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Monday, April 06, 2009

Martha Karua Resigns Amid Slowly Crumbling Coalition Government

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Martha Karua has kept her word and resigned from cabinet citing her inability to do her job due to interference from her boss (the executive) and those around him.

I greatly admire this woman who has never been short of courage.

She was carjacked once in the famous father Wamugunda incident and she held her head high through the whole ordeal as the scandal broke and in the end it was the press who blinked first.

Martha Karua today joined the very short list of cabinet ministers in Kenya who have dared to resign.

Then she is also a survivor of the Busia plane crash of 2003 that killed another cabinet minister and others.

However in the latest move political analysts point to the fact that she really had no choice but to resign. What do you do when you are the justice Minister and judges are appointed and sworn in without your knowledge? Besides the timing was also extremely politically prudent because Mwai Kibaki’s government is turning out to be the most unpopular ever. Clearly fresh elections are not too far off in the horizon and those who are still hanging close to the current government will have a very hard time seeing parliament again. By resigning now Martha positions herself as a rebel, the righteous woman who could not stand the stench in the place she worked and quit in protest. She is at least sure of seeing the insides of the 11th parliament.

Unfortunately that is not the whole story. Ms Karua is still positioned prominently and clearly in the minds of most Kenyans as the legal brains behind Mwai Kibaki’s election theft of 2007. Indeed as she has pointed out several times, she stood and defended Kibaki when trouser-clad males around her were either shaking in fright under the table or peering from behind her skirts.

In fact one of the reasons she started falling out with the Kibaki regime is that she was overlooked even after the gutsy work she did and in the end the person who got appointed Prime Minsiter and heir-apparent was in fact one of those peering behind her skirt when things got pretty hot around the president last January.

Still one cannot deny the fact that Martha Karua’s resignation has had a big symbolic impact on the grand coalition government. More than anything else it has exposed the weaknesses and vulnerability of the PNU side of the coalition. If the grand coalition government is a Mugumo tree then her action has cut a couple of inches into the tree and proved more than ever before that this huge strong tree shall fall after all. It is only a matter of time.

Karua has done what the noisy ODMers cannot dare do--at least for now.

Published earlier today: What happens if the grand coalition government collapses?


Anonymous said...

If at all politicians can keep their words like her, Kenya would be a good place to live.
Good Riddance Wangari!

Anonymous said...


Mutula Kilonzo TO replace Martha Karua as Minister for Justice and National Cohesion!

KenyaChristian said...

Martha Karua is on the right track. This government is a laughing stock. Martha you have my full support, you have always been principled and best of all corruption-free. On to 2012, a new dawn is coming. Separate the what from the chaff.

KenyaChristian said...


coldtusker said...

Whether I agree (or not) with her views... she has PRINCIPLES unlike the other spineless crooks!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there anybody else in the Grand Coalation of scandals and theft who has the honour and integrity to resign like Martha Karua? Is it Raila, Uhuru, Saitoti, Ruto, Mudavadi, Anyang Nyong'o, Ngilu, Kalonzo et al?

Unless there are radical changes in the political landscape, Mama Karua, kura yangu 2012 ni kwako. Hata mama anaweza tawala.

Anonymous said...

The ODM-K opportunistic cowards empty suit kalonzo and fellow thief mutula must be salivating at the prospect of taking over this ministry.

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua is a politician you cannot ignore. To say she scares the hell out of the best ODM brains is an understatement. Its true that she eloquently defended Kibaki in the period after the election, she rubbished Sir Edward Clay on BBC hardtalk and made mincemeat of Jimmy Orengo in televised exchanges.
Politics is a very fluid and she has dared to do what Raila Odinga and the ODMers have threatened to do. In the end it will be martha running with the initiative and ODM claiming the credit kama kawaida

Warothe said...

She said it and she did it! You can say alot of things about Martha but you have to admit she has balls.

Phil your ODM brigade has been crying of been short-changed and all that other nonsense,are they men enough to resign from govt and give up the 20M mercedes and all other perks that the bendera gives together with all the corrupt deals??

Or are they just complaining of not getting enough of the loot both them and PNU are stealing?
And spare us that crap that this govt(PNU+ODM+ODM-K) is not corrupt which Raila has been selling. We are not foolish!

All those in parliament are a waste of space and noone is good enough to be a leader so i am not pro anyone.

I do not necessarily agree with all her views but i have to salute the balls of Martha Karua.


Anonymous said...

Teheeeee,ati the ODM gang of crooks can only make noise but dont have the balls to resign.Well,well Martha Karua doesnt have balls but she just resigned.Thats what's called PRINCIPLES!Not just whining like molasses that Muthaura has usurped your powers,ati Kibaki contradicts and doesnt respect him,then go ahead to haggle for a pay befitting a PM,what utter nonsense!

Mwikali said...

What reforms? Was aiding and abetting the most heinous lie our in 46-year history part of Karua's reform agenda? This woman hasn't quit because she has balls; it's because she has repeatedly been passed over for rewards. Instead, those that were "quavering in their trousers" on the night of December 30th, 2007 have continued to reap. Karua wears a reforms the same way those K-street gals where chastity belts - conveniently.

Our very own Joan of Gichugi? Don't make me laugh! The erstwhile Father Wamugunda boot mate is nothing more than woman scorned. But be warned Mrs selective-reforms, Kenyans have a very loooooooooooong memory.

Anonymous said...

Although a dark shadow still follows her for the part she played in the stolen 2007 elections, at least in the eyes of most kenyans, Martha has began the process of redeeming herself. I am not quite sure the PNU brigade fully understand the "jewel" that was Martha Karua for them. Despite the elections debacle she is the only one who really could defend the PNU brigade both in and outside parliament. They say you only realize what you have once you loose it and PNU will soon learn that lesson. The likes of Mutula, who is now waiting with baited breath to be appointed Justice Minister, and his boss Kalonzo cannot achieve even half of what Martha could do for PNU. I cannot even believe that myself, a staunch Martha hater is actually saying this about her. But the mother of all stupidity from the PNU brigade was when they admitted that they were fighting Martha because they were afraid she would succeed where Kiraitu Murungi failed. WHAT??????????

One Wife Man said...

Chris aka Chris,
Is the MP for Gichunga really being honest in resigning from the Governemt because of Dr.Kibaki's appointment of high court judges apparently without her consultation or would she have resigned regardless of if she had been allowed to carry out her planned surgery on the judiciary?

sometimes we can see through these thinly veiled facades to the real person behind the veil and the iron lady of Dr.Kibaki's PNU is not being honest

Mwikali said...

What reforms? Was aiding and abetting the most heinous lie in our 46-year history part of Karua's reform agenda? This woman hasn't quit because she has balls; it's because she has repeatedly been passed over for rewards. Instead, those that were "quavering in their trousers" on the night of December 30th, 2007 have continued to reap. Karua wears a reforms the same way those K-street gals where chastity belts - conveniently.

Our very own Joan of Gichugi? Don't make me laugh! The erstwhile Father Wamugunda boot mate is nothing more than woman scorned. But be warned Mrs selective-reforms, Kenyans have a very loooooooooooong memory.

Anonymous said...

we can admire martha all we want but there is no doubt she started seeing "wrong" things only after she was overlooked for dpm post and leader of central after kibs. But i agree she is probably clean, which unfortunately is not a plus in kenya.

Phil said...

Blogger Chris said...Karua has done what the noisy ODMers cannot dare do--at least for now.


Why dont you mind your business and spare us the hatred. Aim your needless and spineless barbs elsewhere Chris, you sound so desperate in your attempts to link Martha's resignation to ODM.

At least ODM are out there fighting the system we all know so well, while most of us here are hiding behind computer screens masquerading as political analysts. Chris I remember you 'e-joining' ODM on 26 December 2007 the night before the general elections. When others had already paved the road into a highway for you to proclaim you would be voting for Raila. Now, I wonder how a late comer like you rates himself as best placed to advise Kenyan voters on which leader to chose. You see, unlike you Bw. Chris, we started this journey called CHANGE more than a decade ago and no matter what anti-ODM gibberish you post here, it will not change our resolve to reform this country even if it takes 100 years.

Sample this: Martha's resignation, according to the constitutional chapter known as the National Accord and Reconciliation Act (NARA), is strictly a PNU/Kibaki affair. I bet Chris pretended that he did not know that Martha was a Kibaki hireling who presided over a fraudulent election in which many thousands died. Luckily, we the victims cannot forget this in as much as you are trying to divert attention from the gist by raising irrelevancy on ODM whilst the real culprits are on the other side. We saw them acting in Kilaguni last weekend.

Back to Karua's resignation, why cant Martha resign her parliamentary seat as well and seek a fresh mandate from Gichugu voters now that she has deprived them of the basis on which they voted her to parliament? True democrats resign and go back to seek an approval from the voters, but Chris is actually approving another fraud, without any thought of the now forgotten Gichugu voters! Moreover, A resignation does not sanitize the electoral theft....nor does it expose the countless commission of inquiry reports (Goldenberg, Kroll, Arturs, Land Commission, Grand Regency, Anglo Leasing) she has been sitting on does it? A resignation does not bring Oulu and Oscar plus thousands of other unknowns back to life does it? Even more importantly , a resignation cannot deliver a comprehensive reforms in Kenya.

We have seen the Nyachaes and the Matibas of this world resigning their cabinet posts, then what???
Martha may well be serving her last parliamentary term if voting patterns in her home province during the multi party era are anything to go by. It will be interesting to watch her go seeking votes amongst the people she caused so much anguish in other provinces. As presidential candidate, one requires votes from all over, not just Gichugu or a single province.

I have always asked you, Chris, Kenya is a multi-party democracy so why dont you start your own party and we see how clean and progressive it will be?

ODM are in government by RIGHT, not by invitation or at the pleasure of some old gezeer's pleasure. The last thing you should expect is ODM to leave government. Let PNU brace real politik and for massive internal opposition. Luckily this time, Kibaki cannot just rubbish anyone.

Ati ODM this, ODM that, ODM this, ODM that; Chris please give us a break, you are sounding like a broken record. We have a membership and we have a constitution. Did ever ODM deny you your right to blog or join another party?

Sue said...

Though I have a grudge with Martha over what happened after 2007 elections, I believe she is one tough woman who can prove to be a challenge to male politicians who want to go for the top post in 2012. What Martha has done is very unique, ministers in Kenya would not think of leaving their posts no matter what happens. They will only grumble and stick in the offices even when doing nothing, just to continue earning and a name.

Women need such tough leaders to get somewhere in this country. She will get more support if she could tell us what happened in 2007 and appologize.

Anonymous said...

Ms Karua is still positioned prominently and clearly in the minds of most Kenyans as the legal brains behind Mwai Kibaki’s election theft of 2007. Indeed as she has pointed out several times, she stood and defended Kibaki when trouser-clad males around her were either shaking in fright under the table or peering from behind her skirts.

In fact one of the reasons she started falling out with the Kibaki regime is that she was overlooked even after the gutsy work she did and in the end the person who got appointed Prime Minsiter and heir-apparent was in fact one of those peering behind her skirt when things got pretty hot around Kibaki last January (Kibaki was pulling off and trying to sustain an electoral theft).

I'd like to remind all the commentators here that On this side of the world, Kenya, resigning is normally taken as a sign of WEAKNESS not STRENGTH. Now Kibaki can concentrate with "project Uhuru" without too much noise from inside the govt and impose Uhuru on Kenyans so that he can protect the wealth of the chosen few!

Anonymous said...

To those telling ODM to quit govt, I'd like to tell you this:

Karua hasn't quit because she has balls; it's because she has repeatedly been passed over for "rewards." Instead, those that were "quivering in their trousers" on the night of December 30th, 2007 have continued to reap.

Karua wears "reforms" the same way those K-street gals where chastity belts - conveniently.

Plus, again, ODM is in govt by right. They won the Elections of Dec '07 and PNU stole them. If there is anyone who should resign from govt it is the Panua election gang of thieves. They are in govt by virtue of STEALING THE ELECTIONS OF DEC '07 and then hurriedly swearing in Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki at night and in secret.

Ajwang said...

How pathetic can PNU get!!? Martha resigns and it becomes an ODM issue. Kibaki is the most thankless man that has ever lived in Kenya. Martha now knows ...unfortunately the average citizen in Murang'a will never know.

Anonymous said...

I foresee the end of the coalition government. You see, never mess with a woman scorned! Ms Karua might have realized later that what she was doing in 2007 was already a prior arrangement of Kibaki's inner circle. These guys had all along planned how they will rig the election and roped her in at the last minute to solidify Kibaki's second term. Could be she was not party to the earlier arrangements but was fighting Kibaki's war with the belief that it was a genuine case.

Anyway, Ms Karua needs to spill the beans now that she is outside the government. I am sure that the official secrecy act does not apply to her. She should tell us what her role was and that she is seeking forgiveness!!

Anonymous said...

The only guy with balls in central.....You go girl. . . . .That always happens if you defend the indefenssible it comes back to hit you.....if you sup with the devil remember to carry a long spoon. where are the kifucky appologists.....? the have prove that he is the ultimate dictator he did not even bother with a face saving consultative meeting even though he had his mind made up as Karua put it.....they guy is uncouth, unfit for leadership were is lucy to give hime a slap.?

Sir Alex

wamarisela said...

Phil You said:

Back to Karua's resignation, why cant Martha resign her parliamentary seat as well and seek a fresh mandate from Gichugu voters now that she has deprived them of the basis on which they voted her to parliament

The people of Gichugu did not elect Martha Karua to be the minister of Justice. In 1992 and 1997, we elected her on opposition ticket and you can take this to the bank, Martha is guranteed her seat in parliament. Wake up from your hatred Phil.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir Alex,

Wapi Lucy to unleash so many many slaps on Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's unpadded cheeks.

Lucy, uko wapi? Unleash the SLAPS.

Anonymous said...

There is a guy with Pepo Mbaya who keeps on complaining about everthing from carpets to toilets. RESIGN

Sample the gems

“How can the PC fail to attend this function? It shows clearly that the President told him not to come here and not the Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura.

“Mr Muthaura is just a mere PS so I cannot blame him. I share equal power with the president I wonder why he disrespects me. There were no toilet facilities and even a red carpet at the function to honour me as the PM,” he lamented.

What a character!

Anonymous said...

Am seriously starting to believe that Phil is Prof Anyang Nyo'ng'o.Otherwise who else can be that hawkish?Just a thought.

Taabu said...

Polygamous Joe,
Kwenda, how you impute improper and false motives on IRON LADY? Ushindwe!!

That said, living a lie never choked anybody. Martha has resigned but she has conviniently avoided telling us why except the white lie in reforms. Bloggers too have not desappointed in biting the biggest piece of lie pie in trumpting her horn without any trace of shame on the UNTRUTHS.

Gloating and glee are juvenile assests that perish before their sellby dates, indulge.

Anonymous said...

Karua belatedly realized that the dictator is exactly like a King. Now, does Karua have good security and bodyguards, and is she well protected? That is the question.

Anonymous said...

kenyans should not complain about the first ladies salary infact we should double it and then we should get to talk to her and pursuade her,to do what we want cause sheis the only person that Obako listens to. Lets start by asking kajwang top revoke the citizenship of the other lady that would plaese lucy and make her ready to listen to our suggestions and we can get kibaki to implement the bomas draft one time....its time to think outsidet the box.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

martha should worry for her life.........
If this was a calculated move to get her me this is pnly step one...there is more to come.

Pumbavu said...

One thing these folks have forgotten is if ODM walks out of the coalition the old constitution comes into effect and which will serve Kibaki and his cronies more than well.
Martha Karua is just playing politics, she is strategizing and positioning herself for 2012. Well i see peoplebeing hoodwinked by Martha. One thing that is for sure is that the Titanic is about to collapse and Martha was the first one to jump. As Chris put it yesterday the government is out of cash and out brother Obam´s steer message the other day that he will not work with Kenya unless it uproots corruption from the top.
Everyone on the ground knows the Uhuru Kenyatta is the next king pin in Central and they have no time for Martha,she has been used and dumped, but is she the first one.( remember what they did to "Njamba" 2002. Well its going to be very interesting to see who Martha is going to play with now. Siasa is always siasa anyone who thinks martha did it for the people better wake up.mount kenya made her too resign.
ODM and PNU is old news nowadays. Kibaki doesnt care and Raila is fed up coz of his stomach is now full.....We have a long way too go.

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka problem maker,

please i know you are still gloating about KIDNAPPED MACHEDA......
....but Martha is being dishonest by trying to manipulate kenyans into thinking she is the one who sold them first on the idea of nobile politics even before we bought it

i know this is Kenya but can anyone who's supped with the devil really be innocent wiping food off their mouth become clean?

Philip said...

Martha deserves a pat in the shoulder for what she has done. Though we remember what she did just before and after election, and we would like to pile all blames on her for the mayhem, I think we can still blame others on equally grave atrocities and consequently place Martha above them.

The move, even if we view it as an early strategy to gain mercy and hence votes/support from more Kenyans, potrays principle and lack of greed on her side, which most current Ministers cannot think about, live alone doing.

Looking at the eyes of the current ministers, one is likely to see only a speck in Karua's eyes, and logs in their eyes.

If given a chance in the beginning of last year, I could have thoroughly flogged Karua for what I saw as arrogance, inhuman and indifference towards post election violence based on her statements and vigour to defend Kibaki. However, her move today has started making me think twice.

From my own perspective of good leaders I think Martha can do better than many politicians due to her principles(and maybe that arrogance that I hated with all my guts).

If I look at the likes of Kibaki, and specifically Raila, who I know will want to run again, I don't think the later can make a better leader than Karua. This is because Raila, like Kibaki, can also easily become a slave to the politicians surrounding him, especially if such politicians belong to tribes that hold a lot of votes. I believe, maybe I can be proved wrong, that Raila can allow corruption to strive simply because he cannot sack the perpetrator of the vice as he fears loosing votes by doing so.

Now, if given chance, I can tell Martha to go ahead with her ambitions, but at the same time to fight anti-reformist. This, I'm sure, will earn her more marks which will be very important in 2012 or even earlier.

Philip the Visitor.

JEFF said...


Defiant! This is one word that describes Martha Karua. She also has no respect for those who hold different views than hers. That she has been bitter agaist the decision to elevate Uhuru Kenyatta (a perceived weakling and potential competitor) to deputy premier is not in doubt. Her stand against the establishment has left her isolated. A vote of no confidence was fast approaching in the horizon. Did she have a choice? Methinks not.

If she wants 2012, she needs to repackage herself.

Kiprop Lagat said...

There is a sober analysis on the unfolding events at

I was one of those who had fallen for the trick...

UrXlnc said...

karua's resignation is about kibaki's legacy of squandering any goodwill

he squandered the goodwill of kenyans in 2002

squandered opportunity after the orange / banana referundum 2005 and subseqeunet fall-out to reconstititute a "Clean cabinet"

squandered the opportunity to foster national cohesion

squandered the opportunity to act decisively and diffuse the tensions around PEV (thereby saving lives and putting an early end to the mayhem)

squandered opportunity again to constitute "clean cabinet" after 2007 elections

squandered opportunity to rebuild a peaceful nation (from the fragile and highly volatile NARA and its endless squabbles)

and in this karua case squandered opportunity to rebuild trust in the eroded confidence in judiciary and justice system.

fact is we are in a crazy situation.

those who support kibaki presidency want him to continue to have all the power and executive authority to lord it over kenya and for the PM to have a ceremonial position with token duties here and there and this is as stipulated in the constitution and NARA

the reality however is that kibaki is/wants to be/ and behaves like a ceremonial president i.e officiating over girl guides, military and other passing out (we really need to change this phrase) parades and opening new roads etc but avoiding any sort of conflict or problem solving role (see how he has handled any conflict - stayed away till violence subsided PEV, postponed all cabinet meetings whenever there was conflict, kilaguni recently, etc. the only break/exception to this style is his surprising rapid response to defend saitoti against madame lucy accusations.)

conversely the "ceremonial" PM is all over the place engaging and dabbling in every area almost to a point of annoyance and in fact when things go wrong the very kibaki supporters point at the PM as evidenced here on this blog and in other places.

true other "ministers" unhappy with coalition can resign - such as VP who has said that coalition is the worst form of govt, PM who says he is undermined, the PNU cabinet that beleives they should not share power with ODM, and the ODM ministers that beleive PNU has the lions share. my point is resignation at this point in time serves no purpose since the primary and single point of failure remains the same and in place. jijazie

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Some kenyans are so breathless with anticipation they make me laugh. This issue will blow over by Wednesday and will be overshadowed by the more politically potent outcome and resolutions of the ODM PG meeting on Tuesday, especially in the light of Raila's threats after Kilaguni and palpable anger at Kibaki.
Karua will only be an issue if she can build, over time, a heavyweight political machine to rival those already in existence like PNU and ODM. Given her propensity for antagonising potential allies, how will she do that? Her resignation is therefore overhyped and the impact will be minimal in the long term given Kenyan's short memories, hehehe.

UrXlnc said...

ODM or any other "principled politician" as we are now advised to call those who threaten to resign should not swallow this bait and play into the hands of PNU through resignation.

The army of looters and other hardliners are looking for any opportunity to control all vehicles of the govt and these will be taken with relish. there are many lurking in the shadows waiting to benefit greatly from such a windfall, ready to fly any flag tattered or not very high.

This is equivalent to a house invaded by burglars and the owner storms out of the house in protest on the assumption that the thieves will suddenly gain a conscience and somehow be remorseful and return stolen properties. yeah right

on a serious note however, Karua's resignation presents a critical challenge to the roadmap for constitutional reforms

although karua was instrumental in 2007 to defend the controversial election results, she still is relatively highly principled compared to her PNU counterparts and therefore was the only true hope for balanced reforms in the judiciary (remember now its only Wako and Gicheru in control) which includes the National Cohesion and Reconciliation unit and more importantly the constitutional amendments. If this ministry is now assigned to say Michuki or some other PNU hardliner like Nyamweya we can kiss goodbye to any hope for meaningful constitutional amendments.

i think karua has effectively dealt a body blow to constitutional reforms and kibaki may use this opportunity to further delay swift enactment of the reforms that were anticipated. of course prolonging his stay. i even wonder whether this is not part of the plan.

if karua is genuine in her resignation then she must also remember that she has let kenyans down by putting her interests (being sidelined, shunned, etc) above that of kenyans who were looking forward to speedy path to reforms in the judiciary and tabling of bills leading to constitutional reforms. so far karua presented some bills that had to be taken back to the drawing board after being rejected in parliament. we need to look outside the box at the bigger picture

Anonymous said...

This Kenya...........
I hope it will still be ours still before 2012 cos battle lines are now being drawn and nobody is pretending anymore.

papa plus said...

ODM and disaffected leaders should follow Martha's lead and resign. Moi is right when he questions the hypocracy of a minister/ government official complaining and theirby undermining the office and his/her responsibility to the constitution. If you have a problem, then resign! At least Martha has the cojones to shut up and put up, until the point where she couldn't take it any longer and then she recused herself from GK and now she will be free to critize at will.

I always felt that GNU was not the right idea for ODM. They should have said ok, and lived to fight another day as back benchers and opposition. Instead they opted for the limosines and the flag.

papa plus said...

In addition, Raila needs to stop all this whinning about VP like salaries and disrespect from PCs, and dias sans toilet and half carpets! It looks very petty! We have serious problems and you are whinning about not having public servants kiss up to you at functions! He should instead stick to his agenda and inform the public of exactly what is going on. If he had questions for the PC's office, he should raise them. That way PCs and DC and so on will know to make sure that when Raila is coming they are ready to answer questions pertaining to national/regional issues and not whether there was a half red carpet!

Joragem said...

Joram's First Undercover Assignment Pays Off.


Politics is a dirty game, it is said. It is dirtier when you are undercover. It is neither fun nor sad, just string-pulling, mud-slinging and bait-throwing business. You can never tell for sure whether you'll catch a Red Herring, Kamongo, Odhadho, Mbuta, Nyamami, Obambo, Omena or Ngege. You could also reel home nothing. And so, ever since the stolen election, Project Karua was initiated. Many would not have imagined this outcome had they known of the plan before inception. I am glad to report that it has paid off. What we do not know is whether Iron Lady ,Martha Karua will indeed get the Cheif Executive position she is hell bent on. Here we may have woken up the giant and it is possible that we will lose control of her.

God's speed Martha.

It is important however to brace for skirmishes, NO, calamity what with the constitutional crisis posed by the prevailing circumstances in Kenya at this time.

Vladmir Joram Ragem
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

Biche said...

Wow, this lady is tough! Go, Martha!


Anonymous said...

The country can not stomach Kikuyu presidencies back to back.

Abass said...

I really don't think she is a woman of principles. She is more a woman of personality. What principles were she defending during the fraudulent 2007 election? She was defending a person, Kibaki, instead of principles. I would admit she is a courageous woman but I am afraid she is nothing more than the old boring politicians we had, only that she has more courage. She did this in order to start campaigning before others.

Anonymous said...

"How pathetic can PNU get!!? Martha resigns and it becomes an ODM issue"

How pathetic can ODM get? A corruption issue in their own docket becomes a PNU issue. Hypocrite!!!

Taabu said...

Wacha wivu. Sinyora sinyore, yes we have gone Milano (Kiko Macheda), the earthquake notwistanding, UTADO??????

Back to business. Ever recalled those episodes when a candy from daddy made you forget all the hitherto pain? That is what selective amnesia amounts to. I have no limbs for a dance with the shadow.

Martha must strengthen her shoulders to carry all the murk.
Sideshows and gimmicks can excite many but not all.

Mama said...

I will not pretend to like Martha Karua, I don't think I ever will, I will never forget the stolen 2007 elections! But I have to admit the girl has guts and she must be commended for what she has done.

My only concern now is this PNU party, the MPs there have always hidden behind Karua's skirts, they don't have a lick of common sense between themselves or even the brains to say anything of value! I am psyching myself for the garbage that will be spewed in the media courtesy of those people. I wonder who will be their spokesperson now? Mwangi Kiunjuri Bifwoli Wakoli? Hehehehehehe!

deroo said...

Kimi, Ah Sante sana jomba!!!

Kimi, let all ODMers recall what was written here last year when the Martha Karua thing came up. I said that Mwai Kibaki is capable of doing a Bildad Kagia to Karua. If the man is that bitter, then, Martha Karua should pray that Raila becomes the next president and she will be appointed as an MP, otherwise, ‘atachonga viazi’, literally.

The problem here is the magnitude of the problem she has created for herself. To the ordinary Wanjikus as Daniel Moi used to refer to them, Martha was acting as a decoy for Raila Odinga. Martha, even in her wildest dreams, managed to do what no other Kikuyu politician has done in the 10th parliament by holding a political rally for her NARC-Kenya party in Kisumu.

Cometh the hour, and the stature of the woman was growing Raila-style by being appointed a tribal leader in the Kayas, Pokomoland, and other regions of the country, the local morios just smelled the coffee and the ferocity that followed in Uhuru Kenyatta’s backyard is now history. They declared their unfettered support for Uhuru as the political kingpin and the matter was put to rest. Even neophytes like Dick Wathika and Simon Mbugua had the balls to castigate her for declaring what is democratically hers.

My own feeling is that there was every conceivable chance that the Vote of NO Confidence that was dangling like the Sword of Damocles could have served her the indignity and buried her political career, and this resignation move has in some ways saved her career the scars.

To Raila and the noise that he keeps on making, defying Kibaki and putting himself on a collision course with the government is shameful at its very least. Raila had no powers from the very beginning and it was crystal clear that he was a bridesmaid in the whole thing.

He has been on about Judges to sign a performance contracts. That came to nought. He has been on the police case for more than a year now, and that one came to nought. He will do every other thing and nothing will happen at all. After sacking Samuel Kivuitu, he has now trained his barrels at the police and Evans Gicheru, ostensible for a simple reason that they did not declare him president or they helped the Kibaki cause during the elections. Revenge.

His desperation has gone so low that he started fighting civil servants like Alfred Mutua and Francis Muthaura. Many times they told him he is third and not second or equal and hear he didn’t. They even released press statements and it was hard for him to understand that the president was the Chief Executive. He swore before the President.

It is now very clear (so I hear) that he was at an event and there was no PC to represent the president, meaning, the writings are on the wall. For many reasons, he is now trying to whip public support and people to commiserate with him during these trying times in his career. Like the setting of the sun, Raila has already paved the exit door and what remains now, is the way he will do it.

Power corrupts, yes it does and Raila has been corrupted with fame and grace that come with the post that he thought he was another president, or a parallel one. There is only one at a time. The man should have remained in the opposition, waited for 2012, built his stature as a nationalist, stood against Kalonzo Musyoka, Martha Karua, George Saitoti, and defeated them in 2012, sworn-in at Uhuru Park as he so wishes and made the changes his style, as he so wishes. Otherwise hii ya sasa, uongo!

If he survives this, let us all wait and see. The simple thing and a big challenge is RAILA, please resign. It is in the so-called National Accord that if one of the parties feels aggrieved, they should pull out. Please do it and wait for the consequences. Raila do me a great favour, RESIGN. Please, make sure your other supporters do so, or else….

I heard that James Orengo, lawyer-turned-youth winger has said that is he cannot beat the land cartels; he is ready to resign, which means that the small god has given his blessing. Then, the rest should resign. HARAKA. We need a lean cabinet and if getting rid of ODM ensures that, GO.

Na Kazi iendelee…Karua ni ADUI YETU.


Dante said...

Do not blame Karua. She is very innocent.

Instead you must blame the facial looks of Kibaki. Kibaki has the carbon copy face of a lizard. He acts and uniquely resembles the slithery creature when he blinks his big eyes and lashes out his tongue in a very lizardly fashion.

Karua in her ignorance got rid of Wamugunda and took the lizard home and fed it on the blood of Kenyans by defending the idiot at KICC 2007. She repeatedly slept with the lizard in the hope of delivering ‘baby candidate’ in 2012. Every night, she allowed the lizard to shag her mercilessly by championing outdated draconian media laws.

But as the story goes, the lizard grew and grew into a dragon. A big dragon that breathes fire I might add. Kibaki the lizard became so big that Karua could no longer stand the fire between the sheets. It was uncomfortable. She could no longer kiss the fiery lips of Kibaki the lizard. She did not have any more energy to satisfy the insatiable needs of the lizard.

Finally, the lizard decided to appoint seven new judges to satisfy his hot pangs for screwing human beings with wigs. Karua was not enough. He needed more humans at the same time. We are told that he grew so big that he could no longer fit under the skirt of justice.

In the end, Karua had to leave the playboy mansion at state house.

She had no choice but to resign.

Anonymous said...

Chris did you actually say this??
you must be a kibaki fool or i sincerely don't know what to say to you?? I think you meant 'KIBAKI AND PNU CAN'T DARE TO RESIGN AFTER RIGGING ELECTIONS AND SLAUGHTERING innocent kenyans...

Chris qoute
"""Karua has done what the noisy ODMers cannot dare do--at least for now""

Well let me say it straight ODM will quite the shiate Kibaki false coalition government - when the constitution is in place and the elections called pal..

You are foolish and uneducated to even to think or suggest otherwise

na mambo bado
kibaki's chief spy and iron lady has quite? let the game begin. the Mt kenya killer mafia will be undressed one by one

mark my words

Anonymous said...

anon6:06 AM

which principals? gutter principals when she was rushing with the election certificate to swear in the thief Kibaki??

shame on you if those are the principals you are talking about then pole sana.. join her slaughter club of killing innocent kenyans... they have haunted her out of office

I hear she hears voices from the dead that she helped Kibaki kill!!

Anonymous said...

anon6:29 AM


Anonymous said...

ANON 6:52 AM

Karua clean??

Only in Kenya are murderers and thieves called clean


Anonymous said...

anon6:53 AM

How do you think Chris can afford to run this blog after being broke for long and begging members on here for help??

Chris is on Kibaki's payroll and is given material to post on here by Alfred Mutua sources confirm:):)

So when you read posts by Chris on here remember they are directly from the horses mouth piece

Anonymous said...

anon9:32 AM

Philip the visitor

Start by asking Martha Karua to release the facts about the 2007 elections rigging and then to add to that ask her to tell kenyans who funded the mungiki's at the meeting she presided at Kibaki's residence

My point being Kenyans are not fools and will never be taken for a ride with political prostitutes like Martha Karua!

stop wasting your breath on her we as Kenyans who watched her on all BBC channels supported and standing behind the Othaya thief named Kibaki while police were out in force slaughtering Kenyans have long memories!

Anonymous said...

anon8:37 AM

Pal ati Martha Karua security??

let join those she organized with the help of Kibaki and cronies to go 6fit under. they are waiting for her there one more down? what is the big deal when she help kibaki slaughtered
thousands- Kibaki is going to use Ali or mungiki on her wait and see- no surprises there,

Anonymous said...

anon7:05 AM
No admiration for Karua if you had members of your family killed during 2007- what balls??

she is "death" that is her name and just because the kibaki guy she supported 100% ain't listening to her and she resigns?? where are her balls in this? aft helping kill many innocent kenyans? answer me that sue?

Anonymous said...

anon 7:39 AM

I'm in total agreement with your sentiments let Karua spill the beans and then Kenyans will decide whether to forgive her or not and as for 2012 no chance for her

Kenyans know she was in the killing club funding the mungiki's and encouraging the police to kill innocent kenyans

sources confirm she was then saying kill those kihii hooligans
maliza hawa someone working in her office then said so..

she is kibaki's former prostitute now:) now Lucy can reclaim her husband in glory.

Anonymous said...

10:38 AM

Hey Pal

Kenyans are experts at Kibaki's tactics of good cop bad cop
surely give kenyans same credit to see through all this shiate even school children can read through this trickery.

Kibaki mpumbavu sana and Martha Karua can remain his third wife for all we care she has no place in 2012

Anonymous said...


I pity you. Other members of the hate squad have their tails coiled in between their legs, my advice - do the same. Meanwhile keep on waiting for your 'duly elected' to return from the Zambia snoozing trip to give you direction - the house is crumbling and as usual he is AWOL.

Anonymous said...

anon11:28 AM

Pal only a kibaki domo can write such nonsense like you did on here

ask Alfred Mutua to give you better lines or else you sound like Kibaki's daily old record

Kibaki the killer is on his way to Hague i hear Karua is ready to spill the beans on what happened in 2007 and who paid the mungiki's to slaughter and behead Kenyans she claims she didn't contribute and hey wait she states as facts that Kibaki ordered the police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans

way to go Karua keep it up

Opps and she has all on tape too
don't i admire this lady in her sleaze? she is saying to Kibaki and cronies try getting me eliminated and the fires will burn bright you will be all over news with the facts on my tapes!

Anonymous said...

anon11:33 AM

Papa Plus

Karua has Tapes on Kibaki and the mt Kenya Mafia sources say she will release.. but her threat i hear is if anything happens to her even a scratch then someone not in the country will release them to the media..

The have Kibaki ordering the Police chief to order the police to shoot kenyans with live bullets

she has tapes of Kibaki, Uhuru, Saitoti, Michuki meeting with mungiki group and discussing funds and the release of their leader if they go to Nakuru and Naivasha to unleash death


we are all waiting holding our breath - this is the beginning and the end of the man from Othaya called Emilio Kibaki and his troupe of thieves and thugs

watch and wait!

Anonymous said...

Biche11:36 AM

it is funny to note you praise a thief and a kibaki prostitute thug Martha karua - thinking like Kenyans have forgotten Karua of 2007?

wishful thinking my friend Karua is remembered as a murderer with her darling Kibaki a leopard does not change it's skin even a she leopard and infact she is a danger now more to Kenyan society than ever before- kibaki will mungiki or Ali her soon think Oscar foundation activities and university students killed in broad daylight. Kibaki has no conscious Karua will be done in the same way.. and kenyans will not shade a tear.

Anonymous said...

Most Kenyan politicians are but thugs and martha karua has joined the club. She has herself to blame for trusting one hyena called kibaki. Why did she push for the stolen elections on behalf of kibaki? Was she not expecting an endorsement from the thief in 2012. Now that she missed on the same she claims her hands are tied.I am sure if martha was the DPM she could still be proudly in govt. today
Come on martha your record has been so good but now its soiled. I can only wish you well in the back bench but I think we are seeing the last of you. Your next forum could be the daily nations collumists sections. Ask koigi wamwere.
This govt. was built on a lie. Best liars will always tell you once you start lying you have to lie till the end. You dont start spining half truths midway and expect the world to swallow your garbs. Its for this reason this govt since its inception has been crippled with mistakes every month.
Atleast thanks to martha, we now know who is against change in this country and dont even mention agendas 3 and 4.
The sooner kenya gets rid of these thugs the earlier we could save our country. As for mama martha lets meet at the collumists corner.

Anonymous said...

anon1:13 PM




deroo said...

Anon @ 2:59,

Kibaki won the elections with 4.5million votes against raila's 4.3million. He was sworn in, is in power and will be there until 2012.

Then, all change please....Kalonzo Musyoka for President, William Ruto, and Uhuru Kenyatta backing him. Raila will only get the Luo votes as he got in 2007, less the Kalenjin and Luhya. For your information, the Luhya do not always vote for him.

In any case, if the vioting trend remains as it is, then, Raila will only have two province. Nyanza (Luo) and Western (Maragoli).

Afterall, Ruto said during the ODM nominations that Raila is UNELECTABLE. How true was he?????


Anonymous said...

Dream on Derek,

That's all I can tell you.

Anonymous said...

A good thing to do Martha. The only mistake is that you forgot to advise your oda broda to do so. Can email or sms. Kenyans shed blood coz of your firmness on an issue you new was wrong, how can I trust you now..... Go and look after Wamugunda.Or hung yourself after all how many died coz of you.

Anonymous said...

Abbas, principles are principles, Id much rather someone stand by their principles, than pretend to be steadfast. Yes she made the mistake of defending Kibaki, IF he is proven to have stolen the election, but she stood by her decision, and took the rap for it, like a mature responsible person. Now, she has made a good decision to resign and uphold her principle to fight for reforms.

As Martin Luther King said, the greates challenge for a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands in moments of challenge and controversy. ODM annoy me because they seem to scamper off for safety and cry foul when things go bad.

Ah ah! We want them to be better than that, own up that things are going badly and you want to correct them, the blame game is old, they have 50% power whether they like it or not, they signed a contractual agreement, they cannot renege, they can only make do until it ends!!! plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

anon3:28 PM

Only in your dreams did the sleuth of Othaya called Emilio Kibaki won
Karua is going to spill the beans says people close to her.

she says f she has to go Kibaki can't stay in statehouse period
and now the mavi that happened in 2007 is going to come out fast and furious and Kibaki or his cronies can not stop it.

Have you ever encountered a woman scorned?? you have yet to see madam Karua in action!! after all what has she to loose? she wants forgiveness from Kenyans and the only way is to spill the beans

na mambo bado..
let us see Uhuru Kenyatta who was court on tape organizing the mungiki's and kalonzo Musyoka who was involved all along since he has in the kibaki rigging agenda using gods name in vain..

though the dead killed senseless by Kibaki can never breath again but kibaki and cronies will get what is coming for them na mark my words on this Quote me!

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua

I now give you permission to toboa yote if you have the guts and the balls my friend or else go back to Kirinyaga and shut up!
1. who ordered the police to shoot kenyans in December 2007-Jan 2008
2. who funded and ferried mungiki to nakuru and naivasha to behead and slaughter kenyans

3. who is behind Anglo leasing
4 Charter house
5 Transcentury
6 Grand Regency
7 OIl scandal
8 Maize Scandal

If you have all these answers and give them straight and direct to Kenyans then ask for forgiveness then maybe ....

Makena said...

Raila was whinging about red carpets, DC absence at his meeting, creation of districts while others in the republic starve. Nice guy, eh?
Who the fuck cares about his list of gripes when we are faced with catalogues of disaster in Kenya?
He is a wanker along with Baks. These 2 only give a shit about themselves.

Gorillasafaris said...

Haya hii kapeti nusu na jua kali leadership and a dias without toilets makes me wonder where we are ended. How can the Pm talk of Kapeti nusu when we are hungry? How can he talk of Kapeti nusu when mau has been destroyed making almost half of arable kenya a desert?

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