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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time For Clean Break With Ruto and Company

Let the man go!

The Mau has never been the issue. For Ruto, who would have rather lined up behind Kalonzo Musyoka in the 2007 elections, it has all along been about bringing Raila down. To his credit, he has done a masterful job in using the Mau issue to rally the Rift Valley MPs and their electorate against the Prime Minister.

It will not last.

For starters, the Mau can only be a short-term political winner for Ruto and his brand of politics. The Mau has and will continue to be a divisive issue, which Ruto judges correctly will polarize debate in this country and embitter his Kalenjin tribe against Mr. Odinga. Such tactics always work very well. Indeed, they are now being applied against President Barack Obama in the States by xenophobic groups hell bent on denying him a second term by making it untenable for the whites to vote for him in the next elections.

The trouble with this kind of politics is that it inevitably leads to bitterness, fights, and in our case, bloodshed. When Isaac Ruto repeatedly warns us about bloodshed, it is this kind of scenario that plays in his mind. He understands that the Ruto game plan is about using hate as a weapon and has been made its prophet. What sober Kenyans must ask the two Rutos and their supporters is...after the Mau, then what? Will they come up with another wedge issue to divide us? And could it be that the dance they played around the Hague issue was just an effort to be on the other side of Raila for the sake of playing this game they are playing now?

Here is what I would tell the Prime Minister if he sought my advice. Let this dead weight go now. For a man who was elected to lead the nation, leading is what you must do.

Of course Mr. Odinga can't walk away from the fact that he got where he is through the support of our brothers and sisters from the Rift Valley, but that support never meant he was obligated to support everything the folks from that province threw his way. For example, why would he allow himself to look so indecisive by being like Ruto who now supports the Hague, now not? Or the Ruto who now wants people out of the Mau, now not? Is this a man who can lead his people, leave alone Kenya?

As Ruto enters his alliances in the future, we can only wish him well. I hope such an alliance will draw in the likes of Kenyatta...another man wanted by the Hague, and Kalonzo Musyoka...that traitor who sold Kenya for thirty pieces of silver when the nation was reeling. If that trio is the new leaders we must face in 2012, then let's walk with our heads held high. Maybe they'll be at the Hague, save for Kalonzo, answering for their crimes in funding and providing inspiration to tribal militias that killed over a thousand Kenyans.

And one other thing. Ruto will find out, just like Raila did, that the Kenyan voter is just one element in the leadership equation of Kenya. There is that other constituency called the international community. When that constituency stands against you, it is difficult to win Kenya. Indeed, at times I think that is why Raila has played safe with that entity. It is a lot easier to fix the thinking of the Kenyan electorate than fix the worldview of the world community about Candidate X.

So if I were Raila and those who mean well for Kenya, this is the time to seek and form alliances that draw in men and women who won't whip up tribal animosity and hate against other groups, men and women who will move this nation forward as a united Kenya, not those who will perpetually trap us in the old, discredited politics of tribal alliances.

It is a time to think issue not tribe.

Let the man go now!


Anonymous said...

Use then dump?

Anonymous said...

Ruto is a criminal, RAO should have never brought him inot the Pentagon in the first place.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha i think you wrong.if you do a vote between ruto and Raila in RV. Raila will come out THE TOP.Do not look at RV MPs 70% of the will not make it in 2012.In keeping Ruto,Rali keep his RV support.

M-Pesa said...

Raila was weak and foolish for politically embracing Ruto, that nasty piece of work with grand corruption cases still hanging on his neck. Ruto will forever be remembered for his sickening hatchet job during the YK92 era of plunder and grabbing.

Raila is belatedly realising that when you dance with the wolves, they will eventually bite. When you rattle a poisonous snake, prepare to be bitten. I have said it a million times that if there was any justice in this banana republic, Ruto would be rotting in jail.

Today it's being reported that Raila has dispatched one Dalmas Otieno to reach out (boot lick) the disgruntled Ruto and his band of 40thieves. I don't see why the PM is embracing Hague bound architects of ethnic cleansing when he should be running a mile far away from the stench of evil doers. The ODM shouldn't touch these culprits with a barge pole, otherwise they will be embracing corruption and deception!

Anonymous said...

Raila will come out top in Rift Valley? Go smoke whatever you are smoking with Raila. Ruto is doing exactly what Raila did to Mwai Kibaki in 2003 - and you know it worked like magic

Anonymous said...

You and I know the Mau needs to be saved. Raila is doing a good job... but could he have done it better is the real question. I think he could. If he was keen on keeping the Kale support he could have spoken to the donors and ensured every small man with <5 acres is compesated before. He will have to do that now anyway since the RV leavers have complained, but he could have done it in the 1st place.

Anonymous said...

The political animal in Mr. Odinga is such that when the two Rutos have a daliance with him, then they are gradually kissing Kenyan politics goodbye. Ask Tuju, Kalonzo Musyoka (does he have real power politik?), Kituyi, Kombo, Joe Khamisi, Kamotho JJ, Moi snr... et al.
Mau is such a mistake a politician worth his salt should not use for short term-mileage.
When Karua said an alliance with Ruto with his baggage is not the kind of image she wanted to project, what response did Ruto give, if any?

Anonymous said...

I think Raila is making a mistake. Whereas it may be important for you and me that Mau be saved, a politician must play politics first then save the world next, that is, if he is to remain true to his calling. Ruto is a spoiler, and will always be, given that he has so many skeletons in his closet that can be exploited by any government to send him where he rightly belongs- jail. For him, it is also a matter of survival, whereas for Raila it is the presidency come 2012. If you ask me, maybe Raila should recalculate his moves and not blindly go to bed with Kibaki!

Anonymous said...

Anyway, the Kalenjin MPs are winning the rhetoric as Raila himself seems to be toeing the line. The press statement from OPM:

is excatly what the MPs have been saying. Who is shitting bricks now?

To Raila - the Kalenjin are not like the Luo... if he could campaign against Orengo and Nyongo and Win.... this is totally different territory. Kales voted for him because they were in a corner and could not vote Kibaki who had sacked their people from the civil service. The only option was ODM

Mwarang'ethe said...

Okello wrote:

Indeed, they are now being applied against President Barack Obama in the States by xenophobic groups hell bent on denying him a second term by making it untenable for the whites to vote for him in the next elections.

Our views:

Unfortunately, Obama cannot save America. In fact, it will be a miracle if the Empire does not explode under his watch. Even worse, if it does, they will say that a black man destroyed the USA.

And, if you want to find what will destroy America, you must go back to the days they wrote their Constitution. The authors of the American Constitution said they were inspired by John Locke.

John Locke had written about right to:

- Life,
- Liberty, and
- estate. Estate meant LAND those days.

Since the authors had other motives, they changed word ESTATE and put words PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

You can vindicate your right to life and liberty. But, how the hell can you claim right to the happinness in American courts? Impossible.

Thus, instead of putting the right word, i.e. LAND, they gave Americans meaningless right. Therein, lies one of the seed that will destrory the USA.

The other seed can be seen here:

Just like Americans, Kenyans are yet to start discussing REAL ISSUES. The fact is that the democracy project has failed. It has failed because the modern state was poisoned from the beginning.

And, if that is the case, we need to interogate the philosophical foundations of the modern state. We believe that, it is only by doing so, we can continue the enlightenment project. Otherwise, we can remove Moi, put Kibaki etc, but, we shall be in the same mess.

M-Pesa said...


The white extremists will not succeed in derailing Obama although they have succeed in some despicable evil as this poem shows.

"Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed
Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers To stay home that day.

Who killed the most niggers
Who killed the most Jews
Who killed the most Italians
Who killed the most Irish
Who killed the most Africans
Who killed the most Japanese
Who killed the most Latinos"

Anonymous said...

The problems is Kalenjins expect too much. After tasting power for more than 24 years, they still want more and more!
Greedy bastards!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

M-Pesa said...

The white extremists will not succeed in derailing Obama although they have succeed in some despicable evil as this poem shows.

Our response:

The problem is not the so called white extremists. This is false counsciouness.

For instance, if the USA Govt. is to balance its books by 2040 by the present policies two things must be done:

(a) The total Federal Budget must be cut by 60%, or

(b) the taxes must be raised by 200%.

If it will take the above measures to balance the books, what must Obama do in 4 years to balance the books or at least come near to balancing the books?

In any case, if you look at the people surrounding him, for instance, the Secretary of Debt, he is a former Wall Street guy. How can a former Wall Street guy clean up the mess he is part of? Open your eyes and see the deception.

It seems to us that Obama is just like the captain of the Titanic ship.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

The problems is Kalenjins expect too much. After tasting power for more than 24 years, they still want more and more!
Greedy bastards!!!

Our views:

There is nothing wrong with Kalenjins. All they want is to capture the state for they know that, the inherent defects of the modern state will allow them to enslave others while they idle in golf place and other exclusive joints.

Seen this way, every "tribe" or more crudely, the super elite of any "tribe" are like the Kalenjins that you demonise.

Anonymous said...

I like Mwarang'ethe's logical reasoning and I see the sense that he sees... Okello is a diehard Raila fanatic so cannot possibly see this, hence the title of this article.

Anonymous said...

These are the "aim for the head and chest years"

Anonymous said...

An idiot said " Kales voted for him because they were in a corner and could not vote Kibaki who had sacked their people from the civil service."

Mwarang'ethe said...

When we express the opinion that, we have never come close to discussing the real issues, some wonder what we really mean.

As you read on, bear in mind last week’s strike by KQ workers over pay rise due to INFLATION that has “eaten” into their pay. In this strike, KQ lost about 600 million KES.

Money thru its action upon prices has a vital regulative influence on the whole industrial system. Consequently money has the power to control and direct industrial forces and thus determine the DISTRIBUTION of wealth. This makes it one of the most important determinant forces of SOCIAL, ECONOMICS and POLITICAL issues of a nation.

As a result, construction of a scientific system of finance requires utmost consideration. In other words, money makes the world go round. If that is true, how does Kenya manage this power?

This is how. The Central Bank of Kenya Act, s. 4 (1) provides that:

The principal object of the Bank shall be to formulate and implement monetary policy directed to ACHIEVING and MAINTAINING STABILITY in the general level of prices.

On the other hand, s.22 provides that:

The Bank shall have the sole right to issue notes and coins in Kenya and, subject to subsection (4), only those notes and coins shall be legal tender in Kenya.

The fact is that s.4 and s. 22 of the CBK are utterly inconsistent. S.22 makes it impossible for the Bank to achieve the principal objectives of the Act as encompassed in s.4. In other words a less worthwhile objective of providing currency in terms of s.22 effectively nullifies the principal objective of the Act.

The reason for this is simple. To issue money is to BUY. Government can therefore issue money as a buyer. To back money is to SELL. Since the Kenyan Govt. does not sell anything it cannot back the money it creates.

Thus, by issuing money without backing power, it creates inflation. If creation of money by the Kenyan Govt. creates inflation, how can it achieve its PRINCIPAL OBJECTIVE of achieving and maintaining stable prices? Instead of achieving its principal objective, the CBK destroys the livelihood of those who labour.

The unfortunate thing is that due to false consciousness, you will see KQ and it employees, the creators of wealth being rocked into mortar combat, while the design and creator of inflation sits idly in amusement. And, to deflect attention from real source of the INFLATION, the govt. sets an industrial court to settle difference between employers and employees.

This is but one example of inherent contradictions in the modern state which makes it impossible to deliver for the majority of the people. And, it shall remain so until there are fundamental changes in the philosophical foundations of the modern state.

Obama being the leader of the USA had an opportunity to free mankind free and leave an enduring legacy like that of Abe who freed blacks from slavery. However, he has squandered that opportunity for he is doing exactly the same stuff that have bankrupted the global economy while enslaving millions into poverty and debts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YES YES YES, justice NOW NOW NOW. Lets take the Royalists and their payers to the gilloutine NOW. WE ARE TIRED. Like King Louis XVI of France and his troupe of monkeys

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Mpesa, Mwarengethe and the others pulling felonous capers ... we dont care about Obama, white supremacists or the US, HE CAN EAT HIS SHI@T, OR GET A WHITE D**k!

Our response:

The worst thing is to be literate illiterate. You are such a person.

The question is, how much reserves do we have in dollars in CBK? And, if the dollar was to lose value, let us say by 50% today, how much tonnes of coffee, tea etc would that represent in total waste?

If you cared to think just a little, u would see how much the future of the world will be determined by USA and its leadership.

Anonymous said...

Clean break with Ruto for Raila really means clean break from the government. He wont be PM for longer than a month after sacking Ruto as all thats needed is half the house to pass a vote of no confidence in PM. Raila is not stupid to do that - he still needs the motorcade to bully Martha Karua and the likes.

Anonymous said...

Raila is as filthy as the Ruto that you keep demonising. But Ruto is politically smarter--he's figured the bumpkin out and now its time to squeeze his balls. The bumpkin sure is sqealing.
Game on, Ruto!!

Anonymous said...

Those speaking of vote of confidence are dreaming ,kibaki will never allow it because he knows that R is the fulcrum that his legacy blances ,besides what legitimacy will the govt have without the pms half ,it means we will have to prepare for frsh elections and what with all these still born reforms ,this will be the ultimate recipe for some real shit to go down wacha ile childs play ya 07 , we will b like somali in a matter off weeks.

Anonymous said...

Raila will win this contest of wills.

kim said...

Sam, let me be honest, you are right. Ruto supported Raila and both chose to hang together else they risked being hanged separately. Whether we like it or not, Raila is the next president in 2012. Ruto can yap, whip the Kalenjins against Raila but that is the truth. I never voted for Raila in 2007 and infact i will not vote in 2012 but that is the truth. Now Raila should realize that Kenyans are confident with his leadership and should offer leadership in full of which he is doing it now. Railamaniaks are also appreciating that nothing comes out of a man being in power in which therefore, they will not be expecting free houses and other goodies come 2012.

Anonymous said...

the real enemy of mau are not the peasant farmers! deal with the loggers and the matter is sorted. removing the peasant farmers and not handling the power saw guys is cheap politics!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So Okello, who is the Kabila adui these days? kyuks or kales? do you still want us to leave equity? do kales have a bank so we can leave it as well?

tell us these things pwana, you know you are the chief hate monger around here despite your polished writing...

Anonymous said...

I don't see the vitue of defending either Ruto or Raila, both are gangsters. Yes, Ruto has stolen from the state, but by stealing the Kisumu Molasses, Raila has stolen more than Ruto. Also Raila recently stole squatters land in Malindi. It is also Raila who introduced the "kabila adui" campaign politics at the presidential level. And Raila is into this Mau saga just to save the Sodu Miriu hydro-electric dam in Luoland.

Anonymous said...

Raila has a problem of seeing other Kenyans in the Luo prism. He may be viewed as a messiah in Kisumu but elsewhere in Kenya he is just another political hustler.

Anonymous said...

Is Okello still in Nairobi or he is back in Indiana?

Anonymous said...


It is time for Raila's clean break with Ruto and company and go where? Back to the tribal cocoon of Luo Nyanza? Without the Kalenjins, Raila would today be hallucinating on the backbenches. In antagonising the Kalenjins, Raila is leading the Luos back to where his father left them - in isolation and despair. So be wise and stopping egging him on.

Anonymous said...

When is Raila going to be made a Kikuyu elder as he used to promise us? I am tired of waiting and my orange kitenge is being eaten by moths.

Anonymous said...

The Kalenjins have finally realized that Arap Mibei was actually an impositor, a chicken thief.

Philip said...

Why do I have a feeling that Ruto is looking for a good basis to live Raila.

As far as I know Ruto isn't happy in ODM, one reason can be the ranking in it. Ruto is widely known in ODM to be number 3, after Mudavadi, which for a long time he has not been happy with.

Ruto knows very well that if ODM were to win in 2012, and if the issues of Prime Minister isn't there, then Raila will be the President and Mudavadi will be the Vice President.

I know Ruto is not ready to be less than a Vice President come 2012 and he has to come up with a strategy to be either President or Vice President.

It's a pity when we are made to believe that the recent difference and conflict between Raila and Ruto is because of Mau Forest, when the truth is that the only thing they cannot agree, but for which Ruto is so silent about, is compensation of those who acquired over 5 acres.

The 5 acres matter was chosen since this is what both President Moi and President Kibaki issued to Ogiek and other settlers of Mau, such that it will be unfair to incriminate them without incriminating Moi and Kibaki. The community and the Rift Valley leaders both agreed to compensation of the Mau settlers together with the government.

But before I blame Rift Valley leaders I hereby pass the first blame to Raila, because of the way he allocated ministries to ODM leaders.

Rift Valley leaders wanted more than what Raila gave them, simple, and the reason why Isaac Ruto was making a lot of noise. In other words Ruto expected something like Deputy Prime Minister, since Rift Valley gave ODM more votes than Western Province. But Ruto knows he will never get this as long as Mudavadi is with Raila, and he also knows that Raila trusts Mudavadi more than him. So he has to come with a way of getting out of ODM, and maybe in future, make a "miraculous" move that will make him, if he misses Presidency, get Vice Presidency like Kalonzo Musyoka. He knows he can have more negotiating powers from outside ODM than from within ODM.

Ruto also knows that he will not be approved by Kalenjin community if he lives ODM just like that without any strong reason. He knows that "his people" still know "Arap Mibei", and due to his sensitive position in Rift Valley, and further presence of leaders in Rift valley who would want to take that community leadership, he can easily be toppled. If Kalenjin community toppled Moi, who is Ruto. Just the same way Kikuyus know Uhuru very well, or Luhyas know Jirongo well, is the same way Kalenjins know Ruto very well - they know all his atrocities.

So Ruto is looking for a good reason to live ODM, but at the same time to pull out with the Kalenjin support and that's why he wants to potray Raila as someone they have disagreed over Mau evictions - a thing that negatively affects all Kalenjins - when it's clearly known they haven't disagreed in anything. I repeat again, the only thing they can disagree over Mau evictions Ruto cannot speak about because this can lead to his political crucifixion - that is compensation of even land grabbers of Mau forest.

So let's sit back and watch who will win eventually. Will Ruto live ODM together with the Kalenjin community and have a higher stake in securing Presidency or Vice Presidency in 2012? Or will he shoot himslef on the foot and live the likes of Gideon Moi to easily trample on him and assume the Kalenjin leadership? But as far as I know Moi is smiling now since he is slowly getting back the Kalenjin community support - we know during PEV they burnt Moi's shamba.

For those who don't know Kenya politics please note that all major tribes in Kenya normally wants someone as a leader from their tribe - they think they are orphans if they don't have a high ranking leader from their community to lead them. So if Ruto doesn't play politics well then Kalenjins will look for someone else from their tribe to support. I wonder how Raila has managed to keep the Luo community such close such that Orengo and Tuju failed to topple him as Luo community leader.

Philip said...

By the way is there a name of this kind of politics - where a leader potrays another leader as against his community and he himself to be fighting for their rights so that he can get the community support?

This is the kind of politics that we should desist from since it eventually fuels tribal hatred.

In 2002 nobody said that Moi is against our community or nobody viewed Kalenjins as "kabila adui" because they supported Moi.

But I'll not blame whoever started it more that whoever led to this reaction.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okerro,

Raira, will never be the president of Kenya! You can take that to the bank.

Phil's mistress

Anonymous said...

Philo you right .Kales are very comfortable in ODM, after 24yrs in KANU.Just as ouko blood bonds Moi and ruto, the same can be said of Rail and kales.Ruto is just a catalyst to this bonding. If he is excluded the opposite reaction will even be more explosive

John Maina said...

I trust Raila on how he is dealing with Ruto whom i don't i think is yet in a similar position like kina kibaki/muchuki/moi whom Raila has succesfully dealt with in the past

Raila is a Spend False said...

Unless things changed drastically, and I mean, changed that wiped Kenya off the map of Africa, Ruto will be the man to beat in 2012. If things go his way, as they are, William Arap Samoei Ruto will be the fourth president of Kenya.

Forget his allergedly dark past and his crookie jar adventures with the public cophers since 1992 or his spending land grabbing court case, Ruto has transcends all that.

Even Koffi Annan has knows these and that it is why she has delayed handing over to the ICC and to the Hague, the secret list of masterminds, of that Ruto is rumoured, it is to be in the top ten. Noone, including Annani, Kibaki and Raila, wants to thrattle Ruto at this time when it is illuminated and will be charged ready to fight any pitbull and she-heifer fights.

This is a man who elicited fear, bride, hatred, love, passions and makes blood to rush when his name is mentioned. Irregadless of which inside of the Kenya politician divide you are inside, you are bound to feel any of the above emoticons. Ruto is the currently total man in Kenya making Biwott a small miniature of the term total man. Raila's cultical following cannot match Ruto's and you. He cannot place Kibaki or Kalonzo in the same scales with Rutos. Kenyans is stuck with these guy for the next 20 or so, like over 20, years.

Ruto dismounted a spirited defence in parliament where Dr Bonny Kahalwale had moved a very sensitive censure emotion against him sighting the ongoing maize scandal-saga and famine which has reclaimed the lives of some few Kenyans. Ruto is a slave, brilliant and calculating politician whose troopers are disoriented in any proponents of the motions. There was talks of his death threats, money exchanging hands and night-long secretial meetings. We are back to the Nyao-era or we actually never got out of it. It was clear Ruto had dealed all the loopholes to his political oblizion to the extent that Dr Kahalwale was unconvinced and unconfused compared to his stradling performance during the Amos Kimunya censure motion.

when he becames the issue of Mau, we have seen with our open eyes, to hear with hour open hears, and to see that Ruto will once more emarge the winner of this is what is going on?
Raila is a well spent false

Anonymous said...




Stop bashing Kalenjins. They have brought honour to kenya. All the above are Rift Valley kalenjins. No Kikuyu,Luo,Luyha,Kamba,KIsii,Meru etc.

ugandan said...

To Anonymouse 9.42 am

The wakarenjins, just like the wanjaruos joined together to have a hard day to frustrate the wakikuyu-w now they have failed. wakarenjins do not hown mau, mau belongs to the wakenya
here in uganda, ruwenzori mountain belong all not to just wanyankore.

Anonymous said...

Finally, Raila has met his match. The fight now is between Raila, the bully Luo boy, versus Ruto, the Kalenjin warrior. The outcome is clear to ALL MEN.

deroo said...

Sam, sorry to prick your ego! If you travel back in time and traverse the length of this blog, you will find posts that I raised about Ruto in 2007 and the USED post that I made about the same.

You, members of the right Party, Odinga Dictatorial Movement aka ODM, thought it wise to tell me that I do not know politics.

I think, I am still wrong and I have always pointed cases where ODM failed and where it goes wrong.

Fast forward. After being coroneted as PM, Raila Odinga turned his energies and resources to a totally different direction.

These included, wanting to be made a Kikuyu elder, attending most of the home-coming parties in and around Central Kenya, embracing and serenading with Martha Karua and even shepherding Julius Mwangi of Equity Bank to his home town of Bondo to open a branch that he fully inaugurated during his homecoming.

Sam, all these things, if in small ways, infuriated the Kalenjin ilk. They have been mad at it throughout and the same went to the Abagusii. It is no secret among knowledgeable sources that this bloc, also from Nyanza has been grumbling and it has been simmering for a long time.

Within the ODM hierarchy, all the top officials are cabinet ministers and from regional and tribal zones. Omingo Magara, the treasurer, is an assistant minister, and this irks them or his supporters for that matter.

Then came the Mau issue. On this blog, I made a comment on the same in the run-up to the elections and the promises that were being made, but it has now come to pass that there was something wrong. Why did they oppose government to forcibly remove those people in 2005? Usipoziba ufa, utajenga kuta!

Now, everything, bad and even worse being said about the Kalenjins is being tribalised to the extent that Daniel Moi is getting involved. Raila might have read the wrong signs and this is his part of the blame. By dragging in Moi, all the beneficiaries, directly through him and by him, you could see the avalanche of cacophony that erupted and the opposing (read Nyanza) looked for the MUTE button.

When he invited Mwai Kibaki to Bondo home, he twisted the knife in the back of these guys who had earlier coerced him to create a deputy party leader to suit their tribal needs and even before the fish or whatever arrived in Kibaki’s digestive system; the whole thing came to the fore. Ruto and company felt betrayed.

I believe that with or without Ruto, ODM was better off at elections and it will remain so for the time being. Ruto is an easy thing to handle for ODM, Raila or even the government, but the blackmail going on will have its ramifications in days to come.

Painfully, Raila Odinga has never gone to an election with the same party as the last. Still, keep your eyes open on that matter.

Three days have turned to this!


deroo said...

MPESA, sorry to distrub you, but the thing is that before the elections, I said here that Ruto was bad and a wrong pick. I was even told that I dont know what I am saying. Sawa.

But, I reminded these guys that in Kenya, politics anchors everything in dear life. From the school, to business to politics.

Wait and see...not in the very distant future, tribe will be used to draft the constitution, tribe will determine the next presint of the country and trive is the sole motor that drives the economic, political and cultural life of dear Kenya.

Raila saw Ruto's tribe. He sees his Luo tribe. He sees Kibaki's Kikuyu tribe, he sees Luhya tribe and everything that the politicians do, including Moi and Kenyatta and Kibaki alike, they thrive on tribe. TRIBE, TRIBE, TRIBE.

Good night mate!


deroo said...

Raila the spent fale (whatever it means)....Can we communicate please. Please. Tafadhali tuwe na uelewano.



Anonymous said...

He meant spent force, you retard.

Anonymous said...

The last thing Raila needs, going into 2012, is the baggage of men and women who may well end up spending time at the Hague.

UrXlnc said...

excellent news

ODM wins by-elections

Anonymous said...

Great wins, let this be a warning to Ruto and those who think ODM will faulter.

Philip said...






Anonymous said...

UrXinc & co:

Those celebrating ODM victories are blind to reality. These by-election victories are the kicks of a dying horse. ODM will soon be a Luo "thingamajig."

From the beginning of 2010 the outlines of post Kibaki-Raila political world will begin shapping up. So don't dance yourselves lame.

Anonymous said...

That is the same HOWL the PNU people let out when they won in the Embakasi by-election. Save your vocal cords, nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

As a country, we are so notorious with our collective amnesia. How fast do we forget the Y4k'92?
Ruto and his ilk has always reeked of all the bad things to the high heavens!
The wins in both Shinyalu and Bomachoge is a statement that ODM is better off with a bad garbage.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8/28/09 12:46 AM

Ruto reeks just as Raila reeks of Molasses theft from the masses and 100k land. We are all full of collective amenesia just as your are

Anonymous said...

I dont support the kicking out Rutto. Rutto has a right to say what he is saying. What he is saying and what Raila is saying should be put properly as a vote within ODM. Whover carries the day so be it. that is democracy.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...! Whose Mollasses did Raila steal?

CHOLA said...

wazee keep you emotion to your mama.
PANU is trying tooth,and nail to break the bone between Raila,Ruto and kale.
This the only way to kill ODM.
ODM is a winner

Anonymous said...

Raila, Obure, Mudavadi.

Anonymous said...

okelo is right, let ruto go!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's time to preach unity and not tribalism.
Even kibaki family has outdone Raila by allowing his niece to marry a Jaluo.
More here:

Anonymous said...

Please vote at

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to think beyond mollasses? Hating Raila Amolo Odinga will not cleanse the bloodied hands of the thieves and killers. Give him a break.

Anonymous said...

As someone has said above, it looks like raila is the next prezo. I expect kaleos to come back to the fold. The reality is that many non-luos (am kamba) no longer fear raila and have come to terms with his impending coronation. He will of course be a dictator but may be that is what we need. Then of course his cousin the US prezo will be an important check on him. I dont see any pnu politician who can win in 2012. The two kiuks (uhuru and saitoti) are out by just being kiuks. Heading gava means eating and it is believed the kiuks, just like kaleos, have eaten enough. As for Kalonzo, he will also not win because without a kikuyu candidate kikuyu turn out will be very low. Of course I could be proved wrong, especially if the kalenjin rebellion is genuine and grassroots based.

Anonymous said...

Ruto and his people are running scared.

shocked said...

Raila Odinga likes to go with the flow. Only "Dead Fish Goes with the flow of a river or currents of a lake/ocean".
Going with the flow actually symbolizes lack of discipline and leadership. You cannot be everything to everybody!!
I still cannot understand how Dick Morris got involved in 2007 ODM's campaign only to disappear without notice.
In politicts, you have to choose your allies very carefully. You must have a vision where you want to take the people you represent and show them how you hope to get there!!

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