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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Kibaki Outsmarts Kenya’s Timid Media

Also published a few hours ago: Chris on Kibaki's embarassing press conference

Give it to President Kibaki. In one smart TEARFUL move he masked the joy of KCSE candidates and most importantly deflected attention from quarrelsome ODM demanding reinstatement of political conjugal rights without any marriage in the first place.

But the real LOSERS were the Kenyan press who failed to strike the iron when it was red hot. They failed pierce the soft under belly with KILLER QUESTIONS. The first question asking Kibaki the basis of his clarification that he had only one wife was smart but the reporter failed to nail it with a follow up that would have smoked the visibly agitated Kibaki.

Kibaki's press conference was about one Mary Wambui whose name was not even mentioned in passing. The Kenyan media failed to in an empty goal. They allowed Lucy to chaperon and goad them while silently smarting from her visible threats. Even after inadvertently accepting raiding Nation Media House the press fell for her plastic tears instead of asking her to confirm if she would actually re-enact another attack on KTN.

Our so-called journalists refused to think outside the box. They went to Kibaki’s press conference with a prepared script and shamelessly stuck to thinking in one direction. The killer question would have been asking the president point blank WHO IS MARY WAMBUI. Asking Kibaki if as a head of state he knew Mary Wambui and the state security she enjoys would have left him and his handlers exposed.

Predictably Kibaki would have ducked that question just like he feigned ignorance of the genesis of his artificial foul mood. But an array of smart journalists would have outfoxed him with follow-up questions on whether Winnie wa Mwai was her daughter. That would have now worked up both Kibaki and Lucy to force them into releasing some unpleasant truths albeit unknowingly.

Unimaginative press
The media failed to expand the agenda of the rare press conference. Having denied knowledge of the genesis of his anger, this was the golden opportunity to speak for the masses and exorcist the Grand Regency, Oil and Maize ghosts. But alas the myopic cameras could only flash the familiar faces and missed watering the most fertile ground for a SCOOP in an unrehearsed honest answer.

The media simply played into Kibaki’s hands when he showed emotions to mask the facts. Politics is not meant for the faint hearted and if you cannot stand the heat you vacate the kitchen. Seasoned journalists would have disabused Lucy of her crocodile tears.

We have surely perfected the art of living national lies and made it our pastime. A lie repeated several times must mutate to truth according Kibaki. Otherwise why would a whole president call three press conferences in as many years to deny his own blood and wife?


Jitu said...

Kenya is such a joke...each day gets worse. In a press conference called to address the Wambui issue and her name doesn't even come up? And is this what Kibaki sees fit to address when the country is burning? we are slowly making our bed so we better be prepared to sleep in it when shit hits the fan!

Anonymous said...

Folks, Kibaki must have been literally ordered by lucy to give the press conference while making an idiot of himself on national TV.
Taabu, i agree the journalists lost an oppportunity, but don't rush into blaming them - No man wants to be slapped on national tv.
Get some pop corn and brace yourselves for the long haul(4 more years),the loony is back.

Anonymous said...

The title says it all, kumbe Kibaki can be smart after all with all these so called kick ass media people!

Anonymous said...

People everyone here is missing the point , the media like a child has been ignored by the government over the media bill , now like a child seeking attention they must throw a tantrum to remind the president that we are still here pay attention or else..,This was pure genius on the part of KTN now they have the govts attention and if Saitoti implments sections of the media bill and raids the KTN offices again then this will certainly pitch the people agianst government and this is exactly what the media wants.Kenyans will see why the government was hell bent on passing the "draconian bill"

Anonymous said...

Journalism is a vocation. just like a fire fighter fights fire, a journalist will go all the way to get information even where its concealed 6 feet under. Theirs is the duty to inform the public by all means necessary. How they get that information is what distinguishes exellent journalists from mediocre ones. What we had yesterday at state house were a bunch of sophomores in adictation class.
Mind you this is how universities in kenya operate. Lecture halls have been reduced to dictation classes and our journalists are but areplica of the same.
I wonder if its kibaki who outsmatted them or if its them journalists who are wanting.I chose the latter. But still things are bad in the country,We have lived a lie for too long. Time is now to start on a new foot.We need reforms in all sectors but this has to start with each individuals way of thinking. It pains to call someone like this your president surelly!

Anonymous said...

Salvo to Gen Kibs
1-do you know a one Mary Wambui aka pnu activist?

2-How and when did you know her?

3-Can you care to explain to the kenyan people how she has state security similar to that of a VIP?

4-Do you denounce the girl purpoting to be your daughter with Mary Wambui?

5-Are you willing to take a DNA test to prove once and for all that indeed you are not the father? and if so when and where?

6-Do you have any business relations with Mary wambui and any of the companies associated with her?

7-in what capacity was mary wambui campaigning for you and where did she get all the cash to throw around?

8-Have you ever met this so called PNU activist proffesionaly or otherwise?

9-Are you willing to take a traditional oath that what you are saying is true ?

10-Are you willing to resign if we can prove that you have used the presidential dias to lie to kenyans?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the man make that 'official clarification' I couldnt help but feel that we've surely lost it if that is the man we are expecting to even try and solve our growing problems,if that is the man we call president.

Anonymous said...

United States lauds Kenya’s army

Updated 7 hr(s) 30 min(s) ago
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The US Government has said it regards Kenya’s armed forces as the most disciplined in Africa.

Speaking aboard, a US Navy ship, USS Robert G Bradley at the port of Mombasa, American Ambassador to Kenya Michael Rannerberger said his government would continue supporting the Kenyan military.

The warship is on a mission, which is part of a programme by the US Navy to train African navies.

US Ambassador to Kenya Michael Rannerberger (right), Ms Zakiya Mohamed (left) of the Mewa Women Action Group and Ms Nurbibi Hassanali of the Behind the Veil, aboard the visiting Naval ship USS Robert G Bradley at the port of Mombasa on Tuesday. [PHOTO: Maarufu Mohamed/Standard]

Mr Rannerberger added that in the past, the US Government made provisions of smaller patrol crafts to the Kenya Navy and offered training to the Marine Police Unit in Manda Naval base, Lamu.

The envoy said the US Department of Defence had spent more than Sh2.9 billion ($ 37 million) on the Kenyan military.

He said the US government viewed Kenya as a strategic business partner and wanted to see her established as a stable democracy in East and Central Africa.

Mutual benefit

Transport Minister, Chirau Ali Mwakwere, who was present, lauded the bilateral ties between Kenya and the United States.

"The relations are of mutual benefits to these two nations as its citizens are beneficiaries,’’ the minister said.

Others present were Assistant Minister for Environment and Mineral Resources, Ramadhan Kajembe, Kenya Navy Commander, Maj-General Samson Mwathethe and Coast Police Chief Kingori Mwangi.

Vikii said...

While the President's fury over the nuisance this story has become is understandable, he needs to know that the people of kenya who are his employers need to know the truth. A President's right to privacy is limited by the public's right to know especially if the alleged wife's upkeep is rumoured to be financed with tax-payer shillings.

Anon 6.21, those are brilliant questions. Those are the exact questions that would have floored the President.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed: Kenya a failing state
Posted on March 3, 2009 by nairobichronicle
If you doubt that Kenya is joining the ranks of failed states, here’s further proof of how low our cruel, corrupt leaders have sunk the country.

Decay and ruin in Kenya

Kenya dropped five points in the global failed states index. In 2007, Kenya was ranked 31 among countries most likely to fail. In 2008, thanks to the elections debacle and the near civil war that followed, Kenya dropped to position 26.

To put it bluntly, only 26 countries separate Kenya from the likes of Sudan, Iraq and Somalia. The three failed states won gold, silver and bronze respectively.

The total number of countries measured was 177, with Sudan at the worst and Norway ranked as the most stable country on earth. Kenya finds itself in the same category as Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Kenyans should be concerned that Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Cameroun are faring much better. Even Swaziland, with King Mswati reed dances and scary HIV infection rates is doing better than Kenya at position 61.

Regionally, Uganda and Burundi are lower than Kenya at positions 15 and 19 respectively. However, the two countries have experienced rebel attacks for the past 30 years continuously while Kenya was at peace.

The failed states index is published annually by the Fund for Peace. The index focuses on the indicators of risk and is based on thousands of articles and reports that are processed by specialized software from electronically available sources.

The indicators of risk used to measure national stability are:
Social Indicators
1. Mounting Demographic Pressures

2. Massive Movement of Refugees of Internally Displaced Persons creating complex humanitarian emergencies

3. Legacy of Vengeance-Seeking Group Grievances or Group Paranoia

4. Chronic and Sustained Human Flight

Economic Indicators
5. Uneven Economic Development along Group Lines

6. Sharp and/or Severe Economic Decline

Political Indicators
7. Criminalization and/or delegitimization of the State

8. Progressive Deterioration of Public Services

9. Suspension or Arbitrary Application of the Rule of Law and Widespread Violation of Human Rights

10. Security Apparatus Operates as a “State within a State”

11. Rise of Factionalized Elites

12. Intervention of Other States or External

kalamari said...

Great post Sir Taabu.

Here, Kibaki has won. ODM can scream all they want about power sharing but nobody will be interested. The talk of town is all about what goes on between the sheets of State House.

I just have one concern. I’m not sure if anyone cares but it appears Kibaki can hardly put an English sentence together.

Anonymous said...

Know-it-all Taabu,

If the journalists failed and you think you can do better, drop your misery and go compete with them. Do you ever see anything good in others? Misery is your middle name.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why Lucy is very angry yet Kibaki is no longer shagging wamboior her.The Kajogoo is gone even if you were to activate it with Viagra it would not salute.
After the prezzo got a stroke the situation is worse.lucy should understand that no matter what she does the kajogo will not work on her.You guys cannot see that the president is a zombee-incapable of making consistent speeches.
Kenya is basically running like Somalia.The only dirrenec is that Somalia has some fighjting already going on but Kenyan have taken a commercial break courtesy of annan and will return in 2012

John Maina said...

Knowing how compromised the media is by the PNU guys I wouldn't be surprised they had been informed not to ask questions after the press conference and may be the standard guy did not keep the oath.
As I keep saying kibaki is mentally ill and only a kenyan psychiatrist would say otherwise.

Anonymous said...

John Maina, you keep saying others are mentally ill. It takes a mad person to see another.
Dimwit, you really sucks!!

Anonymous said...

John maina said "As I keep saying kibaki is mentally ill and only a kenyan psychiatrist would say otherwise"

And who the hell are you? Quack!

Anonymous said...

There is an important point in your post, which kalamari has also noted. It looks to me odm's popularity is over and and the real rulers know it. The masses who fought for odm will not do it again just because some people at pentagon house have not been appointed ambassadors.

DataMiner said...

Great post Taabu

Anonymous said...

John Maina,
So you are from Mukurweini? Well, I am from Gikondi one of the wards of Mukurweini Constituency, I also happens to live in UK but I don't think shit like you.
You seem not to have any arguments in your comments, rather you sound like you want people to think you are important or know how things ought to be done while you are infact clueless uneducated minnow.

John Maina said...

vipi anony 7:41 AM
My cucu lives in Kaharo by the way and I got family in muthuthi.
I call a spade a spade sir na badara ya matusi its best you state your case of why you support a senile president and if you are informed in the area of psychology/psychiatrist let me and we can debate on whether the president and his wife is in full control of his mind and behaviour.
Don't support the man ruining our country juu ni mkikuyu kama sisi if he is a failure he is failure.
Umesoma githongo's book by the way?

Vikii said...

".....BADARA ya matusi..".
"...if you are informed in the area of PSYCHOLOGY/PSYCHIATRIST...."

I do not hate you, my friend, but like I told you, you seriously need to go to school. You sound like some jigger-infested waru farmer somewhere in Mukurweini.

Anonymous said...

John Maina, Anon 7:41 AM

I just hope I am not related to you! I know all those places you mention over there, used to hang-out Muthuthini shopping centre during my village visits. Now I live in UK (Surrey)

But seriously, John Maina you really sucks! Ati you call a spade a spade, what spade? Incidentally, I work in the area of neurosurgery at University College London (UCL), but can't get what you are trying to getting at.
Who told you am supporting Kibaki because he is a kikuyu? And this book from John Githongo that seemed to the first you ever read, why should I read it, cos you read it?

You are seriously an embarrassment to good people of Mukuruweni!
Your simply someone who want to score a point in this site but you are trying so hard.

Anonymous said...

John Maina that was anon 7.41 above @11:34 PM.

John Maina said...


"So you are from Mukurweini? Well, I am from Gikondi one of the wards of Mukurweini Constituency, I also happens to live in UK but I don't think shit like you.
You are seriously an embarrassment to good people of Mukuruweni"

your line of thinking therefore is Coz we from same area/kyuks we should think alike but coz I don't am "clueless uneducated minnow" and you and good pple of mukurweini have a clue and are educated.

If we extend your line of thinking further I presume it go like because michuki/kirubi are rich plus there are many kyuks in states/u.k all kyuks are industrialist/progressive.
Also all the chaos in kenya were caused by raila/odm. I hope you not amazed anymore why Dr. Watson says the things he says about you and good pple of mukurweini particularly.

if you recall the judgement/experience question debate during clinton/obama campaign on whom would americans prefer to answer the phone 2am.

In kenya case if you and good pple of mukurweini take tribe out of the equation and ask yourself same qeustion plus would you sit comfortably on the front seat with your kids at the back with kibaki on the driver seat in kenyan roads?
would you handover and entrust kibaki to make long term right decision with your personal/kids savings?
in his state of mind would you employ kibaki as a surgeon to operate on a family member?

you and good friends of mukurweini probably would, but few rational pple would. I seriously hope you are not one of those village idiots i regularly see hanging around the village town centres when i visit my cucu.

I proposed you read JG'S book for first hand experiences/state of mind of the senile president. but with your line of thinking i presume JG is a traitor to good pple of mukurweini.

Do you happen to know my uncle in muthuthini he was a councillor but now runs a church.

as i said to you 2007 you like a young bull elephant that mounts on anything in sight and I don't wish to engage with you until you, buda/masako mrudishe ile mali ya wakenya mmekuwa mkienjoy bure. Then tuta bonga sawa bro.

Anonymous said...

John maina, we uri kirimu (jinga), and I would not waste anymore of my precious time engaging with uneducated urine- smelling jigger-infested village thug like you.

Ati "Do you happen to know my uncle in muthuthini he was a councillor but now runs a church."

You are so up in your ass you want people to know your extended family are special people like yourself. (A psychiatrist, psychologist, councillor, clergy... potatoes farmer, what farking else!!)

And what would I be doing in a village to know your uncle is a councillor? I just hope your uncle is not deluded like you otherwise he will take those folks to hell with his self-seeking sermons.
FYI, I have NOT been in that village since 1988. satisfied? I live in Surrey and if you live in UK you should know where Surrey is. I hang around Blue Water Shopping Centre and my drinking place is in Croydon.

Anonymous said...

BTW, John Maina, Mukurweini people are educated. Do you know Dr. Dan Gikonyo, a consultant Cardiologist and a fomer personal physcian to president Kibaki? He too come from the same area and thats why I believe you are giving those people a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Vikii and Anon 7.41,

John Maina is a school drop-out Mungiki adherent, upset by Kibaki's police clampdown on the sect.

John Maina said...

Gikonyo the thuggist tribalist who flew to london with kimunya to pursued githongo to keep quiet on corruption by kibaki and his mafia's. I know he has a hospital in Karen and is amongst the few that would not certify kibaki and his wife mentally incapacitated. I know many more educated pple from mukurweini. My friend being educated doesn't mean one is less tribalist/corrupt or evil. wacha kufikiria kama koigi bana. You last visited the village in 88 but doesn't mean the village is out of you bro.

I know surrey very well and lived in godalming and still have a friend in the stockbrokers belt area. I thought pple moved on from blue water to the westgate mall in shepherds Bush. I used to club in Granaries-croydon and i hope your drunkardness is not reinforcing your herd mentality making you fail to see the senile president is leading our motherland down hill which could be too late by the time you and your mukurweini good pple stop your tunnel vision on matters of the state.

Bro could you respond to the judgement questions on my earlier comments.

Thanks for calling me and those alike special

Anonymous said...

Why don't you write to the President and ask him those questions yourself. His address is :
HE the President
and Commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Republic of Kenya
State House
Have a nice day.
Patriotic Kenya.

Anonymous said...

John Maina,

"westgate mall in shepherds Bush"

You fool! Its called Westfield Shopping Center!!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki, I don't give a fiddler's fart how many wives, mistresses, concubines, sugarmummies or ndogo ndogos you have. The mood in our country is ripe for civil war, and you need to get out of whatever hole you're in and MAN UP!! If not, take a one-way flight to Othaya and don't come back!!!!!

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