Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Waki List Touches President Kibaki

There are one or two fake Waki lists already doing the rounds on the web. However the list which I have verified from at least two independent sources to be the real list is the kind of list that no Kenyan will sleep easy after reading the names on it (see details below on how you can get the genuine Waki list).

I keep wondering what Raila’s game plan is telling the public lies that the government is unanimous in implementing the Waki report.

Let’s call a spade a spade. The Waki list will wipe off ODM from the face of the earth. And PNU as well. But what is more is that it touches the president very closely indeed. So close that I am just wondering what is going to happen. (more on that later).

Little wonder that all of a sudden there is no partisan politics, no presidential campaigns for 2012, absolutely nothing else but the Waki Report. Out of the blue it is now the sole agenda in Kenyan politics. Scrolling down the Waki list it is easy to understand why.

Actually the season for lawyers is here and this one is going to be BIG. These are the chaps who will reap maximum from the whole thing. I am reliably informed that some clients have been advised that there are grounds for defence of the perpetrators of the murder and mayhem based on extreme provocation of being cheated out of an election. Eti when this is combined with cumulative historical injustices and the long history of impunity in this country, “any head can snap.” Oh boy!!! Some lawyers!!! This is a fabulous sob story with some truth in it, but it has absolutely no place in law. The retaliation of a provoked person should be what any reasonable person would do. Would a reasonable person lock up screaming women and children in a church and burn them alive?

Of course this is all about playing to the gallery with International press TV cameras rolling and cameras flashing and you can be sure that there will be plenty of that. Lawyers must already be rubbing their hands in glee and anticipation. Nothing to do with getting your client acquitted of some very serious charges.

Now this guy Emilio Stanley, is the kind of guy that is never moved by anything. Those who know him well say he cares about nothing, except his own self preservation. And this has been proved time and again. Now the question I want to ask; does he care about persons who are very close to him named in the Waki report? I am assured that he does NOT. And that those people despite being extremely close to the president, will probably find themselves carrying their own crosses.

But Emilio himself is mentioned in the Waki report (and not on the list of names). The Waki report clearly documents a meeting that took place in State House with the dreaded Mungiki. Little wonder that Alfred “cobra squad” Mutua was quick to spin a yarn as unbelievable as the ones he spins in the high budget Cobra Squad TV drama series that my 5 tear old grandson finds a hilarious unbelievable comedy that he will never be caught watching. Mutua’s yarn was some long story about the dates and the meeting being mentioned. It is something that seemed to confuse even him as he told it to the press during his weekly briefings. So maybe Emilio should look into his bag of tricks for something to enable him to go for a third term in office. Otherwise the Hague beckons for sure because that State House meeting cannot be explained away just like that. Emilio will find himself alongside one Charles “cut off women’s breasts and other atrocities” Taylor of Liberia.

Kumekucha has obtained the full list of names in the secret envelope handed over to Kofi Anan. The list is described in detail in Kumekucha Confidential our FREE weekly email newsletter. Simple instructions are also given on how you can get the full list in your email in-box today.

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Anonymous said...

Chris you are sick. You enjoy hearsay in the name of your "informants". How many times you so-called sources got it wrong? If Kibaki is on the list like you said, he will stand at Hague to give an account of what he did. Again you will be left sucking your thumb!

Anonymous said...

Why not a heading like "Waki list touches on Raila?" or Waki List touches on Kibaki and Raila?"

I normally visit KK for biased opinions since lack of objectivity is so apparent.

JEFF said...


This is a very good headline....

Bobie, Bristol said...

N I bet you are selling the list too Chris...

Nice, not thrilling but nice!

Samuel said...

Surely i thought RAO was just a cermonial PM a lame duck...So why should the headline be hilarious without his name.
Kibs is the duly elected president of Kenya with all AS Sir Alex says all the unhealthy powers....That is indeed a master piece, compared to nothing else but Grisham's Pelican Brief.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.54,
If you are looking for a good opinion and unbaised headlines, visit Newton Ndebu, the KTN reporter's blogspot.

Anonymous said...

The whole world and Kenyans already know Kibaki is on the "Waki List" his name is among the ten and that is why he was calling for Amnesty and forgiveness immediately after Waki report was tabled..
Let no one lie to you Kibaki is on the list with his close cronies and that is why he Uhuru, Ruto have banded together to bring mayhem in Parliament by bring a vote of no confidence on the PM.

The coalition should be disbanded if I were Raila I would call my members and walk out leave Ruto, Uhuru and Kibaki to carry their won cross.
Kibaki the senile thief is finished once and for all, now Kenya will be free to progress with the democratic path it voted for period!

Anonymous said...

s aka kikuyu4:50 AM

Kibaki we all know is only the acting president for central Lesotho province!why lie:):)

KIBAKI THE SENILE THIEVING GOON IS THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF CENTRAL LESOTHO PROVINCE ONLY (where he has the right to execute young mungiki youth at leisure and drink blood with them when they behead and used body parts of other tribes for sacrifices - didn't Michuki say that when he was executing them???
Poleni sana the maniacs here that keep praising this kibaki murderer of their own tribesmen.

Anonymous said...

Ojinga hobnobbing with the mungiki that braindead kumekuchans love to hate. mungiki even claimed to have voted for him. can someone shed light? nway violent thugs do band together.....hehehe

Anonymous said...

The list must include Kibaki, otherwise it will not be accepted at all.

For those who dont know how democracy works: YOU CAN CALL UPON PEOPLE TO DEMONSTRATE AGAINST INJUSTICE; LIKE RAILA DID. THIS IS A DEMOCRATICAL INSTRUMENT. But hiring Mungiki thugs, the way Kibaki and Uhuru did is genocide, especially when you are in charge.


b-carotene said...

@5:06 am:
Useless blog.
I'll stay in kumekucha!
Blog administrator--can you sheild us from these idiot hawkers?
They are a vexations to the spirit.

Anonymous said...

The Waki Report is an opportunity for the young generation of Kenyans to seize and utilize to steer Kenya in a new direction, to new plateaus free of ethnic, "we- fought-for-independence" baggage. Truthfully, the current political order in Kenya is past its expiration date. Young Kenyans should know that leadership does not cede power. It has to be wrested from them. If young Kenyans want a prosperous nation,they have to take the initiative to yank these dinosaurs out of power now. A movement has to be launched that raises the bar of political engagement above the ordinary rhetoric by this tired platoon of politicians. We have to chart a fresh and clear course for strident approach to changing the economy e.g.
developing a national energy program that does not look the other way as 80% Kenyans ravage the natural habitat for firewood; policies that deliver power to stimulate the economy;
extractring a commitment by the political class to equal opportunity;
providing dependable support for start up investment and wealth creation by ordinary Kenyans.

We have to divest from government those functions it cannot conceivably carry out effectively such as health care. We have to create productive partnerships between the public and the private sector capable of delivering pragmatic solutions to our challenges.
We have to create a professional approach to the performance of public and private institutions and stop burying our heads in the sand while a sleepy unproductive bureaucracy stagnates our progress. These kinds of issues cannot be entrusted to the stewardship of 1961 intellectuals or plunder-years politicians. The current political order is afraid of a generation that stands up to ask the corrupt political class to account for their ill-gotten wealth, so afraid that they cannot implement judicial reform to rein in corruption. A movement has to start now. This political class has to go home and give way to fresh pairs of hands at the steering wheels.

Anonymous said...

Stupid post.
The young are just as corrupt and tribalist as the old ones. Think about that!
Even more stupid is the tension-filled idea of public-private partnerships. Since when do profuiteers start producing public goods, unless indeed,yes you guessed right, they are profiteering at which point its not a partnership but an employment contract? Corporate social responsibility is a PR gimmick.
Divest healthcare from govt! Where did you come from? And give it to who--the profiteers? Now dont get me started. This is the kind of buffoonery that we must get rid of if Kenya is to move forwards. And coming from a self-proclaimed young person too. Pooh!

Vikii said...

Mwai Kibaki will of course be prosecuted and sentenced. And so will UK-----in your small heads!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I wonder who has the small head now.

Anonymous said...

Chris: your hatred for Kibaki will drive you insane. Too bad your God, Raila, will not be there to help you

Anonymous said...

Am sure Waki report will wipe out the politicians from both sides of the divide.But am sure in the damn list Emilio's name should be the first.Even in Liberia,its only Taylor in the hague coz he was the mastermind of all the atrocities. Chris you are right.To avoid the Hague they must localise it at all cost.

Anonymous said...

anon kikuyu9:09 PM

When Chris post facts on here about Kibaki(facts that were transmitted over all national and international media showing policemen by the order of Emilio Kibaki shooting Kenyans in broad daylight!! you turn round and Say Chris Hates Kibaki..

Sure he does!! don't all kenyans who watched the massacre on national Media? Opps! let me re-phrase that the only kenyans who do not hate Kibaki after he ordered many innocent kenyans murdered are the Kikuyu's from central province.. and wait a minute even though the same Kibaki ordered the execution of many of their won tribesmen in hundreds namely the MUNGIKI YOUTH! some of whom uptill today are unaccounted for and their families and wife's are still searching mortuaries, forests and police stations while some fools still worship Kibaki?? only insane people can do that... I guess central province natives are doomed.

Anonymous said...

anon9:43 PM
I think their fate is already sealed at the Hague.. already Hague knows that with Local justice will not be served..
point at the Rwanda example.. Kagame's personal assistant grabbed to face Hague.. it took years but they caught her .. more to be caught but remember Rwanda did put in place a tribunal crime against humanity headed by kagame(a sham) for Local solution... Kagame is shaking in his boots.. by the time they finish with that lady... she will sing like a sparrow on how they brought that plane down
(kenyan MP's should look at the Rwanda example closely and that my friend awaits some of them:)

ICC says Kenya a judicially failed State

Updated 10 hr(s) 20 min(s) ago

By Isaac Ongiri

The International Criminal Court considers Kenya a judicially failed State, MPs were told.

This makes local suspects of crime against humanity vulnerable to international action.

A university lecturer warned MPs against taking the anticipated court action on Waki suspects lightly saying Kenya’s failure to enact the ICC Act even after signing the Rome Statutes made it open to international judicial action. Moi University law lecturer Mutaha Kangu told the seminar on the role of Parliament in the reconciliation and institutional reform that the country’s judicial system was considered failed.

System failed

"I want you to know, that in the eye of the ICC, the country’s judicial system stands failed, anyone telling you otherwise is misleading, not until you put in place an ICC Act," Kangu said.

The lawyer told the MPs the situation was worsened, by the fact that Kenya is a signatory to the statute that recognises universal jurisdiction giving any State signatory to the Rome Statutes opportunity to act against suspects if the ICC failed. Mutaha further warned the legislators, that the ICC’s prosecutorial procedures could base its conclusions on hearsay and corroboration of reports gathered from independent bodies making the suspects more vulnerable than expected.

Kangu said that according to the ICC procedures, the process of apprehension may be long , but the suspects would find it difficult to evade justice. He asked MPs to reintroduce the ICC Bill as a remedy for proposals made by the Waki Commission.

"As things stand, nothing can stop the ICC from grabbing those mentioned in the report. If it fails to act, any country signatory to the Rome Statute can arrest the suspects," he said yesterday, at a Nairobi hotel.

He said suspects could find their travel limited to countries not signatory to the Rome Statutes.

Unfounded evidence

But Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba while addressing the conference on Monday told MPs and post-election violence suspects not to worry over the ICC, saying the court was serious that unfounded evidence would have the suspects set free.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Trying to tie in Kibaki to the Waki list is but a defense mechanism to deal with the frustration, pain and desperation of realising that your beloved ODM is tottering on three legs and is about to come crushing down, no matter how many "Pentagon" meetings Raila and Ruto have, hahaha! It is all pretense and an effort at firefighting.
You know and i know that Ruto called Raila's bluff and Raila blinked. The next step in this scenario is one that has been repeated throughout history. The young "thenge" is going to make his bid for ODM effective leadership and if it fails, as it likely will, then he will walk out with his plan B, and everyone knows what that is so i won't mention it here. I know this is not what most ODMers want to hear as many of you would love nothing better than to have Raila's babies.
Either way, ODM is terminally ill, it is only chemotherapy keeping it alive, and just the occasional dose of viagra elicits some movement under the hospital bedsheets.

Anonymous said...

I have read your today's post and am left wondering does what your point was on the topic of discussion,or do you think the ODM woes are going to whitewash the names in Waki list?
I would like to agree with the opninons raised by anon9:43 PM on the Rwanda issue, and while we are at it was it a coincidence that there was need have a state visit to Rwanda by baba Jimmy at this point time?
Back to my first point, I know you follow Kenyan party politics keenly and historically after election especially after the advent of multipartism in Kenya, parties in Kenya do not remain functional. ODM's split or death is long overdue!

Joe said...

Things do not look very good for the political class, do they?

Anybody who has objectively followed Kenyan politics from 1992 to-date has no sympathy for these people. We have seen liberators turn oppressors.

Well, lets wait and see. But me thinks some political careers have been damaged beyond repair. And it is good for the country!

Anonymous said...

55% of kenyans want the waki list worked on.....RAO is for it.....just think about it...if an election was callled today and all oppsed voted one side RAO will easily win.......

So much for veering off

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Inside information indicate that the famous envelope has already been stolen from the once safe custody of Koffi Annan. A high ranking Kenyan politician is suspected to have masterminded the shcocking but well ochestrated disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Ruto should act quickly and pursue the vote of no confidence in Judas molasses bumpkin, who has betrayed him big time, and from whom the only expectation is betrayal. Judas molasses bumpkin's only loyalty is to himself in pursuit of power.
Ruto: move in for the kill, now, or forever live to regret!

Mama said...

Joe at 10:54 I agree with you completely. It is good for the country!

Anonymous said...

nonkikuyuhead2:01 AM

Ruto was caught with pants down.. ODM strategic bigwigs even had him on tape discussing the vote of no confidence with on the PM with Karua and Kibaki:):) what a scope.. let him try.. he is will be finished and there are many in the Rift valley ready to replace him... nobody is indispensable in politics.. you saw what you reap and if history should be followed nobody who has ever signed an MOU with Kibaki has come out stinking good.. Ruto is in for a Rude shock!! what?? Kibaki MOU yet again in order to pass a vote of no confidence on the PM??? ha!!ha!! wanacheza!!

Ruto will end up in Hague with his Godfather Kibaki:):) wait and see..

Anonymous said...

To those Raila worshipers, you are worshipping the devil. I voted for the man but realized that he was part of the illuminati that controls our lives. You know a man from the company he keeps. Mr. Charles Mugane Njonjo is the godfather of freemasons in Kenya. There is a tunnel between All Saints Cathedral & the Freemasons lodge at Nyerere road which the freemasons who ruled Kenya during colonial times used to cross over to their lodge after prayers in church. Kibaki is also a member of the society as many elite Kikuyus who wont give a hoot if they murder sons of peasants in the name of Mungiki. The freemasons sponsor both sides of the political divide and make peasants kill a fellow peasant while the masons sip whisky at Serena & Intercontinental. Kenya has no leadership with the likes of Raila & Kibaki. Today the price of a packet of unga has doubled just to keep the grand coalition thieves in office. Raila will be overtaken by events as the youth of this country will chanuka and know these people for whom the are: murderers.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if all Kenyans have gone berserk nuts and all they can do is run nothing but crazy rumors,guys you should jenga inchi and kazi should endelea

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