is going nowheres. Besises, He has the peoples support.

Anonymous said...

Seems Raila worshippers have folded the sleeves and have come guns blazing. Typical for fanatics who would rather die than accept the truth.

Will the last man please turn off the lights of Raila political career??

RIP Raila Amolo Odinga


Anonymous said...

This is so very true, Kudos to the author.

Kibaki in his first term evicted settlers from Mau forest. Raila ganged up with Ruto and his allies denouncing Kibaki and introducing hate and tribal politics. They used Mau evictions as ammunition against Kibaki in 2005 referendum. When campaigning 2007 presidential elections, Raila and allies perfected hate politics and again used Mau to settle scores with Kibaki and assured settlers they wouldn’t be evicted. Raila scored political mileage and won Kalenjin votes. Ruto and allies perfecting what their master taught them.


Anonymous said...

ANON 12/3/09 8:29 PM: At people are with Raila? Which people? If Luos equate to the "the people" you are talking about, then I agree with you. The closest Raila ever got to power is being PM. Only a miracle can see Raila assemble a formidable campaign machine like he did in 2007. He'll be luck to even get Official Opposition Leader next Parliament

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

Anon @ 8:29 PM said; Chris, its ridiculous for you to re-write the same nonsense as "guest writer".,

Every writer has their own style that is very easy to tell. In any case I am rather too busy to waste my time re-hashing stuff to prove a point. That is NOT my style.

Methinks you can't bear to think that many others share my views on your political hero's current situation.

Of great interest is that we did NOT share the same views going into the 2007 elections with this guest writer. In fact we voted very differently according to what he has openly told us in past guest posts here. Shows you how things can and have changed politically in Kenya. Na bado.


P.S. FYI traffic in Kumekucha has exploded this week, approaching almost 70% of what it was in the run up to the 2007 elections. Am not too sure what the exact reason for this is yet although I am working very hard on this blog these days.

Anonymous said...

Raila's Political Epitaph

Raila Amolo Odinga
Born: 1982 (Coup Attempt Organiser)
Died: 2009 (After a long tribal hatred illness)
WE Hope With You We Have Buried Politics of Deceit and Tribalism

Anonymous said...

Daily Nation, Friday, 4 December 2009 at p. 6.

"ODM rift gets wider as Ruto
skips weekend party retreat: Experts say the planned Coast
trip is aimed at taming Balala"

Which experts? One just needs to be a Kenyan of average mind to infer the self-evident facts. Daily Nation, stop misusing terms like "experts," "observors," "analysts," "scholars" etc

Anonymous said...

Daily Nation, Friday, 4 December 2009
Lead story reads: “Some MPs are unhappy at what they term Mr Odinga’s style of organising meetings in their constituencies behind their backs when they express an opinion different from his.” That’s the stuff dictators that can’t tolerate divergent views are made off.

Raila built ODM on foundations of hatred, ganging other tribes against Kikuyus. If you make a bed with hatred as its foundation, be ready to sleep on it. The hatred he taught Ruto and allies against Kikuyus is now being used against him. There is no worse propaganda than one directed at you by your former lover. Raila trying to shut the gate when the horse has bolted!

chola said...

History will repeat its self come 2012.Just like father like son. So shall it be with Raila.
Ruto like you predecessor saina, chelagat mutai, serone, and prison await you that are usually end game for eldoret north MP.
Next presi will be from central

kibetabeti said...

2012 elections will be under the old constitution

There will be a Kikuyu presidential candidate

Uhuru and Ruto will still be around - Hague is a carrot

Raila will run for president for the last time and lose


M-Pesa said...

Looks like money has been poured to tarnish Messiah Raila's name he he he. So how much did they pay you for this post? This blog was so much against PNU and Kibaki to a point whereby Chris admitting he actually voted for "old hair dyeing" Raila in 2007.

Various prominent bloggers claimed Kibaki would not last 2 weeks after he had been sworn in, never mind the turncoats are now hailing his as Einstein! At the time, I labelled this blog "ODM's mouthpiece" which lasted until some few weeks ago when the ODM rebellion reached crescendo that spilled right onto this blog.

It's true that ODM is in disarray generally due to lack of vision, greed, hypocrisy and of course tribalism. But to start knocking down a machine that you Kumekucha helped build when it's ailing on the death bed smacks of the highest order of Hypocrisy.

Where were you people now dancing on ODM's grave one year ago when I and a few others were the lone voices in this blog trying to illuminate this very tribal political party infested with Hague bound overnight billionaires? Where were you when my comments about Raila's tribal appointments were being deleted by an overzealous admin?

This does not mean that PNU is any better! As a matter of fact the rot, deception and fraud going on there is even worse and will also be exposed in the open once ODMorons finish self destruction.

These phases can only be good for the common mwananchi and nature wipes the scum into oblivion. I Hope the younger generation will rise up and fill the void being left by thieves, crooks, liars and cheats. The revolution will not be televised and for the halfwits building castles in the air about the demise of ODM, please take a look in the mirror. Therein lies the problem with Kenya today.

Kumekucha's boot may today be on the other foot, but the blog is belatedly joining right minded Kenyans who refuse to see things thru narrow ethnic prism. Karibu Member!

Anonymous said...

Most Kenyans have brains. Let there be no debate on this issue of Raila ganging other Kenyans against Kikuyus in 2007. Its the arrogance of the Kikuyu ruling class, the likes of Chris Murunguru who drove other Kenyan tribes from associating with them. They purged other Kenyans from the civil service and replaced them with their tribe-mates, and this did send a wrong signal. Only if our Kikuyu brothers and sisters manage to eclipse this grouping from national politics will they be able to build strong alliances with other Kenyans. As Kenyans always are, the Mau issue will get off the national radar so soon. What might bring the downfall of the PM is neither Ruto nor Balala but the success of the grand coalition govt after its term is done. Hold your horses those of you who are daily praying for the PM's demise. One great advantage the PM has compared to other politicians including Kibaki is that he has huge base of think-tanks who guide him daily on the national and international politics. Most of the PMs advisers are not politicians who prescribe to their bosses on what they want to hear(read Ruto and his apparatchiks) but do advice him on the honest state of affairs.


Andrew said...

Why is it that in kenya leaders have vision as long as they are not in power? ODM was just a propaganda machine. There is no way this party could have lasted, just need to look at the mixture the leaders. For Raila well just do what you do best take up another party.

Anonymous said...

The last time i was here,nilijivunia kua mkenya. But after reading up on some articles and viewing the comments, i see that the idle, ignorant haters from mashada have landed.Sad. So sad.. i will take a time out and hope by the next time i show up, you would have cleared up your act. You know i was just thinking, South Africans and their xenophobia make me ill, but Kumekucha today has opened up my eyes to the fact that i was simply running away from the truth. Its the majoriy of kenyans who blog on politics that make me ill. All the hatred spewed and encouraged in the name of "political analysis", is just pathetic. But then again, some peoples fate is to die ignorant, and i dont plan to be one of them. So hopefully if we head the 2007 way again in 2012, i suggest we do it well, not in little bits and pockets as we did then. So that MAYBE we can finally bury our ignorant mostly inherited beliefs of other tribes and eventually move on as a nation. I do not advocate violence, but from what i have read, It seems that only a serious disaster can cure kenyans of stupidity and corruption since simple change is considered idiotic. It seems to me that the not-so-subtle vein running through most of the current articles is the same. "I am from this tribe lets go kill us some from the other", or vice versa, and now Ruto the man is even being touted as a saviour by centralites. Disgusting. Wajinga waliwawa.

Anonymous said...

I am really really happy and excited that Chris is back and I can't wait for his Weekend special on the Luo kesho. Even my hot date will have to share me with Kumekucha (lol) this weekend and I hope every weekend from now on.

Wewe Chris!!!! This is a warning. Let this not get into your head and then you suddenly disappear on Monday to wherever it is you usually disappear to. You created this blog for a purpose. Stay focused and deliver or shut down.

Anonymous said...

I am muikaba and i voted for kibs 'cause i knew he was going to "win". This time round if my fellow muikaba "kalooser" is a major candidate i will vote for him. If he is not a major candidate i will definitely be voting for uhuru. a kikuyu is better than a luo and this is what kalenjins have realised (or remembered). You can dismiss tribalism and all that but we "kenyans" know ourselves.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new in this article.Ruto and Balala found their niche in opposition politics by associating with Raila.without that association they would never be that popular save for their questionable past.The next few months will define their fate and equally test their temerity in the brutal kenya politics.Dont get me wrong, am not implying that without Raila they would not master the art but it will be interesting to see how they perform.As we have observed, some of their moves have gone pear shaped but lets give them the benefit of doubt.I look forward to this bloody political warfare as this weekend appears to, set the scene for a very decisive change.

Anonymous said...

Where are Taabu and Mwarang'ethe? Anybody with information on his whereabouts? By the way, do the likes of Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo, Ruto, Uhuru, et al., read this blog? Anybody with information?

UrXlnc said...

too much wording for a storm in a teacup

one is a storm and the other the teacup. take your pick

Anonymous said...

karibu UrXlnc,

U have been MIA for too long or is it AWOL?

Anonymous said...

Has Chris scared away Taabu and Mwarangethe by coming back? I am confused, I thought they were all friends....

UrXlnc said...



AWOL is correct

Anonymous said...

A critical analysis of IP adresses has revealed that 68.7% of the above postings are originating from the same source. Chris, please explain...

Joe said...

Me thinks folks are getting too excited over nothing. Chris, what is your proposal for saving the Mau? Who do you think should be compensated?

No body seems to be asking the obvious questions like how come people were settled there in the first place. We are excited here like a bunch of hyenas, not realizing these issues will haunt us in the future! Does anyone remember what the issues in agenda four are?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for fumigating Kumekucha with truth, it had been polluted by human worshipping and incendiary tribal hatred by the likes of Taabu, Phil and UrXInc.

They will come at you with all the e-stones they have. Do not retreat, we have a chance to bury once and for all the politics of tribal hatred that were the cornerstone of Raila's presidential campaigns and the diabolical practice of human worship by his followers.

Anonymous said...

In late 2007 and early 2008, the wind of ill will blew from Lake Victoria through the Rift Valley and across the country bringing with it murder, rape and dictatorship. Thanks heavens the Kalenjins have discovered that they were lied about a stolen election and incited to fight for a worthless individual. When they cry sleeping on the roadside, this individual says their tears are crocodile tears. He calls them frogs whose noise cannot stop him (the cow) from drinking the water and urinating on the remainder. He calls Kalenjin leaders takataka which intends to sweep into the ocean. Never before in the history of our country has power made a man so impervious to the cries of women and children. It is time to organize and stop this individual from turning the country in a dictatorship.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Has Chris scared away Taabu and Mwarangethe by coming back? I am confused, I thought they were all friends....

12/4/09 1:54 AM


Peter Tosh sang something like this:

I'm a truthful man
And I love truthful people
I'm an honest man
And I love honest people

I'm a progressive man
And I love progressive people

I'm an aggressive man
And I love aggressive people
I'm a fire man
And I love the fire people

But I'm an upfull man
And I love upfull people
And I love INTELLIGENT people


It is not that Mwarang'ethe has been scared. Mwarang'ethe does not believe in the delusions and fantasy that Moi, Kibaki, Raila, UK is the problem.

Thus, he sees nothing intelligent in exchanging tribal insults founded on utter ignorance of the real issues.

Since Mwarang'ethe believes the problems are founded in the philosophical foundations of the modern state, he has been working on his opinion on the Draft Constitution.

Among other stuff, you will find this in the proposal:

- The tap root of freedom is unrestricted exchange. All other freedoms are appendixes of this tap root. We are free to the degree we are able to enjoy social intercourse. The enjoyment of the social intercourse is measured by our mental and material wealth. Our mental and material wealth is dependent upon our productivity. Productivity is dependent on our exchange facility since we produce for ourselves indirectly through exchange with other men. Therefore, unhampered exchange is the neck of the bottle of freedom and happiness. If growth of freedom is dependent on freedom of exchange, whatever impedes exchange must be rejected while that promotes exchange and therefore, freedom of mankind should be welcomed.

- Unrestricted exchange is dependent on the freedom to issue money which is rooted in natural law. Given its roots in natural law, any man made law that attempts to thwart it has no validity. This is so because to the extent this fundamental freedom is curtailed; all other freedoms, so loudly proclaimed in human rights instruments are equally curtailed for they are an offshoot of the freedom of exchange. More importantly, curtailment of this fundamental right converts the government into a master and not a servant and thereby, renders the citizen a subject of his own creation.

deroo said...

Anon Guest writer, you have covered so much and reminded us of things that we have argued.

In the run-up to the elections, I and Vikii were the only two waiting to see PIGS FLY (Raila win).

Immediately after Emilio Mwai Kibaki won convincingly (4.5 million people cannot be wrong) in a tight presidential race, we were told about a Swearing-In Ceremony and Kenya changed for the worse. It will never be the same.

As we talk, a replica of the Coalition is being replicated in ODM. While Kibaki, a master tactician, can do without other amalgams that took him to power, Raila and Ruto cannot live without the other. Now, the height of arrogance has taken root to sum up what many (right thinking) Vikii, Kimi, MPESA and others with Kenya at heart have said.

It is just the beginning and things will get worse after this weekend when the civil war will move a level higher. Brace yourself.


M-Pesa said...

Chris may have watched the movie Godfather 5 times but I urge him to get a martial arts movie called "DUEL OF DEATH" which my uncle took me to watch as a kid at the rat infested ABC cinema many years ago.

Up to now, I've never forgotten about this epic and actually bought it's DVD version from some hawker earlier this year. As a matter of fact after watching the movie, I went to narrate to my friends about it in the village and also in school.

Those were the golden years of Martial Art movies and I'm glad Citizen TV has rekindled the addictive nature of these movies as they screen once every week.

I remember after watching several Karate movies as a youngster, I would take a sharp panga and head to the shamba where I would emulate the Karate stars by slashing banana trees while kick flying others...he he!

The current duel between Raila and Ruto so much reminds me about this great movie. The plot is thus:

"Every ten years, the greatest swordsman from Japan faces the greatest swordsman from China in a DUEL OF DEATH for their nation's honor. As a duel approaches, Chinese champion Ching Wan (Damian Lau) and Japanese champion Hashimoto (Norman Chu) uncover a plot to rig the fight...IN THE END ...The two warriors engage in a gravity-defying swordfight around a rocky coastline...(MOMBASA?) Both swordsmen become mortally wounded before they separate and quietly stare out into the ocean but...."

You need to watch this movie to know the rest and unlike the Godfather, there's not a single f-word being uttered!

Nice Weekend!

Anonymous said...

What are the age bracktes of the majority of commentators at Kumekucha?

25-yrs - 30-yrs?
31-yrs - 35-yrs?
36-yrs - 40-yrs?
41-yrs - 45-yrs?
46-yrs - 50-yrs?
51-yrs - 55-yrs?
56-yrs - 60-yrs?

61-yrs - 65-yrs?

the style, content, phraseology, point of reference in all things to do with Kenyan politics, m.o. (mondus operandi), special interest topics, names of political characters (dead or alive) that are invoked, citing of particular political events, point of references, and 24/7 herd mentality when it comes to offense or defense with regard to any comments made.

Same old, same old type of political verbiage gets spewed on Kumekucha as if the commentators were cut from the skin of thought.

Majortiy of them believe that they are authorities and bona fide experts in everything. I can't wait to see them run for office in 2012 and 2017.

Hmmmmmm! Is there any wonder that nothing of substance ever results from their political analysis, mudslinging marathons, daily paralysis caused by tribal phobia, and constant doomsday predictions about Kenya and it's resilient citizens.

Will there be any change or anything different in 2010?

Happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

Where is Sam Okello?

kim said...

Guest writer you have it in your sleeves this is the reality. Hi five for you

Anonymous said...

Can you send a link to your version of the draft constitution? While at it, I am interested in coming up with an article in the draft constitution that addresses hate speech, any input will be appreciated.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Can you send a link to your version of the draft constitution?


send an email to

Anonymous said...

What a foolish articles with all the stereotypes to boot!

Chris said...

Anonymous @ 2:26 AM said...

A critical analysis of IP adresses has revealed that 68.7% of the above postings are originating from the same source. Chris, please explain...

My answer: Can you kindly identify yourself so that I can take you seriously? If I don't know you, who gave you access and authority to monitor ip addresses in Kumekucha?


deroo said...

Chris, why do you play to the wits of the same people who spread lies and malice here. Dont reply them. Last week, someone had me calling RAO stupid. I just wonder who the anon is and how they come up with such analysis. Who analysed the addresses and for what reasons. Tell him to shut up!

Anonymous said...

I like the new nonsense, hard hitting, tough talking and equally unapologetic.
Bravo Chris! Keep it up, mate.

Don't mess with Chris now! The meek and soft Chris is gone. AMEN to that!

Anonymous said...

The BOSS politics of Luo Nyanza must not be allowed to take root at the national level. Also the culture from Luo Nyanza of I will not read such and such document because so and so read and said it is not okay must be abandoned. Human worshippers must reclaim teir individual autonomy if the country is to move forward.

Anonymous said...

The international community has financed an ODM marriage healing retreat in Coast. Also, they have dispatched a marriage counselor, Kofi Annan, to urge Bibi Raila to talk to Bwana Ruto without resorting to insults. Let see how far Annan can go in reuniting these political spouses of impunity.

Anonymous said...

"A critical analysis of IP adresses has revealed that 68.7% of the above postings are originating from the same source."

Hmmmmm. Unsurprising. Which anons are the same author?

Anonymous said...

Tribalism and the resulting mismanagement is what ails Kenya, and it is what will destroy Kenya. With or without Ruto or Raila.
It was the cause of hatred for one community by others. Ati "its our turn to eat"!!!
Kwani others are not hungry???
We got rid of Moi so that one community can eat and vomit on the rest??

Eg. see the findings into the strikes at KU.

"...the staff at the Finance Department too were all from one ethnic group.

This was found to be one of the causes of ethnic favouritism in dealing with late registration of students.

The negative ethnicity claims go further to touch on the institution’s security system with the committee pointing out that all the Administration Police seconded to the institution prior to the strike were from one community."

Pure rot!!!

Some communities feel so disinfrachised that they have stopped sending any applications to the civil service. Hate and Rage is slowly stewing up. Coast has had enough and wants out. Ditto for RV. Western and Nyanza are radicalising and if Somalia was to stabalise under the rebels, NEP will be taken!

Meanwhile the vigilantes that were supposed to neutralise mungiki are turning on the people all over central....

Na mabo bado!!

Anonymous said...

Cant a president of Kenya be non Luo and Non Kikuyu to avoid a lot of fighting which is driving away foreign investment?

Ja'Rusinga. said...

Guest writer, you were spot-on,but save for certain facts.
1. Balala shed tears when he stepped
down for Raila, and so did Raila.
And anyway, what chance did Balala
have? Raila got more votes in the
RV than even Ruto.
2. Prior to the 2007 election, Kenyans saw in the Pentagon change. For the first time, politics came close to isuue-oriented. Raila therefore does not owe his position to the duo.
3. Kalenjins always wanted Kikuyus out of RV. During the campaigns, they made it clear to Raila that they would give him their votes in exchange for Kikuyus relocation from the RV. "If you don't remove them, we will".
4. I met a Kikuyu who was in Nyanza during the PEV and he remarked that Luos did taunt them, but gave them shelter, and later on, a safe passage to the police station.
5. We do recall ODM calling for peaceful protests a.k.a mass action. Violence was the police's response to an un-armed Kenyans particularly in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Kakamega. Eldoret and the traditional flash-points of tribal clashes told a different story. The issue of land is and will continue festering like an abandoned wound.
6. There is nothing wrong with 2 centres of power. I look forward to a Pokot president and a Kisii premier.


Ja'Rusinga. said...

Anon.3.25, I've said this before and I'll repeat it for your benefit that the women and the children crying by the roadside was mere political posturing, a kinda public relations campaign by Ruto and his ilk. Didn't Ruto tell them not to move an inch?
Crocodile tears was in reference to the Mps not the evictees.

The Kalenjins were defending their land illegally occupied by Kikuyus. Stolen elections just sparked it. Or how else do you explain the perrenial land clashes in the RV?

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