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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oops! Real Boss Aptly Rewards Ringera

Nothing proves loyalty more than a reward.Justice Ringera is back for a second stint at the helm of KACC and his re-appointment proves credit is always given where it is due. Never mind weak-sounding arguments that Kenya does not need KACC let alone its director if the office of Omubudsman is present and strengthened to be more effective Saving KShs 2.5million a month over the next 4 years isn't the issue either

What Kenyans consistently fail to understand is that corruption can only cease to be a way of life in this country if there is a ceremonial figurehead outside the executive arm of the Government to fight it without fear or favour. Kweli asante ya punda ni mateke. Kenyans themselves are the ones who are corrupt yet when the Government sets out to fight corruption we realise they are actually fighting us and immediately begin to cry foul. Corruption is a grave matter of life and death and newly appointed KACC director Justice Ringera has had his life threatened many times in the course of patriotic duty yet ungrateful Kenyans are always complaning the war against graft is dead. How unfair and shame on Kenyans we are truly the bane of integrity

Good Preaching
Let the preaching continue; this is not just about earning a living. At the twilight of his previous tenure fighting corruption in the same office, a draconian amendment to the law was passed by this current parliament which sought to clip both his and KACCs wings. Justice Ringera would have none of it and cried foul before the press standing firm on his claim that he needed those powers to prosecute the big fish involved in big scams; without them he would only be able to harass and prosecute many small fish for smaller amounts of cash while letting off the hook people who have fleeced Kenya dry and badly deserve justice

Not many Kenyans can handle the heat of a seat upon which the mention of your name immediately invokes both admiration from a grateful public while immediately striking fear among the looters and the corrupt. Such a person can only be adequately described as a loud barker and biter in right proportions

In short, let us not be unfairly critical of Justice Ringera's renewed watchman mandate at the helm of Hell's gates-the benefit of the doubt means he may this time prove equal to the task of fighting corruption with the full weight of the Grand Coalition Government behind him. God bless him and God bless Kenya


Taabu said...

Wacha wivu. You must be salivating at Ringera's linguistic prowess. He whas no equal and when waxing Shakesperean all heads drop.

Tell me who is better qualified for KACC job? Ringera knows all the deals including GR and most importantly AL. JG must continue in the shadows while the king rules the roost. Ashindwe, Kenya iko na wenyewe.

UrXlnc said...

yes indeed, the king of drag-on

most corruption cases continue to drag-on each new case/scandal layered on to top of the previous

add to that the classic reaction to the recommendations made by the police review team to sack/fire the police chiefs.

for those who forget easily, the reaction is ... huh??

similar to that when alston recommended the sacking/firing of AG and the police chiefs .... double huh??

so to preempt another commission saying the same of Ringera, just re-appoint the man first, let those dissatisfied go to court to challenge, ama?

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu,
kwa nini hutaki Aaron acheke mpaka tuone PRE-MOLARS? no one owns the PATENT for smiling please

Anonymous said...

If Raila was not consulted in Ringera's reappointment there will be no peace. I thought ODM won the two by-elections and increased their strength. Doesn't their victory mean anything when it come to throwing their weight in govt appointments. Or is it a case of a dog winning the barking contest and ending up chewing on "mkia." Raila should stop telling his followers that "hata mkia ni nyama." There comes a time when a man goes on hunger strike to attract attention to his cause. Raila should go on a power strike, now. Period!!!

Mama said...

Just to think everyone and their grandmother has been 'plotting' and 'strategising' on his replacement.

One thing Kenyans should learn, is never, ever to take Kibaki at face value or to even expect anything positive from him. I guess this is PNU's way of showing it's 'power' after losing the by election in Bomachoge.

UrXlnc said...


and muthaura's post as well hehehe

looks like the meetings with the esteemed njuri ncheke went well

Anonymous said...

I wonder what good Kibaki has ever done Kenya. On the other hand the appointment of Ringera was expected and meanwhile Raila will still tell his fools that ODM is the most popular party in the country, and they will believe him just cos they won inconsequential elections.

Raila shouldnt be voted for in the next election. Kibaki is pumbaff but Raila is the true mafi ya kuku + pumbaff.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are joker's, period!!

This is why we are being led by a bunch of useless legislator's who have nuthin' but their own interests to take care of. Case in point, the Vp's house that's being renovated at a cost of over 300 million. Surely, this in a country of people dying of hunger!!!!

and all we hear is pindrop silence from the civil society......

papa plus said...

Probably the biggest let down in Kenya is the Kenyan self ergo mimi. What have I done about these things except complain on kumekucha and at the bar? A wise man once opined; it is like raping a willing woman; she don't mind so it doesn't matter.

papa plus said...

we are always looking for superheros like superman and batman to stand for us and fight on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

is soon here.....
aLL Will end there even Kibaki.. he will be appointing the Ringera's and Ali with the rest of his first class goons. from Kamiti prison..Opps not so.. I mean the Hague cell..
KENYA IKO NA WENYEWE... Kibaki and cronies haven't realized yet!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with the person who said that kibaki is just reacting to the big losss at the by elections ,after dishing out goodies amd cash they were still ass whooped. I believe this is kibakis getting back at his party rivals reminding them who is in charge.

Kumekucha said...

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Mwarang'ethe said...

It was for no good reason James Madison, the 2nd US President wrote that:

"All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from the defects of the Constitution or conferederation, not from want of honour or virtue, so much as from the DOWNRIGHT IGNORANCE of the nation, of COIN, CREDIT AND CIRCULATION."

It was also not out of ignorance Richard McKenna, the former president of the Mildlands Bank of England wrote that:

"Those that create and issue the money and credit, DIRECT THE POLICIES of government and HOLD IN THEIR HANDS the DESTINY OF THE PEOPLE."

Fellow Kenyans, if you want to appreciate the money power, you can do a simple experiment.

Let us assume you are planning to build a house that will cost you 10m KES. Once you have negotiated with the constructor, PAY HIM ALL the money in ADVANCE. Or, go to the bank and sign that the constructor can come and withdraw the money as he wishes.

If you ever try the above experiment, you will find that, the constructor will never finish your house.

In fact, once he has pocketed your money, he will switch off his mobile and when you get him, he will say he is sick. Instead of you being the master, you will become his slave for he will be in charge.

As it is with a constructor paid in advance, so it is with a government that can CREATE AND ISSUE money at will.

Nairobian Perspective said...

mwenye macho haambiwi ona! That's rhetorical!

M-Pesa said...

Kibaki just loves breaking the law with impunity then laughs at stupid Kenyans. Kwani bunge pumbavu will take him wapi? A bribe of KSh 2.5 Million per month to do absolutely nothing...he he he, nice job if you can get it!

Injeraz said...

Kumekucha seems to have no problem with the fact that half Raila Odinga's family has been appointed to plum government positions. Raila has no shame in using nepotism! Kumekucha sees no evil and hears no evil when it comes to Raila??!

Epiddy Dimus said...

The Coterie Around Kibaki

The most important issue in the saga of the re-appointment of Ringera is the fact that inspite of the drama he has caused the KACA and the department of the Corruption, anti-corruption, he is still viewed as with clean hands.
Aaron Ringera comes from the breed of the old guards who are used to doing things the way they want in the interest of strong and powerful individuals.
The coterie sorrounding Mwai Kibaki has to be sure of the fact they will be safe and sound and no one will expose them in the broadday light as they do the evil and dirty deeds of fleecing kenyans out of their hard earned money and even sometimes kenyans have a hard time even getting the hard earned money!
This example, of showing impunity and have no insensitivity to the masses and the tipping point of those who have the power to hire and fire, is another show of how important the legislative process, in this country, will need to be refined, refurbished and taken to the levels of highest authority in such a way that the people have the anointing power to appoint and grill the ones who are placed in the offices above.
Aaron Ringera, he is the failure!

Anonymous said...


I dont have a "money mind" but I know the 2nd US president was John Adams. His son also later became president. I believe Madison was 4th POTUS.

Pengar said...

We hear that the KACC Board and the LSK may seek to quash this appointment in the Court. Well, it seems to us from a CASUAL glance of the facts and the law that, such an attempt will fail. Why?

S. 8 (3) of the Economic Crimes Act, provides that:

"The Director and Ass. Director shall be persons recommended by the Advisory Board and approved by the National Assembly ..."

s.8 (4) Once approval of a person by the NA under ss. (3) the President shall appoint the person concerned to the office in respect of which approval was given.

The question is, did the Advisory Board and the NA approve of Ringera's appointment in the first instance? Yes.

So, does the Act require the Advisory Board and the NA to reapprove if the President seeks "only to renew" the appointment of persons who had been approved in the first instance and the board has not complained of? Or, is reapproval only required in case of new directors?

And, since Schedule 8 2 (1) provides that:

"If the office of the Director or an Assistant Director BECOMES VACANT, the Advisory Board shall, within three months, recommend a person to be appointed to fill the vacancy", were the relevant posts vacant at the time of renewal to require approval by the Board and the NA?

It seems to us that Kibaki might have the last laugh in this tussle if the matter goes to the Courts. It will be interesting to watch this drama.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Pengar said...
We hear that the KACC Board and the LSK may seek to quash this appointment in the Court.

NB: The author is Mwarang'ethe and not Pengar.

Anonymous said...

The Advisory board can still have the last laugh if they wished... 1st they need to realise the legal route will not work, and then use whats within their influence - being able to determine the salary for the directors. They already passed a resulition reducing this to 1.6M (From 2.5m). What they need to do when they meet tomorrow is get this back to 800K. We pay MPs some useless MPs that amount so since Ringera is as effective as most, thats what he should get. He will resign immediately on his own accord!

And the Advisory board (and most of us) can have the last laugh!

John Maina said...

Just another one from kibaki and a clear indication that the judicial/police reforms are a pipe dream.
Its seems the senile president/his thugs will go to any length to maintain/sustain the status quo.
This clearly indicates the worst is yet to come as 2012 will be a do or die situation for these guys and again they will be going to any length to maintain the order

Anonymous said...

If the LSK goes to court as promised, then likely Kibaki will be embarassed. Recall that Ringera made many enemies on the bench?

The dragonslayer... hehe. Who gets the last laugh

Beegee said...

RINGERA is a disgrace to Kenya. You can't just amass millions of taxpayer money with nothing worthy for a show. Protecting friends is a risky business considering Kenya's fragile politics.

Jacob Obongo

Anonymous said...


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